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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Issues of the Holocaust

Selected Photographs submitted as Evidence

All the images provided below be found in the Thomas J. Dodd Papers, Series VII.

"Soap Made From Human Corpses"

"Painted Human Skin" USA 252 [372:8519]

"Shrunken Skull of a Hung Slav Prisoner" USSR-254 [372:8519]

"Zyklon B Poison Gas Used in Extermination Camps (Label in German)" USA 240

"Steel Clubs Manufactured By Krupp" USA 898 [372:8520]

Photographs Of The Trial and Its Setting

"Nuremberg Palace of Justice" [371:8437]

"Thomas Dodd With Shrunken Head Exhibit, 1946" [371:8468]

"Thomas J. Dodd At the Podium Conducts a Cross-examination..." [371:8466]

(l to r) Goebbels, Frick, Keitel, Von Brauchtisch, Raeder, Von Ribbentrop in 1941. [371:8460]

Photograph of the Defendants. Nuremberg, 1946.

Hermann Goering, first row, first from left; Rudolph Hess, next to Goering; Julius Streicher, first row, third from right; Walther Funk, first row, second from right; Baldur von Schirach, second row, third from left; and Fritz Sauckel, second row, fourth from left.

"Albert Speer Addressing The Tribunal" [371:8450]

"The Jail Where The Defendants And Witnesses Are Kept" [371:8438]

"A Cell Block Where The Defendants Are Confined. There Is A Constant Guard Outside Each Cell Who Watches The Prisoner" [371:8438]

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