Oliver Tambo Papers

 A collection of his Papers, 1960-1992, at the University of Fort Hare, African National Congress Archives

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Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Libraries
Tambo, Oliver, 1917-.
Oliver Tambo Papers
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undated, 1960-1992.
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Oliver Reginald Tambo spent most of his life serving in the struggle against apartheid. During his years in the African National Congress (ANC), Oliver Tambo played a major role in the growth and development of the movement and its policies. He was among the generation of African nationalist leaders who emerged after the Second World War who were instrumental in the transformation of the ANC from a liberal-constitutionalist organisation into a radical national liberation movement.

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[Item description, #:#], Oliver Tambo Papers.  African National Congress Archives, University Libraries,  University of Fort Hare,  Alice, South Africa.

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Oliver Reginald Tambo was born in Mbizana in eastern Pondoland in the  Cape Province on 27 October 1917. He attended  Ludeke Methodist School, and completed his primary education at  Holy Cross Mission near Flagstaff. From there he transferred to  St. Peter's Secondary School in Johannesburg. After completing his secondary education, Tambo went to the  University College of Fort Hare in  Alice [South Africa] and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in 1941. He remained at the  University of Fort Hare to qualify for an honours degree but was expelled in 1942 during a student strike over demands for a democratically elected student representative council. Following his expulsion he returned to St. Peter's in Johannesburg as a science and mathematics teacher.

In Johannesburg, Tambo became involved with a group of young leaders who advocated a more radical direction for the African National Congress (  ANC). Working with  Nelson Mandela,  Walter Sisulu,  Anton Lembede,  Ashby Mda,  William Ncomo,  C.M. Majombozi, and others, Tambo became a founding member of the  ANC Youth League (  ANCYL) in 1944. He served as the Youth League's national secretary and was elected president of the Transvaal in 1948 and national vice-president in 1949.

Tambo moved quickly into a position of influence in the senior ANC and was elected to the Transvaal Executive of the  ANC. In 1948, along with  Walter Sisulu, he was elected to the National Executive Committee. Tambo was also a member of the committee that drew up the Programme of Action in 1948, which helped move the  ANC from a passive organization charged with catering to the elite, to one which mobilized the people for massive campaigns of civil disobedience and non-violent resistance.

Tambo left teaching in 1947 and took up law. With the support of Walter Sisulu he was articled in a Johannesburg law firm. In 1952, he qualified as an attorney, and later that year he established a law practice with  Nelson Mandela. Their legal practice championed underprivileged victims of apartheid laws.

Pressure and banning orders from the South African government forced  Walter Sisulu to resign from  ANC leadership leading to Tambo's appointment as acting secretary-general in 1954. Although banned himself, and restricted to Johannesburg, Tambo was allowed to retain his leadership position in the  ANC. During this period he helped to guide the  ANC through the Defiance Campaigns and the difficult campaigns against the Western area removal and the introduction of Bantu Education. In December 1956, he was arrested and charged with treason. He was among those discharged from the Treason Trial in late 1957. In 1958, with  Albert Luthuli isolated by bans restricting him to his Natal home, Tambo was elected to fill the newly created post of deputy president-general of the  ANC. In 1959,  Tambo was banned and was forbidden to attend gatherings for five years.

Following the Sharpeville Massacre of 1960, ANC leaders were convinced a banning of the  ANC was imminent and made plans for Tambo to leave the country to serve as a foreign spokesman and to establish external missions and mobilize international support against the apartheid system.

From the banning of the ANC and  PAC (  Pan Africanist Congress) in 1960 until the unbanning of the  ANC in 1990, Tambo led the  ANC's organization in exile, living in London,  Tanzania, and  Zimbabwe. In conjunction with  Yusuf Dadoo he was instrumental in the establishment of the  South African United Front (  SAUF), which brought together the  ANC external missions, the  PAC (  Pan Africanist Congress), the  South African Indian Congress, and the  South West African National Union (  SWANU). Through successful lobbying the  SAUF brought about the expulsion of  South Africa from the Commonwealth in 1961. Following its initial success the  SAUF broke up in July 1961.

Aided by various African governments, Tambo established ANC missions in  Egypt,  Ghana,  Morocco, and  London, England. Eventually the  ANC operated missions in 27 countries by 1990. Countries hosting missions included all permanent members of the  United Nations Security Council with the exception of  China.

When the ANC moved to armed struggle and activated  Umkhonto we Sizwe, Tambo was instrumental in securing the cooperation of numerous African governments in providing training and facilities for the  ANC. Following  Albert Luthuli's death in 1967, Tambo was named acting president-general. His appointment was approved by the Morogoro Conference in 1969.

Throughout the 1970s, Tambo's international prestige rose immensely as he traveled the world promoting opposition to the apartheid system. In 1985, Tambo was reelected ANC president at the Kabwe conference. In that role he served as head of the Politico-Military Council (PMC) of the  ANC and as commander in chief of  Umkhonto we Sizwe.

In 1989, Tambo suffered a stroke and spent several months in Stockholm recuperating. He returned to South Africa in 1991 and was elected national chairperson at the  ANC's first legal national conference in July 1991. He was offered the position of chancellor at the  University of Fort Hare in 1991.  Oliver Tambo died on 24 April 1993.

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Scope and Content

The original collection contains correspondence, diaries, notebooks, materials reflecting his changing responsibilities within the ANC and the anti-apartheid struggle, photographs, audio visual materials and ephemera. Researchers shold be aware that descriptions of the contents of folders are intended to highlight significant documents, subjects or individuals and not to provide an inclusive list of materials to be found in the folder. This finding aid describes the microfilm copy of the collection provided by the  University of the Witwatersrand.

The Oliver Tambo Papers were arranged at the Department of Historical Papers at the  University of the Witwatersrand (Collection ID: A2561) prior to their transfer to the  University of Fort Hare. The arrangement of the papers has been retained as it was received from  University of the Witwatersrand.

Microfilm rolls correspond to the box numbers as follows:

  • Roll 1 Boxes 1 - 4
  • Roll 2 Boxes 4 - 6
  • Roll 3 Boxes 6 - 12
  • Roll 4 Boxes 12 - 18
  • Roll 5 Boxes 28 - 31
  • Roll 6 Boxes 31 - 35
  • Roll 7 Boxes 35 - 37
  • Roll 8 Boxes 37 - 41
  • Roll 9 Boxes 41 - 44
  • Roll 10 Boxes 44 - 47
  • Roll 11 Boxes 47 - 51
  • Roll 12 Boxes 51 - 54
  • Roll 13 Boxes 54 - 58
  • Roll 14 Boxes 58 - 61
  • Roll 15 Boxes 61 - 67
  • Roll 16 Boxes 68 - 72
  • Roll 17 Boxes 73 - 77
  • Roll 18 Boxes 77 - 81
  • Roll 19 Boxes 82 - 87

Boxes 19 - 27 and 88 - 95 were not microfilmed.

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The collection has been arranged in four series: A. Personal Documents, B. Office of the President, C. Special Topics, and D. Press Cuttings. The series structure was arranged in a numerical sequence (i.e., A1=Family, A2 = Finance). The numerical structure is expanded outward to reflect subdivisions (i.e., A1.1= Adelaide Tambo and A1.1.1 represents  Adelaide Tambo's correspondence). In many cases the numbering system extends to several places (A12.1.2.1). These same numbers have been annotated on the documents themselves.

Series A: Personal Documents, 1960-1992 includes material relating to  Oliver Tambo's family, his health, and travels. Documentation includes correspondence, diaries, notebooks, greeting cards, and get well wishes. The bulk of the material dates from 1960 to 1992. The diaries cover 1980, 1981, and 1990, but are limited in coverage, mainly representing appointments, travel and meetings. Several notable correspondents appear in the correspondence series, including  Harry Belafonte,  Yusuf Dadoo,  Trevor Huddleston,  D.F. Malan,  Julius Nyerere,  Olaf Palme, and  Ron Segal. Several transcripts of interviews are also present in this series, as is information on interaction with the media.

Series B. Office of the President, 1960-1990 contains records relating to Tambo's activities as head of the  ANC in exile. Records include official correspondence, statements, material on  ANC missions,  National Executive Committee (  NEC),  National Working Committee (  NMC), and information on the various  ANC departments and offices. Material on organisations associated with the  ANC are also present, and have some overlap with documentation in series C. This series is particularly rich in documentation of the  ANC from its banning in 1960 to the subsequent unbanning in 1990. Records reflect efforts to raise international awareness against apartheid policies and are highly illustrative of events in  South Africa during this period.

Series C. Special Topics, undated has significant overlap with series B. Records are arranged in five main categories: Conferences, Countries, Individuals, Organisations, and Subjects. The  Organisation of African Unity (  OAU) is particularly well documented in the organisations, as are anti-apartheid movements. Within the individuals,  Nelson Mandela is well represented.

Series D. Press Cuttings, undated provide strong documentation on general subjects, countries, individuals, and organisations. The finding aid does not include a listing of the press cuttings.

An index of subjects, individuals and organisations follows this finding aid (found at the end of Series C) and is a useful source for finding information on specific topics, events, and people.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

 Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Libraries April 2005

University of Connecticut Libraries
405 Babbidge Road Unit 1205
Storrs, Connecticut, 06269

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There are no access restrictions on this collection.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to publish from these Papers must be obtained in writing from both the University of Fort Hare,  African National Congress Archives and the owner(s) of the copyright.

Custodial History

University of Witwatersrand (Collection ID: A2561) then transferred to the  University of Fort Hare.

Alternative Form Available

Original collection is housed and the University of Fort Hare located in  Alice, South Africa.

Location of Originals

University of Fort Hare,  Alice, South Africa,  African National Congress Archives.

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Related Materials

Related Material

Archives & Special Collections has a substantial collection of materials pertaining to human rights. For detailed information on these collections please contact the curator or ask at the reference desk.

A complete listing of materials associated with the African National Congress and the anti-apartheid movement at the  University of Fort Hare is available here.

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Corporate Name(s)

  • Africa-Cultures International Institute.
  • African National Congress. Archives.
  • African National Congress.
  • Artists United Against Apartheid.
  • British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa.
  • Communist Party of India.
  • International Defence and Aid Fund.
  • Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement.
  • Komittee Zuidelijk Afrika.
  • Lincoln University.
  • National Union of Seaman (Great Britain).
  • Organisation of African Unity.
  • Pan Africanist Congress.
  • Socialist International.
  • South African Communist Party.
  • South African Indian Congress.
  • South African United Front.
  • South West African National Union.
  • Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee.
  • Umkhonto we Sizwe (South Africa).
  • University of Fort Hare.
  • University of the West Indies.
  • University of the Western Cape.
  • University of the Witwatersrand.


  • Microfilm.

Geographic Name(s)

  • Africa.
  • Alice, South Africa.
  • Angola.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Egypt.
  • Germany.
  • Ghana.
  • India.
  • Ireland.
  • Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • London, England.
  • Morocco.
  • Nigeria.
  • People's Republic of Angola.
  • Poland.
  • Romania.
  • South Africa.
  • Sweden.
  • Tanzania.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Vietnam.
  • Yugoslavia.
  • Zimbabwe.

Personal Name(s)

  • Asmal, Kader.
  • Astor, David.
  • Belafonte, Harry, 1927-.
  • Bhutto, Benazir.
  • Bloom, Anthony, 1914-.
  • Boesak, Allan Aubrey, 1946-.
  • Brandt, Willy, 1913-.
  • Buthelezi, Mangosuthu Gatsha.
  • Carlsson, Ingvar, 1934-.
  • Castro Ruz, Fidel.
  • Ceausescu, Nicolae.
  • Colin, Margaret, 1958-.
  • Cosby, Bill, 1937-.
  • Cosby, Camille O. (Camille Olivia), 1944-.
  • Cunhal, Alvaro.
  • Davis, Jennifer.
  • Diouf, Abdon.
  • Dos Santos, Jose' Eduardo, 1942- or 1946-.
  • Eriksson, Alison.
  • Eriksson, Lars-Gunnar.
  • Ferrari, Frank D.
  • Frederick, Wayne A.
  • Genscher, Hans Dietrich.
  • Goddard, Ruth, 1917-.
  • Harris, Ann.
  • Huddleston, Trevor, Bp., 1913-.
  • Karis, Thomas, 1919-.
  • King, Coretta Scott, 1927-.
  • Kleinschmidt, Horst Günter.
  • Lembede, Anton Muziwakhe, 1914-1947.
  • Louw, Raymond.
  • Luthuli, Albert, 1898-1967.
  • Machel, Graça.
  • Majombozi, C.M.
  • Malan, D.F. (Daniel François), 1874-1959.
  • Mandela, Nelson, 1918-.
  • Marchais, Georges, 1920-.
  • Marin, Manuel.
  • Mbeki, Govan, 1910-.
  • Mda, Ashby.
  • Minty, Abdul S.
  • Moi, Daniel Arap, 1924-.
  • Moshoeshoe II, King of Lesotho, 1938-1996.
  • Mugabe, Robert Gabriel, 1924-.
  • Mugabe, Sally, 1931-1992.
  • Nandé', Beyers.
  • Ncomo, William.
  • Nyerere, Julius K. (Julius Kambarage), 1922-.
  • Omar, Dullah.
  • Pereira, Aristides.
  • Persson, Carl.
  • Reddy, E.S.
  • Robinson, Randall.
  • Romanov, D.
  • Sampson, Anthony.
  • Segal, Ronald, 1932-.
  • Shaker, Mohamed Ibrahim.
  • Sisulu, Walter Max.
  • Slovo, Joe
  • Stanishev, Dimitur.
  • Stolenberg, Thorvald.
  • Tambo, Adelaide.
  • Tambo, Oliver, 1917-.
  • Turok, Ben, 1927-.
  • Uys, Pieter-Dirk.
  • Vigne, Randolph.
  • Walters, Ian.
  • Ware, Helen.
  • Wilson, Francis.
  • Yates, Anne Hayden Price, 1939-.
  • Yusuf Dadoo, 1909-1983.
  • Zhikov, Todor.

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Collection Inventory

Series A: Personal Documents, 1960-1993 





Subseries A1: Family 

Box Folder

Adelaide Tambo 

A1. 1
Box Folder

Correspondence from Adelaide Tambo to  Oliver Tambo (16 items), 1962, 1969, 1981-1988 

A1. 1

Correspondence to Adelaide Tambo (includes two greeting cards, 15 items), 1961-1980 

A1. 2

Family/General, (15 items, includes 3 photographs) undated, 1960, 1983, 1985, 1989-1990 

A1.1. 2

Greeting Cards/Messages: Birthdays, Christmas etc., includes telexed messages to Oliver Tambo on his 70th Birthday- See also: Greeting Cards/Messags - Birthdays (18 items), undated 

A1.1. 3

Wedding of Nomatemba (Tembi) Tambo and  Martin Kingston, 1981 August 1 

A1.1. 4
Box Folder

Correspondence (13 items) Correspondents include: Yusuf and Winnie Dadoo;  Trevor Huddleston;  N. M. Masemola;  Ernst Michanek (Swedish Foreign Ministry);  Julius Nyerere and his wife;  David Owen (MP) and his wife;  Olaf Palme, undated 

Miscellaneous Personal Matters, (28 items) re to Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Includes: harrassment- handwritten list of threats received against  Oliver Tambo on the part of Adelaide; children's education; vehicle registration document (  Adelaide Tambo);  ANC Staff Provident Fund (  Oliver Tambo); motor insurance; correspondence re the allocation of land (Wattville) to  Oliver Tambo/the purchase of property in  Benoni, South Africa by the Tambos, undated, 1960-1992 

A1.1. 5

Subseries A2: Finance, 1962-1993 

General note

Includes correspondence re Oliver Tambo's personal finance affairs; invoices; statements (bank), notices, etc.

Box Folder

1962-1972 (9 items) 

A2. 1

1973 (23 items) 

General note

Includes items relating to fire loss at Oliver Tambo's home in North  London

A2. 2

1974-1979 (9 items) 

A2. 3

1980-1986 (11 items) 

A2. 4

1987-1989 (13 items) 

A2. 5

1990 (3 items) 

A2. 6

1991 (11 items) 

General note

Includes correspondence; bank statements; invoices; final notice

A2. 7


General note

Includes bank statements; info on life insurance policies

A2. 8

Undated (4 items) 

A2. 9
Box Folder




Subseries A3: Health, 1975-1991 

Box Folder

Correspondence (13 items), 1975-1991 

A3. 1

Medical Records (24 items), 1978-1991 

A3. 2

Miscellaneous, undated 

General note

Includes Medical Bills; Prescriptions; Programmes/Exercises; Special Diets

A3. 3

Subseries A4: Honourary Degrees/Honourary Membership, 1961-1991 

Box Folder

Correspondence, (17 items), 1986-1991 

General note

Corresponents include: National Union of Seamen;  Cuban Anti-Apartheid Committee;  Lincoln University;  University of the West Indies;  Africa-Cultures International Institute

A4. 1

Subseries A5: Music (61 items), undated 

General note

Includes words of songs (e.g. Song of Africa, Nkosi Sikelel' i-Afrika) and draft music

Subseries A6: Public Portraits, (4 items- includes 2 photographs), 1985, 1991 

General note

Correspondents include: Ian Walters (Sculptor);  Stanley Uys

Subseries A7: Requests, Autographs and Other Information (28 items),  undated, 1986-1991 

Subseries A8: Travel Arrangements (7 items), 1961-1990 

Box Folder

Subjects include: visa applications; flight bookings; reservation particulars, undated 

A8. 1

Presidential Visits, Meetings (8 items), 1973-1991 

General note

Items include: Itinerary: Lars-Gunnar and Alison Eriksson- visit to  Africa, 18 April/9 June, 1973; Pamphlet:  ANC Leider Tambo in  Nederland (Invitation:  Komitee Zuidelijk Afrika), 1981; Brief Report on the Presidential Mission to the 18th Congress of the  Socialist International, 20 June 1989; Brief Report on the Meeting with  Manuel Marin, Vice-President of the EEC (2 July 1989); Brief Report on the Meeting with  Raymond Louw (15 May 1991); Handwritten List/Notes (  Oliver Tambo): Invitations; Recommendations for Future Presidential Tours (Travel Arrangements and Accommodation/Scheduling).

A8. 2

Subseries A9: Universities, Dealings with...Fort Hare;  University of the Western Cape, etc., (See also: Special Topics - Organisations/  University of the Western Cape) (16 items), 1990, 1991, 1992 

General note

Items include: Documents supplied by Wits University re role of Chancellor (sent to  Oliver Tambo by  Penuell M. Maduna) 25 September 1990; Correspondence between  Dullah Omar and  Oliver Tambo re graduation, 11/12 October 1990 (2 items); Correspondence: re  Oliver Tambo's invitation to become Fort Hare's Chancellor, 21 February 1991; Response from  SANSCO re honourary doctorate to be conferred on  Oliver Tambo by  UDW (March 1991); Facsimiles (2 items) sent by Prof  S. Bengu to  Oliver Tambo re Chancellorship of Fort Hare (Advertisement) and death of a student in Bisho March (1992).

Box Folder




Subseries A10: Personal Documents 

Box Folder

Cards: Calling/Business Cards, undated 

A10. 1
Box Folder

Countries (Ambassadors, Ministers) (80 items) 

A10. 1.1

Individuals (Includes academics) (31 items) 

A10. 1.2

Media (print and television journalists) (37 items) 

A10. 1.3

Organisations (45 items) 

A10. 1.4

United Nations (10 items) 

A10. 1.5

Miscellaneous (34 items) 

A10. 1.6

Cards Identity/Membership (15 items), 1980s 

General note

Includes membership card of the June Four Movement; identity cards issued at OAU Assemblies/Summits.

A10. 2

Official Documents (7 items), 1970, 1978, 1987 

General note

Passports (including a Malawian travel document in lieu of a national passport); Driving Licence (Issued March 1970: Lusaka City Council);Firearm Licence (Issued in April 1978: Lusaka City Council); Receipt for Firearm or Ammunition deposited in a Public Warehouse (4 August 1987).

A10. 3

Subseries A11: Diaries/Address/Telephone Books/Notebooks/Miscellaneous Notes 

Box Folder

Diaries (3 items), 1980, 1981, 1990 

A11. 1

Address/Telephone Books (4 items and loose transcriptions) 

General note

Includes miscellaneous notes written at random amongst the addresses/numbers.

A11. 2


Box Folder




Box Folder

Notebooks/Miscellaneous Loose Leaf Notes, 1970-1989 

A11. 3
Box Folder

Miscellaneous Loose Leaf Notes, circa 1971 

General note

Includes "Call for Unity" - PAC.

A11. 3.1
Roll Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder

circa 1974 (1 item) 

A11. 3.2

circa 1977 (1 item) 

A11. 3.3

circa 1978 (4 items) 

General note

Includes Notebook: Visit to Vietnam

A11. 3.4

circa 1979/1980 (3 items) 

A11. 3.5

circa 1982 (2 items) 

A11. 3.6

circa 1985 (1 item) 

A11. 3.6a
Box Folder





Box Folder

1987 (2 items) 

A11. 3.7

circa 1988 (4 items) 

A11. 3.8

circa 1989 (2 items) 

A11. 3.9

Notebooks: Miscellaneous (11 items), undated 

General note

1 item includes telephone numbers/addresses as well as miscellaneous notes

A11. 3.1

Loose Leaf Notes: Miscellaneous (11 files), undated 

General note

Includes Reminders/Messages; Notes prepared for Speeches/Statements

A11. 3.11
Box Folder





Box Folder

Draft Minutes/Memoranda (5 items), undated 

A11. 3.12

Draft Reports/Papers (10 items) 

A11. 3.13
Roll Folder





Box Folder

Early Life (3 items) 

General note

Notes explaining the origin of Oliver Tambo's letters to Joyce and  Ruth Goddard (1928-1940). Includes excerpts from letters to both received from and referring to  Oliver Tambo. 7p. Ts. Handwritten notes (  Oliver Tambo) re life at St Peters/admission to  Fort Hare. 3p. Notebook: Dictated to Speech Therapist, 5 September 1989.

A11. 3.14

Draft/Unfinished Letters (14 items), undated 

A11. 3.15

Biographical Details (5 items), undated 

A11. 3.16

Subseries A12: Greeting Cards/Messages, 1983-1990 

Box Folder


A12. 1
Box Folder

General (24 items), 1989 

General note

Includes written list of telephone messages, 27 October 1989. Correspondents include: ANC Department of Education;  ANC Department of Information and Publicity;  ANC Headquarters Staff;  ANC members -  United Kingdom and  Ireland;  ANC National Youth Committee; High Commissioner for  Tanzania, Mrs. Malecela and Staff.

A12. 1.1

Oliver Tambo's 70th Birthday, 1987 October 27 

A12. 1.2
Box Folder

ANC (40 items), undated 

General note

Correspondents include: ANC membership -  Angola;  Angola - leadership of the Security Department; Department of Finance; Department of Transport; International Headquarters; Quibaxe Centre Youth Committee; Quibaxe - Women's Section;  SOMAFCO Student-body;  UmKonto we Sizwe; Viena Transit Camp. Publication: Issued by  ANC:  A 70th Birthday Tribute, (see also:  ANC Publications)

A12. 1.2.1

Countries (22 items), undated 

General note

Includes list of greetings/messages. Ts. Correspondents include: People's Republic of Angola;  Ebrahim Babaginda (  Nigeria);  Nicolae Ceausescu;  Communist Party of India;  Hans-Dietrich Genscher (  Germany);  Carl Persson (Ambassador:  Sweden);  D. Romanov (Ambassador:  Bulgaria);  Fidel Castro Ruz;  Tanzania High Commission;  Jelko Zagar (Ambassador:  Yugoslavia).

A12. 1.2.2

Individuals (27 items), undated 

General note

Correspondents include: Harry and Julie Belafonte;  Frank Ferrari;  Trevor Huddleston;  Lisbet Palme;  Randall Robinson;  E. S. Reddy;  Joe Slovo.

A12. 1.2.3

Organisations (43 items), undated 

General note

Correspondents include: All India Peace Solidarity Organisation;  Artists United Against Apartheid (Little Steven);  British Defence and Aid Fund (  Ethel De Kieser);  Democratic Youth Federation of India;  Hungarian Solidarity Committee;  International Defence and Aid Fund (  Horst Kleinschmidt);  Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement (  Kadar Asmal); Kairos workgroup (Christians against Apartheid);  PanAfrican Youth Movement;  Parliamentarians Action for Removal of Apartheid (Para-India);  Socialist International (  Willy Brandt);  South African Communist Party (  SACP);  Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee;  United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid (Chairman Garba); WESPAC (Westchester Peoples Action Coalition).

A12. 1.2.4
Box Folder





Box Folder

Oliver Tambo's 73rd Birthday, 1990 October 27 

General note

Correspondents include: ANC membership -  Denmark;  ANC Department of Internal Publicity;  ANC Headquarters - Lusaka;  ANC Community - Luanda;  ANC Office of the Chief Representative,  United Kingdom and  Ireland;  ANC - Southern Natal Region;  Daniel arap Moi;  King Moshoeshoe II;  Alfred Nzo (on behalf of The National Executive Committee);  Thandi Lujabe Rankoe (Chief Representative -  ANC Oslo Office);  E. S. Reddy;  M. K. Tsekoa (High Commission of the  Kingdom of Lesotho).

A12. 1.3
Box Folder

"Get Well Messages" 

A12. 2
Box Folder

Correspondence (83 items), 1989-1990 

General note

Includes correspondence addressed to Adelaide on behalf of Oliver Tambo. Correspondents include:  Tony Bloom;  Allan Boesak;  Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi;  Ingvar Carlsson;  Jennifer Davis;  Abdou Diouf;  G. Dove-Edwin;  Rajiv Ghandi;  Trevor Huddleston;  Tom Karis;  Coretta Scott King; Margaret and  Legum Colin;  Georges Marchais, (Community Party of  France);  Govan Mbeki;  François Mitterand; Muslim Judicial Council (Cape); Dr.  A. S. Nkomo;  Aristides Pereira;  Thorvald Stoltenberg (see also: UN High Commissioner for Refugees);  Francis Wilson;  Anne Yates.

A12. 2.1

Greeting Cards/Messages (85 items, 2 files), 1989-1990 

General note

Correspondents include: ANC membership -  Sweden;  Harry Belafonte;  Benazir Bhutto; Bill and  Camille Cosby; Nadine and  Jerry Dunfey;  Wayne Frederick;  Ann Harris;  Zambia's High Commissioner and Mrs.  E. M. Lubinda;  Graça Machel;  Daniel arap Moi;  Tony Sampson;  Pieter Dirk Uys;  Helen Ware (  Australian High Commissioner).

A12. 2.2

Responses by Oliver Tambo to "Get Well" Messages and Birthdays 

A12. 2.3

Disk 1 (47 files) 

Disk 2 (43 files) 

Box Folder





Box Folder

Season's Greetings, undated, 1983 

A12. 2.4
Box Folder

Individuals/Organizations Greeting Cards (16 items), undated 

General note

Correspondents include: Wolfie Kadesh; Veterans' League

A12. 2.4.1

Official Greeting Cards (22 items), 1983 

General note

Includes a written list of Season's Greetings received. Correpondents include: Victoria Chitepo;  Alvaro Cunhal (  Portuguese Communist Party);  José Eduardo Dos Santos;  Georges Haoui (Secretary General of the  Lebanese Communist Party); The President and Mrs. Kaunda;  Georges Marchais (Secretary General of the  French Communist Party); Angolan Ambassador (Lusaka) and Mrs.  M. B. Mavunza; Robert and  Sally Mugabe;  Poland;  Romania;  Mohamed I. Shaker (Ambassador of  Egypt);  Dimitur Stanishev (Secretary of the Central Committee of the  Bulgarian Communist Party);  Klaus Timmermann (Embassy of the Federal Republic of  Germany);  Vietnam;  Todor Zhikov (General Secretary of the Central Committee of the  Bulgarian Communist Party).

A12. 2.4.2

Miscellaneous (20 items), undated 

General note

Includes 'Welcome Home' greetings; best wishes, etc. Correpondents include: ANC Nursery School, Mazimbu; Ben and  Mary Turok; youth at Chelston Transit Centre.

A12. 2.4.3

Subseries A13: Individuals (Correspondence), 1960-1992 

Box Folder

1960-1961 (9 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Mary-Louise Hooper.

A13. 1

1962 (14 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Mary-Louise Hooper;  Abdul Minty.

A13. 2

1963/1964 (2 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: David Astor. Subjects include: The Negro Leadership Conference on  Africa.

A13. 3

1971-1973 (4 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Mary-Louise Hooper.

A13. 4

1977-1978 (12 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: M. Golden;  Tom Karis;  D. Martz;  Beyers Naudé.

A13. 5

1979-1980 (7 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Mary-Louise Hooper; Dr.  Dan Naidoo;  Randolph Vigne.

A13. 6

1981-1982 (11 items) 

General note

Correpondents include: Mary Delany;  Mary-Louise Hooper;  Ronald Segal; Correspondence with  Violet Weinberg. Subjects include: sanctions/policy; message of condolence on the death of  Eli Weinberg; wedding ceremony of  Tembi Tambo and  Martin Kingston.

A13. 7

1983 (7 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Ray Simons.

A13. 8

1984-1985 (33 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Archie Crail;  Valerie O'Connor-Makatini;  Jennifer Davis;  D.F. Malan;  Jeremy Thorpe;  Peter Weiss. Subjects include: pre-colonial history of  South Africa;  South Africa's political future; building of a nuclear power plant in  South Africa; incarceration of  Christian Philander Aaron in  Angola.

A13. 9

1986 (40 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Rica Bird;  Jack Dunfey;  Saville Kapelus;  Livi Mqotsi;  Bishop Simeon Nkoane; Ray and  Jack Simons;  Mervyn Susser;  Jeanne M. Woods. Subjects include: a constitutional solution for  South Africa; corporations with investments in  South Africa; analysis of the apartheid act of 1986 -  Jeanne M. Woods.

A13. 10
Box Folder




Box Folder

1987 (27 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Peter Abrahams;  Mary Benson;  Trevor Huddleston;  Ray C. Kingston (See also: Family and Countries -  New Zealand);  Tony O'Dowd;  Jeanne M. Woods. Correspondence with:  Harry Belafonte;  Bill Lucy; Mr. and Mrs. Poitier. Subjects include: cultural and academic boycotts;  Oliver Tambo's visit to the  United States; Inkatha (Correspondence between  Mary Benson and  Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

A13. 11

1988 (25 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: George M. Houser;  Coretta Scott King;  Danny Meyer;  Livie Mqotsi;  Phyllis Naidoo;  Maurice C. Pincoffs;  John T. Walker;  Jeanne M. Woods. Subjects include: messages of condolence on the death of  Dulcie September; messages of condolence on the death of  Johnny Makatini.

A13. 12

1989 (42 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Peggy Dulany;  Jerry Dunfey;  Trevor Huddleston;  Mike Overmeyer;  Anthony Sampson;  Jack Simons;  Raymond Suttner. Subjects include: 80th Birthday Celebrations of  Barney Gordon;  Winnie Mandela; article on  Johnny Makatini; Professor  Ronald Dworkin's conference of lawyers about  South Africa; 10th Anniversary Celebration of the  Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College;  South Africa: Stage Two on the Road to the Ultimate Political Arrangement -  John Wilkison;  World Medical Association and  South Africa.

A13. 13

1990 (43 items) 

General note

Correpondents include: Phyllis Altman;  Conny Braam;  Dennis Brutus; Camille and  Bill Cosby;  Jerry Dunfey; Marie and  Don Embleton;  Wolfie Kadesh; Margaret and  Colin Legum;  Mark Shope; Ray and  Jack Simons;  Sylvester Stein;  Mervyn Susser;  Francis Wilson;  Trevor Huddleston.

A13. 14

1991-1992 (28 items, Photographs and Hard Disc included) 

General note

Correpondents include: Winifred Armstrong;  J. Chissano (See also: Countries)  Mozambique); Marie and  Don Embleton;  Tom Karis;  Ando Kenichiro;  Martin Kingston (See also: Family);  Graça Machel (See also: Countries)  Mozambique; Ray and  Jack Simons; Theresa and  Ronald Watts;  Francis Wilson. Subjects include: Chancellorship of the  University of Fort Hare; Ray and  Jack Simons financial problems with  Oxfam;  Sir Robin Rennick's views on certain key areas relating to developments within  South Africa.

A13. 15

Correspondence (22 items), undated 

General note

Correspondents include: Rica Bird;  Cora Weiss.

A13. 16
Box Folder




Subseries A14: Organisations/Forums/Institutions (Correspondence), 1960-1992 

Box Folder

1960-1962 (15 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: American Committee on Africa (  George M. Houser (See also: Individuals, 1988);  American Friends Service Committee; The Anti-Apartheid Movement;  Dublin University History Society;  Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa;  National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Scholarships Committee of  South Africa;  South Africa Defence Fund;  World Assembly of Youth (WAY- Norwegian Secretariat). Subjects include:  South African Contrasts:  Rosalind Moreau;  Caprivi African National Union (  CANU); American Committee on  Africa's "Appeal for Action Against Apartheid"; arrest of  Nelson Mandela; South African Action Conference (January 1961); Study Conference: economic sanctions - organised by the Anti-Apartheid Movement; conference on "Pan-Africanism."

A14. 1

1970-1972 (10 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Africa 2000(  Tom Draisma); Task Force on Southern Africa of the  United Presbyterian Church, USA;  World Council of Churches (  Baldwin Sjollema). Correspondence with:  Organisation of African Unity (  OAU) Liberation Committee. Subjects include: question of unity between the  PAC and the  ANC.

