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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Issues of the Holocaust

The Documents

To aid in searching and presentation, the scanned images of the Nuremberg Trial documents from the Thomas J. Dodd Papers have been reformatted in their entirety, if it was reasonable to do so. Some very lengthy documents have been excerpted and links (to outside sites) to the complete document provided, if at all possible. If you have questions regarding the materials or believe a typographical error may have occurred, please contact the Dodd Research Center staff at the e-mail address below.

Variations in spelling exist in the documents and are primarily attributable to translation conventions.

Images of selected documents will be added to this guide over time. These will be limited in number because of the space requirements and transmission delays resulting from large image files. Comments and suggestions for curriculum topics are welcome. Most files have been provided as PDF files.

For those who may be interested in creating their own activities from the materials available on this site, the documents may be accessed directly from the links provided. The actual location of the original document in the Thomas J. Dodd Papers has been included where possible.

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