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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Issues of the Holocaust

About the Curriculum Guide

Primary sources can be an invaluable tool in encouraging students to understand specific events and periods in the past.  This curriculum guide was compiled mainly from the archival materials found at Archives & Special Collections.

One of Archives & Special Collections' signature collections are the papers of Senator Thomas J. Dodd. The late Senator Dodd, a prominent figure in state and national politics, also served as Executive Trial Counsel for the United States prosecution team at the first and most significant of the war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Germany. This guide contains scanned documents, letters, and related materials from the Nuremberg Trial Documents from Senator Dodd's own scrapbooks, translated documents originating with the German High Command, photographs used in evidence, and the complete transcripts of the trial.   It is hoped that this guide will assist in planning Holocaust related lessons.

The curriculum guide offers selected text of important trial documents, a bibliography for additional reading, and several structured activities complete with supporting materials.   We believe that these activities will enrich the learning experience in the classroom for students studying European and 20th ceentury History, Ethics, Human Rights, Cultures, Government, and Race Relations in addition to the Holocaust.

Holocaust and Human Rights Activities





Resource Links (selected)

Students can find the entire set of Senator Dodd's Nuremberg trial documents in the University of Connecticut Libraries Digital Repository.