A14. 2

1973-1974 (19 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: African Studies Association; The  Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation;  American Friends Service Committee, Inc.;  International Red Cross;  Terre des hommes. Subjects include: 16th annual meeting of the  African Studies Association; 11th Council Session of the  Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation.

A14. 3

1975-1976 (6 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Christian Democratic World Union;  Netherlands Anti-Apartheid Movement (  Conny Braam (See also: Individuals, 1990);  World Peace Council. Subjects include:  International Conference of Peace Researchers and Peace Activists; Conference of the  Christian Democratic World Union; "Christian Democracy facing the World Crisis"; meeting of the  WPC Presidential Committee (Delhi, 1976).

A14. 4

1977 (3 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: International University Exchange Fund;  Socialist International (See also: Countries)  Zimbabwe);  World Citizens Assembly;  World Council of Churches (  Baldwin Sjollema). Subjects include: Seminar on Death Penalty in  Africa; resolution on the arms race/  United Nations Special Session on Disarmament; Open University tuition to  South African victims of apartheid.

A14. 5

1978-1980 (12 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Danish Association for International Co-Operation;  Organisation of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America;  Irish Anti-apartheid Movement;  Socialist International; Special Committee of International NGOs on Human Rights (Geneva);  World Council of Churches;  World Peace Council (  Romesh Chandra). Subjects include:  International Conference for Action against Apartheid, Geneva 1978;  Congress of Socialist International, Vancouver 1978; International Anti-Apartheid Year Conference: The European Economic Community and  South Africa; Hearing on the Situation in  South Africa:  Danish Association for International Co-operation.

A14. 6

1981-1985 (30 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: American Committee on Africa;  British Defence and Aid fund for Southern Africa;  Carnegie Corporation of New York; Centre for Intergroup Studies,  UCT (  H. W. van der Merwe); Council on Foreign Relations, US;  Edgar Robert/  Howard University,  Washington D.C.;  International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa;  London School of Economics and Political Science - Debating Union;  Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights under Law (  Gay McDougall); New England Circle;  New Zealand Seamen's Union;  Socialist Interafrican;  Socialist International (  J. Oop Den Uyl);  South Africa Foundation;  TransAfrica - Free SA Movement (  Randall Robinson). Correspondence with: Anti-Apartheid Movement (Britain -  Trevor Huddleston (See also: Individuals);  TransAfrica (Director:  Randall Robinson). Subjects include: retirement of  George Houser; Arusha Conference on Southern Africa; Second Carnegie Inquiry into Poverty and Development in Southern Africa; 25th Anniversary of the  British Anti-Apartheid Movement; General Council of the  Socialist Interafrican; impact of American anti-apartheid pressure groups.

A14. 7

1986 January-July (57 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Africa Fund;  B. C. Teachers Federation;  Business International;  Coalition for a Free Africa, Inc.;  Defence Africa and the Middle East;  European Parliament Socialist Group;  Korean Committee for Afro-Asian Solidarity;  International Association of Democratic Lawyers;  Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement;  National Black Leadership Roundtable (President:  Walter E. Fauntroy);  PanAfrican Youth Movement;  Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States (PTA);  Riverside Church Disarmament Programme;  TransAfrica (Director:  Randall Robinson); Third World Prize;  United Artists Against Apartheid (  Jennifer Davis);  Wales Anti-Apartheid Movement;  World Alliance of Reformed Churches; World Congress devoted to the International Year of Peace;  World Peace Council (  Romesh Chandra). Subjects include: "Mobilizing Afro-American Support for a Black-Ruled  South Africa"; exchange of views between the  World Alliance of Reformed Churches and the  ANC; exhibition of anti-apartheid posters; trial of anti-apartheid activists, including  Randall Robinson, "for acts of civil disobedience against  Shell Oil Company"; support for the struggle against apartheid issued by various organisations; invitation extended to  Oliver Tambo to be the first  Olaf Palme Memorial Lecturer;  Hanif Bhamjee:  Wales Anti-Apartheid Movement - controversy re visit of a Welsh choir to  Hungary who had recently performed in  South Africa;  Ho Chi Minh Award:  ANC.

A14. 8

1986 August-December (37 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: All Africa Teachers' Organisation;  British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (  Ethel de Keyser);  Business International;  Canadian Labour Congress;  Friedrich Ebert Foundation;  Holland Committee on Southern Africa;  Indian Society for Afro-Asian Studies;  International Center for Development Policy (  Robert E. White);  International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa;  Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement;  Japan Anti-Apartheid Committee;  National Council of Swedish Youth;  Royal Commonwealth Society; Third World Prize;  Unity Movement of South Africa. Subjects include: Conference, New Delhi (November 1986) - "Cooperation between the Afro-Asian Countries"; planned conference in Bonn held by The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung re future development in  South Africa/solutions to the conflict; South Africa:  Royal Commonwealth Society's Statement; 5th Assembly of the  All Africa Teacher's Organisation; Third World Prize 1986:  Bob Geldoff; Japanese government's policy on  South Africa and government's invitation to  Oliver Tambo; invitation extended to  Oliver Tambo by the  BDAF Council to deliver the Canon Memorial Lecture;  Jay Naidoo's (  COSATU) tour of  Canada;  Nathaniel Honono.

A14. 9

1987 (33 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: American Committee on Africa (Executive Director:  Jennifer Davis);  Concern International; Development Aid From People to People; Disarmament Program,  Riverside Church (Co-Director:  Cora Weiss);  Educators Against Apartheid;  International Center for Development Policy (Director:  Barbara Harmel);  International Council of Voluntary Agencies;  International Defence and Aid Fund (Director:  Horst Kleinschmidt);  Institute for African Alternatives;  Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (  Gay McDougal);  Martin Luther King Jr. Center;  Morning Star;  PanAfrican Youth Movement;  TransAfrica;  South African Economic Research and Training Project;  Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd;  Zimbabwe Committee for Child Survival and Development (President:  Sally Mugabe. Subjects include: national festival: Morning Star (invitation to speak); The  United States Policy on  South Africa and the Black Continent by  Jaime B. Ramirez; Nationalisation of the monopolies and banks and the reconstruction of the industrial sector by  Ben Turok;  Oliver Tambo's holiday at Iteshitezhi c/o  Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation Ltd;  Barbara Harmel and  Nancy Stetson's preparatory trip to Southern Africa;  ICVA Consultation on Uprooted Peoples in Southern Africa;  International Conference on Children, Repression and the Law in Apartheid South Africa (  IDAF);  Oliver Tambo's visit to  Japan;  Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture;  Oliver Tambo's visit to the  United States; National Action Symposium sponsored by the  Martin Luther King Jr. Center on "Creating a New U.S. Policy for South Africa"; boycott of  Kellogg's Corporation; invitation to attend the Harare Symposium on the Survival and Development of Children in the Frontline States and Southern Africa.

A14. 10
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Box Folder

1988 January-July (18 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Association of West European Parliamentarians for Action against Apartheid (  AWEPAA);  Council on Foreign Relations;  Free South Africa Coalition (New Haven);  The Hunger Project;  InterAction Council;  Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement (  Kader Asmal);  O. G. H. International; War on Want. Subjects include: Conference on  SADCC's Future: Europe's Role organised by the Parliament of  Zimbabwe and  AWEPAA; annual session of the InterAction Policy Board,  Zimbabwe 1988; Report on British and European Aid to the Southern African Development Co-Ordination Conference; The Northeast Conference for Common Strategies Against Apartheid For a Democratic South Africa; Message: Mandela Concert; announcement of the winner of the  Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger.

A14. 11

1988 July-December (29 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Angolan League of Friendship;  Congress of Black Panamanians; Development Aid From People to People;  Organisation of Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America;  OXFAM;  Pan African Women's Organisation;  The Solidarity Foundation (Executive Director:  Steven Little); South African Economic Research and Training Project; Southern African Advanced Education Project;  World Peace Through Law Center. Correspondence with:  International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (Director:  Horst Kleinschmidt). Subjects include: Advanced Education and High Level Training for Black South Africans: The need for an Independent Commonwealth Initiative;  Nelson Mandela; 77th Anniversary of the  ANC; message of condolences on the death of  Johnny Makatini.

A14. 12

1989 (47 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: AAPSO;  Africa Fund (  Jennifer Davis);  African-American Institute (Acting President:  Frank E. Ferrari);  American Committee on Africa (  Jennifer Davis);  Carter-Menil Human Rights Foundation;  Commonwealth Secretariat (  Shridath Ramphal "Sonny");  General Union of Syrian Women;  The Hunger Project;  International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa;  National Ecumenical Commission to Combat Racism (  Brazil);  Organisation of African Unity (  OAU);  Organisation of African Trade Unity;  Organisation of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America;  Oxford Union Society;  Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States (PTA);  South African Council of Churches (General Secretary:  Frank Chikane);  South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee (SAN-ROC)-President:  Dennis Brutus;  Third World Affairs;  World Constitution and Parliament Association;  World Mathaba;  UIL (  Unione Italiana Del Lavoro). Subjects include: anti-apartheid activity in  Israel; option to apply for membership of  OAU Coordination Committee on Assistance to Refugees in Africa (  CCAR); invitation extended by the  General Union of Syrian Women to visit Damascus;  UIL: 10th National Congress,  Venice;  Voice of America editorial - President-elect Bush outlining US counter-terrorism policy; meeting on trade union activity against apartheid and in solidarity with the workers and people of  South Africa; Summit Conference on apartheid planned by the  American Committee on Africa to mobilize "expanded advocacy in the US Religious Community"; commemoration of the Sharpeville Massacre;  Johnny Makatini; solidarity between Brazilians and Southern African Blacks; Barnet Anti-Apartheid Movement's adopted Political Prisoner:  Ahmed Kathrada ("Kathy"); publication in commemoration of  Abdul Minty's 50th Birthday (See also: Publishers);  Ending Hunger Through Sustainable Development by  Maurice Strong; World Conference against A and H Bombs; invitation extended to a delegation of the  ANC to visit the Mathaba Office in Tripoli; 1989 Third World Prize awarded to four South African Church Leaders;  Panama.

A14. 13

1990 (41 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Africa Fund;  Anti-Apartheid Movement of the Netherlands (  AABN); Anti-Apartheid Movement (  UK);  Association of West European Parliamentarians for Action against Apartheid (  AWEPAA):  Black Lawyers Association; Commonwealth Secretariat;  Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation;  Development Aid From People to People (DAPP);  Harvard Foundation;  IDASA (  Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa);  Institute for Contextual Theology;  Institute of International Education;  Irish Anti-Apartheid Movement;  International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa;  New Zealand Association for the Teaching of English;  Organisation of African Trade Unity (  OATUU);  Organisation of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (  OSPAAL);  Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States (PTA);  SAMAK;  Socialist International (Chairman:  Wim Kok);  The Southern African Advanced Education Project (Director:  Anne Yates);  The Synod of the Northeast;  Union of Australian Women;  University of the Western Cape's Community Law Centre;  University of the Western Cape's Returnees Committee. Subjects include:  Conference of Socialist International and Frontline States on Southern Africa, Harare (See also: Countries)  Zimbabwe; release of  Nelson Mandela;  AWEPAA meeting, Brussels; invitation to the 18th  Ordinary Nordic Labour Movement Congress; Resolution on South African Sanctions adopted by  The Synod of the Northeast (Mission Council); message of appreciation addressed to  Shridath Ramphal on his leaving the office of Commonwealth Secretary General; extracts from remarks by  Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Commonwealth Secretary-General, at a dinner for  Nelson Mandela;  Black Lawyers Association 10 Anniversary Celebrations; seminar and conference: "the State and the Crisis in Africa; In Search of a Second Liberation"; Extract from a speech by  William Waldegrave -  South Africa: Realism is winning through/Britain's relaxation of certain restrictive measures against apartheid/press cutting - interview with  Margaret Thatcher; 30th Anniversary of the  Anti Apartheid Movement of the Netherlands - release of a special newspaper for the occasion - (See also: Media-Print); invitation to attend the 5th  OATUU Congress, Tripoli; a "welcome home" message addressed to  Oliver Tambo.

A14. 14

1991-1992 (23 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: The African-American Institute (  Frank E. Ferrari);  Anti-Apartheid Movement (UK)  British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (Director:  Ethel de Keyser);  First City Bancorporation of Texas;  International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa;  South African Council of Churches (  Frank Chikane);  SANSCO/  NUSAS;  Transkei National Library. Subjects include: need for a Commercial bank owned and managed by the majority of the peoples of  South Africa; sponsorship of a South African child by the  G.M.B. Trade Union; continuation of The  BDAF Council/closure of  IDAF;  SANSCO's response on hearing that a honourary doctorship be awarded to  Oliver Tambo by the  University of Durban Westville; message from  Oliver Tambo on the role of Focus on Political Repression (and  IDAF publication) - (See also: Media); request by The  Transkei National Library for  Oliver Tambo's speeches; invitation to address the Launching Congress of a non-racial students organisation in  South Africa; desire of  The African-American Institute to strengthen their work in South and Southern Africa;  Oliver Tambo's election as National Chairman of the  ANC.

A14. 15
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Roll Folder




Subseries A15: Media (Correspondence), 1962-1991 

Box Folder


A15. 1
Box Folder

Interviews (8 items), 1962, 1985-1989 

General note

Correspondents include: ABC News;  BBC Television Centre (including the "Wogan" Programme; Channel Four: After Dark;  CBS News (  David Lowe);  NOVIB (  Dutch Organisation for International Development Co-operation.

A15. 1.1

Proposals/Suggestions: Documentaries; Television News Programmes (5 items), 1987, 1991 

General note

Correspondents include: Beverley Marcus;  Edgard Pisani;  Dayle E.Powell (Fellow for Conflict Resolution - The Carter Centre of  Emery University).

A15. 1.2


A15. 2
Box Folder

Enclosed copies of interviews with Oliver Tambo/other references to  Oliver Tambo in the press (5 items), 1981, 1985-1987 

General note

See also: Interview Transcripts. Correspondents include: Monroe Gilmour (article published in  The Asheville Citizen);  Chandran Nair (article published in  New Straits Times);  Margaret A. Novicki (  Africa Report).

A15. 2.1

Frontline: Denis Beckett (8 items), 1985-1986 

A15. 2.2

Requests: Contributing articles by Oliver Tambo on various subjects (3 items), 1986, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include: Barricada Internacional (overseas publication of the  Sandinista National Liberation Front);  Sunday Times, Johannesburg.

A15. 2.3

Requests: Information/Interviews with Oliver Tambo/  Nelson Mandela (20 items), 1973, 1981, 1984, 1986-1991 

General note

Correspondents include: Jeremy Brooks;  Joe Davidson (  Wall Street Journal);  Earl W. Foell (  Christian Science Monitor);  Leadership;  Playboy;  Scope;  Sunday Times of Zambia (  Robinson Makayi);  Stanley Uys.

A15. 2.4

Subseries A16: Publishers/Publications, 1978-1991 

Box Folder


A16. 1
Box Folder

General (3 items), undated, 1991 

A16. 1.1

Autobiography/Biography: Ben Turok -  Oliver Tambo Speaks (2 items), 1985, 1987 

General note

Includes Ben Turok and  Adelaide Tambo correspondence.

A16. 1.2

Autobiography/Biography (General re: Oliver Tambo, 4 items), 1986, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include: John Battersby;  Antony Harwood (  Aitken and Stone).

A16. 1.3

Other Publications: (Book of Southern African liberation movement documents; Preparing for Power, 4 items), 1982, 1987 

General note

Correspondents: Immanuel Wallerstein;  Deidre Mullane

A16. 1.4

Requests: Permission to include essays/letters in various publications (8 items), 1986, 1988, 1990-1991 

General note

Correspondents include: Dr. Lewis Baldwin;  Valerie Aubry (  Oxford University Press).

A16. 1.5

Requests/Responses directed to Oliver Tambo re forwards etc for inclusion in respective publications (11 items - includes 1 photograph), 1986, 1989, 1990 

General note

Correspondents: Anthony Heard;  Esther Levitan;  Diana E.H.Russell.

A16. 1.6

Requests directed to Oliver Tambo re information for purposes of publication on:  Trevor Huddleston;  Nelson Mandela;  Albert Luthuli (7 items), undated, 1986, 1988-1990 

General note

Correspondents include: Mary Benson;  Deborah D. Honoré; (  Oxford University Press);  William Borman

A16. 1.7
Box Folder




Box Folder

Interview Transcripts (Published/unpublished form, 12 items), 1978, 1983-1990 

General note

Items include:Tambo Denounces Western Intervention, Algiers ( Revolution Africaine)/Original in French, May 1978; Interview for the FRG Daily,  Die Neue, October 1978; Republication of original interview between  Tony Heard and  Oliver Tambo in  Cape Times, 1985; Meeting between  Comrade Honecker and  Oliver Tambo, Berlin, 15 August 1986; Report: Salient points from  Oliver Tambo's response to questions raised by Cuban Ambassador to Luanda, 5 March 1989.

A16. 2
Box Folder

Autobiographical Notes made on Audio Cassettes: Transcripts: (9 items), undated 

A16. 2.1

Interview Transcripts with Adelaide Tambo (2 items), undated 

General note

Items include: Interview with Ben Turok. 15p. Ts.


A16. 3
Box Folder

The Struggle for South Africa: A Reference Guide to Movements, Organisations and Institutions. Centre of African Studies -  Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo, 1983. 

A16. 3.1
Box Folder

Introduction and Chapter 1: Setting the Scene 

A16. 3.1.1

Chapter 2: The Capitalist Ruling Class: Major Forces and Economic Organisations. 

A16. 3.1.2
Box Folder






Box Folder

Chapter 3: Political Organizations of the Ruling Class and its Allies. 

A16. 3.1.3

Chapter 4: State Structures and Policies 

A16. 3.1.4

Chapter 5: Organizations of Classes allied to the Capitalist Ruling Class 

A16. 3.1.5

Chapter 6: Political Organizations of the National Liberation Movement 

A16. 3.1.6

Chapter 7: Democratic Trade Unions 

A16. 3.1.7

Chapter 8: Community, Women's, Students' and other Popular Organizations 

A16. 3.1.8

Chapter 9: The Democratic White Opposition to Apartheid 

A16. 3.1.9

Chapter 10: Other Political and Miscellaneous Organizations 

A16. 3.1.10
Box Folder

A History of the ANC -  F. Meli, undated 

A16. 3.2
Box Folder

Introduction and Chapter 1: Early Wars of Resistance 

A16. 3.2.1

Chapter 2: Sources of Inspiration, 1900 - 1912 

A16. 3.2.2

Chapter 3: The Formation of the ANC 

A16. 3.2.3
Box Folder






Box Folder

Chapter 4: The ANC and Workers’ Organizations 

A16. 3.2.4

Fundamental Changes, 1930 - 1949 

A16. 3.2.5

Chapter 6: Defiance and New Strategies, 1949 - 1960 

A16. 3.2.6

Armed Resistance and Mass Mobilisation, 1961-1969 

A16. 3.2.7

Chapter 8: Re-Emergence of the ANC, 1969-1985 

A16. 3.2.8


A16. 3.2.9
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Speaks by  Ben Turok (Manuscript incomplete) 

A16. 3.3

Outline of a book on MK ( 10 Years of Armed Struggle), 1987 

A16. 3.4

Cape of Storms by  Anthony Heard (Only Chapter 15, Addressed to  Adelaide Tambo), 1990 July 10 

A16. 3.5

Unknown Manuscript (Includes extracts taken from Sechaba), 1970-1971 

A16. 3.6
Box Folder



Speeches and Statements 

General note

Includes drafted and completed speeches and statements.


Box Folder


A17. 1.1

The Present Stage of the Struggle against Apartheid in South Africa, 1968 

Miscellaneous draft. (May be related to previous address) 3p. Ms., circa 1968 

Apartheid - A Threat to Africa's Survival: Unit on Apartheid, Department of Political & Security Council Affairs, United Nations. 11p. Ts., 1971 May 

Statement to the UN Special Committee on the Policies of Apartheid of the Republic of South Africa, Stockholm. 14p. Ts., 1968 June 17 

Presidential Address (Morogoro Conference). 17p. Ms., 1969 

A Call to Freedom. 5p. Ms., 1971 December 16 

Address (London). 12p. Ts., 1972 June 26 

Address to the Political Committee of the International Conference in Support of the Victims of Colonialism and Apartheid in Southern Africa, (Oslo). 7p. Ts., 1973 April 11 


A17. 1.2

Message on the Occasion of 20th Anniversary of the Tanganyika African National Union (  TANU), 3p. Ts., circa 1975 

Statement to the 9th Extraordinary Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Organisation of African Unity, Dar Es Salaam, 7p. Ts., 1975 April 7 - 10 

New Year Message: Master Draft. 4p. Ts., 1978 

Draft Statement to the National Conference of Solidarity for the Independence and Sovereignty of the Peoples of Southern Africa Against Colonialism, Racism and Apartheid, ( Reggio Emilia, Italy). 9p. Ts., 1978 November 25 

New Year Message on the Occasion of the 67th Anniversary of the ANC. 6p. Ts., 1979 January 

Message to the People of South Africa on the occasion of the 68th Anniversary of the  ANC. Ts., 1980 January 8 

Forward to a People's Government. 


A17. 1.3

South Africa: Imperialist Strategy and the Struggle against Imperialism:  Institute of Marxist Studies. 

An Interview with Comrade Oliver Tambo - Radio Freedom. 15p. Ts., circa 1980 

Statement. 22p. Ts., 1981 January 8 

Address to the International Conference on Sanctions against South Africa, Paris. 16p. Ts., 1981 May 21 

Statement on the Occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the South African Communist Party. 12p. Ts., 1981 July 30 

Statement on the Death Sentence passed on three ANC and MK Militants, Broadcast on Radio Freedom, Luanda. 2p. Ts., 1981 August 20 

Statement at the First Conference - Women's Section ANC (SA), Luanda. Ts., 1981 September 10 

Statement to the Luanda Afro-Arab Conference. 7p. Ts., 1981 December 6 - 9 


A17. 1.4

Europe and the Solution for Peace in Southern Africa [Draft]. 8p. Ts. 

Statement at a Mass Rally, Bairro De Leberdade, Maputo. 16p. Ts., 1982 February 14 

Miscellaneous draft - Year of Unity in Action. 7p. Ts., 1982 March 12 

Draft speech for OAU Summit. (2 versions). 13p. 10p. Ts., 9p Ms., 1982 November 

Statement to the UN General Assembly on the Question of Apartheid, New York. [Draft]. 7p. Ts., 1982 November 

Statement at the Special Session of the UN General Assembly summoned to confer UN Awards to Distinguished Representatives of the World Anti-Apartheid Movement. [Draft]. 3p. Ts., 1982 November 5 

Statement to the Council on Foreign Relations: The African National Congress, the  United States and the future of  South Africa. [Draft]. 9p. Ts., 1982 November 8 

Message condemning attack against Lesotho by SADF, 1982 December 13 


A17. 1.5

Draft - Answers for Avant-garde Interview 

Draft - preparatory notes to use for the OAU Liberation Committee. 13p. Ts., 1983 January 14 

Draft Statement to the OAU Liberation Committee:  Arusha, Tanzania. 10p. Ts., 1983 February 10 

Ibid. 11p. Ts. 

Draft Statement at the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, New Delhi. 15p. Ts., 1983 March 7 - 11 

Speech to the Non-Aligned Summit of Heads of State and Government, New Delhi. 7p. Ts., 1983 March 7 - 11 

Opening Speech by Oliver Tambo to The First Conference of the Department of Information and Publicity, Lusaka, 1983 July 5 - 9 

Statement of Acceptance by Oliver Tambo, on the Occasion of the Presentation to  Nelson Mandela of the  Simon Bolivar Prize, Caracas. 16p. Ts., 1983 July 24 


A17. 1.6

Draft Speech re "complex and explosive situation" in Southern Africa (Not delivered). 9p. Ts., circa 1984 

Statement of the National Executive Committee, delivered by President Oliver Tambo. 19p. Ts. (Duplicate. See also:  NEC - Statements), 1984 January 18 

Call to the People of South Africa [Draft]. 3p. Ts., 1984 June 16 

Statement of the ANC to the 42nd Session of the  OAU Liberation Committee,  Arusha, Tanzania. [Draft]. 10p. Ts., 1984 August 27 - September 1 

Statement to the OAU Summit Meeting of the Heads of State and Government, Addis Ababa. 8p. Ts., 1984 November 12 - 15 

Statement to the Press: Addis Ababa, 1984 November 16 


A17. 1.7

Statement of the National Executive Committee. 20p. Ts. (Duplicate. See also: National Executive Committee - Statements), 1985 January 8 

Draft NEC Statement. 17p. Ts., undated 

Ibid. 15p. Ts. 

Statement (telex): "To the People of Uitenhage" 

Address to the 21st Summit of the OAU, Addis Ababa. 7p. Ts., 1985 July 18 - 20 

Statement to the 12th World Festival of Youth and Students, Moscow. 1p. Ts., 1985 July 

Draft Statement at the Opening of SOMAFCO. 6p. Ts., 1985 August 22 

Statement, Chatham House, London. 3p. Ts., 1985 October 29 


A17. 1.8

Address to the ILO Conference. [Draft]. 8p. Ts. 

Message of the National Executive Committee, delivered by Comrade Oliver Tambo. 17p. Ts. (Duplicate. See also: National Executive committee - Statements), 1986 January 8 

Ibid. [Draft]. 23p. Ts. 

Ibid. [Draft]. 21p. Ts. 

Statement at the Funeral of the Late Comrade Moses Mbheki Mabhida Maputo. 5p. Ts., 1986 March 29 

A17. 1.8

Address on receiving the degree of Doctor of Laws (Honoris Cause) at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. 8p. Ts., 1986 May 9 

Draft Statement: The role of the Youth in the Struggle for Liberation, Democracy and Development, ANC Youth Week. 7p. Ts. (Includes 2 pages of hand-written notes: Tasks of Youth), 1986 June 9 - 16 

Address to the 8th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement, Harare. 8p. Ts., 1986 September 1 - 6 

Statement of Acceptance of the Ho Chi Minh Award bestowed on the  ANC by the  World Peace Council, Luanda. 2p. Ts., 1986 December 15 

Statement of the National Executive Committee delivered by President Oliver Tambo on Heroes Day, on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Formation of  Umkhonto we Sizwe, the People's Army. 23p. Ts. (Duplicate. See also: NEC - Statements), 1986 December 16 

Draft International Appeal on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the ANC. Ts. 2p. 


A17. 1.9

A Call to the People of South Africa. 6p. Ts., circa 1987 

Statement of the National Executive Committee on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the ANC, presented by President  Oliver Tambo. 22p. Ts. (Duplicate. See also National Executive Committee - Statements), 1987 January 8 

Address at the 75th Anniversary Meeting of the ANC, Lusaka. 5p. Ts., 1987 January 8 

Draft - General guidelines of activities for marking the 75th Anniversary of the ANC. 2p. Ts. 

Address before the Foreign Policy Association, New York. 30p. Ts., 1987 January 22 

May Day Speech, Stockholm. 3p. Ts. 

Address: Visit to Australia, 1987 March - April 

Address to The West Australian Council of Churches, 1987 March - April 

Draft - May Day Speech, Stockholm. 5p. Ms. 

Keynote Address - People's National Party (  PNP) Founders Day Banquet, Jamaica. 20p. Ts., 1987 July 4 

Address to Joint Session of Parliament, Trinidad and  Tobago. 11p. Ts., 1987 July 10 

Statement - Venezuela Foreign Minister's Lunch. 4p. Ts., 1987 July 13 

Speech delivered on behalf of the Liberation Movements at the Opening Session of the 23rd Summit of the OAU. 3p. Ts., 1987 July 27 

Statement to the International Conference on Children, Repression and the Law in Apartheid South Africa, Harare. 7p. Ts., 1987 September 24 - 27 

Opening Statement - Special NEC Meeting. 3p. Ms., 1987 October 5 - 8 

Statement of the Delegation of the ANC to the Informal Meeting of Delegations. 6p. Ms., 1987 November 4 - 5 

Speech on the occasion of the award of an honorary doctorate to Nelson Mandela by the  Karl Marx University of the  GDR, Leipzig. 6p. Ts. (Includes transcript of Laudation. 8p.), 1987 November 11 

Statement at the closing session of the International Conference against Apartheid for a Democratic South Africa,  Arusha, Tanzania. 5p. Ts., 1987 December 1 - 4 

Box Folder





Box Folder


A17. 1.1

Statement at the Harare Symposium on the Survival and Development of Children in the Frontline States and Southern Africa. 6p. Ts., 1988 March 1 - 5 

Draft Statement for the above Symposium. Ts. and Ms. 

Statement at the AWEPAA Conference,  Harare, Zimbabwe. 4p. Ts., 1988 March 28 

Statement at the 50th Session of the OAU Coordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa, Harare. 15p. Ts., 1988 May 13 

Draft Statement at the 25th Anniversary OAU Summit Meeting of Heads of State and Government, Addis Ababa. 8p. Ts., 1988 May 25 

Ibid. 6p. Ts. 

Ibid. 6p. Ts. 

Ibid. 5p. Ts. and Ms. 

Ibid. 4p. Ts. 

Statement at the War on Want Conference, London: "Peace and Development in the Frontline States." 7p. Ts., 1988 June 9 

Statement at the Launch of the " Nelson Mandela: Freedom at 70" Campaign, Wembley Stadium,  London. 2p. Ts., 1988 June 11 

Draft Statement at the SADCC Summit Meeting, Maputo. 3p. Ms., 1988 July 15 

Address delivered to the 10th General Conference of the United National Independence Party,  Zambia. 5p. Ts. 

Statement given on behalf of the Southern African Liberation Movements, at the 7th Summit Meeting of the  Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States, Arusha. 6p. Ts., 1988 December 1 - 2 

Ibid. 9p. Ts. 


A17. 1.11

Statement at the 19th African-American Conference, Lusaka. 6p. Ts., 1989 January 12 

Statement at the Socialist International Conference on Southern Africa, Harare. 8p. Ts., 1989 February 15 

Statement at the Press Conference, Moscow. 3p. Ms., 1989 March 10 

Message of the President to the 7th Party Congress of the South African Communist Party. 6p. Ts., 1989 April 

Press Statement in response to the five year plan presented to the National Party Conference by President-elect, F. W. de Klerk. Ts., 1989 June 29 

Statement at the 25th OAU Assembly of Heads of State and Government, Addis Ababa. 13p. Ts. (Includes handwritten appendix), 1989 July 24 - 26 

Statement to the Rally to Welcome the Released Leaders, Johannesburg. 8p. Ts., 1989 October 29 

Statement at the SADCC Summit Meeting, Maputo. (Draft), 1989 July 15 


A17. 1.12

Address to a conference organised by Socialist International and its Committee on Southern Africirca [Draft]. 12p. Ts. 

Draft Statement on behalf of Oliver Tambo re meeting with  Nelson Mandela's and others in Sweden. 3p. Ms. 

Message to the Re-launch of the ANC Women's League, Durban. 3p. Ts., 1990 August 9 

Draft Statement - Re-launch of the ANC Women's League. 5p. Ts. 

Ibid. 2p. Ts. 

Ibid. 1p. Ms. 

Message to the Re-launching Rally of the ANC Youth League, Johannesburg. 9p. Ts., 1990 October 27 

Statement - Lusaka Airport. 2p. Ts., 1990 December 7 

Speech to the National Consultative Conference of the ANC, Johannesburg. 7p. (Incomplete). Ts., 1990 December 16 

Scheme of the Presidential report to the Conference. 3p. Ts. 

The Measure of Your Victory - on the 30th Anniversary of the British Anti-Apartheid Movement. 8p. Ts. (Draft) 


A17. 1.13

Address to participants at the 10th and Final Conference of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa. 10p. Ts. 

Message to the Extended PNYC of the  ANC Youth League. 6p. Ts. 

Acceptance speech on receiving the honourary Doctor of Law Degree, awarded by UWC (Draft). 9p. Ts. 

Message to the South African Youth on the Occasion of the 15th Anniversary of June 16th. 3p. Ts. 

Statement to the ANC National Conference, Johannesburg. 11p. Ts., 1991 June 

Statement to the ANC National Conference, Durban. 12p. Ts., 1991 July 

Draft Statement to the Joint Congress to create one united non-racial student organisation. 6p. Ts. 

Message of condolences from the President and Commander-in-Chief of the ANC re murders of  Albert Xhamfu and  Edward Charles (OFS). 

Lecture delivered to Youth and Students of Ghana. 8p. Ts. 

Message to the People of Ghana. 4p. Ts. 

Speech delivered whilst presenting the first "Ruth First Memorial Award to Nobel Laureate, Nadine Gordimar, at the  University of the Western Cape. 3p. Ts., 1992 August 17 

Miscellaneous: (22 items), Undated 

A17. 1.14

Statement on behalf of the South Africa United Front:  Oliver Tambo and  Vusumzi L Make 

Address by Oliver Tambo on the occasion of the granting of the Freedom of the City of Kweke to  Robert Mugabe and  Nelson Mandela 

Peace and Development in the Frontline States - South Africa's Total Strategy and The Frontline States. 


Box Folder

Published in the form of pamphlets, journal articles, etc. 

