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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Records Management

About the Records Management Program at UConn

Every state agency is required to designate at least one individual to coordinate records management activities between the agency and the Connecticut State Library. The designated individual for the University of Connecticut is the University Archivist, Betsy Pittman. The records management program is a function of the University Archives, located in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center (Unit 1205).

Public Records Policy 05: Disposition of Public Records

Records retention and disposition acknowledgement

Authority and Responsibility of the Connecticut State Library

I. State Library's Authority and Responsibilty

The Connecticut State Library is the Public Records Office for the State of Connecticut. The State Librarian is given the authority and responsibility to administer a public records program for state agencies. This authority is found in Sections 11-8 and 11-8a of the Connecticut General Statutes and its resposibilities include:

  • Develop and direct a records management program for books, records, papers, and documents of all state agencies within the executive department. The State Librarian implements the program through the Office of the Public Records Administrator.
  • Supervise the operation of the State Records Center.
  • Provide the following services for state records: photoduplicate, microfilm, repair, and restore documents.
  • Approve security storage facilities within or outside the state or establish and operate such facilities within the State for the safe storage of original public records or security copies of the originals.
  • Carry out a program to identify and preserve essential State records.
  • The State Librarian (or the Public Records Administrator, as his appointee), consults with the Attorney General in performing duties.

[Records Management Manual: Statutes, Policies, and Procedures for Connecticut State Agencies. Hartford, CT: Connecticut State Library, 1999. Page 1]

Responsibilities of the University of Connecticut

II. State Agencies' Responsibilities

According to Section 11-8a , state agencies (the University) have responsibilities which include:

  • Inventory all books, records, papers, and documents under its jurisdiction and submit to the State Library for approval. The State Library may inventory records and establish retention schedules, based on administrative need for retaining materials within agency offices or in suitable records centers.
  • Cooperatively arrange transfer to the State Library those records that have no further administrative , fiscal, or legal usefulness, but do have historical value to the State.
  • If the Public Records Administrator and the State Archivist determine that certain books, records, papers, and documents have no administrative, fiscal, legal, or historical value to the State, an agency's disposal request is approved. The head of the state agency disposes of the materials as directed by the State Library.
  • Agency heads are responsible for notifying the State Library of any changes in administrative requirements for retention of any book, records, paper, or document in order that approved retention schedules may be amended.
  • Each agency must designate an agency employee to serve as records management liaison officer.

[Records Management Manual: Statutes, Policies, and Procedures for Connecticut State Agencies. Hartford, CT: Connecticut State Library, 1999. Page 1]

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