A17. 2
Box Folder


A17. 2.1

Message published in Sechaba, 1967 January 

"A Great Step Forward" - Message published in Sechaba to President  Julius Nyerere on the occasion of his announcement of the nationalization of all banks in  Tanzania, 1967 March 1967 

"Capture the Citadel" - A Broadcast to South Africa on the occasion of the 8th Anniversary of the formation of  Umkhonto we Sizwe, 1969 December 

Miscellaneous published article re the Afro-Asian People's Organisation, circa 1970s 

"Call to Revolution." Apartheid - A Collection of writings on South African Racism by South Africans. edited by  Alex La Guma.  Laurence and Wishart, 1972 

"Southern Africa in Struggle" - Speech delivered at a meeting in London to commemorate June 26, South Africa Freedom Day and to condemn the 600-year alliance between  Britain and  Portugal, published in  Sechaba, 1973 

"The ANC and the Pan Africanist Movement" - Extracts from a statement made by the ANC to the 6th  Pan African Congress, Dar es Salaam: published in  Sechaba, 1974 October 

"A Future Free of Exploitation." An address to the First Congress of the MPLA, Luanda, December 1977, published in  Sechaba, 1978/2nd quarter 

Booklet: The Year of the Charter - Message to the People of South Africa on the occasion of the 68th Anniversary of the ANC, 1980 January 8 

Mr. Oliver Tambo of the African National Congress of South Africa Addresses United Nations Special Committee Against Apartheid - New York. Published by the  United Nations Centre against Apartheid, 1981 June 11 

" O.R. Tambo - The Spirit of June 26." published in  Sechaba, 1981 July 

Speech published in Sechaba, presented at a meeting of the Women's Section, 1981 December 

Statement at the Second National Conference of Solidarity with the Peoples of Southern Africa, Rome, published in Sechaba, 1982 February 26 - 28 

Statement - In Combat, ANC Department of Information and Publicity, 1983 April 

President's message for 1984 - Sechaba, 1984 January 

Clarion Call to all Opponents of Apartheid, Press Conference with Oliver Tambo held under the auspices of the Greater London Council in County Hall. Booklet Published by the  ANC, 1984 March 21 

Speech published in Sechaba at the  Solomon Mahalngu Freedom College, 1984 October 


A17. 2.2

"The Ideology of Racism." Miscellaneous article. 

Render South Africa Ungovernable. Message of the National Executive Committee on the occasion of 8 January 1984, delivered by  Oliver Tambo. Issued by the  ANC. (Duplicate. See also: National Executive Committee - Statements). 

"Address to the Nation," Radio Freedom. Issued by the ANC, London, 1985 July 22 

ANC Press Statement presented by President  Oliver Tambo, Lusaka, 1985 August 16 

"Attack, Advance - Give the Enemy no Quarter," Message of the National Executive Committee on the Occasion of 8th January 1986, Delivered by Oliver Tambo. Issued by the  ANC, Lusaka. (Duplicate. See Also: National Executive Committee - Statements). 

"Support the Sacrifices we are Making," Address to the Royal Commonwealth Society,  London, 1986 June 23 

Racism, Apartheid and a New World Order, Third World Lecture 1986. Third World Foundation/Monograph 15. 

Statement of the National Executive Committee (NEC) on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the ANC. Presented by  Oliver Tambo. Published in the form of a pamphlet/brochure:  8 January 1987 - ANC calls for advance to People's Power. (Duplicate. See also: National Executive Committee - Statements), 1987 January 8 

Booklet published by the ANC on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the organisation. (Includes statements by  Oliver Tambo) 

United Action for People's Power. Message to the People of South Africa from the National Executive Committee on the occasion of 8 January 1987. Issued by the  ANC. (Duplicate. See also: National Executive Committee - Statements) 

Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture on Disarmament and Development. Edited by  Cora Weiss. Riverside Church, 1987 January 21 

"Here, No Surrenders." PNP Founder's Day Banquet (see main body of speeches and statements/1987 for transcript of keynote address contained in this publication), 1987 July 4 

Radio Freedom, Addis Ababa, Text of Programme entitled - "Away with the Rule of Martial Law." (Includes excerpt by Oliver Tambo), 1987 June 11 

South Africa at the Crossroads, Canon Collins Memorial Lecture. Published by the  British Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (1988), 1987 May 28 

South Africa at the Crossroads: Speeches delivered in May 1987 to Business International, The Canon Collins Memorial Lecture and to the World Council of Churches. Issued by the  ANC, Lusaka. 

Speech delivered at PNP Founder's Day Banquet - July 4, 1987. Miscellaneous publication. 

"Strategies Options for International Companies," The Black Scholar, 1987 December 

Forward to Mass Action for People's Power! Statement of the National Executive Committee on the occasion of the 77th Anniversary of the  ANC. Presented by  Oliver Tambo. (Duplicate. See also: National Executive Committee - Statements), 1989 

Mass Action for People's Power! (Published on a different format. See also: NEC - Statements) 

Pamphlet: Message to the re-launch of the ANC Women’s League, Durban, 1990 August 9 

Struggle for Liberation in South Africa and Responsibility of the United Nations: Addresses, 1963-1982 collected and edited by  E. S. Reddy 

A17. 3
Box Folder




Audio/Visual Material 

Box Folder

Video Tapes 

A18. 1
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo 

A18. 1.1
Box Folder

Footage of Oliver Tambo recuperating after his stroke in  Sweden 

A18. 1.1.1

National Press Club - Guest:  Oliver Tambo 

A18. 1.1.2

Various Interviews - Australian Television, 1987 

A18. 1.1.3

Nelson Mandela: 

A18. 1.2
Box Folder

Nelson Mandela - Freedom at Seventy. An Indian Tribute: World Youth Action against Apartheid. (Doordarshan Delhi Presentation.)/Prometheus Bound -  Nelson Mandela. (Devised and Produced by  S. Raghava Chari, Delhi Doordarshan Production) 

A18. 1.2.1

Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute (  Elephant House Productions, 1988 June 11 

A18. 1.2.2

Nelson Mandela Tribute, Wembley Concert - Part 2 (  IDAF), 1990 

A18. 1.2.3

Nelson Mandela's visit to Lusaka 

A18. 1.2.4

Winnie Mandela 

A18. 1.3
Box Folder

Footage of funeral tribute: Velani V. Tula [  Winnie Mandela and "Mandela Team" present] 

A18. 1.3.1

Interview for BBC TV News with  Winnie Mandela on the  Stompie Mokhetsi affair [Duplicate] 

A18. 1.3.2

Footage of Winnie Mandela speaking at a graduation ceremony (clergy), Pietersburg, 1988 

A18. 1.3.3

Network - SABC - "  Winnie Mandela Controversy", 1989 February 23 

A18. 1.3.4
Box Folder





Box Folder

Other Individuals 

A18. 1.4
Box Folder

Kader Asmal:  Saturday Live Presented by  Kader Asmal, 1988 January 30 

A18. 1.4.1

Johnny Makatini, Funeral 

A18. 1.4.2

E. J. Mabuza (Chief Minister of Kangwane): Interview with  E. J. Mabuza on Network (  SABC). Interviewer:  Nigel Murphy 

A18. 1.4.2

Andrew Molotsansy Footage of  Andrew Molotsansy in  New Zealand (Includes footage of marches opposing a rugby tour by  South Africa) 

A18. 1.4.3

David Webster, Funeral/Tribute (Duplicate) 

A18. 1.4.4

African National Congress, Women's Section 

A18. 1.5
Box Folder

Second ANC Women's National Conference,  Luanda, Angola 

A18. 1.5.1

ANC Video Training Project, "  SOMAFCO Art Workshops"/"Youth for Liberation", 1987 April 

A18. 1.5.2

SOMAFCO 10th Anniversary 

A18. 1.5.3

75th Anniversary 

A18. 1.5.4

Tape 58: Public Meeting/Song/ Oliver Tambo's Speech/Songs/K.K. Speech/Minute to remember dead 

Tape 59: Kaunda continued. Press Conference ( Afravision) 

Documentaries and other Miscellaneous Items 

A18. 1.6
Box Folder

15 Anni Di Solidarieta' Italiana Con I Popoli Dell'Africa Australe (a cura di G Soncini - Reggio Emilia) [Includes footage of  Oliver Tambo] 

A18. 1.6.1

"The Africa Prize for Leadership," Announcement News Conference, Lusaka, Zambia, and UN Headquarters in New York, 1988 July 21 

A18. 1.6.2
Box Folder






Box Folder

Changing this Country: The testimony of four South African workers (58 minute documentary produced and edited by  Peter Entell for the  International Labour Office) 

A18. 1.6.3

Amakomansi: 1921 - 1986/SACP (  Inkululeko Film Productions) 

A18. 1.6.4

The Anvil and the Hammer. Director -  Barry Feinberg (  IDAF, 1988) 

A18. 1.6.5

Fight Mabhida Fight. Director:  Mario Borgneth (Kanemo Producao e Comunicacao) 

A18. 1.6.6

The Cry of Reason (   Beyers Naudé ) [Worldwide Documentary] (Includes preview cassette) 

A18. 1.6.7

In Remembrance of Martin (  Martin Luther King, Jr. Centre for Nonviolent Social Change, Inc.) 

A18. 1.6.8

ABC News Nightline, Reports from  South Africa, 1985 

A18. 1.6.9
Box Folder






Box Folder

Zuid Afrika op weg naar morgen (  VARA televisie, 2 hours) [Includes interviews with  Oliver Tambo;  Beyers Naudé and  Alan Boesak), 1986 September 5 

A18. 1.6.10

Dispatches (Television Actuality Programme, Channel Four), "Apartheid's Assassins," 1990 April 5 

A18. 1.6.11

BUWA! (  South African United Artists) 

A18. 1.6.12

Hiroshima and Nagasaki - The Harvest of Nuclear War (English Version) 

A18. 1.6.13

Documentary of the life of Solomon T. Plaatje/Funeral of Victoria Mxenge 

A18. 1.6.14
Box Folder




Box Folder

Audio Cassettes 

A18. 2
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo 

A18. 2.1
Box Folder

Autobiographical Notes 

A18. 2.1.1
Box Folder

Cassette No 6 (Tapes 11 and 12): The School/St. John's Kraal 


Cassette No 8 (Tapes 15 and 16): I fall among thieves and a horse is lost/A castle-in-the-air collapses into (Ex VI)/A 2nd Castle-in-the-air collapses into (Ex VI No.2)/The 3rd stands firm on the ground/at last the Ngele mountain range is conquered 


Cassette 9 (Tapes 17 and 18) Student at St. Peter's Secondary School, Rosettenville 


Cassette 10 (Tapes 17 and 20): More on June Holidays, 1934/Black and White - First Impression/A Heart-Rending Telegramme/Bizana revisited, 1935/Mrs. Elaine Melville/Another Heart-rending telegram/Problem of school fees/hopes for Lovedale Scholarship are dashed/St. Peter's J C Exams rock  South Africa 


Cassette 14 (Tapes 26 and 27): Fort Hare Continued 



A18. 2.1.2
Box Folder

26 June 1969, Lusaka: (6 items) 

Box Folder

Chairman's Opening Address 

General note

June 26 Choir - Vukani Mawethu;  ZAPU Representative (T.G.)


ZAPU Representative (T.G.) continued 

General note

Frelimo Representative (Koufa); SWAPO Representative


SWAPO Representative (continued) 

General note

MPLA Representative (Alphonso); June 26 Choir -  Hambe Kahle;  HEPR (Nkolosa)


HEPR (Nkolosa) continued 

General note

Honourable Minister - P Matoka;  ANC Acting President -  Oliver Tambo


ANC Acting President -  Oliver Tambo (cont.) 

General note


1. ANC Acting President -  Oliver Tambo (cont.) 

General note

June 26 choir - Give a thought to Africa and Tiyende Pamosi; Chairman’s closing remarks; National Anthem


Radio Broadcast (7.10am): Address at June 26 meeting ( Evelyn Hone College of further studies) 


MK Graduation Ceremony, Introduction - Oliver Tambo; Presentation -  Joe Modise; March Past and Songs, 1977 November 28 


Speech given by Oliver Tambo at a graduation ceremony of cadres and combatants of  Umkhonto we Sizwe, (  Angola?), 1977 November 28 


Moncada Graduation? 


Side 1: Oliver Tambo on the Closure of the Second Course, 1979 August 6 

Side 2: Speech to President of the MPLA, preceded by choir 

New Year Message 1979 January 8 


Mazimbu - Dakawa Message: Year of the Cadre 




Side 1: Introduction to a gathering honouring the ANC by the Prime Minister of  Madagascar (Includes history of struggle for liberation/Malagas Revolution) 

Side 2: Introduction continued/ ANC Speaker:  Oliver Tambo 

President Oliver Tambo's speech -  AKFM Head Quarters,  Tananarive, Madagascar, 1980 March 19 


Karl Renner Institute Address,  Austria (2 cassettes), 1980 November 20 


a) Speaker - Oliver Tambo 

b) Questions (poor recording) 

Speech by President Samora Machel (with Interpreter) and President  Oliver Tambo, Mass Rally, Maputo, 1982 February 14 


Olaf Palme Memorial Lecture on Disarmament and Development, 1987 January 21 


Tape 1: Sechaba;  William Sloane Coffin;  Joe Martenson;  Cheryl Partham; Dr  Allan Boesak;  Cora Weiss;  Anders Ferm 

Tape 2: Clamm Dole;  William Sloane Coffin;  Oliver Tambo; Anthem 

Oliver Tambo: Call to the People, 1988 May 6 


The Africa Fund Reception honouring  Oliver Tambo at Roosevelt House, NYC 


Message to the SACP Congress, 1989 April 


Oliver Tambo’s address to  OAU Summit, (duplicate) [Broadcast:  Radio Freedom], 1989 July 25 


Department of Information and Publicity: Speaker - Oliver Tambo, undated 


Press Conferences/Interviews 

A18. 2.1.3
Box Folder

Peking, 1983 May - June 


Interview with Oliver Tambo, Tanama? 

Box Folder

(Tape 2), (Also included: Extract of speech made at AKFM Rally), 1985 

Press Conference, Addis Ababa 1988 May 28 


Brief Statement and Questions: Press Conference, Moscow, 1989 March 


Recorded Questions for possible response by President Tambo on the occasion of the OAU meeting, Addis Ababa, 1984 

A18. 2.1.4

Notes made by Oliver Tambo on Principles of Organisation 

A18. 2.1.5

Back Exercises/Breathing and Relaxation Techniques 

A18. 2.1.6

Other Individuals 

A18. 2.2
Box Folder

Canon John Collins Memorial Service, St. Paul’s Cathedral, 1983 February 23 

A18. 2.2.1

Norma and David Kitson: Telephone conversations with various individuals including  Oliver Tambo 

A18. 2.2.2

Interview with Johnny Makhatini re negotiations/sanctions 

A18. 2.2.3
Box Folder






Box Folder

Vigil/tribute to Johnny Makhatini 

A18. 2.2.4

Operation Push Saturday Forum - Guest: Neo Mnumzana -  ANC; Speaker:  Donald Parsons. Rev.  Jesse Jackson (2 cassettes: a - Part 1; b - Part 11), 1986 November 29 

A18. 2.2.5

Interview: Beyers Naudé ; with  V. Simpson.  VOA, (  Voices of Africa), 1985 May 14 

A18. 2.2.6

Interview: Nkadimeng [Part 3], 1989 July 14 

A18. 2.2.7

Interview with King Sabata on the occasion of his 57th Birthday (2 cassettes), 1985 November 25 

A18. 2.2.8

Nthabi Simelane's account of the attempts of a white South African, Jeff to "recruit" her 

A18. 2.2.9
Box Folder

Radio Broadcasts (11 items) 

A18. 3
Box Folder

(News Items mainly recorded from Radio SA), 

General note

Items include: Interviews with South African politicians;  Namibian Elections; Sanctions; Imperialist Strategy;  Gatsha Buthelezi’s New Year Message (Zulu); National Party Speeches.

A18. 3.1

My Country - Right or Wrong.  BBC Production on the  British Secret Service (2 cassettes) 

A18. 3.2

South Africa - Evolution or Revolution.  BBC Production 

A18. 3.3

File on 4, 1986 May 6 

A18. 3.4
Box Folder





Box Folder

Music Collection and other miscellaneous items (51 items) 

General note

Items include: Le Français sans peine - 2 cassettes; taking your own blood pressure; Amandla Ensemble; Freedom Songs;  Msasani Lutheran Church Choir; Jazz (  Dollar Brand/  Charles Mingus, etc.);  Soweto Teachers Choir;  James Philip with Amsterdam Choir; MK Choir

A18. 3.5

Photograhs/Posters/Awards/Momentos and Other Miscellaneous Items 

Box Folder


A19. 1
Box Folder

Welcome Home Comrade President 

General note

Portrait of Oliver Tambo. Colours: Black, Green and Gold. Offset litho.

A19. 1.1

O.R. Tambo - We salute you 

General note

Portrait of Oliver Tambo. Colours: Black, Green and Gold. Offset litho.

A19. 1.2

O.R. Tambo - Freedom Fighter, Commander, People’s Leader. 

General note

3 photographs - Oliver Tambo addressing cadres. Colours: Black and Yellow. Offset litho. Issued by  ANCDepartment of Information and Publicity, Johannesburg.

A19. 1.3
Box Folder




Box Folder


A19. 2
Box Folder




Box Folder

Awards/Momentos and other miscellaneous items 

General note

Items include: medallions (various); certificates (various); badges and other miscellaneous items such as a comb in shape of a plane (made out of scrap metal taken from American planes shot down over Vietnam).

A19. 3

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Series B: Office of the President, 1962-1992 

Roll Folder


Box Folder



ANC Correspondence addressed directly to/from  Oliver Tambo 

Box Folder

1962-1969 (11 items) 

General note

Subjects include attendance of a Conference in Addis Ababa, February 1962; threatened deportations from Botswana to  South Africa.

B1. 1

1971/1972 (10 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Fred Dube. Subjects include NEC Meeting scheduled for June 1971; Report by  Fred Dube on Black Americans/South Africans/Members of the  ANC/Georges Paper/Scholarships; activities of Mxolisi.

B1. 2


General note

Subjects include Khartoum Symposium on Afro-Arab Liberation Movements; Liberation Committee: ANC/  PAC Unity Question;  M. G. Buthelezi.

B1. 3

1977 (12 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Maxwell M. Mlonyeni (Publicity Unit);  Eric Singh. Subjects include discussions between the Publicity Unit and the  Chama Cha Mapinduzi (  CCM) Youth Wing,  University of Dar-es-Salaam Branch re  ANC publicity; 3 300 medals of Chief Lutuli; request from  ANC students in  Cuba for literature.

B1. 4

1982-1984 (5 items) 

B1. 6

1985 (5 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Wolfie Kadesh; Luthuli Detachment Wankie Committee;  Phylis Naidoo. Subjects include publication of  Oliver Tambo's speeches;  13 August (1967), A Monumental Landmark - Wankie Campaign.

B1. 7

1986 (26 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Z. Pallo Jordan;  Lindiwe Mabuza;  Zarina Maharaj;  Eric Singh. Subjects include invitation extended to  Oliver Tambo to be the main speaker at the  UN Institute for  Namibia's 7th Graduation Ceremony;  Towards the Reconstruction of South Africa by  Albie Sachs; results of  Z. Pallo Jordan's interview with Yugoslav Embassy; claims of "fraudulent" activities of a certain Moosajee; request for  Oliver Tambo to use his influence to release two detainees:  Augustine Bhekizazi and Rev.  Patrick Simangaliso Mkhatshwa; application for marriage; invitation by the City Council of Sydney; poetry series focusing on the death of  Olaf Palme; visit of the Swedish Foreign Minister/Rev.  Jesse Jackson; conference of the Women's Section of the  ANC: message; reaction to the decision taken at the Harare Summit/fate of  Theresa Ramashamola; Statement on the Internecine Fighting at KTC.

B1. 8

1987 (4 items) 

General note

Subjects include Polisario’s victory; resignation of Godfrey Pule (  Godfrey Moshoeu) from the  ANC/granted asylum in  Sweden; Dakar meeting: an assessment.

B1. 9

1988 (9 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Nathaniel M. Masemola;  Alfred Nzo. Subjects include premises for the Luthuli Services.

B1. 10

1989 (19 items) 

General note

Correspondents include ANC Students Union (  Bulgaria);  Fred Dube;  Solly Simelane;  Jack Simons;  Ann Marie Wolpe. Subjects include congratulations sent to  Walter Sisulu in Polls Moor Prison on his 77th Birthday by  Oliver Tambo and  Alfred Nzo; relevant parts of De Klerk's statement on  ANC.

B1. 11

1990 (19 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Kader Asmal;  Abby Chikane (Chief Representative:  Namibia);  Wayne Fredericks;  Frene Ginwala;  H. Makgothi (Assistant Secretary General);  Ngoako Ramatlhodi. Subjects include questions re need for the Political Research Unit/Political Committee (Office of the President);  National Union of Mineworkers (  NUM) student delegates;  SANSCO (  South African National Students Congress) Campaign re the renaming of the  E. C. Mango College, Kangwane in honour of  Oliver Tambo; death of  Francis Meli; suggestions on the part of  Frene Ginwala for two of  Oliver Tambo's speeches: educational issues - South African university degrees (includes a statement to  WUS/  UNESCO Seminar - Paris on Academic Freedom).

B1. 12

1991 January - March (9 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Lawson Naidoo. Correspondence with Nelson and  Winnie Mandela. Subjects include message of support extended to  Winnie Mandela; meeting (Jubilee Centre, London) to discuss a draft Constitution for a post-apartheid  South Africa; message of condolences on the assassination of  Bheki Mlangeni/  Bachana Matthews Mokoena and  Alfred Mokoena/  Jabulani Nobleman Nxumalo; education crisis; division of South African artistic community; invitation extended to  Oliver Tambo and/or  Nelson Mandela to open  ANC National Conference.

B1. 13

1991 April - June, 1992 (17 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Denis Goldberg;  Titus Maleka (Umkhonto we Sizwe - PWV Region);  Ngoako Ramatlhodi. Correspondence with  Winnie Mandela. Subjects include concern on the part of family members re political prisoners -  Antonio du Preez/  Derrick McBride/  Gordon Webster; Isithwalandwe Awards;  Denis Goldberg's observations on problems faced by the  ANC; impassioned appeal urging  Oliver Tambo not to step down from his role as President in the forthcoming  ANC elections; message of sympathy delivered on the conviction and sentence of  Winnie Mandela; problems experienced by Umkhontho we Sizwe in the PWV Region; Statement: Appeal to Hunger Strikers from Comrade  Nelson R. Mandela; holding of a meeting between the  ANC and the  Afrikaner Volksunie.

B1. 14

Undated Correspondence (12 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: Kadar Asmal;  Wolfie Kadesh;  Albie Sachs.

B1. 15

Mail Book, 1987 February - 1989 May 

General note

Lists of outgoing mail from the Presidents Office.

B1. 16
Box Folder




Box Folder

ANC - General 

Box Folder

Correspondence (56 items), undated, 1971-1991 

B2. 1
Box Folder

Correspondents include Brutus, Dennis;  Choabi, Seretse;  Joseph, Helen;  Kodesh, Wolfie;  Mbeki, Govan;  Mbeki, Thabo. 

B2. 1.1

Mfenyana, S. (Administrative Secretary, 10 items), 1977 November - December, 1984 

B2. 1.2

Masondo, C. (Presidential Secretary, 15 items), 1986-1990 

B2. 1.3

Makgothi, H. G. (Presidential Secretary, 3 items), 1977 October - November 

B2. 1.4

Mongalo, A. (Deputy Secretary for Presidential Affairs, 46 items), 1986-1990 

B2. 1.5

Correspondence re Visas (13 items), 1986-1990 

B2. 1.6

Memoranda, 1969-1992 

General note

Items include draft Memorandum on a proposed programme of non-violent and unifying resistance to apartheid after the Sabotage Act; Memorandum of the ANC to the  UN Special Committee on Colonialism; Memorandum of the Delegation of the  ANC to the Central Committee of the Rumanian Communist Party, Bucharest; Memorandum to the leadership of  ANC from the Department of National Intelligence and Security (17 items).

B2. 2


B2. 3
Box Folder


General note

Items include Points from Mswai’s report on the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of the Founding of the AAPSO, Cairo, 28-29 December 1967; Report re the signing of a pact of solidarity between the  ANC and the city of Reggio Emilia (  ANC delegates led by  Oliver Tambo arrive in Rome for the occasion, 1977);  ANC Programme of Action for 1978; Some important features of the situation in South Africa, 3 December 1979. (32 items)

B2. 3.1





Box Folder


General note

Items include Declaration of the Panel at the International Hearing on South African Aggression against Oslo, 22-24 March 1984; Report of the ANC delegation to the "International Symposium on 'Education for Liberation,'" Bremen, April 1984; Meeting with  Neil Kinnock; Report of the Mission of the  ANC to the Far East and  Australia, Headed by  Nelson Mandela, 1990 October 13 November 8 (31 items).

B2. 3.2

Reports, undated 

General note

Items include "Causes of Refugee Problem in Africa," Mark William Shope (20 items).

B2. 3.3
Box Folder

Intelligence Reports (21 items), undated, 1977, 1983-1988, 1992 

B2. 4
Box Folder

Intelligence/Miscellaneous (11 items) 

General note

Items include Curriculum Vitae; Correspondence

B2. 4.1

General Papers/Speeches (21 items), undated, 1969-1989 

General note

Items include Address by T. T. Nkobi, Chief Representative, Lusaka Office on the occasion of  Angolan Youth Day dedicated to the memory of  MPLA Commander-in-Chief,  Hoji I. A. Hender, 18 April 1970; Paper submitted by the  ANC to the International Symposium in Warsaw on the Charter of Peaceful Coexistence, International Security and Cooperation, 28-29 September 1974.

B2. 5
Box Folder




Box Folder


B2. 6
Box Folder

1968-1970 (9 items) 

General note

Items include Statement to the XIV Ordinary Council of Foreign Ministers, The Aggressive and Expansionist Foreign Policy of the White Minority Regime of South Africa, 4 March 1969; Draft Statement re March 21, 1970, Day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination in  South Africa; Statement made on the Occasion of  Mozambique Revolution Day, 1970.

B2. 6.1

1971-1972 (17 items) 

General note

Items include New Year Message, 8 January 1971; Statement on the Relationship between the ANC and MK, 1971; Statement of the  ANC to the  UNO Ad Hoc Committee on Decolonisation at a meeting, Dar es Salaam, 15 May 1971; Message from the  ANC on  Africa Freedom Day, 25 May 1971; Statement of the  ANC on the occasion of the 12th Anniversary of the Sharpeville Massacre, 21 May 1960; June 26, 1972 - Message by the  ANC to the Black People of  South Africa.

B2. 6.2

1973-1974, 1977, 1979 (13 items) 

General note

Items include Statement made by the ANC delegation to the 6th  Pan African Congress, Dar Es Salaam, 19-27 June 1974; Statement of the  ANC on the Independence of  Mozambique; Message of the  ANC to the 1st Congress of the  MPLA, Luanda, December 1977; Statement on the death of  Dumalisile Nokwe.

B2. 6.3

1980-1989 (26 items) 

General note

Items include Statement on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with South African Political Prisoners; The ANC condemns the escalating repression of the Democratic forces in  South Africa, 12 February 1982; Statement of the  ANC to the 2nd World Conference to combat racism and racial discrimination, delivered by  T. T. Nkobi, Treasurer-General of the  ANC, Geneva, 1-12 August 1983; Joint Statement of the  ANC and the  PFP, 1985; Joint Communiqué of the meeting of the  ANC and the  National Union of South African Students (  NUSAS), 1986; Joint Communiqué of the  ANC and the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, Lusaka, 16 April 1986.

B2. 6.4

1990 (23 items) 

General note

Items include PAC and  ANC Media Statement, 17 January 1990.

B2. 6.5

1991, 1993(18 items) 

B2. 6.6

Undated Statements (13 items) 

B2. 6.7

Miscellaneous Papers/Articles, etc. 

B2. 7
Box Folder

Organisations/Individuals (19 items), 1974, 1983-1991 

General note

Items include the ANC after Nkomati,  Tom Lodge (  SAIRR Topical Opinion); Proposed article for  New York Times,  A. H. Bloom, 21 July 1986; "Africa’s Liberation: An Unfinished Task," Professor  Chimere Ikoku (Vice-Chancellor,  University of Nigeria); Speech on the occasion of the 78th Anniversary of the founding of the  ANC,  Niilo Taapopi,  SWAPO; Chieftainship in a period of transition in  South Africa,  Nathaniel M. Masemola, 1990.

B2. 7.1.1
Box Folder


Roll Folder





Box Folder

Organisations/Individuals (14 items), unidated 

General note

Items include Education as a Human Right in South Africa,  Sibusiso Bengu;  Human Rights in Africa - The Freedom Charter,  Martin Mabiletsa;  Concerning the significance of the Freedom Charter for the future of South Africa,  Wolfgang Lienemann.

B2. 7.1.2

Miscellaneous (21 items) 

B2. 7.2

Miscellaneous Writings/Notes (10 Items) 

B2. 7.3

Miscellaneous Poetry (6 Items) 

B2. 7.4

Miscellaneous Short Story (Draft) 

B2. 7.5

Address/Mailing Lists (undated, 22 Items) 

B2. 7.6

Funding (2 items), 1986, 1989 

General note

Documents of the National Fundraising Workshop, SOMAFCO,  Tanzania, 1986 March 14 - 20; Norwegian People’s Aid, New Office Building - Dar es Salaam (Includes Elemental Cost Estimate and Plans).

B2. 7.7
Box Folder




Box Folder


B2. 8
Box Folder

Information Bulletin (4 items), 1971, 1974 

General note

2 March 1971; 14 March 1971; 1 October 1971; 15 June 1974

B2. 8.1

Miscellaneous Early Publications 

B2. 8.2

New Age, 26 April 1956;  How May Day Began 

Fighting Talk, 1962 September 

South Africa Freedom News, 1962 August 18 

Underground Leaflets/Booklets (12 items), 1975 

B2. 8.3

Cards(6 items) 

B2. 8.4

Pamphlets, Leaflets and Bulletins (23 Items) 

General note

Includes list of banned ANC,  PAC,  BCM, etc. publications in  South Africa, 1 September 1982;  Mandela Speaks;  Message to Western Europe from ANC of South Africa;  Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim;  Apartheid Destabilisation - Pretoria’s Strategy in Southern Africa;  Bantustans and forced removals - Apartheid’s Policy of Genocide.

B2. 8.5

Booklets (6 items) 

General note

Items include South Africa’s coming back - Children, 1979;  Unity in Action - A History of the ANC, 1912-1982;  Selected Writings on - The Freedom Charter (A  Sechaba Commemorative Publication);  Peoples of the World support the ANC - Messages received by the ANC on the occasion of 8 January 1987, 75th Anniversary of its foundation;  Repression - Torture and Death - South Africa.

B2. 8.6


General note

Lutuli Speaks (Statement and Addresses), Published by the Solidarity Committee of the GDR in cooperation with  UN Centre Against Apartheid on the occasion of 70th Anniversary of  ANC, 8 January 1982;  Transnational Corporations Involvement in South Africa’s Electronic Industry,  Max Sisulu, Amsterdam.

B2. 8.9


General note

Items include Statistical Graphs according to population grouping (3 items)--1) Population Density - Killed and Wounded by Police/Reported TB Cases/Proportion of Doctors, 2) Number of Students - Primary, Secondary and University Levels/Degrees awarded University Students doing Arts, 3) Economically Active Population; Income Levels; Social Pensions etc.; Industrial Accidents; Industrial Disputes; Free South Africa’s Political Prisoners, Illustrates process involved in producing logos/labels/letterheads, etc.(7 items).

B2. 9

Provisional Headquarters, Morogoro, Tanzania 

Box Folder

Correspondence (35 items), 1966, 1969-1973 

General note

Correspondents include: T. T. Nkobi;  Alfred Nzo;  Oliver Tambo.

B3. 1


B3. 2
Box Folder

1969-1972 (16 items) 

General note

Items include 60th ANC and 10th Umkhonto we Sizwe Anniversaries.

B3. 2.1

1973 (8 items) 

General note

Items include Short Brief - Political Prisoners; Report of the 12th Executive Committee Meeting of the Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation, Aden. Attended by  Joe Nhlanhla and  Sindiso Mfenyana; Report submitted by  Alex La Guma on the preparatory meeting for the  World Congress of Peace Forces, Moscow; A Brief on the invitation to the  British Trade Union Council by the  South African Trade Union Council.

B3. 2.2

Report/Minutes (2 items), 1969 

General note

Items include the Quaker Conference, Montreaux.

B3. 3

Finance (6 items), 1970-1971, 1976 

General note

Includes outlines of expenditure.

B3. 4

Special Committee, Lilanda 


Minutes and Reports, 1969, 1970 August - 1971 March 

Box Folder




National Executive Committee (NEC) 

Box Folder


B4. 1
Box Folder

Correspondence (sent by the NEC and the  NECWC, 13 items), 1973-1991 

B4. 1.1

Correspondence (addressed to the NEC and the  NECWC, 14 items), 1973-1989 

General note

Correspondents include Embassy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea;  F. J. Makitini;  MOJA (  Movement for Justice in Africa);  Alfred Nzo;  Reg September;  Terre des Hommes (  Edmond Kaiser).

B4. 1.2

Agendas and Notices (12 items), undated, 1971, 1986, 1991 

B4. 2

Reports and Minutes (generated by NEC, 18 items), 1970-1991 

B4. 3

Reports (submitted to NEC, 4 items), 1971-1984, 1985-1986 

General note

Includes Report for the Extended NEC Meeting, May 1974 (  Reg September); Report submitted by the Publicity and Information Section; Legal Analysis of Nkomati Agreement -  Kader Asmal, 1984;  The New Face of Counter-Revolution: A briefing paper -  Z. Pallo Jordan, 1985; Recommendations to  NEC on establishment of the Department of Economics and Planning Report on Women’s Day Meeting at Kaunda Square, 9 August 1989 (  Ronnie Kasrils) [Copy of the Presidents].

B4. 4


B4. 5
Box Folder

1975-1980 (5 items) 

General note

Declaration - Morogoro, 17-20 March 1975; Message to all the units of the ANC on the current situation, 14 September 1976; Statement of the  NEC Broadcast by  Radio Freedom on the occasion of the 67th Anniversary of the Foundation of the  ANC, January 8, 1979; Statement of the  NEC on the victory of the Patriotic Forces in  Zimbabwe.

B4. 5.1

1981-1985 (12 items) 

General note

The Struggle for a democratic South Africa forges ahead, 1981; Statement on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Umkhonto we Sizwe, 16 December 1981; Statement on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the  ANC, 8 January 1982;  Radio Freedom broadcast of the Secretary-General to the People of  South Africa on the occasion of June 26, 1982; Statement on the occasion of the 71st Anniversary of the  ANC, 8 January 1983; Statement on the occasion of 8 January 1984, delivered by President  Oliver Tambo, 8 January 1984; Statement following a meeting to consider the current situation in Southern Africa, 16 March 1984; Ibid. (Draft) and statement sent in the form of a telex; Message of the NEC on the occasion of 8 January 1985, delivered by President  Oliver Tambo;  ANC,  Call to the Nation: The future is in our grasp!, 25 April 1985; Statement on the eve of the hanging of Comrade  Benjamin Moloise (telex).

B4. 5.2

1986-1989 (7 items) 

General note

Message on the Occasion of 8 January 1986, delivered by President Oliver Tambo. 17p. Ts.;  ANC, "Call to the Nation: From Ungovernability to People’s Power." 7p. Ts.; Statement delivered by Comrade President  Oliver Tambo on Heroes Day, December 16, 1986 on the occasion of the 25 Anniversary of the formation of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the People’s Army. 22p. Ts.; Statement of the NEC on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the  ANC, presented by  Oliver Tambo, 8 January 1987. 21p. Ts.; Statement of the NEC on the Occasion of the 76th Anniversary of the  ANC, presented by President  Oliver Tambo, January 8, 1988. 19p. Ts.; Statement of the NEC on the Campaign for Peace among the People in Natal. Issued by the Department of Information and Publicity, 10 May 1989. (Telex); Press Release - NEC Communiqué (1989) (Telex); Press Statement released by the NEC, Lusaka, 18 February 1989, 3p. Ts.

B4. 5.3

1990-1991 (15 items) 

General note

Statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 78th Anniversary of ANC, January 8, 1990; Statement of the extended meeting of the NEC. January 21, 1990. (Telex to Chief Representatives,  ANC Missions); Statement of the NEC, Lusaka, February 16, 1990; Press Statement of the NEC, 2 March 1990; Statement of the NEC on recent developments within  South Africa, 30 March 1990; Statement, April 10, 1990; Statement of the NEC on the emancipation of women in  South Africa, May 2, 1990; Statement, July 25, 1990; Draft statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 79th Anniversary of the  ANC, January 8, 1991; Introductory statement of the President of the  ANC,  Oliver Tambo on the Presentation of the Statement of the NEC, January 8, 1991; Statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 79th Anniversary of the  ANC, delivered by the Deputy President,  Nelson Mandela, 8 January 1991; Statement, February 2, 1991; Press Statement of the extended NEC Meeting, 18 May 1991; Statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the  ANC, January 8, 1992; Statement of the NEC on the campaign for peace among the people in Natal.

B4. 5.4

Published Statements (14 items), 1985-1990 

General note

"The hour has come." Statement issued in January 1963 appearing in Liberator (  USA), April 1963; "Render South Africa Ungovernable." Statement issued on 8 January 1985, delivered by President  Oliver Tambo. Published by the  ANC, London;  Attack, Advance, Give the enemy no quarter! Message issued on 8 January 1986, delivered by President  Oliver Tambo, Published by the  ANC,  Zambia; 8 January 1987 -  ANC calls for  Advance to People’s Power. Published by the  ANC,  Zambia; Statement of the NEC on the Question of Negotiations, October 9, 1987; The illegitimacy of the Apartheid Regime, the Right to Struggle against it and the Status of the  ANC (Arusha Conference);  United Action for People’s Power. Message to the People of  South Africa form the NEC on the Occasion of 8 January 1988. Published by the  ANC,  Zambia;  Forward to Mass Action for People’s Power! Statement of the  NEC on the occasion of the 77th Anniversary of the  ANC, Presented by President  Oliver Tambo, January 8, 1989;  Mass Action for People’s Power! (Duplicate of the above - published on a different format, Published by the  ANC,  Zambia; Communiqué of the  NEC, Lusaka, 27 June 1989;  Freedom, Democracy and Peace! Statement of the NEC on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the  ANC - 8 January 1990, Published by the  ANC,  Zambia; Statement of the extended meeting of the NEC, Lusaka, 21 January 1990, Published by the  ANC,  Zambia; Press statement of the NEC on recent developments within South Africa, Lusaka, 30 March 1990; Statement of the NEC on the emancipation of women in  South Africa, 2 May 1990.

B4. 5.5

Miscellaneous (5 items) 

General note

Includes an invitation issued on the part of the NEC to the presentation ceremony of the Isitwalandwe/Seaparankoe Award (conferred upon Govan Mbeki and the late Bishop  Ambrose Reeves).

B4. 6

National Working Committee (NWC) 

Box Folder

Correspondence (10 items), 1988-1989 

General note

Includes Notice of Meetings.

B5. 1

Agenda and Minutes (6 items), undated, 1986, 1988-1989 

General note

Items include National Working Committee Sub-Committee, Report on Administration in Zambia; Enclosed report of the Department of Arts and Culture; Report of a Commission of Inquiry set up in November 1989 by the National Working committee of the NEC to investigate the circumstances leading to the death of  Mzwakhe Ngwenya (also known as  Thami Zulu or TZ).

B5. 2

External Coordinating Committee (ECC) 

Box Folder

Correspondence/Memoranda (4 items), 1986-1988 

General note

Correspondents include James Stuart (Secretary)

B6. 1
Box Folder




Box Folder

Office of the President 

B 7
Box Folder

Department of Information and Publicity (DIP) 

B7. 1
Box Folder

Director-- Alfred Kgikong 

B7. 1.1

Correspondence (9 items), 1968-1969 

Director-- Thabo Mbeki 

B7. 1.2

Correspondence (38 items), undated, 1978-1986 

General note

Includes correspondence from Oliver Tambo to  Thabo Mbeki.

Secretary-- Sizakele Sigxashe 

B7. 1.3
Box Folder

Correspondence (37 items), undated, 1978-1982 

B7. 1.3.1


General note

Paper presented to a NEC meeting re preparations for the task of national reconstruction and development, June 1977; Report on Working Visit to Tananarive, March 1983.

B7. 1.3.2

Personal--Doctor's Note, 1978 July 14 

B7. 1.3.3

Administrative Secretary and Treasurer-- Joseph Louw 

B7. 1.4

Correspondence (3 items), 978-1980 


B7. 1.5
Box Folder

Correspondence (Internal, 11 items), 1973-1984 

B7. 1.5.1

Correspondence (External, 6 items), undated, 1979-1988 

B7. 1.5.2

Memoranda/Minutes (12 items), 1979-1983 

B7. 1.5.3

Requisitions (55 items), 1978-1979 

B7. 1.5.4

Reports (DIP, 12 items), undated, 1972-1986 

General note

Includes handwritten item, Oliver Tambo.

B7. 1.5.5

Papers (DIP, 8 items) 

B7. 1.5.6

Reports (External organisations/bodies, 15 items) 

B7. 1.5.7

Press Releases (Reports)/Publications (External) (11 items) 

B7. 1.5.8


Roll Folder







Box Folder

Statements/Press Releases (DIP, 25 items), undated, 1978-1991 

B7. 1.5.9

Message (1 item), 1980 

General note

Message received on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the adoption of the Freedom Charter at the Congress of the People, 26 June 1980.

B7. 1.5.10

Publications (DIP, 8 items) 

B7. 1.5.11

Miscellaneous (11 items) 

General note

Includes outlines of Information and Publicity Departmental Structures.

B7. 1.5.12
Box Folder


B7. 1.6
Box Folder

External/Internal Propaganda 

General note

Miscellaneous (14 items).

B7. 1.6.1

Internal Propaganda 

B7. 1.6.2
Box Folder

Victor Matlou 


Correspondence (1 item), 1982 

Draft Proposal for a news agency, Govin Reddy 

Box Folder

Internal Propaganda Committee 

Box Folder

Radios ( Radio Freedom) 


Correspondence (16 items), 1973-1982, 1986, 1989 

General note

Includes correspondence with Oliver Tambo.


General note

Memo on Radio Communication Facilities, 1977 December 16; Memorandum for radio facilities in Addis-Ababa, 1979 August 20.

Radio Commentary/Scripts (12 items), 1969-1989 

Miscellaneous (5 items) 

General note

Includes "Radio Freedom" Stickers; requisition for Radio Freedom;  Radio Peking English Language Transmissions;  Zambia Broadcasting Service: External Services.



Leaflet, 1969 

Time Table, 1983 



Minutes and Memoranda (5 items), undated, 1980 

Dawn (monthly journal of Umkhonto We Sizwe), 


Correspondence (1 item), 1984 

Excerpts (2 items), 1979, 1981 

External Propaganda 

B7. 1.6.3
Box Folder

Francis Meli 


Correspondence (3 items), 1978, 1984, 1985 

Other Correspondence (2 items), 1978 

Hilary Rabkin 

External Propaganda Committee 

Box Folder



Correspondence, Minutes and Report (4 items), 1973-1989 



Correspondence and Proposals (9 items), 1978-1984 

Printing Press 


Correspondence (3 items), 1979-1982 

Reports and Proposals (7 items), undated, 1979-1985 


Research-- Pallo Jordan 

B7. 1.7
Box Folder

Correspondence (27 items), 1978-1991 

B7. 1.7.1

Memoranda (3 items), 1985, 1989 

B7. 1.7.2

Research Committee 

B7. 1.7.3

Reports (7 items) 

Requisition (1 item) 

General note

Equipment Requisition from NEC, 1977.

News Briefings-- Gill Marcus 

B7. 1.7.4

Correspondence (3 items), 1978, 1986, 1989 

General note

Includes correspondence with Oliver Tambo re booklet commemorating late  Johnny Makatini.

Box Folder

News Briefings Committee 

Box Folder

Correspondence (4 items), 1979-1991 





Box Folder

Weekly News Bulletin Summary, 1979 March 25 - April 30 


B7. 1.7.5
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items), undated, 1980 


Acquisitions (24 items), 1979-1980 


Miscellaneous (2 items) 

Box Folder




Box Folder

NAT (31 items) 

B7. 2

Correspondence ( Jacob Zuma) 

Formation Processing Unit Annual Report, 1983-1984 

Urgent NAT Report to NWC 

Aspects of Enemy counter guerrilla tactics 

US contingency plans in Botswana to contain and dictate a future democratic government in SA 

Information re Enos Mabuza’s visit to Lusaka to meet the  ANC (includes correspondence), 1986 

Affidavits: residents of Moteti Village, Dennilton, 1986 

Militarization of North Eastern and Western Transvaal 

Armed Struggle deep inside South Africa intensifies 

PMC (10 items) 

B7. 3

Reports/Miscellaneous items 

Office of the Secretary General 



Box Folder


B8. 1.1
Box Folder

Correspondence (Generated by Office of the Secretary General - Internal, 35 items), 1969-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Alfred Nzo (correspondence between  Alfred Nzo and  Oliver Tambo).

B8. 1.1.1

Correspondence (Addressed to the Office of the Secretary General - Internal, 39 items), 1969-1990 

B8. 1.1.2

Correspondence (Generated by and addressed to the Office of the Secretary General - External, 32 items), 1962 - 1975 August 

General note

Correspondents include Action for Development;  Arab Socialist Union;  Baath Arab Socialist Union;  Milan Democrats;  National Christian Council of Kenya;  New Zealand National Anti-Apartheid Committee;  Organisation of African Unity;  Tanzania (Dept of Foreign Affairs);  United Nations;  World Congress of Peace Forces;  World Health Organisation. Correspondence with  Algeria (  Organisation Nationale des Moudjahidine);  Anti-Apartheid Movement (  UK);  Pakistan (Ambassador);  Zaire (Ambassador);  United Nations (Secretary General);  Vietnam Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee;  Yugoslavia (Embassy).

B8. 1.1.3

Correspondence (Addressed to and generated by the Office of the Secretary General, 31 items), 1975 September - 1990 

General note

Correspondents include Afro-Asian Peoples' Solidarity Organisation;  French Communist Party;  Italian Socialist Party;  National Christian Council of Kenya;  National Council of Trade Unions (  NACTU/  South Africa);  Swedish Social Democratic Party (  Bernt Carlsson);  UNESCO;  World Congress of Peace Forces;  World Peace Council. Correspondence with  Fantuzzi, Giolio (Mayor of Reggio Emilia);  Madagascar (Minister of Foreign Affairs);  Margaret Thatcher;  United National Independence Party (  UNIP/  Zambia).

B8. 1.1.4

Reports (19 items) 

B8. 1.2


On the Portuguese Coup d’etat. 4p. Ms. 

The OAU and the Liberation Struggle. 6p. Ts. 

Report on Solidarity Work: J Jele, 1973 November 12 

A Brief Report of the Activities. 38p. Ts., 1917 September - 1974 April 

Draft Report of the Sub-Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners. 8p. Ts. 

Speeches/Statements of the Secretary General, Alfred Nzo (11 items), 1968, 1968-1975, 1978 

B8. 1.3
Box Folder

1968 - 1981 

B8. 1.3.1

Statement delivered on behalf of the India Office of the  ANC to the 71st Session of the Indian Congress, Hyderabad, 3p. Ts., 1968 

Box Folder

Greetings to the Government and People of the Soviet Union on the occasion of the 52nd Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, 2p. Ts., 1969 

Message delivered on the occasion of South African Freedom Day, 1974 June 26 June 

Hands off Angola, 1975 

A Statement of the ANC delivered by  Alfred Nzo at a Conference of the Continuation Committee of the Lisbon International Conference in Support of the Peoples of Southern Africa, London, 1979 March 21 - 23 

B8. 1.3.1

How and why a small ANC clique decided to make a public emergence at this time and state in the development of our situation, 1978 

1982-1984 (19 items) 

B8. 1.3.2

Press Statement by Comrade Alfred Nzo to the Youth of  South Africa on the occasion of the 6th Anniversary of the June 16th Soweto Uprising. 3p. Ts. 

Statement re Week of Solidarity with the Colonial Peoples of Southern Africa. 3p. Ts. 

Statement to the Canadian Conference in Solidarity with the Liberation Struggles of the Peoples of Southern Africa, Ottawa. 10p. Ts. 1982 May 7 - 9 

Statement at the Scientific Seminar to mark the centenary of the birth of Georgi Dimitrov, Sofia. 5p. Ts., 1982 June 15 - 17 

Radio Freedom Broadcast of the Secretary-General to the People of  South Africa. 7p. Ts., 1982 June 26 

B8. 1.3.2

Statement at the Seminar on Karl Marx. 7p. Ts., 1983 April 11 - 16 

A Call for Urgent Action. Statement by Secretary General Nzo. 2p., 1984 May 5 

Undated Speeches/Statements (7 items) 

B8. 1.3.3

Miscellaneous (10 items), 1982-1990 

General note

Programmes; lists; notices, etc.

B8. 1.4
Box Folder

Department of Arts and Culture 

B8. 2
Box Folder

Barbara Masekela - Administrative Secretary 

B8. 2.1


Box Folder

1982-1985 (69 items) 

B8. 2.1.1

1986 (22 items) 

B8. 2.1.2

1987-1989 (26 items) 

B8. 2.1.3


B8. 2.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (18 items) 1982-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Fitzgerald, Patrick (Assistant Secretary for International Cultural Affairs/Administrative Secretary);  Khosa, Rufus (Assistant Secretary for Projects);  Maluleka, Jubilee Lizwe (Amandla Liaison Officer);  Mokwena, Bachana (Amandla Administrator).


Reports/Proposals/Position Papers/Memoranda 

B8. 2.2.2
Box Folder

1969, 1982-1986 (13 items) 

General note

Items include Report on the 1st Pan African Cultural Festival; Amandla Cultural Ensemble Reports; state of the Department of Arts and Culture.


1987-1988 (12 items) 

General note

Items include proposal for Amandla Cultural Ensemble to live and study in Cuba for one year;  CASA -  Culture in Another South Africa Reports.


1989 (9 items) 

General note

Items include Cultural Boycott Seminar; ANC In-House Seminar on Culture and Sport; draft paper on  Albie Sachs - Preparing ourselves for freedom.

Box Folder








Box Folder


B8. 2.2.3

DAC Newsletter, No. 1 

Culture News, No. 2 (1990) 

Rixaka: Cultural Journal of the ANC, 1989-1990 

Other Publications 

B8. 2.2.4

Information Bulletin - International Conference against Apartheid Sport, 1987 November 

Alex Arts Centre News, 1986 December 


B8. 2.2.5

Draft speech for Cultural Boycott Workshop organised by Irish AAA 

Statement of the NICC on the Cultural Boycott 

Box Folder

Joint Communiqué from the ANC/Afrikaans Writers Conference, 1989 

Roll Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder


B8. 2.2.6

Lists: Members of Amandla Cultural Ensemble/Proposal - conference of journalists 

Box Folder

Pamphlet: Amandla Zimbabwe Tour, 1988 

Press Cutting, " ANC leader criticizes Simon on Graceland" 

Department of Economics 

B8. 3
Box Folder

Head of Department-- Max Sisulu 

B8. 3.1
Box Folder


B8. 3.1.1

1987-1990 (12 items) 


B8. 3.2
Box Folder

undated, 1979-1987 (10 items) 

B8. 3.2.1

1988, 1990 (6 items) 

General note

Proceedings of the ANC In-House Seminar on Social Welfare which took place in Lusaka on 28-30 July 1988; Neither  Japan nor  South Korea, but a New  South Africa. A Critique of  Peter Berger:  Z. Pallo Jordan; Draft Economic Policy Document; Discussion Document on Economic Policy.

B8. 3.2.2

Press Statement (1 item), 1990 

General note

Press Statement on the consultative Workshop organised by the ANC's Department of Economics and Planning,  COSATU and The Economic Trends Group on the theme:  South Africa - Towards a Post-Apartheid Economy.

Box Folder

Other Individual/Organisations 

B8. 3.4
Box Folder


B8. 3.4.1
Box Folder

1981, 1985 (3 items) 


1986, 1987 March (2 items) 


1987 April -1990 (5 items) 


Undated (5 items) 







Box Folder

South African Economic Research and Training Project (SAERT) 

B8. 3.5
Box Folder

Correspondence (4 items), 1985-1987, 1989 

B8. 3.5.1

Policy Workshop 

B8. 3.5.2

Pamphlet (advertising the workshop) 

Outline of Sessions and Papers 

Report of Workshop, 1987 March 


B8. 3.5.3

SAERT Summary Progress Report, prepared by S. Matlhape and  S. Choabi 

Research and Training for Economic Planning in Post-Apartheid South Africa, 1986 May 

Memorandum addressed to Oliver Tambo re  SAERT (Matlhape Project) 

Box Folder

Department of Education 

B8. 4
Box Folder

Secretary for Education-- H. G. Makgothi 

B8. 4.1

Correspondence (24 items), 1982-1988 

Secretary for Education-- M. S. Choabi 

B8. 4.2
Box Folder

Correspondence/Memoranda/Reports (20 items), 1982-1990 

B8. 4.2.1

Speeches/Statements (4 items), undated, 1989 

B8. 4.2.2

Administrative Secretary-- M. Tikly 

B8. 4.3

Correspondence (15 items), 1988-1989 


B8. 5
Box Folder

Correspondence (8 items), 1977-1990 

B8. 5.1

Miscellaneous (3 items) 

General note

Includes: correspondence generated by The Southern African Advanced Education Project ( Ann Yates) re: Public Service Training - Induction Programme for High Level Posts; List of Participants: Seminar on Education and Culture for Liberation in Southern Africa;  ANC Department of Education - Newsletter (October 1992).

B8. 5.2


B8. 5.3
Box Folder

undated, 1980 - April 1988 + undated items (12 items) 

B8. 5.3.1

1988 June - 1990 (7 items) 

B8. 5.3.2
Box Folder






Box Folder

Education Courses and Scholarships 

B8. 5.4
Box Folder

Correspondence (32 items), 1968-1989 

B8. 5.4.1

Minutes/Reports (2 items), 1986 

B8. 5.4.2

Lists: Students applying for Scholarships (7 items), 1968-1969 

B8. 5.4.3

Miscellaneous (5 items) 

General note

Includes application forms; miscellaneous lists of courses and other requirements.

B8. 5.4.4

Information Booklets, Institutions offering Scholarships (4 items) 

B8. 5.4.5

3rd - 5th National Educational Council Meetings 

B8. 5.5

Reports/Minutes (4 items), 1980-1983 

Box Folder

6th National Educational Council Meeting 

B8. 5.6

Reports in published and unpublished form, 1986 

7th National Educational Council Meeting 

B8. 5.7
Box Folder

Preparatory Memoranda (4 items), 1988 

Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College (  SOMAFCO) 

B8. 5.8
Box Folder

M. W. Njobe - Principal 

B8. 5.8.1

Correspondence (5 items), 1979-1980 

T. K. Maseko - Principal 

B8. 5.8.2

Correspondence (4 items), 1982 

Mohammed Tikly - Director 

B8. 5.8.3

Correspondence (15 items), 1983-1986 


B8. 5.8.4
Box Folder

Correspondence (15 items), 1981-1989 

General note

Items include citation from the SOMAFCO Nursery School to  Oliver Tambo following his visit to the community; request addressed to  Oliver Tambo to look after  Sasa Zikalala on the part of  Fieke Vermeulen and  Willem Van Harderwijk (Mazimbu).




Proposals on ANC (SA) School Project 

Memorandum to the Government of Italy concerning cooperation with the exiled community in Dakawa and Mazimbu (  Tanzania) and in other Front Line States through the executing NGO's 

UN Development Programme - Preparatory Education Assistance to the  ANC 

Box Folder


Roll Folder












Box Folder

Reports/Memoranda (13 items), 1978-1982 

General note

Items include water supply scheme; principal’s interim report; pregnancies amongst students; inquiry into a motor accident involving students at Mazimbu.


Reports/Memoranda (17 items), 1983-1990 

General note

Items include School Year Reports; visit to Italy of a  SOMAFCO Delegation to  Italy;  G. V. Reddy’s report on his psychiatric work/observations at Mazimbu/Dakawa; analysis of examination results.

Box Folder


Box Folder

Somafco Magazine (3 items) 


Miscellaneous (9 items) 

General note

Items include: Speeches/Notices; Programmes; Textbooks/Educational Aids

Box Folder


B8. 5.8.5
Box Folder

Progress Reports 



Official opening of SOMAFCO: Progress Report Special Edition (including the  ANC Development Centre - Dakawa) 

Dakawa Vocational Training Centre 

B8. 5.8.6
Box Folder

M. W. Njobe - Principal 


Correspondence (10 items), 1985-1989 

Miscellaneous Correspondence (4 items), 1982, 1988, 1989 



Box Folder

1984 (3 items) 

General note

Items include Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of ANC (SA): Dakawa Development Centre,  Tanzania (Volumes 1-3)


Reports (7 items), 1985-1989 

Box Folder








Box Folder

Miscellaneous (6 items) 

General note

Items include Memoranda/Speech/Outline of Vocational Training Programme/Handbook on course outlines.

Box Folder


B8. 5.8.7
Box Folder

Mazimbu Works Committee 


Correspondence (1 item), 1983 


Box Folder

Works Committee Information Bulletin, No. 22, 31 (10 items), 1983-1984 


Hlanganani: Mazimbu Workers Monthly Bulletin, No. 32, 41-57 (9 items), 1984-1985 


Mazimbu/Dakawa News and Views, 1984-1989 

Box Folder

Department of Health 

B8. 6
Box Folder

Correspondence (9 items), 1982-1991 

General note

Items include appeal in the case of Phakiso Make; resignations -  Pren Naicker/  Regina Nzo.

B8. 6.1

Reports/Papers/Memoranda (5 items), undated, 1969, 1990 

General note

Items include Seminar Report - "Towards comprehensive intervention strategies for the prevention and control of AIDS/HIV infection" (1990); discussion document for ANC branches towards developing a health policy; "Malaria and You" by  Regina Nzo.

B8. 6.2

Other Organisations/Individuals (includes - CHISA,  Committee for Health in Southern Africa) 

B8. 6.3
Box Folder

Correspondence/Reports (4 items), 1986-1990 

General note

Items include Declaration on Health in Southern Africa. Maputo, April 15 1990.

B8. 6.3.1

Department of International Affairs 

B8. 7
Box Folder

Acting Head-- S. Molifi 

B8. 7.1

Correspondence (32 items), 1983-1987 


B8. 7.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (33 items), 1970-1991 

B8. 7.2.1

Reports (10 items), 1978, 1981-1986 

Box Folder







Box Folder

Statements (7 items), 1982-1988 

B8. 7.2.4

Statements/Other (1 item), 1989 

General note

High Commissioner of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

B8. 7.2.4

Miscellaneous (8 items) 

B8. 7.2.5
Box Folder

ANC External Missions 

B8. 7.3
Box Folder

Algeria Report (1 item), 1990 

B8. 7.3.1

Angola (10 items), 1985-1990 

General note

Correspondence--New Year compliments/relaying of a message from Flt-Lt Jerry Rawlings to  Oliver Tambo on the occasion of the 77th Anniversary of the  ANC.

B8. 7.3.2

Asia (2 items), undated, 1985 

General note

List; Correspondence--informing Oliver Tambo the  Jawaharlal Nehru University wishes to confer the degree of Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa on him.

B8. 7.3.3

Australasia/Pacific (28 items), 1983-1989 

B8. 7.3.4
Box Folder



Report of the Australasian and Pacific Mission: Sydney, 1989 November 

Briefing Notes. Visit to the ANC of the  Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon.  Gareth Evans QC MP. 

Prime Ministerial Statement on South Africa. House of Representatives, 1986 August 21 

South Africa: Actions taken by the  Australian Government, 1983-1988 




Address by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Senator Gareth Evans, to the  ANC Regional Conference Against Apartheid For A Democratic  South Africa, Sydney, 1989 September 15 

Australian ANC Support Committee Annual Report (includes pamphlet), 1989 

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade News Release 

SAPSAN (  Special Assistance Program to South Africans and Namibians) Annual Report, 1987-1988 

SAPSAN Annual Report, 1988-1989 

APHEDA supported  ANC Projects, 1986-1989 

SA - New Zealand Government Position (statements) 

Sticker--Act Now! Against Apartheid 


Regional Conference Against Apartheid for a Democratic South Africa, Sydney, 1989 September 15-17 



Botswana (2 items), 1984 

B8. 7.3.5


Brussels (5 items), 1990 

B8. 7.3.6


Outline of the functioning of the Brussels ANC Mission (first 6 months of 1990), 1990 

Visit of Comrade Nelson Mandela to the European Parliament and the  European Economic Commission, 1990 June 12 - 14 

Canada (13 items), 1970-1991 

B8. 7.3.7

Correspondence--Manitoba Anti-Apartheid Coalition for Majority Rule in Southern Africa 

Report, 1982 

Canadian Labour Congress Report: presented by Steve September (Winnipeg Unit) 


B8. 7.3.8
Box Folder

Reports/Correspondence (4 items), undated, 1988 

Reports by the ANC Representative (  Raymond Nkuku) in  Cuba to  Oliver Tambo. 

Financial Report ( Stanley Manana) 

Denmark (1 item), 1988 

B8. 7.3.9


East Africa (See also  Kenya Mission) 

B8. 7.3.10
Box Folder

Correspondence (20 items), 1971-1989 


Reports (6 items), 1965, 1981, 1986, 1989 


Afro-Asian Economic Seminar, 1965 February 

Temeke Incident (Memorandum/Statements), 1981 

Meeting of the Chief Representative East Africa with Ambassador of Guinea Conakry 

Brief Report on ANC Work in East Africa, 1988 November 

Chief Representative’s Report ( Tanzania) 

Miscellaneous (3 items) 


Telegram to Winnie Dadoo/Coded Message 

Egypt (3 items), 1975, 1988-1989 

B8. 7.3.11


Ethiopia (1 item), 1985 

B8. 7.3.12

India (1 item), 1971 

B8. 7.3.13


Italy (4 items), 1972, 1982, 1989 

B8. 7.3.14



B8. 7.3.15

Report-- Thami Sindelo, 1988 October 10 


B8. 7.3.16
Box Folder

Reports/Correspondence (12 items), 1973, 1979, 1982 


Message sent by Didier Ratsiraka, President of the  Democratic Republic of Madagascar to Dr.  Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General of the  UN, 1979 March 

A plot against Ratsiraka: correspondent - Bolofo Rasoarahoma, 1982 

Box Folder

Items relating to an incident in which members of the ANC Radio Unit were detained and consequently repatriated to  Tanzania, 1982 

Visits to Seychelles 


Diplomatic Cards (3 items) 


Pretoria Connection, 1981 December 21 - 1982 January 3 

Report on visit to the Republic of Seychelles, 1982 January 29 - February 5 

Press Cuttings--relating to South African mercenary attack, 1981 November 

Box Folder


Roll Folder






Box Folder

Mozambique (5 items), 1984-1987 

B8. 7.3.17


Reports on developments, 1984 September, 1985 January, 1986 July - August 

Memorandum on the situation in Mozambique after the death of President Machel 

Namibia (4 items), 1991 

B8. 7.3.18

Netherlands (Amsterdam Office, 2 items), 1989 

B8. 7.3.19


Nigeria (5 items), 1985-1989 

B8. 7.3.20


Sweden (Nordic Countries, 8 items), 1982, 1988-1989 

B8. 7.3.21


United Kingdom and  Ireland 

B8. 7.3.22
Box Folder


Box Folder

1962-1978 (46 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Mendi Msimang;  Reg September.


1985, 1989-1991 (25 items) 

General note

Includes memoranda; Correspondents include Mendi Msimang (Chief Representative)



Box Folder

1989 January - July (9 items) 

General note


Memorandum on Sechaba: Some Thoughts on its Aims and Needs. 

Book proposal on Robert McBride. 

Draft Introduction by Brain Wrobel to the Report to the  British Parliamentary Human Rights Group including the three responses by the  ANC, the South African regime and Inkatha. 

ANC/  IRA Allegations. 

EEC and Sanctions. 

1989 August (10 items) 


Lausanne Colloquium ("The Mixed Economy of a Democratic South Africa"): Paper presented by Professor  Lawrence Harris. 

The Mandela Football Club. 

Political Prisoners’ Committee Report. 

1989 November - December (17 items) 


Meeting between WUS (  UK) and this Mission. 

Sechaba (A Festival of Cultural Resistance to Apartheid), Glasgow. 

Allegations of torture by SWAPO. 

Third World Prize Award for 1989. 

Swiss Labour Assistance to ANC. 

1990 January (11 items) 


Southern African Coalition. 

The Nelson Mandela National Reception Committee - Britain. 

Notes of Meeting with Hungarian Ambassador and our office. 

Memorandum on meeting at Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

1990 February - April (9 items) 


A TOAISEAGH (Prime Minister) Charles Haughey invitation to Comrade  Nelson Mandela. 

Projected visit to the United Kingdom by the Deputy President, Comrade  Nelson Mandela. 

Press Statements (2 items), 1989, 1991 




ANC Catalogue (clothing; posters; accessories and other  ANC paraphernalia) 

Regional Preparatory Committee (RPC) 

Box Folder





Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (  USSR) 

B8. 7.3.23

Correspondence (5 items), 1988-1990 

General note

Includes a New Year’s message to Oliver Tambo.

United States of America (  USA) 

B8. 7.3.24

Correspondence (15 items), 1973, 1983, 1988-1991 

General note

Includes correspondence between Dumi Matabane and  Oliver Tambo).

Report/Memorandum (1 item), 1988 

State of Organisation 


B8. 7.3.25
Box Folder


Box Folder

undated, 1966-1969 (19 items) 

General note

Correspondents include T. T. Nkobi (Chief Representative).


1970 (15 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: T. T. Nkobi (Chief Representative).


1971 (45 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: T. T. Nkobi (Chief Representative)


1972 (52 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: T. T. Nkobi (Chief Representative).


1973-1976, 1978 (15 items) 

General note

Correspondents include: T. T. Nkobi (Chief Representative).


1988-1990, 1993 (14 items) 

General note

Includes circulars.


Reports/Minutes/Memoranda (17 items), undated, 1969-1974 


Miscellaneous (13 items) 

General note

Includes Finances;Lists of Personnel stationed in Zambia; Applications for visas, etc.


Special Committee, Lilanda, Zambia 

Box Folder

Correspondence (4 items), undated, 1972, 1988 






1970 (12 items) 

1971-1972 (14 items) 

1973 (11 items) 


B8. 7.3.26
Box Folder

Correspondence (9 items), 1985, 1988-1990 


Consultative Meeting of Chief Representatives, Mazimbu, 1987 August 11 - 13 

B8. 7.3.27

Reports (3 items) 

Report: Commission on International Mobilisation. 

Report: Commission on Sanctions. 

Report: Commission on the Exclusive Recognition of the ANC. 

Box Folder




Box Folder

Department of Legal and Constitutional Affairs 

B8. 8
Box Folder

Correspondence (including internal memoranda) 

B8. 8.8.1
Box Folder

Chairperson-- Zola Skweyiya 

Box Folder

1986 January - June (15 items) 


1986 July - D1987 December (4 items) 


1988-1991 (29 items) 

General note

Includes correspondence with Oliver Tambo.


Secretary-- Z. N. Jobodwana 


1986, 1988 (10 items) 


General note

Including Brigitte Mabandla;  P M Maduna;  Ted Pekane


undated, 1985-1990 (40 items) 

General note

Includes correspondence with Oliver Tambo.

Legal Documents (10 items) 

General note

Includes Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Mandela Foundation of Australia Ltd.; Affidavit; Deed of Trust -  Institute of Broadcast Journalism; Last Will and Testament of a donor; Marriage Certificate (includes correspondence re applications to marry).

B8. 8.2


B8. 8.3
Box Folder

undated, 1985 (12 items) 

General note

Includes Report of Commission on National Structures, Constitutional Guidelines and Codes of Conduct adopted at the 2nd National Consultative Conference of the ANC - June 1985.

B8. 8.3.1

1986 (14 items) 

General note

Includes Report by DLCA on their meeting with Advocate  Louis Skweyiya and Attorney  Kwenza Mlaba in Harare on 18 May 1986;  ANC Political Prisoners in  Botswana; Report on the meeting between  DLCA and  Yunus Mohamed in Lusaka; Report on the meeting of Commonwealth Law Ministers held in Harare;  DCLA -  IDAF Meeting, London; Departmental Report;  ILO Briefing Schedule; Consultation in preparation for the meeting with Law Professors from White  South Africa.

Box Folder


Roll Folder






Box Folder

1987-1989 (18 items) 

General note

Meeting with a Leader of the Democratic Lawyers Congress ( Mathole Motshekga); The Uprooted People Conference; Memorandum on Commission on Crimes of Apartheid; Report on the meeting with Professor  Antonio Alberto Neto; Family Disputes, Child Abuse and Adoptions.

B8. 8.3.3
Box Folder

Papers (ANC?) (4 items) 

General note

Apartheid. A negation of human rights: Paper delivered at a conference held in Yaounde, Cameroon (1985) to mobilise the international community against violation of human rights in Africa; The legality of the use of force by national liberation movements; Legal status of South African regime and other aspects of anti-apartheid struggle; The normalising of South African society: The role of a National Convention.

B8. 8.4
Box Folder

Papers (Individuals) 

B8. 8.4.1
Box Folder

Kadar Asmal (5 items) 

General note

See also: Constitutional Committee - Publications in conjunction with UWC.


The Charter of the United Nations, International Treaties and International Law Norms for the Liquidation of Racism and Apartheid: Meeting of Jurists at Baku, Azerbaijan, 1978 

Box Folder

Study of Electoral Systems, 1986 

Memorandum on certain aspects of the comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 passed by the US Congress in October 1986, 1986 

Developing a Human Rights Culture: National Association of Democratic Lawyers, 1990 

Decentralisation of a Unitary State: Conference on Constitutional Issues for a Free South Africa (  UNISA) 

Albie Sachs (1 item) 

General note

See also: Special Topics - Bill of Rights.


Towards the Reconstruction of South Africa. The Relationship between self-determination, national liberation, democracy and civil rights: draft of a paper to presented to the UN Conference on Law and Apartheid, Lagos, 1984 

Declaration/Press Statement (2 items), 1980, 1986 

B8. 8.5

Declaration from the ANC addressed to the  International Committee of the Red Cross (includes statement by  O. R. Tambo on the occasion of the making of a Declaration of adherence to the Geneva Convention). 

Press Statement: consultation between members of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Department and Lawyers from South Africa. 

Constitutional Committee 

B8. 8.6
Box Folder

Correspondence-- Jack Simons (4 items), 1986 

B8. 8.6.1


B8. 8.6.2
Box Folder

1985-1988 (14 items) 


1990-1991 (13 items) 


Publications (in conjunction with the Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape (4 items) 

B8. 8.6.3

Electoral Systems - A Discussion Document, 1990 November 

Electoral Systems - A Critical Survey: Kadar Asmal (See also: DLCA - Papers [Individuals] 

ANC Draft Bill of Rights 

Constitutional structures-- Arthur Chaskalson 

Box Folder






Box Folder

Draft Constitution for South Africa. 106p. Ts., 1990 September 21 

B8. 8.6.4

Miscellaneous (3 items) 

B8. 8.6.5

Items include Broederbond - Constitutional Conditions for the future; draft document on the constitution; constitutional principles for a democratic South Africa. 

Box Folder

Other organisations/individuals 

B8. 8.7
Box Folder


B8. 8.7.1
Box Folder

1984-1986 (3 items) 


Legal obligations of states with respect to Apartheid: Jeanne M. Woods (Seminar - UN Centre against Apartheid). 

Nationalisation, Socialisation and the Freedom Charter: Robert Davies (  Ruth First Memorial Lecture). 

Why the incorporation of Moutse into Kwandebele should be rejected: memorandum compiled by John Dugard,  Nicholas Haysom and  Dolly Mokgatle, legal advisors to the Moutse Community. 

undated, 1986-1992 (6 items) 


Statement by Gay J. McDougall: UN Special Political Committee Hearing on Apartheid, 1986 

Judicial Review in a future democratic South Africa,  Patrick Mzolisi Mtshaulana (doctoral thesis) 

Memorandum prepared at the request of Mr. Bill Frankel re areas of concern which have troubled lawyers in  South Africa. 

Statements/Press Releases (5 items), 1985-1989 

General note

Items include Law Commission Report.

B8. 8.7.2
Box Folder





Box Folder

Special Topics 

B8. 8.8
Box Folder

Bill of Rights (8 items) 

B8. 8.8.1

Working Documents 

Commentary on the draft Bill of Rights prepared by the South African Law Commission headed by Justice P. J. J. Olivier. 

Law Commission Report. 

Toward a Bill of Rights in a Democratic South Africa,  Albie Sachs (See also: DLCA -Papers/Individuals). 

Conference on South Africa and Rule Under Law - Ronald Dworkin 

B8. 8.8.2

Correspondence/Reports (3 items) 

Criminal and Civil Code of the People of South Africa. Ts. 

B8. 8.8.3

Legal Affairs - USA (3 items) 

General note

Items include the New York Times Company against  City of New York Commission on Human Rights and  American Committee on Africa,  African Heritage Studies Association,  One Hundred Black Men, Inc.,  William H. Booth; Comprehensive Anti-apartheid Act of 1986.

B8. 8.8.4

Prisoner of War Status (2 items) 

B8. 8.8.5


Assessment of the claim for POW Status in terms of Geneva Protocol I of 1977 (GP) L. Mxolisi Edward Petane. 

Memorandum on the 1977 Geneva Protocol I additional to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, and relating to the protection of victims of international armed conflicts. 


B8. 8.8.6
Box Folder

Lists--Lawyers/Papers/Comment (5 items) 


Observation of the Trial of the State vs Ramaligela and Mangaga, Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1983 

Box Folder

Briefing Paper on the United Democratic Front Treason Trial (State v. Maswlal Ramgobin and 15 others), Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1985 August 

The Human Personality and Human Society are Social Constructs, The individual has limited responsibility for his actions - Report prepared in extenuation for McBride and Apelgren, Fatima Meer. 

Various Trials, 1976-1977 


Evidence submitted in the Pietermaritzburg Trial by Dr. L. J. West, 1977 


Jackson Dira 


Correspondence/Notes/Affidavit (8 items) 

Box Folder


Roll Folder







Box Folder

State vs Harry Gwala and 9 others (4 files), 1977 

Box Folder







Box Folder

Documents (collated by the Sangoni Partnership) re to the matter between Buyele Kilwya Danlindyebo,  Beatrice Nomoscow Danlindyebo and Chief  Bambilanga Albert Nxeko Mtirara, Station Commander, Umtata, Gwiliza’s Funeral Parlours 


Charge Sheet - Prosecution of 


Patrick Vos Mazibuko. 

Moroa Partick Barry Pule. 

Nhlanhla Jeffrey Madonsela , 1987 

Ismael Ibrahim 


Correspondence/Affidavits/Memorandum/Applicant’s Heads of Argument, 1987 

Box Folder

Department of Manpower Development (4 items), 1988, 1989 

B8. 9
Box Folder


B8. 9.1

Department of Political Education 

B8. 10
Box Folder

Correspondence (3 items), 1988, 1990 

B8. 10.1

Reports/Memoranda (3 items), 1985-1986, 1988 

B8. 10.2

Papers/Briefings (5 items), 1988-1989 

B8. 10.3

Other Individuals--Paper 

B8. 10.4

Clough, Michael "Southern Africa - Challenges and Choices" 

Department of Religious Affairs 

B8. 11
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items), 1988-1989 

General note

Correspondent: F. F. Gqiba (Rev.)/  ANC Chaplain.

B8. 11.1


B8. 11.2

Report on International Visits. 

Publications (3 items) 

B8. 11.3

Phakamani - Quarterly magazine of the ANC, Department of Religious Affairs, 1988 

Newsletter, 1989 November, 1990 February 

Miscellaneous (1 item) 

B8. 11.4


Women’s Section 

B8. 12
Box Folder

Correspondence (89 items), 1971-1990 

General note

Includes correspondence with Oliver Tambo.

B8. 12.1

Reports (10 items) undated, 1971-1990 

B8. 12.2

ANC Women’s Secretariat Report (submitted to NEC), 1970-1971 

Information on mission to the Federal Republic of Cameroon and the  People's Republic of Congo Brazzaville, Report to the  ANC Women's Secretariat by  M. Resha, 1971 August 6 

Apartheid Crimes against African Women in South Africa, Issued by  ANC, Scandinavian Mission, 1975 May 30 

Box Folder





Box Folder

Statements (9 items), undated, 1975-1990 

B8. 12.3

Statements/Other Organisations (3 items) 

B8. 12.4

Message of greeting to the All-Africa Women’s Conference Seminar - Dar Es Salaam, Adelaide Tambo 


B8. 12.5
Box Folder

VOW (  Voice of Women, 32 items), 1978-1989 

B8. 12.5.1

Women and Children under Apartheid (Newsletter),Issue No.2, 1986 April - May 

B8. 12.5.2

Miscellaneous Pamphlets/Stickers (5 items) 

General note

Includes ANC Women’s League and Other Organisations (  World Federation of Trade Unions).

B8. 12.5.3

Miscellaneous (9 items) 

General note

Items include National Workshop Programme, 11 August 1990; Poems; questions on the South African Women’s Day Celebrations; invitations.

B8. 12.6

South African Women’s Day (11 items), 1975 August 9 

B8. 12.7

Notice/Speeches/Resolutions/Messages of Support 

Women, Children and the Family in a future Constitutional Order, Lusaka, 1989 December 8 - 12 

B8. 12.8


Box Folder

Youth Section 

B8. 13
Box Folder


B8. 13.1
Box Folder

Correspondence (16 items), 1971, 1973, 1986-1991 

General note

Items include detailed reports of protest action on the part of the ANC Youth League (1991); correspondence with  Oliver Tambo.

B8. 13.1.1

Memoranda/Appeals (4 items), undated, 1969, 1986, 1988 

B8. 13.1.2

Memoranda (3 items), undated, 1989 

B8. 13.1.3

Reports (13 items), 1967-1990 

General note

Items include "The evermounting revolt in the face of fascist military terror"; proposed constitution for a Youth and Students' Movement; report on the International Youth Seminar on "Lenin and the Contemporary World"; report on World Youth Assembly; report of the Regional Youth Committee -  USA; summary of discussions held in March 1989 between the  ANC Youth Section, the  Stellenbosch University Students Delegation, Representative of  IDASA and journalist  Hennie Serfontein;  ANC Students Union (  Ghana) Report.

B8. 13.1.4

Statements (5 items), 1988, 1990-1991 

General note

See also: Correspondence - 1991.

B8. 13.1.5


B8. 13.1.6
Box Folder

Forward - Official Organ of the  ANC (5 items), 1981-1984 


Fighting Talk - Regional Youth Bulletin, 1978 August, 1986 June - July 


Pamphlet - The Heroic Rebirth of the ANC Youth League, 1990 October 27 


Other Organisations 

B8. 13.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (6 items), 1960, 1970, 1972-1974 

General note

Correspondents include International Union of Students;  World Assembly of Youth (  WAY);  World Federation of Democratic Youth.

B8. 13.2.1

Statements/Declarations (5 items), 1973, 1975, 1987, 1990 

General note

Items include General declaration and Resolution of the 1st Pan-African Youth Festival; "We reject dialogue with the racists," All Africa Students Union; New Delhi Declaration on the elimination of apartheid,  International Youth Conference;  South African Youth Congress.

B8. 13.2.2

Regional Political Committees (3 items), 1978, 1985, 1990 

B8. 14

Correspondence from Yusuf Dadoo re role of London RC Committee, 1978 April 8 

Memorandum from the RPC, Lusaka re Regiona Disciplinary Committee, 1985 January 30 

Memorandum generated by the London RPC (  Lawson Naidoo) re General Meeting, 1990 August 16 

Research Unit 

B8. 15
Box Folder


B8. 15.1

Research on Education in South Africa 

"Strategies on Education and Training in South Africa, 1960 - 1987: The role of Corporate Capital," 1987 December 

"Bantu Education as a Reformist Strategy of the South African State" 

Political Research Discussion Group 

Monitoring Research Group, Research Section/ RPMC UK. Briefings, 1988 May 

Research Section RPMC UK. Participation Debate, 1988 June 

ANC Occasional Research Papers 

B8. 15.2

"Foreign African Labour in South Africa," 1978 April 

"The Role of Transnational Corporations, Foreign Investments and the National Bourgeoisie in South Africa,  Patrick Magapatona, 1981 

"Socialist Transformation and the Freedom Charter," Z. Pallo Jordan, 1983 

"The African Petty Bourgeoisie: A Case study of NAFCOC - 1964 - '84,"  Z. Pallo Jordan 

"Agriculture in South Africa,"  Jacob Chiloane 1984 March 

Box Folder




Office of the Treasurer General 

Box Folder

T. T. Nkobi 

B9. 1

Correspondence (11 items), 1988-1990 


B9. 2
Box Folder

Correspondence (7 items), 1986, 1988-1990 

General note

Correspondents includes M. Tikly; Correspondence drafted by  Oliver Tambo to  Ismail Coovadia, Regional Treasurer, 31 January 1986.

B9. 2.1

Statement (1 item), 1983 

B9. 2.2

Statement of the Treasurer-General at the Memorial Service held in honour of Canon John Collins, London. 3p. Ts., 1983 February 

Projects Unit 

B9. 3

Correspondence/Proposals-- CUSO (  Canadian University Service Overseas), 1978-1979 

Correspondence re ANC President’s Tour of  Canada 

CUSO Liberation Support Plan (1978/9): Presented by Projects Officers, Lusaka/Amended by  CUSO ECSA RM 


B9. 4
Box Folder

Correspondence (3 items), 1988-1989 

B9. 4.1

Miscellaneous (4 items) 

General note

ncludes: Receipts, Lists, etc.

B9. 4.2

ANC - Miscellaneous Topics 

Box Folder

Organisations/Projects associated with the ANC 

B10. 1
Box Folder

Hedges Committee 

B10. 1.1
Box Folder

Minutes, 1986 July 24, August 5 

General note

Included is a copy of a letter addressed to the Chairman of the Commonwealth mini-summit/sent by Alfred Nzo.

B10. 1.1.1

Luthuli Memorial Foundation 

B10. 1.2
Box Folder


B10. 1.2.1
Box Folder

1970-1972 (18 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Picton V. Mbatha;  M. B. Yengwa.


1973-1974, 1985 (18 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Picton V. Mbatha.


Reports/Minutes/Memoranda (19 items), 1970-1974, 1985, 1988-1989 

B10. 1.2.2


B10. 1.2.3

News Sheet, 1972 July - August 

List of Staff members ( LMF and other departments) 

Curriculum Vitae - P. V. T. Mbatha 

Establishment/Launch of the Foundation 

B10. 1.2.4
Box Folder

Statements/Addresses/Resolutions (4 items) 


Statement by M. B. Yengwa (Director). 

Address by the Director of the Political Department of the OAU on the occasion of the inauguration of the Foundation. 

Proposals--Sponsors/Trustees/Members of the Advisory Council 


Photograph [Duplicate] 


Deeds of Trust/Foundation Guidelines (5 items) 


Luthuli Memorial Trust 

B10. 1.2.5
Box Folder

Correspondence (14 items), 1990-1991 

General note

Items include correspondence between Nathaniel M. Masemola and  Oliver Tambo.


General Report 


Luthuli Cultural and Welfare Services 

B10. 1.2.6
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item), 1990 

General note

Correspondent N. M. Masemola.


Director’s Report: Meeting of the Management Council - 1990 February 28 




Africa and Freedom: Text of the Nobel Lecture delivered by Chief  Albert J. Luthuli,  Oslo University, 1961 December 11 

National Film Trust of Southern Africa (  NAFTSA) 

General note

Correspondence with Oliver Tambo (Donor/Founder) [Includes announcement on the establishment of  NAFTSA].

B10. 1.3

Post Apartheid South Africa (  PASA) (5 items) 

General note


B10. 1.4
Box Folder


Roll Folder




Box Folder

ANC Camps 

General note

B10. 2

Correspondence/Memoranda (3 items), 1989 

General note

Items include United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Staff Investigation of Human Rights Abuses of Black South African Exiles by the "Liberation Movements"; The Arrest of  Sipho Mbeja and Others.

Anniversary, 75th 

B10. 3

Correspondence (1 item), 1986 October 7 

General note

Memorandum sent by the 75th Anniversary Committee to Chief Representatives.


General note

Items include Layout of messages booklet; Programme; List--Regional Choir Membership.

Land Commission 

General note

Discussion Document/Press Statement (2 items).

B10. 4

MK Personnel 

B10. 5
Box Folder

Lists (9 items) 

B10. 5.1

Application Forms to leave Lusaka (17 items) 

B10. 5.2

Lists "Wankie on Action" 

B10. 5.3

Questionnaire/ Zambian Government, Corresponding report--  ANC 

B10. 5.4

Groote Schuur Minute (2 items) 

B10. 6

National Consultative Conferences 

B10. 7
Box Folder


B10. 7.1

Correspondence/Memorandum (2 items) 

General note

National Preparatory Committee

Reports/Documents (8 items) 

1990 December 

B10. 7.2

Memoranda (2 items) 

Draft Agenda/Programme 

Conference Package, including Standing Rules; Draft Programme; Draft discussion documents 

Speeches and Resolutions (5 items) 

1991 July 2 

General note

B10. 7.3

Correspondence/Lists (23 items) 

General note

re invitees.

Documents (17 items) 

General note

Includes Statement of the President of the ANC,  Oliver Tambo; Opening and closing statements/addresses of the Deputy President,  Nelson Mandela; Resolutions.


B10. 8
Box Folder

Memoranda/Reports (10 items) 

General note

Items include Responses to ANC Discussion Paper on the issue of Negotiations from UK Region'; Notes on the meeting between Mr  Hendrik van der Merwe and the Chief Representative (and  M. Netsianda) on 30 August 1989; Notes of the Meeting between the Chief Representative (and  M Netsianda) and  Mildred Nevile, Coordinator,  Southern Africa Coalition on 11 August 1989; Notes on meeting between Mr.  Patrick Fairweather, Under-Secretary of State (  Africa) in Foreign and Commonwealth Office (and  Tim Dowse) and the Chief Representative, Comrade  Mendi Msimang, (and  M. Netsianda) on 31 August 1989; Notes on the meeting on 15 August 1989 between Foreign and Commonwealth Office (  Tim Dowse and  Jeffrey Berg) and the  African National Congress Chief Representative and  Mamatho Netsianda); Notes on meeting between  Jimmy Kolker (First Secretary US Embassy London) and  Bill Lucas (First Secretary US Embassy Pretoria) and the Chief Representative (and  M. Netsianda) on 30 August 1989; Notes on the Meeting between Mr.  Andrew Pearce and the Chief Representative, comrade  Mendi Msimang (and  M. Netsianda) on 30 August 1989.

B10. 8.1

Miscellaneous Reports/Papers (4 items) 

General note

Items include Dr. Sibusiso Bengu’s response to the  ANC Discussion Paper on the Issue of Negotiations.

B10. 8.2

Press Statement/Extracts from the Submission of the ANC to the Meeting between the  ANC and the Government, Tuynhuis, 1990 October 8 

B10. 8.3

Pretoria Minute 

B10. 9
Box Folder


B10. 9.1
Box Folder


B10. 9.1.1

Update on the Transition Process: Paper III - The Pretoria Minute and Working Group Report ( Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights under Law), 1990 August 6 

Working Group re suspension of armed action 

B10. 9.2
Box Folder

Briefing Notes on the Working Group Agreement entered into between the ANC and the Government, 1991 February 12 

B10. 9.2.1

Press Release 

B10. 9.2.2

Working Group re release of ANC Prisoners, etc. 

B10. 9.3

Correspondence/Reports/Press Statements (7 items) 

General note

Items include Reports of the Working Group under Paragraph 2 and 3 of the Pretoria Minute; Political Imprisonment in South Africa: Joint Publication of the Human Rights Commission and  IDAF.

Box Folder




Box Folder

Public Administrators 

B10. 10

Correspondence/Memoranda/Reports (7 items), 1988-1990 

General note

Items include Correspondence re Body of Profession Public Administrators (within the ANC); Provisional Body of Public Administrators: Planning Seminar, 1988; Report re  ANC/  SIDA Seminar on Administrative Development Programme, 8 - 19 May 1989;  ANC Administrative Study, May 1989.

Refugees (South African) 

B10. 11

Memorandum Re SACC visit to Mazimbu, Dakawa and Refugee Camps in  Botswana and  Tanzania, 1989 October 6 


Protocol between ANC and the  Office of the United Nations High commissioner for refugees (  UNCHR) relating to the repatriation of South African Refugees (Master Copy?) 

Pamphlet-- South African Refugees - Tanzania 

Smear Campaigns (9 items) 

B10. 12

Strategy and Tactics 

B10. 13
Box Folder

Reports/Papers (6 items) 

General note

Items include Suggested Tactics and Strategy in the Mobilisation and Organisation of Africans for the Revolution; Reflections on the political strategy of the South African Revolution.

B10. 13.1

Publications (2 items) 

B10. 13.2

Forward to Freedom - strategy, tactics and programme of the  ANC: Published by the  ANC,  Morogoro, Tanzania 

Advance to National Democracy - Guidelines on Strategy and Tactics of the ANC, 1991 February 

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Series C: Special Topics 

Box Folder


Roll Folder





Box Folder

Conference of Independent African States, Addis Ababa, 1960 June 

C1. 1
Box Folder

Invitation--Addressed to Oliver Tambo 

C1. 1.1

Summary Records of 1 - 6 Plenary Meetings 

C1. 1.1.2

Speeches/Statements (7 items) 

General note

Items include Speech by Mr Ako Adjei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of  Ghana; Speech by H. E. Dr.  Whabi El Buri, Head of the  Libyan Delegation; Closing Address of  J. Rudolph Grimes, Secretary of State of the  Liberian Delegation.

C1. 1.3

Resolutions of committee I - III 

C1. 1.4

Miscellaneous (1 items) 

General note

News Bulletin.

C1. 1.5

The Third Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Conference, Moshi, Taganyika, 1963 February 4 - 11 

C1. 2
Box Folder

Speeches (2 items) 

General note

Julius Nyere;  Jomo Kenyatta.

C1. 2.1

Speeches of Heads of Delegations (22 items) 

General note

Doc. No. 109/III - 162/III } Documents Missing (Includes Speech by Oliver Tambo: Doc. No. 151/III).

Box Folder


C1. 2.2

Miscellaneous Reports 

General note

Items include notes taken by Oliver Tambo; Some suggestions (sic) on the initiation in  Japan of a movement for the boycott of  South African goods; Report on proceedings.

C1. 2.3


General note

Budget/Mailing List for Conference.

C1. 2.4
Box Folder




Box Folder

Organisation for Afro-Asian People's Solidarity 

C1. 3

Resolutions and Recommendations of the 6th Session of the Executive Committee, Nicosia, 1963 September 10 - 12 

International Seminar on Apartheid and Colonialism in Southern Africa, Kitwe, Zambia, 1967 July 24 - August 4 

C1. 4
Box Folder


General note

Paper presented by the ANC. 14p. Ts.

C1. 4.1

World Council of Churches: Consultation on Racism, London, 1969 May 

C1. 5
Box Folder


General note

Correspondence addressed to Oliver Tambo.

C1. 5.1

List of participants 

C1. 5.2

Papers (10 items) 

General note

Items include Racism a lighted power-keg (sic) of violence in Southern Africa; The Asians in East Africa; Black Ecumenical Power; Minorities of  Asia; Racism and its theological significance for the Church; European thinking on race.

C1. 5.3


C1. 5.4

Working Group I "Spiritual and Moral Issues in Opposing Racism" 

Working Group II "The Realities of Racism Today" 

Plan for an Ecumenical Programme to Combat Racism 


General note

Hand drawn map of Southern Africa.

C1. 5.5

International Conference for support of victims of Colonialism and Apartheid in South Africa,  Oslo, Norway, 1973 April 

C1. 6
Box Folder

Provisional List of Participants/List of Documents 

C1. 6.1

Papers/Proposals (4 items) 

General note

Items include Education and Training Programmes, Background paper - Lars-Funnar Eriksson.

C1. 6.2

Fourth Conference of Non Aligned Countries, Algiers, 1973 September 5 - 8 

C1. 7
Box Folder

Agenda (French) 

C1. 7.1

Inaugural Address, Delivered by President Houari Boumediene of the Revolutionary Council and President of the Council of Ministers 

C1. 7.2

Proposals/Declarations/Working Papers/Studies (45 items) 

General note

Includes Draft Resolution on Apartheid and Racial Discrimination in South Africa, Submitted by the  ANC.

C1. 7.3
Box Folder





Box Folder

Conference Bulletin 

C1. 7.4

Miscellaneous (2 items) 

C1. 7.5

Conference of Foreign Ministers - Report 

C1. 7.6
Box Folder

Fourth Conference of Non Aligned Countries: Meeting of the Bureau, Algiers, 1974 March 19 - 21 

C1. 8
Box Folder

Final Document 

C1. 8.1

Pan-African Youth Movement Conference, Benghazi, Libya, 1974 March 

C1. 9
Box Folder

Papers (4 items) 

General note

Items include speech delivered by the Head of the ZAPU Youth Front, Comrade  Stephen Vuma; Contribution of the  SWAPO Youth League.

C1. 9.1

Sixth Pan-African Congress, Dar Es Salaam, 1974 June 

C1. 10
Box Folder

Correspondence (4 items) 

General note

Items include Invitation to attend Congress; request for Oliver Tambo to prepare a paper for the conference.

C1. 10.1

Briefing Paper/Secretariat Report/Registration Form/Reservation Form for Accommodation 

Box Folder


C1. 10.3

President Nyere’s Speech to the Pan African Congress 

Message by President Ahm Ed Sekou Toure 

Speech by the Head of the Cuban delegation 

Report--Document of Cuban Delegation 

C1. 10.4


C1. 10.5

International NGO Conference against Apartheid and Colonialism in Africa, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 1974 September 2 - 5 

C1. 11
Box Folder

Correspondence/Invitations (2 items) 

C1. 11.1

Reports/Draft Resolution (4 items) 

C1. 11.2

Papers (11 items) 

General note

Items include Introductory Paper submitted by the ANC (with accompanying draft); "Apartheid must be outlawed," Professor  I. Blishtchenko (Institute of International Relations, Moscow); "Apartheid and the Law," submitted by the  ANC; "Legal Aspects of the Armed Struggle of the Liberation Movements,"  Georges Abi-Saab; "The Republic of  South Africa,"  A. P. O’Dowd, Anti-Apartheid Movement; "  Rhodesia: Recent Political Developments,"  M. D. Terry, Anti-Apartheid Movement; "  Namibia: Political Developments during 1973/74,"  Roger Murray,  Friends of Namibia Committee; "Political Trials and Detentions in  Namibia,"  SWAPO.

C1. 11.3

Statements/Messages (4 items) 

General note

Items include "Statement of the African Liberation Movements," Presented by Alfred Nzo, Secretary General of the  ANC.

C1. 11.4

General Telexes re Conferences, 1975 

C1. 12

Conference of Developing Countries on Raw Material, Dakar, 1975 August 3 - 8 

C1. 13
Box Folder

Statement-- B. M. Saliwa (  ANC) 

C1. 13.1

Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Non-Aligned Countries, Lima, 1975 August 25 - 29 

C1. 14
Box Folder

Reports/Miscellaneous Items (12 items) 

C1. 14.1

Statements/Messages (13 items) 

C1. 14.2

World Conference against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa, Lisbon, 1977 June 16 - 19 

C1. 15
Box Folder


C1. 15.1

"South Africa’s Military Build-up," Presented by the British Anti-Apartheid Movement 

Contribution (Paper/Statement) of the Women’s International Democratic Federation (Delivered by Fanny Edelman (General Secretary) 


C1. 15.2

Economic Commission - Resolution 

Message to the People of South Africa 

Information Bulletin 

C1. 15.3

World Conference for Action against Apartheid, Lagos, 1977 August 

C1. 16
Box Folder

Composition of the Steering Committee 

C1. 16.1

Guidelines for the Conference 

C1. 16.2


General note

Includes Amendments to Draft Declaration; General Declaration; Declaration du Secretaire General.

C1. 16.3


C1. 16.4

Speech by Olaf Palme,  Sweden 

Speech given by Mr. Odvar Nordli, Prime Minister of  Norway 


C1. 16.5

Paper No.2, "Unite in Action for the Liberation of Southern Africa - a plea to all nations" (Rev. Canon L. J. Collins/President -  IDAF) 

Paper No.4, "Apartheid South Africa - The Illegitimate Regime" (  Kadar Asmal) 

Statements/Messages (5 items) (See also: Press Releases) 

General note

Includes ANC Statement.

Box Folder

Press Releases (7 items) 

General note

Items include: Statements by 23 States heard in debate (See also Statements/Messages).

C1. 16.7

World Conference to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination, Geneva, 1978 August 14 - 25 

C1. 17
Box Folder

Statement--"Statement by National Liberation Movements on the necessity of eliminating all and every form of racism, apartheid and racial discrimination," presented by ANC and the patriotic front. 

C1. 17.1

Report/Speech by Mark Shope on the Conference 

C1. 17.2

International Non Governmental Organisation Conference, Geneva, 1978 August 28 - 31 

C1. 18
Box Folder


C1. 18.1

Mark Shope--Meetings with delegates from other organisations 

Lars Gunnar Erikson on the Problem of our students in  Nigeria 

Meetings with Lars Gunnar Erikson/  Mark Shope, 1978 August 31 

Fourth Bi-Annual Conference of the African Association of Political Science, Maputo, 1979 

C1. 19
Box Folder

Introductory document 

General note

Includes Announcement; Theme of the Conference; Organisation; Panels and Convenors, etc.

C1. 19.1
Roll Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder

Southern Africa: The Time to Choose, 1982 March 11 - 13 

C1. 20
Box Folder

List of Principal Documents/Report 

C1. 20.1

Speeches/Message ( 4 items) 

C1. 20.2

Conference Papers 

C1. 20.3

1 - "Recent developments in South Africa" 

3 - " South Africa’s Military and Nuclear Build-up" 

4 - " South Africa’s War against Independent  Africa" 

5 - "Southern Africa - British, European and Western Policy" 

Fourth Annual Meeting of the Southern African Labour Commission, Gabarone, Botswana, 1982 August 30 

C1. 21
Box Folder

List of participants 

C1. 21.1

Speeches/Statements (5 items) 

C1. 21.2

Emergency International Conference in Solidarity with the People of South Africa, Addis Ababa, 1985 October 11 - 13 

C1. 22
Box Folder

Provisional list of participants 

C1. 22.1

Address/Motion of thanks 

C1. 22.2

Notes on Discussions held by President Dr. K. E. Kaunda, with a delegation of South African Businessmen at State House, 21p. Ts., 1985 July 11 

C1. 23

World Conference on Sanctions against racist South Africa,  UNESCO House, Paris, 1986 June 16 - 20 

C1. 24
Box Folder

Declaration--First Working Draft for the Declaration of the World Conference on Sanctions against racist South Africa, 23p. Ts. 

C1. 24.1

8th Non-Aligned Conference, Harare, 1986 August/September 

C1. 25
Box Folder

Provisional list of participants/Addendum 

C1. 25.1


C1. 25.2
Box Folder

Countries A - I (13 items) 

C1. 25.2.1

Countries P - Z (16 items) 

C1. 25.2.2

Statement prepared by the ANC, Department of Information and Publicity 

C1. 25.2.3

Reports (4 items) 

C1. 25.3





Box Folder

Draft Political Declaration 

C1. 25.4

Miscellaneous (3 items) 

General note

Items include Press Releases; Pamphlet South Africa imposes sanctions against its neighbours.

C1. 25.5
Box Folder

Documents of the Conference of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Non-Aligned Countries, Luanda, 1986 September 2 - 7 

C1. 26

Dakar Declaration ( IDASA), A Joint Communiqué, 1987 July 11 

C1. 27
Box Folder


C1. 27.1

8th Non-Aligned Conference on Children, Repression and the Law in Apartheid South Africa, Harare, 1987 September 24 - 27 

C1. 28
Box Folder

Correspondence/Memorandum/Background Documents, ( DPSC,  Kader Asmal,  N. Haysom)/working Papers/Statement/Declarations (5 items) 

C1. 28.1

17th African-American Conference, Gabarone, Botswana, 1987 January 12 - 16 

C1. 29
Box Folder


C1. 29.1

6th PTA Summit, 1987 December 3 - 4 

C1. 30
Box Folder

Invitation Extended to Oliver Tambo by the President of  Uganda,  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (Includes reply by  Oliver Tambo) 

C1. 30.1


C1. 30.2

Harare Symposium on the Survival and Development of Children in the Frontline States and Southern Africa, 1988 March 1 - 5 

C1. 31
Box Folder

Correspondence (3 items) 

General note

Sally Mugabe;  Oliver Tambo.

C1. 31.1

Draft Agenda/List, Members of the Bureau of the Symposium 

C1. 31.2

Background Paper--Artists and Intellectuals Symposium for Child Survival and Development in the Frontline States and in Southern Africa, Harare, January 1988, includes a table of contents, 33p. Ts. 

C1. 31.3

19th African-American Conference, Lusaka, Zambia, 1989 January 9 - 13 

C1. 32
Box Folder

Conference Package--Participant Oliver Tambo 

General note

Includes Agenda; List of Participants; Workshops; Departure Form.

C1. 32.1

Meeting between Frontline States and OAU, Harare, 1989 March 21 

C1. 33
Box Folder

Telex--Invitation extended to Oliver Tambo to attend meeting 

C1. 33.1

Miscellaneous--Notes for the Frontline States Meeting 

Agenda (Drafts)/Programme 

C1. 33.2

Statement-- Kenneth Kaunda 

C1. 33.3

Memoranda/Reports/Statements, etc. (5 items) 

C1. 33.4

Five Freedoms Forum/ ANC, "The Role of Whites in a Changing Society," 1989 June 29 - July 2 

General note

Items include Programme; Lists of delegates; Reports/Papers; Conference Package; Welcoming Address - O. R. Tambo; Press Statement -  O. R. Tambo.

C1. 34
Box Folder




Box Folder

Free the Children from Apartheid - summary report from a working conference for Swedish national and local NGO’s, Stockholm, with guests from  Angola,  Mozambique,  Namibia,  South Africa and  Zimbabwe, 1989 September 22 - 23 

C1. 35

Conference of Joint Executives of the ANC and  PAC, Harare, 1991 April 15 - 16 

C1. 36
Box Folder

Resolutions/Joint Communiqué (4 items) 

C1. 36.1

Miscellaneous (20 items) 

General note

Items include Social Scientists' Preparatory Committee - preparation of papers; Notes on the Migrant Labour Conference, (1978 April 1); Conference of African Governmental Experts on Technical Cooperation among African Countries on Human Resources, Development and Utilisation, Libreville ( Gabon), (1982 August 2 - 11); Final Communiqué of the Second Extra-Ordinary Meeting of the Authority of the Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States,  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (1988 May 24); Joint Communiqué of the Socialist International, The Socialist Group of the European Parliament, the Frontline States Parties and the Liberation Movements - Harare Conference on Southern Africa (1989 February 15 - 16).

C1. 37

Frontline States Summit Meetings 

C1. 37.1
Box Folder


General note

Includes Heads of State; Embassies; Governmental Bodies/Burroughs/Cities; Parliamentary Opposition Groupings/Extra-Parliamentary Opposition Groupings e.g. PLO.

Box Folder


C2. 1
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (6 items), 1971, 1977, 1989-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Chadli Bendjedid. Subjects include 15th Anniversary of Algerian Independence;  Nelson Mandela.

C2. 1.1

General (3 items) 

General note

Includes News for Algeria (Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republica of  Algeria).

C2. 1.2


C2. 2
Box Folder

Correspondence Oliver Tambo (1 item), 1988 

General note

Correspondence with: Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Subject "13th Independence Anniversary of the People’s Republic of Angola."

C2. 2.1


C2. 2.2

Report of the International Mission of Inquiry into the acts of aggression perpetrated by South Africa against the P. R. of  Angola, 1980 August 6 - 13 

Meeting with MPLA (Handwritten notes) 

Speeches/Messages (10 items) 

C2. 2.3

Dr. Agostinho Neto's speech at the "Cidadela" Meeting, 1975 February 4 

Speech delivered by Agostinho Neto, President of the  MPLA and of The People’s Republic of  Angola, at the Opening Session of the 29 Meeting of the  OAU Coordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa, Luanda, 1977 June 14 

Message of the ANC to the 1st Congress of the  MPLA, Luanda, 1977 December 

MPLA Pamphlets (3 items + 1 duplicate) 

C2. 2.4


C2. 3
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 items), 1986 

General note

Correspondent--Argentine Committee for the Independence of Namibia and Eradication of Apartheid; Carlos H. Bianchi (Diplomat). Subject--invitation to participate in the First All American Congress on Southern Africa; breaking of diplomatic relations with  South Africa.

C2. 3.1


C2. 4
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Gareth Evans;  Robin Nestdale (See also:  UNICEF); Dr.  Helen Ware.

C2. 4.1


C2. 4.2

Correspondence (2 items) 

General note

Subjects--1973 Springbok tour; Campaign against Racial Exploitation (CARE) Conference on Namibia, 1988.

Box Folder

Programme/Media Kit: Visit to Australia of  Oliver Tambo, 1987 March 27 - April 12 

Speech Delivered by Justice Einfeld, the then President of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, on the occasion of Oliver Tambo's visit to  Australia 

Barbados (1 item), 1988 

C2. 5

Oliver Tambo Correspondence 


C2. 6
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (10 items), undated, 1988-1991 

General note

Correspondents include Dr. Kenneth Koma (  Botswana National Front);  Q. K. J. Masire. Subjects include  Botswana citizens (and one  South African refugee) killed in a South African Defence Force raid; 70th Birthday of  Nelson Mandela; message of condolence on the death of  Johnny Makatini and  Bheki Mlangeni.

C2. 6.1


C2. 6.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (3 items) 

C2. 6.2.1


C2. 6.2.2

Report on Botswana - Act to Control Political Refugees, 1968 November 5 

Minutes - Meeting between ANC delegation and delegation of the  Botswana government, 1987 September 17 

Speeches/Messages (5 items) 

General note

Items include Speeches by Seretse Khama, 1969-1971.

C2. 6.2.3


C2. 7
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1991 

General note

Correspondent-- Brazilian Committee of Solidarity with the Peoples of  South Africa and  Namibia-COMAFRICA). Subject--Freedom of the City of Rio de Janeiro granted to  Oliver Tambo.

C2. 7.1


C2. 8
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (10 items), 1979, 1987, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Bulgarian Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of  Asia and  Africa; Dr.  D. Romanov (Ambassador). Subjects include granting of scholarships for Higher Education; message of condolence received on the death of  Johnny Makatini;  Namibia.

C2. 8.1


C2. 9

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1990 

General note

Correspondent Heng Samrin.


C2. 10
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), 1989-1990 

General note

Correspondents Canadian Council for International Co-operation;  Brian Mulroney. Subjects invitation to address an anti-apartheid conference organised by the Inter-agency Working Group on Southern Africa,  Canadian Council for International Co-operation; return to  South Africa of  Oliver Tambo.

C2. 10.1

Cape Verde (  Guinea Bissau) 

C2. 11
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1988 

General note

Correspondent Aristides Pereira. Subject Message of condolence on the death of  Johnny Makatini.

C2. 11.1


C2. 11.2

Speech by Comrade Amilcar Cabral (Secretary General of the African Independence Party of  Guinea and  Cape Verde Islands) 

Roll Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder


C2. 11.3
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1978, 1988 

General note

Correspondent FROLINAT (  Front de Liberation National du Tchad). Subjects include  FROLINAT's struggle for liberation and the need to establish relations with the  ANC.

C2. 11.3.1


C2. 12
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (4 items), 1977, 1987, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Gu Jiaji (Ambassador). Subjects include 28th Anniversary of the Peoples Republic of  China; concern over the situation in  South Africa.

C2. 12.1


C2. 13
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (7 items), 1980-1989 

General note

Correspondents include Fidel Castro Ruz. Subjects include 75th Anniversary of the  ANC; 13th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution; message of condolence on the death of  Johnny Makatini; June 16.

C2. 13.1


C2. 13.2

Statements/Speeches (5 items) 

Press Release (1 item) 


C2. 14
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), 1985, 1987-1988 

General note

Correspondents include Czechoslovak Committee for Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America; Dr.  Josef Gandel (Ambassador). Subjects include message of condolence on the death of  Benjamin Moloise; peace initiative re the line dividing the member states of the Warsaw Treaty and  NATO.

C2. 14.1


C2. 15
Box Folder


C2. 15.1
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item), 1989 

C2. 15.1.1

Speech: The Prime Minister's Opening Speech at the South Africa Hearing, 1989 March 17 

C2. 15.1.2


C2. 16
Box Folder


C2. 16.1
Box Folder

Statement--Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt: re meeting of the Ad-hoc Committee Monitoring Group on a Ministerial level and the need for a high level of  ANC participation. 


El Salvador 

C2. 17
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1987 

General note

Correspondent FMLN.

C2. 17.1


C2. 17.2
Box Folder

Joint Statement - Oliver Tambo and  Jorge Schafick Handal (Member of the General Command of the  FMLN) re meeting of  ANC delegation and the  Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (  FMLN), Algiers, 1987 

C2. 17.2.1

Package contains speeches/statements in both English and Spanish re talks between the FDR and  FMLN and the Salvadoran Government, 1987 September - October 

C2. 17.2.2


C2. 18
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1989 

General note

Correspondence with Berhami Bayih (Member of the Political Bureau of the Workers’ Party of  Ethiopia). Subject message of condolence on the death of  Johnny Makatini.

C2. 18.1

Federal Republic of Germany 

C2. 19
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), 1987-1989 

General note

Correspondents include Willy Brandt; Mayors of Bremen and Hamburg;  Hans-Dietrich Genscher (Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs); Dr.  Hans-Jochen Vogel (  Social Democratic Party of Germany). Subjects include Federal Governments stance on Apartheid.

C2. 19.1

General--Speeches/Messages (3 items) 

General note

Items include Speech by Helmut Schmidt, Chancellor of the  Federal Republic of Germany, at the Dinner given by Dr.  Kenneth Kaunda, 1978 June 29.

C2. 19.2


C2. 20
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), 1977, 1988-1991 

General note

Correspondents include François Mitterand; Mayor of Caen. Subjects include Bicentenary Celebrations of the French Revolution.

C2. 20.1


C2. 20.2

Correspondence (1 item) 

Survey on the French Political Situation in regard to the Anti Apartheid Solidarity, Paris, 1989 June 

News Bulletin/Press Revue (2 items) 1975, 1978 

German Democratic Republic 

C2. 21
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), 1987-1988 

General note

Correspondents include Guenther Donath. Subjects include offer of a holiday for  Oliver Tambo and his family by the Solidarity Committee; Congratulations on  Oliver Tambo's 70th Birthday; award, "Grand Star of International Friendship."

C2. 21.1


C2. 21.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item) 

C2. 21.2.1

Statements/Press Releases (6 items) 

General note

Items include Joint Press Release signed by Erich Honecker and  Oliver Tambo.

C2. 21.2.2

News Bulletins (15 items), undated, 1968, 1982, 1989-1990 

C2. 21.2.3


C2. 22
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), undated 

General note

Correspondence with President of Gabon and Chairman of the  OAU. Subject financial assistance -  ANC.

C2. 22.1


C2. 23
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1988-1989 

General note

Correspondence with Jerry Rawlings. Subjects include 32nd Anniversary of the independence of  Ghana.

C2. 23.1


C2. 23.2

Statement on South Africa, 1970 December 10 


C2. 24
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1992 

General note

Correspondent Mr. Pericles Tsamoulis (Greek Ambassador to  South Africa). Subject invitation extended to  Oliver Tambo to meet Greek Dignitaries at the Congress of the Greek Communities in  South Africa.

C2. 24.1


C2. 25
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (4 items), undated, 1989 

General note

Correspondence with Dr. F. Augustine (High Commission);  Jacqui McKenzie (New Jewel Movement).

C2. 25.1


C2. 26
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1989 

General note

Correspondent High Commission.

C2. 26.1


C2. 27
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1986 

General note

Correspondent National Democratic Party of Haiti. Subjects include support for the struggle of the  ANC.

C2. 27.1


C2. 28.1
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1989 

General note

Correspondence with Karoly Groz. Subject message of condolences on the death of  Jonas Kadar.

C2. 28.1


C2. 28.2

Statement/Correspondence (2 items, English and French), 1961, 1975 


C2. 29
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (8 items), 1986-1991 

General note

Correspondents include Rajiv Ghandi;  N. Krishnan (Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of India for Africa);  K. Natwar-Singh. Subjects include Africa Fund; message of condolences on the assassination of  Rajiv Ghandi.

C2. 29.1


C2. 29.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (4 items) 

C2. 29.2.1

Memorabilia (3 items) 

General note

Conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D) Honoris Causa, 1986 May; Booklet-- Official visit of Oliver Tambo, 1986 May 6 - 10.

C2. 29.2.2




Box Folder


C2. 30
Box Folder


C2. 30.1

Statement--Executive Bureau for the National Union of Iraqi Students re Syrian regime's action in closing its borders with Iraq. 

Ireland (Republic of) 

C2. 31
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1969 

General note

Correspondence with Dr. P. Hillery (Ministry of External Affairs). Subject  ANC support re the situation in  Northern Ireland.

C2. 31.1

General--Draw tickets in aid of the International Affairs Bureau of the Irish Republican Movement 

C2. 31.2


C2. 32
Box Folder

>Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1989-1990 

General note

Correspondent United Workers Party of Israel. Subjects include solidarity in the struggle against Apartheid.

C2. 32.1


C2. 33
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (13 Items), 1985-1991 

General note

Correspondents include Giullio Andreotti; City Council of Reggio Emilia; Community of S. Egidio;  Bruna Soncini. Subjects include City Council of Reggio Emilia honouring  Albertina Sisulu and  Albert Luthuli; solidarity of the people of Reggio Emilia in the struggle against Apartheid; congratulations on  Giullio Andreotti accession to the premiership; message of condolences on the death of  Giuseppe Soncini.

C2. 33.1


C2. 33.2

Papers and Programmes (6 items) 

General note

Items include 10 Congresso Nazionale, Venezia, 1989 October 23 - 28.

Ivory Coast 

C2. 34
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1986 

General note

Correspondent The People’s Party (document in French). Subject attack on collaborative efforts of the west and the current governments.

C2. 34.1

General--"Discours du Président de la Republique de Cote d'Ivoire," Félix Houphouet-Boigny, Addis Ababa, (Conférence au Sommet des Pays Indépendants D'Afrique), 1964 May 25 

C2. 34.2


C2. 35
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), 1987, 1989 

General note

Correspondence with Michael Manley (President of the  People's Party of Jamaica and  Edward Seaga (President of the  Jamaica Labour Party). Subject National Jamaican Parliamentary Elections, 1989 February 9.

C2. 35.1

Speech presented by Hugh L. Shearer, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Industry at a luncheon in honour of  Oliver Tambo - Terra Nova Hotel, 1987 July 3 

Box Folder


C2. 35.2
Box Folder


C2. 35.2.1

Addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs from Thabo Mbeki, re the inclusion of the  United Cricket Board of South Africa into the ICC, 1991 May 20 

National Workers Union (  NWU) 22 "Congress" 

C2. 35.2.2

Resolution on South Africa 

Resolution on regional co-operation in the Caribbean 

Reports: The role of the Union in national development 

Publications: Pamphlets/circulars issued by various organisations 

General note

Including Jamaica Council for Human Rights; The National Anti-Apartheid Movement (NAM)/A Southern African Liberation Working Committee.

C2. 35.2.3


C2. 36
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), 1988-1989 

General note

Correspondents include Toshio Saiki (Ambassador). Subjects include Message of condolences on the death of  Emperor Hirohito; sanctions.

C2. 36.1


C2. 37
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1986, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Daniel T. Arap Moi.

C2. 37.1

General--Statement presented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to the ANC, 1989 June 19 

C2. 37.2


C2. 38
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1990 July - August 

General note

Correspondent Central Committee, Workers' Party of Korea.

C2. 38.1


C2. 38.2
Box Folder

Correspondence and Statements issued by the ANC/Invitation (4 items), 1970, 1979 

C2. 38.2.1

Statements (7 items), undated, 1969, 1971-1973, 1975 

C2. 38.2.2

Publication/Press Cutting, Korea Labour, 1990 September 

C2. 38.2.3


C2. 39
Box Folder

General--Statements (3 items/2 in French) 

C2. 39.1
Box Folder




Box Folder


C2. 40
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (24 items), 1990-1991 

General note

Correspondent King Moshoeshoe II (includes correspondence between  King Moshoeshoe II and  Nelson Mandela and between  King Moshoeshoe II and Major-General  Justin M. Kekhanya. Subjects include "enforced exile" and deposition of  King Moshoeshoe.

C2. 40.1


C2. 40.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item, issued by the Basotuland Congress Party), 1977 

C2. 40.2.1

Reports (5 items), 1970, 1978, 1985 

C2. 40.2.2

The recent coup in Lesotho, 1970 


C2. 41
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (4 items), 1962, 1973, 1977 

General note

Correspondents include: Milton Margai.

C2. 41.1


C2. 41.2
Box Folder


C2. 41.2.1

Statement by Dr. William R. Tolbert, Jr., on his return for his state visit to the  Republic of the Ivory Coast, 1975 March 22 

Box Folder

"The Hypocrisy of Western Democracy," Statement issued by Movement for Justice in Africa (  MOJA) -  Liberia on the occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,  UNESCO House, Paris, 1988 December 8 - 10 

Publication (1 item), Pan African Youth Movement, University of Liberia, "The Voice of Freedom" 

C2. 41.2.2


C2. 42
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (7 items), 1979-1989 

General note

Correspondents include Salem A. El-Fallah;  F. Gebril;  Ahmed Al-Shahati.

C2. 42.1


C2. 43
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1984 

General note

Correspondent MONIMA Party.

C2. 43.1


C2. 44
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1986 

C2. 44.1


C2. 45
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), 1986, 1989, 1990 

General note

Correspondents include The Malawi Peoples’ Party (  MPP); The  Socialist League of Malawi. Subjects include message of condolence on the death of 12 refugees in  Botswana, 1985 June; 26th  Malawian National Independence Day; political developments in  South Africa, 1990. Correspondence with Dr.  Hastings Banda.

C2. 45.1


C2. 46
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), undated, 1986, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Mouvement Militant Mauricien. Subjects include proposal to make  Nelson Mandela an honourary citizen of the Municipality of Port-Louis; Mauritian Government’s stance on apartheid.

C2. 46.1


C2. 47
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), undated, 1973-1974 

General note

Correspondence with Samora Machel. Subjects include Message of condolence on death of  Eduardo Mondlane; Independence.

C2. 47.1


C2. 47.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item), 1969 

General note

Message of thanks sent by FRELIMO to the  ANC re messages of condolence received on the death of Dr.  Eduardo Chvambo Mondlane.

C2. 47.2.1

Speeches and Message (2 items) 

C2. 47.2.2

Speech by Comrade Joachim Chissano, member of the Executive Committee and the Central Committee for the  Mozambique Liberation Front 

Speech by Mariano Matsinya, Chief Representative of  FRELIMO in  Zambia, delivered on behalf of the liberation Movements of Southern Africa, on the occasion of the Memorial Service of Comrade Cabral, 1973 February 3 

Box Folder

Messagem Fraternal do Congresso Nacional Africano (  ANC) ao Partido Frelimo, 1984 

Reports (6 items) 

General note

Items include Situation in Southern Africa following the victory of people's power in Angola and  Mozambique.

C2. 47.2.3

Press Releases (5 items + duplicate), 1969, 1972, 1975 

General note

Items include Speech by President Samora at the Investiture, 1975 June 25.

C2. 47.2.4

Publications (13 items) 

General note

Includes Communiqué of The Mozambique Liberation Front (  FRELIMO), undated, 1970.

C2. 47.2.5

Miscellaneous (1 item), undated 

C2. 47.2.6


C2. 48
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo: Correspondence (See also -  United Nations--Council/Institute for  Namibia, 2 items), 1986, 1989 

General note

Includes correspondence with Sam Nujomo. Subjects include Independence/  SWAPO electoral victory.

C2. 48.1


C2. 48.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (4 items), 1968, 1972, 1989 

C2. 48.2.1

Speeches and Messages (4 items) 

C2. 48.2.2

Speech made by Sam Nujoma (  SWAPO) at the Moscow Meeting devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the  USSR 

"The problems faced in the transition from the beginning of the implementation of the peace plan leading to the holding of elections in Namibia,"  David Smuts, 1991 February 

Memorandum, Press Release and Agenda 

C2. 48.2.3

Memorandum submitted to the UN Ad Hoc Committee of Experts on Human Rights by SWAPO, Lusaka, 1968 August 27 

Press Conference given by the Office of SWAPO, Lusaka, 1968 November 5 

Agenda, Namibia International Conference, Brussels, 1972 

Reports (4 items) 

C2. 48.2.4

Proposals of the Group of Five on settlement of the Namibian Question 

Miscellaneous (2 items) 

C2. 48.2.5

SWAPO Freedom Songs 

Box Folder

Media Package--The National Thanksgiving Service to celebrate Namibia's Independence, Windhoek Athletic Stadium, 1990 March 22 

Publications (4 items), 1967, 1979-1980 

C2. 48.2.6

Namibia Today Published by  SWAPO 

Namibia Today Organ of  SWAPO (Vol.3, No 2-3) 

SWAPO  Information Bulletin 

Statement of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of SWAPO, Luanda, 1986 January 22 -24 

SWAPO Election Manifesto 


C2. 49
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1987, 1991 

General note

Correspondents include Mayor and Aldermen of the Hague; Netherlands Ambassador (Cape Town). Subjects include Dutch Conference of Cities-against-apartheid; European Community’s Political Cooperation.

C2. 49.1


C2. 49.2

Holland Committee on Southern Africa; some notes on the Campaign; Holland, break with the western protection of South Africa 

Pamphlet--" ANC Leider Tambo in Nederland" 

Guide - Zwart-Wit voor Gevorderden - Docentenhandleiding/Tropenmuseum 

New Zealand 

C2. 50
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1973 

General note

Dennis Brutus in correspondence with  Norman Kirk re racist sports tours.

C2. 50.1

General (2 items) 

C2. 50.2

Correspondence between Christopher Laidlaw, High Commissioner, Harare and  Anthony Mongalo re  Nelson Mandela, 1988 

Programme and Itinerary: visit to New Zealand by  Oliver Tambo, 1987 April 12 - 19 


C2. 51
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (6 items), 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Francisco Campbell (Ambassador);  Daniel Ortega;  Sadinista National Liberation Front. Subjects include message of condolence on the death of  Johnny Makatini; award bestowed on  Nelson Mandela; statement of the National Directorate of the  Sandinista National Front re accords signed by the five  Central American Presidents (Summit), 1989 February 14.

C2. 51.1

General (1 item), 1989 

C2. 51.2
Box Folder




Box Folder


C2. 52
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (15 items), 1971, 1975, 1977, 1987-1990 

General note

Correspondents include General Ibrahim B. Babangida; Dr  L. A. Fabunmi (Chairman: National Committee for the Dissemination of Information on the Evils of Apartheid/High Commissioner);  Banji Oloruntegbe (National Committee Against Apartheid);  Binfa C. Selchum (High Commissioner). Subjects include International Press Institute Conference in Lagos (May 1975); International Conference on Anti-Apartheid, Lagos (November 1988); Municipal Elections/  South Africa (1988); Nigerian 'insurrection' (22 April 1990); Nelson and  Winnie Mandela; Developments in  South Africa (1990).

C2. 52.1


C2. 52.2
Box Folder

Memorandum, Minutes and Reports (6 items) 

C2. 52.2.1

Anti-Apartheid Publicity in Nigeria and  West African Countries - Tentative Plan 

Nigeria -  ANC Friendship: Progress Report, 1986 August 19 

Meeting between Oliver Tambo and the High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of  Nigeria 

Notes on briefing by Rebecca Matlou to  ANC Secretary General,  ANC - Nigerian Government Relations [International Department], 1988 August 19 


C2. 53
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (7 items), 1977, 1985, 1987, 1988 

General note

Correspondents include Norwegian Labour Party;  Kjeld Olesen;  Terje Vigtel; Mayor of Verdal Kommune. Subjects include Solidarity of the Commune of Verdal with the  ANC.

C2. 53.1

General (2 items) 

C2. 53.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items), 1988 

C2. 53.2.1

Statement/Report, Jan P. Syse disappointed the  ANC, 1990 February 16 

C2. 53.2.2


General note

Telex--Members and Leadership of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions extending warm congratulations to the Leadership of the  ANC, elected on 6 July 1991.

C2. 53.2.3

Palestine (  PLO) 

C2. 54
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (9 items), 1986-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Yasser Arafat. Subjects include  PLO stance on the struggle against Apartheid; message of condolences on the martyrdom of  Khalil El Wazir, Deputy Commander-in-Chief; South African Defence Force Raid (1986);  Johnny Makatini eulogy; 77th Anniversary of the  ANC; Appointment of  Yasser Arafat by  PLO to President of the State of  Palestine; Release of  ANC leaders;  Oliver Tambo’s return from exile to  South Africa.

C2. 54.1


C2. 54.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item), 1988 

General note

International Committee of Artists and Intellectuals for the support of the uprising and the struggle of the Palestinian People in Occupied Territories.

C2. 54.2.1


Message Addressed to the ANC from the Palestine Committee for Peace and Afro-Asian Solidarity, 1975 

C2. 54.2.2

Report of Meeting with PLO Delegation led by Comrade Arafat, 1989 April 29 

C2. 54.2.3

Paper, "An International Law Appraisal of the Juridical Characteristics of the Resistance of the People of Palestine: the Struggle for Human Rights." Meeting of the Commission on Human Rights in Palestine, Second World Conference of Christians for Palestine, 1972 September 6 - 9 

C2. 54.2.4

Publication-- Agence Jamahirya Presse, 1982 August 1 

C2. 54.2.5


C2. 55
Box Folder

General--Resolution re Nelson Mandela (Spanish) 

C2. 55.1


C2. 56
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1984 

General note

Portuguese Communist Party re Year of the Woman.

C2. 56.1

General, Pamphlet--" Portugal’s Democratic Coup," Special Supplement to Resister, Third Quarter, 1990 

C2. 56.2


C2. 57
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (7 items), 1973, 1986, 1988 

General note

Correspondents include Nicolae Ceausescu. Subjects include Assistance provided by the  Romanian Communist Party to the  ANC; Visit to  Romania.

C2. 57.1

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic 

C2. 58
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (7 items), 1986-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Mohamed Abdelaziz (President). Subjects include 10th Anniversary of the  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic; Celebrations of "the launching of the armed struggle against Spanish colonialism and Moroccan expansionism" (May 20, 1987); Release of  Nelson Mandela and the unbanning of the  ANC.

C2. 58.1

Saudi Arabia 

C2. 59
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), 1973, 1986 

General note

Correspondent King Faisal; Subjects include invitation extended to  Oliver Tambo on the occasion of the National Day; Oil Embargo directed against the State of  Israel.

C2. 59.1


C2. 59.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items), 1987, 1989 

C2. 59.2.1


C2. 60
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (4 items), 1989-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Abdou Diouf. Subjects include 29th Anniversary of Independence of  Senegal; Release of  Nelson Mandela.

C2. 60.1


C2. 61
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), circa 1963, 1984 

General note

Correspondents include Adam Mohamed Ali;  Abdullah Issa. Subjects include Arrest of  Nelson Mandela;  Socialist Inter-African General Council, 1984 June.

C2. 61.1

South Africa 

C2. 62
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (7 items), 1987-1991 

General note

Correspondents include PFP/DP;  South African Communist Party (  SACP);  Pik Botha. Subjects include South African political crisis (article by  Colin Eglin in the  Sunday Times, 1986); 7th Congress of the  SACP; Five Freedoms Forum conference in Lusaka.

C2. 62.1

'Independent States' within South Africa's Borders and Homelands 

C2. 63
Box Folder


C2. 63.1
Box Folder

Reports-- Various ANC reports (21 items), 1983-1984 

C2. 63.1.1

Press Release re Attacks on residents of Braklaagte. (Issued by Western Transvaal Region), 1991 April 11 

C2. 63.1.2


C2. 63.2
Box Folder

Address--"Address to SA British Trade Association" by Chief Minister Enos J. Mabuza of  Kangwane and President of Inyandza National Movement 

C2. 63.2.1

Documents--4th Kangwane Legislative Assembly 

C2. 63.2.2


C2. 63.3
Box Folder

Speeches--Transcripts of 4 speeches made by M. N. Ramodike (  Lebowa People's Party) entitled "Political Stance of  M. N. Ramodike", Lusaka, 1989 September 12 

C2. 63.3.1


C2. 63.4
Box Folder

Address--Major Geneneral Bantu Holomisa. "South African Negotiations, One Person/One Vote and Implications for the Future," (21st African-American Institute Conference, Cairo), 1991 January 7 - 10 

C2. 63.4.1

A State in the Making - Progress in the Transkei, Issued by the Department of Information/Government Printer Cape Town, 1970 

C2. 63.4.2

"Aspects of the Non-Agricultural Economy in the Transkei" 

C2. 63.4.3


C2. 64
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1991 

General note

Correspondence with Felipe Gonzales.

C2. 64.1


C2. 65
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (4 items), 1983 

General note

Correspondents include K. M. El-Mekki;  Badr Eldin Suliman (Secretary of the Central Leadership/  Sudanese Socialist Union). Subjects include Socialist Inter-African Meeting, Khartoum, 1983.

C2. 65.1

General-- Sudan Review published by the Central Committee of the  Sudanese Communist Party 

C2. 65.2


C2. 66
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (4 items), undated, 1984, 1990 

General note

Correspondents E. B. B. Gamedze (High Commissioner);  King Mswati III. Subjects include 75th Anniversary of the  ANC; Release of  Nelson Mandela and unbanning of  ANC.

C2. 66.1


C2. 66.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (3 items) 

General note

Correspondents Jacob Zuma;  B. S. S. Mabizela. Subjects  Swaziland's reaction to 23  ANC cadres with military training going to ground; detention of an  ANC member; parcel bomb - Bafana Duma/ambushing of  ANC truck.

C2. 66.2.1

Memorandum presented by the National Executive Committee to the Government of Swaziland on the agreement between  Swaziland and the Pretoria Regime on Ka-Ngwane, and Ngwavuma, 1982 July 15 

C2. 66.2.2

Communiqué - talks between Executive Secretary of the OAU Liberation Committee and a  Swaziland delegation of Ministers and Officials re problems with the  ANC, 1985 March 8 

C2. 66.2.3

Miscellaneous item re Conference in Swaziland, 1985 

C2. 66.2.4
Box Folder




Box Folder


C2. 67
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (12 items), undated, 1977-1991 

General note

Correspondents include Ingvar Carlsson; Lisbet and  Olaf Palme;  Carl J. Persson (Ambassador);  Swedish Communist Party;  Swedish Liberal Party. Subjects include National Convention of the Swedish Liberal Party (1977); International Seminar on Southern Africa organised by the  AIC (  International Centre of the Swedish Labour Movement), 1983; Swedish government decision to licence all trade with  South Africa; Message of condolences on the death of  Bernt Carlsson; Inauguration ceremony of new Swedish Embassy, Lusaka; Release of  Nelson Mandela and the unbanning of the  ANC; 79th Anniversary of the  ANC.

C2. 67.1


C2. 67.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item) 

General note

Telex - Olaf Palme (thanking  T T Nkobi for the message of sympathy received on behalf of the  ANC on the death of  King Adolf Gustaf VI, 1973 November 7.

C2. 67.2.1

Agendas (2 items) 

C2. 67.2.2

Visit of Oliver Tambo, Mr. Kunene and Mr. Legaffick, Stockholm, 1973 January 7 - 10 

Congress of the Socialist International, Stockholm, 1989 June 20 - 22 

Papers, Speeches and Messages (5 items) 

C2. 67.2.3

Peace Now - Swedish Youth Rally: Sibusiso Bengu 

Tribute to Olaf Palme by the Swedish Minister of Health and Social Affairs,  Gertrude Sigurdsen, 1986 March 

Booklet: Speech made at the "Swedish People's Parliament against Apartheid" on 21 February 1986 in Stockholm by Olaf Palme 

Reports (4 items) 

C2. 67.2.4

Summary Report of Scandinavian Tour [duplicate], 1962 

The APG's visit to  Sweden, 1972 December 28 

Establishment of a Nordic Information Pool for the Liberation Movements of Southern Africa (Uppsala), 1980 January 15 

Statement on South Africa and  Namibia at the Meeting of Nordic Foreign Ministers in Turku, 1990 March 6 - 7 

Publications and Booklets (2 items) 

C2. 67.2.5

The Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation 

To Sweden from ANC: Commemoration of the life of Olaf Palme 


C2. 68
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1984 

General note

Correspondent Syrian Communist Party. Subject Founding (60th Anniversary) and work of the  Syrian Communist Party.

C2. 68.1


C2. 69
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (13 items), 1962-1989 

General note

Correspondents include National Executive Committee of Cham Cha Mapinduzi; Ali Hassan Mwinyi;  Julius K. Nyere;  Salim Ahmed Salim. Subjects include Messages of condolence on the death of  Edward M. Sokoine (Prime Minister); 7th Summit Meeting of the PTA Authority, Arusha - 1988; Message of condolences received on the death of  Johnny Makatini; Release of  Nelson Mandela.

C2. 69.1


C2. 69.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (5 items), 1986, 1988-1989 

General note

Subjects include relations between the Tanzanian Government Representative,  Ndugu Obezi and the  ANC Administration in Mazimbu, 1986 July 9.

C2. 69.2.1

Press Release--Taganyika, Independence, 1961 March 31 

C2. 69.2.2


C2. 69.2.3

Tanzanian Policy on Foreign Affairs, Address by Mwalimu Julius K. Nyere, Tanganyika African National Union National Conference, 1967 October 16 

President Nyerere's Speeches during his state visits to Mauritius,  New Zealand,  Australia and  China, 1974 March 11 - 30 

Trinidad and Tobago 

C2. 70
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), 1990 

General note

Correspondents include Michael J. Williams (President of the Senate). Subjects include Release of  Nelson Mandela and unbanning of  ANC.

C2. 70.1


C2. 70.2
Box Folder


C2. 70.2.1

"Struggle for Justice: A Report on Human Rights in Trinidad and Tobago" compiled by The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau on Human Rights to commemorate World Human Rights Day, 1986 December 10 


C2. 71
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), 1987-1989 

General note

Correspondents include Taieb Sahbani. Subjects include Official visit to  Tunisia; Election of  Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali to the Presidency.

C2. 71.1

General (1 item), 1989 

C2. 71.2


C2. 71a
Box Folder


C2. 71a.1
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item), 1989 

General note

Correspondence between Anthony Mongalo on behalf of  Oliver Tambo and  Amama Mbabazi re travel documents for  ANC cadres.

C2. 71a.1.1

Publication and Pamphlet (2 items), 1959-1960 

C2. 71a.2

"Uganda Political Survey," Uganda National Congress Appeal to 2nd Independent African States Conference at Addis Ababa, 1959 May - 1960 May 

Memorandum on Uganda's Self-Determination - Presented by Uganda National Congress to 2nd Independent African States Conference, Addis Ababa, 1960 June 

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 

C2. 72
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (1 item), 1985 

General note

Subject Soviet Instructors attached to ANC camps in  Angola (See also  ANC External Missions:  Angola).

C2. 72.1


C2. 72.2
Box Folder


C2. 72.2.1

"Triumph of Lenin’s National Policy," D. Kunaev (First Secretary, Central Committee,  Communist Party of Kazakhstan), 1970 April 1 

"New Soviet Peace Initiatives," M. Gorbachev speaks at the  United Nations, (  USSR Embassy Press Release), 1988 December 7 

Press Releases (Embassy of the USSR) (11 items), 1968, 1971, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1990 

C2. 72.2.2

Papers and Discussion Documents (27 items, various topics), uundated, 1978 

C2. 72.2.3


C2. 72.2.4

Soviet Peace Committee, "On the Situation in Southern Africa," 1978 

Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee, Appeals/Statements, 1989-1990 

Box Folder






Box Folder

Miscellaneous Report--"Economic Development" 

C2. 72.2.5


C2. 72.2.6

Novosti Press Agency,  News and Views, 1978 June, 1988 - 1990 August 

Press Releases, Novosti Press Agency, 1988-1989 

C2. 72.2.7

Publications, Miscellaneous (4 items), 1978, 1980, 1986 

C2. 72.2.8
Box Folder

United Arab Emirates 

C2. 73
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (2 items), 1975 

General note

Ahmed Khalifa Al-Suweidi (Minister of Foreign Affairs) re Symposium on Arab-African relations and co-operation.

C2. 73.1
Box Folder


Roll Folder




Box Folder

United Kingdom 

C2. 74
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (22 items), 1986-1991 

General note

Correspondents include Lord Barber; Bernie Grant; Haringey Council; Lord  John Hatch;  Geoffrey Howe;  Neil Kinnock;  National Union of Mineworkers;  Steven Miles; Sir  David Steele;  W. K. K. White (High Commissioner). Subjects include British Government/European Community's stance on Apartheid.

C2. 74.1

Programme--Service of Thanksgiving for the life and work of Geoffrey H. C. Bing, Addressed to Oliver and  Adelaide Tambo 


C2 74.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (9 items), 1983, 1986-1988 

General note

Correspondents include Geoffrey Howe;  Nathaniel Masemola;  Margaret Thatcher;  Dennis Worral.

C2. 74.2.1

Speeches (7 items), 1978, 1986-1990 

C2. 74.2.2

Text of Dr. Owen's Speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations, 1978 September 27 

" South Africa: No Easy Answers" 

Interviews (extracts)-- Margaret Thatcher 

Extract from a speech by William Waldegrave, "  South Africa - Realism is Winning Through" 


C2. 74.2.3

Greater London Council's Anti-Apartheid Declaration 


"British Policy Towards South Africa" 

"House of Lords Official Report" (item on South Africa and Sanctions), 1991 

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee - Session 1984-85, The Situation in South Africa/Minutes of Evidence ( ANC -  Oliver Tambo;  Thabo Mbeki;  A. Pahad) 

United States of America 

C2. 75
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (23 items), 1980-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Barbara Harmel; Rev.  Jesse Jackson;  Edward Kennedy;  Paul E. Tsongas. Subjects include Report by  Paul E. Tsongas on visit to seven African states; sanctions debate; visit to the US; Tribute to  Oliver Tambo by Senator  Edward Kennedy, 1990.

C2. 75.1

General (4 items), 1985-1986, 1989 

C2. 75.2
Box Folder

Correspondence re Project South Africa Invitation/Programme 

C2. 75.2.1

Reports (8 items) 

C2. 75.2.2

Apartheid as an oppressive and violent system and the ANC as a movement dedicated to change and democracy in  South Africa 

Report of a meeting between the ANC and  Robert Cabelly, special assistant to  Chester Crocker, US Information Office, Lusaka, 1983 September 7 

Rebuttals to criticism of ANC President  Oliver Tambo's meeting with Secretary Shultz 

ANC meeting with  William Roberts 

Memorandum, Talking points for Hani Meeting with Jeffrey Davidow, 1991 April 22 

The United States, Africa and the International Division of Labour 

Box Folder






Box Folder

Speeches, Statements and Interviews (14 items) 

C2. 75.2.4

South Africa: Strategy for Change,  Chester Crocker, 1980-1981 

Interview with Chester Crocker,  Howard Scripps, 1981 

Statement from the Office of Senator Edward M. Kennedy re visit to  South Africa, 1985 

Press Releases, US Information Service, undated, 1976-1981, 1986 

C2. 72.2.5
Box Folder


C2. 76
Box Folder


C2. 76.1

Uruguay and South African Apartheid,  Uruguayan Association against Racism and Apartheid, 1983 


C2. 77
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (5 items), 1988-1989 

General note

Includes correspondence with Carlos Andres Perez. Subjects include Honourary Doctorate to be conferred on  Nelson Mandela; electoral victory for  Carlos Andres Perez, 1989.

C2. 77.1


C2. 78
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items), 1968-1969 

General note

Subjects support of the people of Vietnam; message of condolences over the death of President  Ho Chi Minh.

C2. 78.1

Speech given by Nguyen Ho, member of the Standing Committee of the City Communist Party, President of  Ho Chi Minh City Committee of Solidarity and friendship with world peoples at reception in honour of  ANC delegation, 1978 October 17 

Statement by Nguyen Van Linh, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam at the Meeting of Parties and Organisations, Moscow, 1987 Septmber 4 - 5 


C2. 79
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (10 items), 1971, 1977-1978, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Ambassadors of Yugoslavia.

C2. 79.1


C2. 79.2

Correspondence (2 items) 


Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (3 items), undated, 1972, 1988 

General note

Correspondents include Political exile - Nkamba-Ilunga wa Mwenga (Ligue des Sans-Partie);  Bande Larity Nyarende (Ambassador). Subjects include 20th Anniversary of the Independence of  Zaire.

C2. 80.1


C2. 80.2

List/Notes - Miscellaneous 

Statement,"The Cartel's position towards People's aspirations for fundamental change in Congo 'Zaire'," 1990 April 15 

Box Folder

Zambia, undated, 1962, 1984-1989 

C2. 81
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence 

General note

Correspondents include Kenneth Kaunda;  E. H. K. Mudenda. Subjects include 20th Anniversary of the Independence of  Zambia/26th Anniversary of  UNIP/60th Birthday of  Kenneth Kaunda; message of condolences on the death of  Nalumino Mundia; 24th Anniversary of the Independence of Zambia; Namibian Elections.

C2. 81.1


C2. 81.2
Box Folder


C2. 81.2.1
Box Folder

1967-1973 (42 items) 


1975-1976, 1988-1989 (42 items) 


Statements and Speeches 

C2. 81.2.2
Box Folder

ANC Statements (4 items), undated, 1962, 1987-1988 


Statement on the Question of Negotiations, 1987 October 9 

Statement addressed to the 10th General Conference, UNIP,  Kabwe, Zambia, 1988 August 18 - 23 

Kenneth Kaunda (6 items), 1969, 1975, 1978, 1982, 1987, 1989 


Address to the UNIP National Council, Matero, Lusaka, 1969 August 11 

Africa's Constant Plea - remarks made at a White House dinner given in his honour by President Gerald R. Ford, 1975 April 19 

Speech, officially opening the World Council of Churches' Meeting, Pamodzi Hotel, 1987 May 4 

Remarks on the Presentation of the Main Gift on 64th Birthday of His Excellency, Dr. K. Kaunda at State House, 1988 April 28 


Miscellaneous Statement 


The Lusaka Statement - representations of churches, trade unions, Women's Youth (sic) and anti-apartheid groups from South Africa, Namibia and other parts of the world, Lusaka, 1987 May 4 - 8 


C2. 81.2.3

Reports; The National Anthem; Applications for a Zambia Travel Document; programme for the official visit by the Prime Minister of  New Zealand, 1985 


C2. 82.2
Box Folder

Oliver Tambo Correspondence (16 items), 1971-1989 

General note

Correspondents include M. Mangwende;  E. D. Mnangagwa;  D. N. E. Mutasa;  N. M. Shamuyarira;  James Chikerema;  Robert Mugabe. Subjects include Non-Aligned Movement Summit Conference (1986, 1989); elections of the First President under the Constitution of  Zimbabwe Amendment (1987); Unity accord between  ZANU (PF) and  PF-ZAPU (1987); message of condolences on  Johnny Makatini’s death; Campaign of Mrs. McBride on the death sentence imposed on  Robert McBride; Conference of Socialist International and Frontline States on Southern Africa; message of condolences  Maurice Nyagumbo’s death.

C2. 82.1
Box Folder





Box Folder


C2. 82.2
Box Folder

Zimbabwe African National Union (  ZANU) 

C2. 82.2.1
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items) 


Report--The Party’s Ideological Concept 


Statements and Communiqués (5 items), undated, 1970, 1977 


Statement addressed to the ANC on the occasion of its 60th Birthday 

Death in detention of the Vice President of ZANU,  Leopald Takawira 

Miscellaneous--Sticker, Rhodesia is  Zimbabwe - Support ZANU for action inside  Zimbabwe Now 


Zimbabwe African People’s Union (  ZAPU) 

C2. 82.2.2
Box Folder

Correspondence re formal expulsion of James Chikerema,  George Nyaudoro and  Stephen Pariernyatwa (Former members of  ZAPU) 




"'Amagolilia' - that's what they call guerrilla's" 

Facts about ZAPU and  ZANU (  ZAPU) 

Communiqué ZAPU and  ANC 

Crimes of the Rhodesian Colonial Regime against the People of Zimbabwe and Independent African States, presented by  ZAPU before the International Commission of Inquiry into the Crimes of the Racist and Apartheid Regimes in Southern Africa, Brussels, 1979 February 9 - 12 

Summary - Session with Minister of Education re placement of ANC students in  Zimbabwe, 1984 



The Zimbabwe People's Voice, Official Organ of  ZAPU, Vol. 1 No.73, 1978 November 



The Inaugural Africa Prize for Leadership Address - Robert Mugabe, The Hunger Project, 1988 

Press Cuttings, Zimbabwe Fact Sheet 



Box Folder

Lewis John Collins 

C3. 1

Programme of Funeral, St Paul's Cathedral, 1983 January 11 

King Sabata Dalindyebo, Medical Report, 1986 April 14 

C3. 2

Ruth First--  Ronald Segal's tribute to  Ruth First, Hampstead Town Hall 

C3. 4

Chris Hani’s Assassination 

C3. 5

Correspondence between Angela E. V. King (UN Observer Mission in  South Africa) and  Nelson Mandela, 1993 April 10 

Press Releases,Statements (5 items) 

Archbishop Trevor Huddleston 

C3. 6

Correspondence (3 items), 1984, 1986, 1990 

General note

Correspondents include C. D. Powell;  Margaret Thatcher.

Statement and Speech (2 items) 

Statement by Rev. T. Huddleston, President, Anti-Apartheid Movement, on launching the Anti-Apartheid Movement's Ten-Point Programme of Action 

Canon Collins Memorial Lecture: South Africa at the Crossroads, 1986 

A. Kathrada Speech and Statement (2 items) 

C3. 7

David and Norma Kitson 

C3. 8
Box Folder


C3. 8.1
Box Folder

1982-1984 (18 items) 

C3. 8.1.1

1985-1987, 1990 (17 items) 

C3. 8.1.2

Kitson Committee 

C3. 8.2

Minutes (3 items), 1981-1983 

Booklet, One Union's Fight against Apartheid - The Story of the Free Dave Kitson Campaign 

Circular Leaflet 

Justice for Kitson Campaign 

C3. 8.3

Circular Letter/Pamphlet (2 items), 1989 

Anti-Apartheid Movement/Group 

C3. 8.4

Minutes, City Branch (4 items), 1982 February - April 

Pamphlets, Circular Letters, Press Releases re activities including pickets outside South Africa House (See Photographs; 8 items) 

Membership Card, Adelaide Tambo (Founder) 

Photographs (9 items) 

General note

24 Hour Picket outside South Africa House.

C3. 8.5

Albert J. Luthuli 

C3. 9

Commemorative Speech on July 21, date of Chief Luthuli’s death 

Miscellaneous item--Slip attached to payment forwarded to A. J. Luthuli (  BBC transcription service) 

Johnny Makatini 

C3. 10

List of various organisations/countries who sent messages on the death of Johnny Makhatini, 1988 December 5 

Programme for the Funeral of Johnny Makhatini 

Pamphlet "Obituary - Johnstone "Johnny" Mfanafuthi Makatini (Tireless Freedom Fighter) 

Nelson Mandela 

C3. 11
Box Folder


C3. 11.1

Letters written from Pollsmoor Prison (27 items including duplicates), undated, 1978-1989 

Report - Robben Island, 1970 January 

C3. 11.2
Box Folder





Box Folder

Correspondence (4 items), 1990 

C3. 11.3

Speeches and Statements (14 items), 1964, 1985-1991 

C3. 11.4

Published Speeches and Statements (10 items) 

C3. 11.5

Itinerary(s) and Programmes 

C3. 11.6

Miscellaneous Items--Postcard, Card, Photograph 

C3. 11.7

Drafts of Plays/Books on Nelson Mandela (6 items) 

C3. 11.8
Box Folder

Mary Benson's book on  Nelson Mandela 

C3. 11.8.1

What is to be done - A play by  Laurie C. Sain, Includes correspondence, 1985 

C3. 11.8.2

Report/Memorandum on meetings with Nelson Mandela whilst in Prison (2 items) 

C3. 11.9

Items include An account of a meeting with Nelson Mandela by  Nicholas Bethell, 1985 Janaury 27 

Biographical Notes on Nelson Mandela 

C3. 11.1

Speeches given in honour of Nelson Mandela (5 items) 

C3. 11.11

International Support 

C3. 11.12

Correspondence, Reports and Miscellaneous Items 

Messages of Solidarity received on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s 60th Birthday, 23 July 1978; Message from  Willy Brandt to  Nelson Mandela on latter’s Birthday, 1986/Pamphlet - 70th birthday greetings 

International Calls for Mandela’s Release and Awards 

Survey of Events and Actions in Honour of and for the Release of Nelson Mandela, Preliminary results prepared by the British Anti-Apartheid Movement, 1984 October 

Nelson Mandela Park - Welford Road, Leicester (Information Package) 

Freedom of the City of Aberdeen 

Box Folder






Box Folder

International Reception Committee Memorandum; Nelson Mandela British Honours List (April 1990); Statements (Including statement on release of  Nelson Mandela); Publication -  IRC News 

C3. 11.12.1

Responses to his release from prison (Includes a statement by Oliver Tambo) (18 items) 

General note

Items include Statements by O. J. Masire,  PLO, Communist Party/  Sweden,  People’s Republic of Bulgaria.

C3. 11.12.2
Box Folder

ANC - Miscellaneous 

C3. 11.13

Correspondence, Reports and Paper (4 items) 

General note

Paper, "What is the Significance of Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday for the  ANC"; Telexes/Notes re Libyan embassy's offer to rebuild house of the Mandela's, 1988.

Media Reports/Comments 

C3. 11.14

Miscellaneous (Includes list of items forwarded to Nelson Mandela), 1990 March 25 

C3. 11.15
Box Folder

Winnie Mandela 

C3. 12
Box Folder

Correspondence (3 items), 1986 April 

General note

Includes correspondence addressed to Oliver Tambo.

C3. 12.1

Transcript, " Winnie Mandela and the Football Club," A File on 4 Special Documentary 

C3. 12.2

Press Cutting, Winnie Mandela in Brandfort,  Fatima Meer (Index on Censorship) 

C3. 12.3


C3. 12.4

Postcard with a portrait of Winnie Mandela 

Notes on Winnie Mandela 

J. B. Marks 

C3. 13

Correspondence (1 item), 1969 November 24 

General note

Addressed to J. B. Marks, London (  Yusef Dadoo?).

Address, Opening address by J. B. Marks at The Morogoro Consultative Conference of the  ANC, 3p. Ms. 

Record of Exchange of Messages re death of J. B. Marks 

Obituary, In Memory of J. B. Marks, Provisional Headquarters, Morogoro,  ANC 

Govan Mbeki 

C3. 14


Canon Collins Memorial Lecture delivered by Govan Mbeki, London, 1990 September 27 

Address to the Govan Mbeki Fellowship at the  University of Amsterdam, 1990 September 28 

Publications (2 items) 

General note

Includes Govan Mbeki, An Honorary Doctor behind bars.

Thabo Mbeki 

C3. 15
Box Folder

General Correspondence (33 items), 1978-1986 

C3. 15.1

Speeches and Statements (4 items) 

C3. 15.2

"Domestic and Foreign Policies of a New South Africa," Lecture given by  Thabo Mbeki (Conflict and Change in Southern Africa: Scandinavian and Canadian Perspectives and Policy Options, [Translation in French], 1978 February 19 - 22 

Statement by Thabo Mbeki on Poverty and Change in  South Africa:  Duke University, Durham, 1989 February 16 

Miscellaneous Questions for an interview 

C3. 15.3

Mzala Nxumalo 

C3. 16
Box Folder

"Education for Revolution: The Role of a Qualified Cadre in our struggle" 

Death of Mzala Nxumalo,  Brian Bunting, London, 1991 February 23 

Jeannette Schoon, 1949 - 1984 

C3. 17
Box Folder

Pamphlet, Published by ADAC 

Albertina Sisulu 

C3. 18

Correspondence with Albertina Sisulu from The White House and  Danielle Mitterrand, 1989 May 11 and February 20 

Walter Sisulu 

C3. 19

Address by Walter Sisulu at the National Welcome Back Rally, Johannesburg, 1989 October 29 

Biographical Notes 

Publication, Walter Max Ulyate Sisulu, Published by Southern Africa - The Imprisoned Society in cooperation with the  UN Centre against Apartheid 

Joe Slovo 

C3. 20
Box Folder

Address, "Prospects for Armed Struggle in South Africa," National Student Conference, Revolution in Southern Africa, Oxford, 1968 March 9 


Press Cuttings (2 items) 

General note

Items include:"What Recent 'Peace' Initiatives Mean," Radio Freedom (Addis Ababa) Interviews with  Joe Slovo.

Box Folder


Roll Folder





Box Folder

Africa Fund (Action for Resisting Invasion, Colonialism and Apartheid) 

C4. 1

Final Documents - Africa Fund Summit, New Delhi, 1987 January 

Circular with enclosed educational materials concerning Health, produced in cooperation with the Committee for Health in southern Africa (  CHISA) 

Afrikaanseweerstandbeweging (  AWB), 1991 

C4. 2

Correspondence from Mendi Msimang (Chief Representative,  ANC Mission -  UK and  Ireland) re  AWB recruitment 

Miscellaneous, "To all members of the Afrikaner Volk!" 

Afro-Asian People's Solidarity Organisation 

C4. 3

Booklet, International Seminar on Agricultural Development and Food Security in the Developing Countries, Hungary, 1985 October 13 - 17 

Afro-Asian Solidarity (A Quarterly issued by the Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization), Nos. 3-4 1989 

American Committee on Africa 

C4. 4

Press Release, "Court rules for hearing on ACOA against the  New York Times for  South African Job Advertisements," 1973 November 26 

Action News (4 items), 1988-1991 

Pamphlets (6 items) 

General note

Items include Observe Human Rights Day, December 10, by answering this appeal for action against apartheid (circa 1950s/1960s); Join the Free South Africa Movement; Question and Answers on Divestment; Programme - Reception honouring Oliver Tambo, 22 January 1987 (American Committee on Africa/Africa Fund).

Anglo American 

C4. 5


Anglo American Policy on South Africa as reported by Clem Sutner 

Box Folder

Summary of lecture by Clem Sutner, Delivered in Harare, 1989 February 


Pamphlet, "Reform and Reaction in South Africa," G. W. H. Relly (Address to the South Africa Club, London, 1981 October 8 

Anti Apartheid Movement 

C4. 6
Box Folder


C4. 6.1

Correspondence (2 items), 1990 

General note

Correspondents Kader and Louise Asmal.

Resolutions, 1972 

Box Folder


Annual Report, 1989-1990 

Pamphlet, "The Dunnes Strike and the Struggle against Apartheid," 1985 April 

France (5 items), 1980, 1984 

C4. 6.2

Reaction to proposed visit of P. W. Botha by Comit contre le Colonialisme et l’Apartheid 

Publication, 1977 


C4. 6.3

Correspondence (1 item), 1983 

General note

Correspondent Connie Braam.

Box Folder





Box Folder

United Kingdom 

C4. 6.4
Box Folder

Correspondence (5 items), 1988-1991 

C4. 6.4.1


C4. 6.4.2

Minutes of the National Committee Meeting, House of Commons, 1964 March 25 

Report of the Executive Committee to the National Committee, 1964 July 6 

Memoranda (2 items) 

C4. 6.4.3

Addressed to the ANC and other organisations from  IAEA and  Mike Terry, Executive Secretary,  AAM) 

Memoranda, Reports and Papers (6 items) 

C4. 6.4.4

Memorandum to the United Nations Special Committee on the Policies of Apartheid of the Government of the RSA, London, 1964 April 

" South Africa - Aspects of Foreign Investment and Finance," prepared by  Vella Pillay, Meeting of the UN Special Committee on Apartheid, Dublin, 1974 May 21 

National Convention against Apartheid and for Freedom in Namibia and  South Africa, Draft Programme of Action, 1984 June 23 - 24 

"Southern Africa - The Time to Choose," Progress Report, 1982 

Constrained by Sanctions - The Apartheid Economy in 1988, A memorandum for Presentation to the Commonwealth Foreign Ministers Committee on Southern Africa, Harare, 1989 February 6 

Press Releases and Statements (6 items) 

General note

Includes Media Package: Nelson Mandela - Freedom at 70.

C4. 6.4.5


C4. 6.4.6
Box Folder

Annual Report of Activities and Developments (5items), 1977-1978, 1982-1986 


Members Newsletter (1 item), 1973 February 

Box Folder

Anti Apartheid News (6 items), 1977, 1980, 1981, 1984 


General Items (10 items) 

General note

Includes Southern Africa: The Time to Choose;  Selling Out to Apartheid: British Government Support for Trade with South Africa;  Apartheid Gold.


Pamphlets (10 items) 

C4. 6.4.7

World Campaign 

C4. 6.5

Correspondence, Reports and Publications (10 items) 

General note

Includes World Campaign against Military and Nuclear Collaboration with South Africa and  Bulletin of the Continuation Committee of the World Conference against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa.

Box Folder

Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Committee for Africa/Asia/Latin America (14 items) 

C4. 7
Box Folder

Memoranda, Statements, Appeals and Publications 

Artists against Apartheid (Sun City) 

C4. 8
Box Folder

Correspondence between Steven Little (President) and the  ANC, 1989 July 26 

Association of West European Parliamentarians for Action against Apartheid (  AWEPAA) (8 items) 

C4. 9
Box Folder

Statements, Report and Publications 

Black Consciousness Movement of South Africa, London 

C4. 10

Circular, Circular on the London Office 

Publication, Solidarity, Volume 1, No. 2 

Black Consciousness Movements (BCM (A)), Canada 

C4. 11

Newsletter 1983 January - February 

Bophelo/Impilo Community Association 

C4. 12
Box Folder


Report, Presentation to 1990 Federation Conference - Jersey 

Fifth Annual Report, Community Development in a Changing South Africa, 1989-1990 

Centre for Development Studies, University of the Western Cape 

C4. 13

Correspondence, Memoranda, Reports, Pamphlet 

Report, 1990 July - 1991 March 

Correspondence/Memoranda re temporary suspension of all CDS activities (2 items) 

Box Folder

Memorandum, Meeting between ANC,  UDF,  COSATU,  SASPRO and  CDS (Board of Trustees), 1990 June 10 

Discussion Document on Structures and Principles of a Constitution for a Democratic South Africa, Sent to  Oliver Tambo by  Zola Skweyiya, 1991 April 11 

Pamphlet, CDS 

Centre for Intergroup Studies 

C4. 14
Box Folder


Coalition for a Free Africa, Inc. 

C4. 15

Proposed Fundraising Telethon - "From Selma to Soweto," 1986 

Information Package, Organisation of Telethon, 1987 


C4. 16

Statements, Press Releases, Publications (7 items), 1985, 1989-1990 

Commonwealth News Release, Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1989 October 18 - 24 

Responding to Reform: The phased lifting of Commonwealth sanctions against South Africa, 1991 

Publication, Nassau Communiqué, 1985 October 

Box Folder




Box Folder

Commonwealth EPG (4 items) 

C4. 17

Press Release, Statement by the Secretary of State for External Affairs, Joe Clark, MP, 1986 June 12 

Mission to South Africa: The Commonwealth Report, 1986 

Congress of South African Students (COSAS) 

C4. 18

Papers and Reports (2 items), undated 

Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) 

C4. 19

List, Correspondence (17 items) 

Meeting between UDF/  COSATU and Inkatha, 1989 

Pamphlet, UWUSA or  COSATU ... The People Choose! Issued by the National Student Federation 

Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa (  CONTRALESA) 

C4. 20

Reports and Speeches (3 items) 

1st National Conference to mark the launch of CONTRALESA, Broederstroom, 1990 September 28 - 30 

Paper submitted at the Consultative Conference of the ANC, 1990 December 14 

Box Folder

Pamphlets (2 items) 

C4. 20

European Community (5 items) 

C4. 21

Includes "A Code for Misconduct? A critical study of the implementation of the EEC Code of Conduct by British Companies operating in South Africa," Barbara Rodgers (  Christian Concern for Southern Africa), 1980 


C4. 22
Box Folder

Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi: 

C4. 22.1
Box Folder

Correspondence with Oliver Tambo re  Oliver Tambo’s reaction to violence in Lamontville, 1984 

C4. 22.1.1

Speeches and Statements 

C4. 22.1.2
Box Folder

1977 (16 items) 

C4. 22.1.2a

1978 (10 items) 

C4. 22.1.2b
Box Folder







Box Folder

1979, 1990 July - November (21 items) 

C4. 22.1.2c
Box Folder

Meetings between Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi and government officials 

C4. 22.1.3

Conference of eight black leaders with B. J. Vorster and  M. C. Botha, 1975 January 22 

Meeting between M. G. Buthelezi and  J. T. Kruger, Union Buildings, (Transcript), 1977 September 19 

The Aide-Memoire used at the first meeting between the Prime Minister of South Africa,  P. W. Botha and  M. G. Buthelezi, 1979 January 22 

Interview transcripts with Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi: 

C4. 22.1.4

NBC Report, 1977 July 27 

Box Folder

Interview given by M. G. Buthelezi to  Chege Mbitiru, Foreign Editor,  The Daily Nation,  Kenya, Durban, 1977 August 13 



C4. 22.1.5

Points made during an interview with Mangosuthu Buthulezi conducted by  Voice of America, 1979 September 9 

Oliver Tambo’s notes on  Gatsha Buthulezi, Ms. 17p. 

Box Folder


C4. 22.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (Miscellaneous, 4 items) 

C4. 22.2.1


C4. 22.2.2

"The People’s Struggle," M. G. Buthelezi, London, personal copy sent to  Oliver Tambo, 1979 October 

Joint Statement arising out of a meeting between ANC and Inkatha, Issued by the  ANC Department of Information and Publicity, 1990 September 19 

Joint Statement of the IFP/  ANC meeting, Durban, 1991 January 29 

Miscellaneous Memorandum/reaction to remarks by Buthelezi on Indians (letters/pamphlet)/Notes on Inkatha 

C4. 22.2.3

Summary of Sibusiso M. Bengu’s Address, "The Role of Inkatha and the Youth in the Black Liberation Struggle in South Africa", Ulundi, 1978 

C4. 22.2.4

Publications/Pamphlets (10 items) 

C4. 22.2.5

Inkatha, Vol. 1, No.1; Vol. 1 No.3; Vol.1, No.4; Vol.1, No.7, 1976-1979 

Fourth Ordinary General Conference, 1978 July 

Fifth Ordinary General Conference, 1979 June - July 

Pamphlet, "Defend Your Rights - Stay South African" 

Pamphlet, "Seek Your Rights as a South African" 

Miscellaneous items relating to Natal 

C4. 22.2.6

"Natal - The killing fields of apartheid," issued by Nusas-  SRC Projects and  SANSCO 

Natal/Kwazulu, A selection of four papers from a conference on Co-operation for Development, presented by the Development Society of Southern Africa, 1985 August 5 

Box Folder

International Committee against Racism Colonialism and Imperialism in Southern Africa (1 item) 

C4. 23
Box Folder

Minutes, 1986 May 15 

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (  ICTFU) 

C4. 24

Reports and Documents re ICTFU Delegation to  South Africa (2 items), 1986 

International Defence and Aid Fund (  IDAF) 

C4. 25
Box Folder

Miscellaneous Correspondence, Statement 

C4. 25.1

Correspondence between Horst Kleinschmidt and  Ethel de Keyser re the publication of books and pamphlets by  BDAF, 1985 April 

Extract from Memorandum submitted to Dr. Nkrumah by Canon Collins, "South Africa: Refugees and Relief Work" 


General note

Includes Proposal, "Project for Prisoners of Apartheid and Racism"

C4. 25.2


C4. 25.3

South Africa Freedom Call, Vol.1, No.5, 1960 August 

i.d.a.f. news notes, 1982 December, 1983 June 

Pamphlets and Cards 

C4. 25.4

New titles/releases 

8 Post Cards, Women in Apartheid South Africa 

Southern Africa Information Service, 1973 July - December 

C4. 25.5
Box Folder




Box Folder

Institute for a Democratic Alternative for South Africa (  IDASA) 

C4. 26


Statement by IDASA Delegation on their visit to the  USSR, 1989 April 1 - 10 

Joint Communiqué: Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee and  IDASA, 1989 April 

Institute for International Relations (Bonn) 

C4. 27

Briefing Paper 

Box Folder

1984 - 1987 

C4. 27.1


C4. 27.2

Inyandza National Movement (Also see: Countries - South Africa/'Independent States'/Homelands: Kangwane) 

C4. 28

Report, "Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for the year ending 31 December 1986" 

Miscellaneous Agenda, Meeting between Inyandza delegation and ANC 

Jubilee Trust 

C4. 29

Unitry and Federal Forms of Transition, Jeremy Ive, 1987 October - November 

"The Implications for future constitutional settlement in South Africa of recent and prospective developments in the structures of central government," Jeremy Ive and  John Ashcroft, 1988 February 

"Alternative strategies to overcome low income white fears of unemployment," Michael Schluter and  David Porteous, 1988 February 

Lawyers for Human Rights 

C4. 30

Representation to The South African Law Commission on a Bill of Rights for South Africa, 1990 January 

Lawyers for Human Rights and Death Squads in South Africa 

National African Federated Chamber of Commerce (  NAFCOC) 

C4. 31


Statement, Joint Communiqué of the Meeting of NAFCOC and  ANC, Lusaka, 1986 May 27 

Box Folder

Press Release re meeting between delegation from NAFCOC led by its President, Dr.  S. M. Motsuenyane and  Geoffrey Howe, Pretoria, 1986 July 24 

National Conference of Black Lawyers 

C4. 32

Activities Report, 1972 December 1 


National Peace Accord ( South Africa) 

C4. 33
Box Folder

Media Package (5 items) 

National Seoposengwe Party 

C4. 35

Paper, Tabled by the Secretariat at a Special Conference of the Party, Huhgudi/Vryburg, 1984 April 28 - 29 


Challenges and Tasks ahead, 1990 December 10 

Statement of Aims and Principles 

New England Circle 

C4. 36




Pamphlet, Includes extract on Oliver Tambo, Parker House,  Boston, Massachusetts, 1985 April 30 

Organisation of African Unity 

C4. 37
Box Folder


C4. 37.1
Box Folder

General Report covering OAU activities, 1963-1973 

C4. 37.1.1

Report of the Administrative Secretary-General, 1968-1972 

C4. 37.1.2
Box Folder





Box Folder

Administrative Secretary Generals Reports of the OAU to  Botswana, 1968 June 9 - 24 

C4. 37.1.3

Statement by Olajide Alo (  Nigeria), Rapporteur, at the 118th Meeting of The Special Committee on the Policies of Apartheid of the Government of the Republic of South Africa, 1969 June 26 

C4. 37.1.4
Roll Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder


Box Folder

Memorandum submitted by ZAPU/  ANC Alliance to Heads of State on occasion of 6th Summit Meeting of  OAU, 1969 

C4. 37.1.5


C4. 37.2

Council of Ministers - 16th Ordinary Session, Addis Ababa, 1971 February - March 

Council of Ministers - 17th Ordinary Session, Addis Ababa, 1971 June 


C4. 37.3
Box Folder

Report of the Administrative Secretary General, 1972 June - May 


C4. 37.4
Box Folder

Minutes of the Meeting with the Representatives of the Liberation Movements on the preparations for 10th Anniversary of OAU, 1973 February 23 

C4. 37.4.1

International Conference of Experts for the Support of Victims of Colonialism and Apartheid in Southern Africa, Oslo, Norway, 1973 April 9 - 14 

Report of the 21st Ordinary Session of the Co-ordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa to the 20th Session of the Council of Ministers, Addis Ababa, 1973 May 

C4. 37.4.2

21st Ordinary Session 

C4. 37.4.3


Secretary-General’s Report on the Working of the Executive Secretariat of the Co-ordination Committee for the Liberation of Africa 

Note - Presenting the Report of the Administrative Secretary-General 






Box Folder

10th Anniversary 

C4. 37.4.4

Report by ANC delegates of the 10th Anniversary Summits, Addis Ababa and the 10th Ordinary  OAU Session of the Heads of State and Governments 

Statement issued by the ANC on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the  OAU 

Commemorative Publication, OAU - 10th Summit Anniversary 

Publication, OAU  News Bulletin, 1973 October - November 

Box Folder


C4. 37.5
Box Folder

Reports, March - May - Co-ordinating Committee for The Liberation of Africa 

C4. 37.5.1

23 Ordinary Session, 1974 June 

C4. 37.5.2

Publication, October Star (5 items), 1974 June 10 - 16 

C4. 37.5.3


C4. 37.6

24th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers, Addis Ababa, 1975 February 13 - 21 

Box Folder

9th Extraordinary Session of the Council of Ministers on South Africa, Dar es Salaam, 1975 April 7 - 10 

C4. 37.6.2

Rapporteur’s Report on AOU/  OATUU Symposium on conditions of African Workers in Territories still under Colonial and/or Racial Domination, Dar es Salaam, 1975 April 21 - 25 

Co-ordinating Committee for the Liberation of Africa (Committee of Eighteen), Dar es Salaam, 1975 May 

C4. 37.6.3
Box Folder






Box Folder

25th Ordinary Session of the Liberation Committee, Rabat, Morocco, 1975 June 9 - 13 

C4. 37.6.4
Box Folder


C4. 37.7
Box Folder



C4. 37.8

Council of Ministers 29 Ordinary Session 

Draft, The Lagos Declaration for Action against Apartheid, 1977 August 25 


C4. 37.9
Box Folder

16th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government, Monrovia, Liberia, 1979 July 

C4. 37.9.1

33rd Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers, Monrovia, Liberia, 1979 July 

C4. 37.9.2


C4. 37.1

OAU Strategy for Liberation of  South Africa, Document presented by the  ANC, "The New Situation in Southern Africa and the position of the oppressed majority in a Apartheid South Africa" 

Draft Resolution on South Africa - Coordination Committee for the Liberation of  Africa, 34th Ordinary Session, Dar es Salaam, 1980 January 21 - 25 


C4. 37.11

Draft Resolution on Southern Africa: 42 Ordinary Session, Dar es Salaam, 1984 September 

Box Folder





Box Folder


General note

Includes 22 Assembly of Heads of State and Government (Programme/Statements/Declarations/Speech).

C4. 37.12


C4. 37.13

Report on activities, 1986 June 1 - 1987 May 31 

Declarations and Resolutions 


C4. 37.14

48th Ordinary Session 

Statement by Flt-Lt Rawlings on occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the OAU 

Draft resolution on SA 

Co-ordination Committee for the Liberation of Africa, 1988 May 


C4. 37.15

49th Session of The Council of Ministers - Resolution on Namibia 

Communiqué/Motion of the Ad Hoc Committee of Heads of State and Government on Southern Africa, Harare 

Report on the Mission of the Ministerial Delegation to Washington, D. C. 

25th Ordinary Session - Assembly of Heads of State and Government, Election of Members of the African Commission on Human and People's Rights/Speech by President Mohamed Hosni Moubarak 

ANC Statement to the  OAU Summit, 1989 July 

Draft/Declaration of the OAU Ad-Hoc Committee on Southern Africa on the Question of South Africa, Harare, 1989 August 21 


C4. 37.16

Reports of the ANC to the  OAU Monitoring Group, 1990 May 2 

Cairo Communiqué 

27th Ordinary Session: Assembly of Heads of State and Government, Abuja, Nigeria - Abuja Declaration on  South Africa, 1991 June 3 - 5 

Miscellaneous (12 items) 

C4. 37.17
Box Folder

Organization of Solidarity of The Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (  OSPAAL) 

C4. 38

Tricontinental, No.88/4, 1983 

Pan Africanist Congress (  PAC) 

C4. 39

Reports and Papers 

Miscellaneous--Azania or Zinjisland 

"The Pan Africanist Congress exists to subvert the South African Liberation Struggle," A. B. Ngcobo (Treasurer-General of  PAC), 1967 September 27 

PAC--Harare Communiqué 


Azania News, 1973 February 

Azania Combat, 1975 

Pamphlet--"Who are the Africanists?" 

Preferential Trade Area for Eastern and Southern African States 

C4. 40

Report of the First Extraordinary Meeting of the Authority, Bujumbura, Burundi, 1986 May 27 - 28 

Synopsis of PTA Implementation Activities, 1989 July - December 

Progressive Federal Party (  PFP) 

C4. 41

Statement by Oliver Tambo (Includes notes) addressed to either  Frederick Van Zyl Slabbert or  Alex Borraine re their withdrawal from parliament, circa 1986 

Box Folder


Roll Folder




Box Folder

Socialist International 

General note

Correspondence, Reports, Minutes, Press Releases, Statements and Publications.

C4. 42
Box Folder


C4. 42.1

Report to Socialist International Mission to Southern Africa, 1977 September 2 - 11 

Correspondence between Bernt Carlsson and  Oliver Tambo re talks given by  Oliver Tambo to the delegation of the Socialist International’s mission, 1977 November 11 

1978 January - May 

C4. 42.2

Socialist International Conference on Disarmament, Helsinki, 1978 April 24 - 26 

1978 June - December 

C4. 42.3

Second 1978 Bureau Meeting of the Socialist International, Dakar, 1978 May 12 - 13 

ICSDW Bulletin, Women under Apartheid, 1978 May/June 


C4. 42.4


C4. 42.5

Summary report of the proceedings and decisions of the Socialist International Bureau, Oslo, 1980 June 12 - 13 


C4. 42.6

Correspondence, invitation of a representative of the ANC to attend as observer the Bureau meeting, Paris, 1981 September 24 - 25 

Proceedings and Decisions of The Socialist International Bureau Meeting, Paris, 1981 September 

Box Folder





Box Folder


C4. 42.7

Press Release, " Socialist International Mission to Southern Africa," 1982 January 26 

Socialist International Statement on Southern Africa 

Minutes of the Bureau Meeting of The Socialist International, Helsinki, 1982 May 26 -27 


C4. 42.8

Communiqué on the Arusha Conference on Southern Africa between representative member parties of the Socialist International and parties of the  Front Line States,  SWAPO and  ANC, 1983 March 12 

Correspondence, invitation to send representatives of ANC to attend as observers the Congress of the  Socialist International, Albufeira, Southern  Portugal, 1983 April 7 - 10 


C4. 42.9


Invitation extended to Oliver Tambo, Meeting of the Bureau of the  Socialist International,  Slangerup, Denmark, 1984 April 25 - 26 

Box Folder

South Africa Beyond Apartheid (  SABA) [South African/American Academic Research Project], Project Outline 

C4. 43

South African Black Alliance, Provisional Constitution 

C4. 44

South African Communist Party (SACP) 

C4. 45
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item), 1987 

C4. 45.1

Correspondence between Dan Tloome (Chairman -  SACP) and  Thabo Mbeki re release of  Joe Slovo from his functions as Chief of Staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe 


C4. 45.2

Chairman of SACP,  Yussuf M. Dadoo addresses meeting of Moscow working people devoted to 50th Anniversary of  USSR 

Speech delivered by Joe Slovo on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the  SACP, Maputo, 1981 July 30 


C4. 45.3

SACP Statement on the International Situation, undated 

Statement of Central Committee of the SACP, The Working Class is the Key, 1985 January 

Miscellaneous Circulars, Bulletins, Discussion Documents (5 items) 

C4. 45.4

Publications and Pamphlets (5 items) 

C4. 45.5

Commemorating the death of the National Chairman, Dr. Yusuf Dadoo (2 items) 

The African Communist, No.104/First Quarter, 1986 

"The Path to Power," Programme of the SACP as Adopted at the 7th Congress, 1989 

"A Distant Clap of Thunder, Fortieth Anniversary of the 1946 Mine Strike," A Salute by the SACP to South Africa's Black Mine Workers 

Miscellaneous (3 items) 

General note

Items include Newspaper clippings and obituary of Yusuf Dadoo.

C4. 45.6

South African Front/  South African United Front 

C4. 46

Correspondence, Reports and Statements (13 items), 1960-1961 

Statement on behalf of the South Africa United Front,  Oliver Tambo and  Vusumzi L. Make 

Comments and Observations on United Front and After by Judy Coburn (Includes notes made by  Oliver Tambo) 

South African Congress of Trade Unions (  SACTU) 

C4. 47
Box Folder

Correspondence (11 items), 1969-1973 

C4. 47.1

Reports and Memoranda 

C4. 47.2

Report by SACTU's Observers, Comrades  M. Shope and  R E Simons to the 54th Session of the  ILO Conference, Geneva, 1970 June 3 - 25 

Memorandum submitted by SACTU to the 56th Session of the  ILO Conference, Geneva, 1971 June 2 - 25 

Report of SACTU activities to the enlarged  NEC of the  ANC (Handwritten), 1974 May 

C4. 47.2

Statement and Speeches 

C4. 47.3

Message to the Workers and Peoples of South Africa on the occasion of the 7th February, International Day of Solidarity with the Workers and Peoples of SA 

Address by Mark Shope to the 100th Anniversary of the birth of  Vladimir Lenin on behalf of the  ANC, Lusaka, 1970 April 13 

Broadcast message to the South African workers on the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the founding of SACTU,  M. Shope, 1971 March 5 

Press Release, 1989 

C4. 47.4

Miscellaneous Agenda, 1989 

C4. 47.5

South African Labour Party 

C4. 48

Minutes of the 14th Annual Party Conference, Port Elizabeth, 1979 December 27 - 29 

South African Students' Organisation (SASO) 

C4. 49

Correspondence, Circular letter to SRC President (  All South African Universities) re  SASO, 1970 

Miscellaneous, Incomplete Statement re SASO activities 

South African Studies Project, Ltd. (  SASPRO), 1989-1990 

C4. 50

Memoranda and Minutes (5 items) 

Report on the Deliberations of the Workshop on Rural Strategies and the Land Question, Harare, 1989 May 18 - 20 

Southern Africa Committee 

C4. 51

Southern Africa - A Monthly Survey of News and Opinion, Vol. VI, No.4, 1973 April 

Box Folder




Box Folder

Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC) 

General note

C4. 52
Box Folder

Reports, Speeches, Statements and Press Cutting (8 items), 1985-1989 

Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA) 

C4. 53

Correspondence, Minutes and Miscellaneous items (6 items) 

General note

Includes Minutes, Consultations in Lusaka, May 1986, between the ANC and Sweden concerning humanitarian assistance.

Third World Prize 

C4. 55
Box Folder

Booklet, 1989 


C4. 56

Report: TransAfrica’s Report Card on U S Sanctions against South Africa, (An assessment of the conditions required to lift sanctions and a selected list of 62 current apartheid laws), 1991 March 12 

TransAfrica News, Vol.10, No.1), 1991 Winter 

Unemployed and Poverty Action Council (  UPAC)/USA 

C4. 57
Box Folder

Press Release 

United Democratic Front (UDF) 

C4. 58

Statemen, United Democratic Front Founding Congress, Cape Town, (Issued by Department of Information and Publicity), 1983 August 20 - 21 

United Nations 

General note

Correspondence with Oliver Tambo.

C4. 59
Box Folder

International Labour Office (ILO) (4 items), 1986, 1989 

General note

Correspondents include Francis Blanchard (Director-General);  Bertil Bolin;  James I. Othieno (Director). Subjects include invitation to be represented at the 72nd Session of International Labour Office, Geneva, 1986; announcement of the retirement of  James I. Othieno (Director of the ILO Lusaka Office/successor,  E. Kenneth Andoh.

C4. 59.1

United Nations Children’s Fund (  UNICEF, 12 items), 1988-1989 

General note

Subjects include Harare Symposium; North south roundtable Meeting on Southern Africa, Harare, 1988; preliminary report of the Third Pan-African Symposium - Artists and Intellectuals for African Children: The Bamako Initiative or Community Participation in Sustaining Child Survival and Development.

C4. 59.2

United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization (  UNESCO, 8 items), 1975-1986 

General note

Correspondents include Amadou-Mahtar M’Bow;  D. Diene (Deputy Assistant-Director General);  John E. Fobes (Deputy Director-General). Subjects include 97th Session of the Executive Board, Paris, 1975; observer status accorded to the  ANC at the 35th session of the International Conference on Education, Geneva, 1975; First International Conference of Ministers and senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport in the Education of Youth, Paris, 1976; Special Intergovernmental Committee of Technical and Legal experts to Prepare a Draft International Recommendation for the Protection of Translators; Third  UNESCO/  WMO International Conference on Hydrology and scientific Bases of water resources Management, Geneva, 1987; International meeting of experts "Poverty and Progress" Paris, 1986; invitation to participate in the launching of the Paris Appeal - World Food Day, 1987.

C4. 59.3

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (5 items), 1985-1990 

General note

Correspondents include Sergio Vieira de Mello;  Alfred Nzo;  A. B. M. Saied;  Thorvald Stoltenberg. Subjects include invitation to participate in the 36th Session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme; evacuation and resettlement of  ANC members from  LesothoM; invitation to attend the 37th session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme;  Throvald Stoltenberg's resignation as  UN High commissioner for Refugees.

C4. 59.4

United Nations Special Committee against Apartheid/Centre against Apartheid 

C4. 59.5
Box Folder

1975-1976 (5 items) 

General note

Subjects include invitation to attend a Seminar on South Africa organised by the Special Committee against Apartheid,  UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, 1975; invitation to attend a meeting and press conference in observance of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; invitation to attend an International Seminar on the Eradication of Apartheid and in Support of the Struggle for Liberation in  South Africa, Havana, 1976.

C4. 59.5.1

1981-1990 (15 items) 

General note

Correspondents include Iqbal Akhund (Assistant Secretary-General, Centre against Apartheid);  J. N. Garba (Chairman - Special Committee against Apartheid);  Alhaji Yussuff Maitama-Sule (Chairman, Special Committee against Apartheid). Subjects include  Oliver Tambo to address a special meeting of the Special Committee against Apartheid, New York, 1981; message of support and solidarity on behalf of the Special Committee against Apartheid; invitation to attend a meeting of the Special Committee against Apartheid in observance of the Day of Solidarity with South African Political Prisoners; International Conference on Women and Children under Apartheid organised by the Special Committee against Apartheid, visit by the Committee delegation to Lusaka re issues on women and children; invitation to attend a special session in observance of the 25th anniversary of the Sharpeville massacre; invitation to attend a meeting in observance of the Day of Solidarity with South African Political Prisoners; invitation to celebrate the 70th Birthday of  Nelson Mandela; East Asian Seminar on Concerted International Action against Apartheid; Correspondence between  Sam C. Nolutshungu and  Abdenour Abrous re "the need for international participation in the process of constitutional transition in South  Africa".

C4. 59.5.2

UN Special Committee against Apartheid, E. S. Reddy 

C4. 59.5.3
Box Folder

1968-1990 (25 items) 

General note

Subjects include invitation extended to Oliver Tambo to present a paper for the Special Committee on Apartheid, Stockholm, 1968;  Oliver Tambo’s address at Lagos; issues around support/contributions to the  ANC; establishment of the  Lutuli Memorial Foundation; 10th anniversary of the first meeting of the Special Committee on Apartheid; seminar on  South Africa organised by the Special Committee against Apartheid, Paris 1975; invitation to participate in the observance of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; World Conference for Action against Apartheid, Lagos, 1977; personal questions surrounding the effectiveness of the Special Committee against Apartheid;  E. S. Reddy’s activities during his "retirement" from the Special Committee against Apartheid; preparation of a collection of  Oliver Tambo's speeches at  UN meetings/conferences for publication (See also: Speeches and statements).


Miscellaneous (23 items), 1960-1990 

General note

Correspondents includes Fourth Committee; UN Council for Namibia;  UNCTAD;  UN Information Centre;  Inter Action Council;  UN Environment Programme (  UNEP);  UN Institute for Planning and research (  UNITAR). Subjects include  Oliver Tambo seeks permission to appear before the Fourth Committee re the situation in South West Africa; drafting of a Constitution for the  UN Industrial Development Organisation; invitation to attend the  UN Council for Namibia’s Symposium: "A century of heroic struggle of the  Namibian people against colonial occupation" (1884-1984);  UN Conference on the Law of Treaties between States and International Organizations or between International Organizations;  UN Radio service, documentary to commemorate the thirty-first anniversary of the Freedom Charter; reimbursement of expenses after participating in the World Conference on Sanctions against Racist  South Africa; invitation to attend the Annual session of the Inter Action Policy Board, Harare, 1988; invitation to attend the 10th Graduation Ceremony of the  UN Institute for Namibia; invitation to attend the special session of the Governing Council of the  UNEP.


Non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the UN and its related agencies (5 items), 1986-1989 

General note

Correspondents include International Association of Democratic Lawyers;  UN Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;  World Federation of UN Associations (  WFUNA). Subjects include invitation to participate in the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the  International Association of Democratic Lawyers, Theme of this celebration--The United Nations System under challenge, international cooperation, the right to development and the safeguarding of peace;  UNA/  UNHCR Refugee Appeal; campaign organised by  WFUNA and linked to the 70th Anniversary of  Nelson Mandela; invitation to participate in the 32 Plenary Assembly of  WFUNA: "Safeguarding Global Security and the United Nations - Political, Socio-Economic and Humanitarian Aspects".

C4. 59.6

United Nations 

General note

Correspondence with the ANC.

C4. 59.7

Correspondence (14 items), 1970-1990 

Miscellaneous (3 items), 1968-1969 

Special Service Agreement 

Proposals - Sanctions and Material Aid - 1969 August 13 

Box Folder




Box Folder

Unity Movement of South Africa 

C4. 60

Interview on Zimbabwean Television with  I. B. Tabata, President of The Unity Movement, 1971 February 28 

APDUSA (  African People’s Democratic Union of Southern Africa, Affiliated to the Unity Movement), 1970 September/October 

University of the Western Cape (UWC) 

C4. 61
Box Folder

Proposal sent by Jakes Gerwel to  Aziz Pahad re creation of a new school of public administration at  UWC, 1990 October 18 

C4. 61.1

Ruth First Memorial Colloquium (17 items), 1992 August 

General note

Introduction, Programme and Papers.

C4. 61.2

War on Want 

C4. 62

Memorandum, War on Want Support to ANC 

World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) 

General note

Appeal on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

C4. 63

News Service, No.1, 8th  IUS Congress, 1965 January 

WFDY News, No. 56, No. 58, No. 1-2, 1966 July/August, 1966 November/December, 1967 January, 1967 Feburary/March 

World Peace Council 

C4. 64
Box Folder

Correspondence and Statement (9 items), 1974, 1977-1978 

C4. 64.1

Correspondence and Statements (15 items), 1985 December - 1987 March 

C4. 64.2

Correspondence, Press Releases and statements (25 items), 1989 January - May 

C4. 64.3

Correspondence, Press Releases and statements (21 items), 1989 June - December, 1990 

C4. 64.4

Miscellaneous (5 items) 

General note

C4. 64.5

Message to Ramesh Chandra on his 65th Birthday from office of Secretary General, 1984 April 11 

Statement of Acceptance of the Ho Chi Minh Award bestowed on the  ANC by the  World Peace Council, Luanda, 1986 December 15 

Other miscellaneous items relating to peace organisations affiliated to the World Peace Council (3 items) 


C4. 64.6
Box Folder

International Mobilisation, published by the  WPC in Cooperation with  UN Centre against Apartheid (6 items), 1981-1983 

C4. 64.6.1
Box Folder





Box Folder

Azania (Debate over renaming of South Africa) 

C5. 1


"Azania as a new name for South Africa" (Draft) 

Azania, Geographically and Historically Wrong Name for South Africa (Paper published in form of a pamphlet) 


C5. 2
Box Folder

Correspondence (5 items), 1970, 1972, 1989 

C5. 2.1


Notice of a Workshop, "The churches and the liberation of Southern Africa" (Africa 200/ Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation), 1972 

Ananda Marga Mission congratulates ANC on its continued fight against apartheid, 1989 

Reports, Memoranda and Minutes (11 items) 

General note

Items include Dialogue between the Southern African Liberation Movements ( ANC,  PAC and  SWAPO) and the Churches, Lusaka, 1987 May 4 - 8.

C5. 2.2
Box Folder

Memorandum to the State President, Presented by Dr. Allan Boesak, Dr.  Frank Chikane and Archbishop  Desmond Tutu, 1989 October 11 

"Did development co-operation reach the needy population, did it support them on their way towards liberation and self-reliance?" (a co-statement made at the EZE-Workshop on Development Cooperation, EZE on Trial by  Sibusiso M. Bengu.) 

Miscellaneous Publications (2 items) 

C5. 2.3

World Council of Churches (  WCC) 

C5. 2.4

Correspondence between Rev. Joan B. Campbell (Executive Director, United States Office,  WCC) and  Thabo Mbeki re the delegation meeting with the  ANC, 1986 


WCC Executive Committee decision to support organisations combating racism, (Church reactions/profiles on recipient organisations -  Frelimo/  PAIGC (  Partido Africano de Independencia da Guinea e Cabo Verde), 1970 September 

The WCC and International Banking in Southern Africa Central Committee, West-Berlin, 1974 August 11 - 18 

Miscellaneous (2 items) 

Publications (3 items) 

"Challenge to the Churches," report of a Consultation on The Church and the Liberation of Southern Africa, Kitwe, Zambia, 1976 November 25 - 30 

WCC statements and actions on racism, 1948 - 1979 

"The Churches' Search for Justice and Peace in Southern Africa," Report on Meeting in Lusaka, 1987 May 4 - 8 

Death Row 

C5. 3

Miscellaneous Report, "Victims of apartheid on Death Row," circa 1989 February 

News Releases (2 items) 

General note

Stay of execution for 'Sharpeville Six'/Nadel statement on executions, 1988.


C5. 4

List of Political Prisoners in South Africa prepared by  International Defence and Aid Fund, 1974 September 1 

2nd report on arrests, detentions and trials of members and supporters of: SASO, BPC, BAWU, TECON, BCP Issued by The Program of Social Change, 1974 December 23 

Publications (2 items) 

C5. 4

ADAC News (  Detention Action Committee Newsletter): No.5, 1983 April 

Amnesty International Circulars re Arrests, Legal Concern, Fear of Ill-Treatment of Detainees, 1990 March 23 - April 3 

Disinvestment and Sanctions (See also: Special Topics - Oil Embargo) 

C5. 5
Box Folder

Correspondence (1 item) 

General note

Evidence of US firms violating the trade embargo directed against South Africa, 1986.

C5. 5.1

ANC Sanctions folder 

General note

Items include Correspondence between Gill Marcus and  Johnny Makatini, 1986; "The people of South Africa call for sanctions," "Impose sanctions to assist the people of South Africa's fight for freedom," "Economic sanctions and the boycott of South African goods."

C5. 5.2


C5. 5.3

Brief on exposés of British business in South Africa,  ANC, 1973 March 28 

The economic impact of sanctions against South Africa,  Starnberger Institute, 1987 July 

Summary of Starnberger study 

Speeches, Papers, Policy Documents 

C5. 5.4

"Economic sanctions against South Africa," a policy document based on the Study Conference on Sanctions against South Africa, prepared by  J. Symonds, Anti-Apartheid Movement, UK, 1962 June 23 

International Conference on Sanctions against South Africa, points for working paper on the Declaration, 1981 April 4 

"Sanctions: The Path to Peaceful Change," Address by Shridath S. Ramphal (Commonwealth Secretary-General) to the World Conference on Sanctions against Racist  South Africa, Paris, 1986 June 16 

"Working paper by the chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Declaration of The World Conference on Sanctions against Racist South Africa," 1986 June 16 - 20 


C5. 5.5

"The Case for Mandatory Economic Sanctions Against South Africa,"  ANC, 1981 

Text of statement by Abdul S. Minty to a closed session of the Security Council Committee on the arms embargo against  South Africa, "Anti-Apartheid World Campaign against military and nuclear collaboration with  South Africa," 1983 September 23 

Academic Contacts with South Africa,  M. P. K. Sorrenson, Professor of History,  University of Auckland, 1985 March 29 

Sanctions, Frene Ginwala, London, 1990 March 17 


C5. 5.6

ANC President Oliver Tambo Calls for Sanctions 

Barclays Shadow Report, 1981-1984 


C5. 5.7

Bills, United Kingdom 

Elections, before 1990 

C5. 6

Reports (6 items) 

Box Folder




Box Folder

Labour Matters 

C5. 7

Circulars, Reports, Papers (6 items) 

Permanent Secretariat of the African Committee for Union Coordination and Action against Apartheid and Colonialism (Circular No.03/74) 

Report on Seminar "Profile of Black Skills, Manpower Distribution, Education and Skills Training in South Africa," 1988 July 19 - 20 

Mosebetsi: The Story of a South African Worker (Vuyisile Mini) 

Appeal to the Black Workers of South Africa on their struggle for demands for higher wages, trade union rights and better conditions of life and work 

Military and Defence 

C5. 8

Appeal, White Paper, Publications, Press Cuttings (6 items) 

Appeal: International Conference against Imperialist Military Bases in the Indian Ocean and for making Indian Ocean a zone of peace, New Delhi, 1974 August 27 - 29 

White Paper on Defence and Armaments Supply, 1982 

Pamphlet-- National Security 

Paratus, 1979 May 

National Question 

C5. 9

Reports and Papers (2 items) 

" South Africa's National Question" 

"The National Question in South Africa" 

Oil Embargo (See also: Special Topics - Disinvestment/ Sanctions) 

C5. 10
Box Folder

Correspondence (9 items), 1974 

C5. 10.1

Documents of the Research and Action Group on Oil: No.1 - 4, 1974 January 

C5. 10.2

Miscellaneous (4 items) 

General note

Items include Appeal for an Oil Embargo against South Africa; Notes taken by  Oliver Tambo from the  Rand Daily Mail (1985) re consequences of disinvestment.

C5. 10.3

Publications (3 items) 

C5. 10.4

"Oil - A Weapon against Apartheid. Proposals for Action to Cut off South Africa's Supply of Oil," Paper presented at International Seminar on an Oil Embargo against South Africa, 1980 March 14 - 16 

Secret Oil Deliveries to South Africa 1981 - 1982, Shipping Research Bureau/Amsterdam 

Newsletter of the Oil Embargo against South Africa, 1986 May 

Political Prisoners 

C5. 11

Report--"Draft Report of the Sub-Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners" 

Greeting Cards and Messages 

General note

Items include Greetings to Helen Joseph on her 80 Birthday from political prisoners on Robben Island (  Nelson Mandela,  A. N. Kathrada,  A. Mlangeni,  Walter Sisulu...).

South African Government 

C5. 12
Box Folder

P. W. Botha 

C5. 12.1
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items) 

General note

re Rev. Chikane's reaction to a letter sent to Archbishop Tutu by P. W. Botha, 1988 March.

C5. 12.1.1

Statements (2 items) 

C5. 12.1.2


General note

EPG, Botha’s Intent and British position (30 April 1986) [includes attached press cuttings).

C5. 12.1.3

F. W. de Klerk 

C5. 12.2
Box Folder

Correspondence (2 items) 

General note

Items include Statement by Dirk Coetzee to  F. W. de Klerk.

C5. 12.2.1

Speeches and Statements (4 items) 

General note

Includes Statement in reaction to decision of NEC to send a delegation, 1990 February; Address by  F. W. de Klerk to the  Institute of Directors, London, 1991 April 23.

C5. 12.2.2

Other Comments 

C5. 12.2.3

Comment/Points to note in De Klerk Speech, Frene Ginwala, London, 1990 February 7 

Quo Vadis De Klerk?, Frene Ginwala 

Memorandum/White Paper 

C5. 12.2.4

Special Cabinet Committee: Memorandum on Constitutional Development in South Africa, 1984 August 

The White Paper on Urbanisation 

Speech and Statement--Other NP Ministers 

C5. 12.2.5

Speech by J. C. Heunis, Minister of Constitutional Development and Planning during his budget vote in Parliament, 1989 May 5 

"Return of Refugees," Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. R. F. Botha, 1991 March 21 

Miscellaneous (7 items) 

General note

Includes Strategy for the expansion of the NP in Soweto and its neighbouring townships; Pamphlet--  ...and what about the BLACK PEOPLE? Dr.  Stoffel van der Merwe; Proposed Plan of Action of the NP, Election, 1989 September 6.

C5. 12.2.6


C5. 13

Newsletter of the International Campaign Against Apartheid Sport and the South African Non-Racial Olympic Committee, Sport and Apartheid, Vol.1, No.5, 1989 March 


C5. 14


Fire Damage Inspection Report/House in Umlazi Township, Kwa Zulu, University of Natal/Built Environment Support Group 

Confidential Interim Report on the Violence in Natal: Commissioner Mr. Advocate R. S. Douglas 

Statements and Resolutions 

ANC Press Statement of the Wave of Violence, 1990 September 13 

Resolutions of the NEC on Violence, 1990 September 18 - 19 

Resolution arising from the report of the ANC/  COSATU National Working Committee on Violence, 1990 September 20 

Announcement by the State President on Measures to Terminate the Violence, 1990 September 20 

Miscellaneous Press Cutting 

IDAF Information, No. 90, "The Natal Violence," 1990 August 4 

"Workers Movement" 

C5. 15

The Workers Movement, SACTU and the ANC - a struggle for Marxist policies 

South Africa's Impending Socialist Revolution - Perspective of the Marxist Workers' Tendency of the ANC (Inqaba/Ya Basebenzi publication), circa 1982 May 


C5. 16

Pamphlets (2 items) 

Women Organised, A Fedsaw Commemorative Pamphlet 

Box Folder






Box Folder


1 1


1 2
Box Folder

Apologies for 

1 2a


1 2b

Health Services 

1 2c

Repeals on Apartheid Laws,Desegregation of Public Facilities 

1 2

Race Classification 

1 2e

Assassinations, Threats and Killings 

1 3

Bill of Rights 

1 4


1 5

Civil Service 

1 6

Cold War 

1 7

Coloured Community 

1 8


1 9

Defiance Campaigns--Republic Day Protests, 1981, 1991 

1 10

Demographic Issues 

1 11

Destabilisation against Frontline and SADCC States 

1 12


1 13


1 14

Ecology, etc. Conservation and Rural Development 

1 15


1 16

Indian Community 

1 17

Education in South Africa and  Tanzania (See also Scholars and Students) 

1 18

Exiles and Expatriates 

1 19

Evolution and South Africa 

1 20

The Future South Africa 

1 21

Goldstone Commission 

1 22


1 23
Box Folder






Box Folder


1 24

Human Rights 

1 25

Hunger Strikes 

1 26

Information Scandal 

1 27


1 28

Liberation Broadcasters 

1 29

Local Government 

1 30


1 31

Mining Industry 

1 32


1 33

Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) 

1 34
Box Folder

Nuclear Arms 

1 34a


1 35

Police and Prisoners Civil Rights Union, etc. 

1 36


1 37

Political Leaders 

1 38

Political Prisoners and Juveniles 

1 39


1 40


1 41

Radio SA Commentaries 

1 42

Racism, Global Struggles vs 

1 43


1 44

Resistance, Townships 

1 45

Right Wing 

1 46
Box Folder






Box Folder


1 47
Box Folder

Vol.1 Mandela in UK, 1990 July 

1 47a

Mandela and IRA, 1990 July 

Vol.2 Mandela in Africa, 1990 

1 47b

Mandela in India, 1990 

Mandela in Japan, 1990-1991 

Vol.3 United States - Mandela’s visits 

1 47c

Various articles, 1981-1986, 1991 

Vol.4 EEC 

1 47

Vol.5 Commonwealth 

1 47e

Vol.6 OAU and  OCOWAS 

1 47

Vol.7 De Klerk's Travels, 1990-1991 

1 47g

Vol.8 Cultural Boycott 

1 47h

Vol.9 Miscellaneous 

1 47i

Self Defence Units 

1 48

Security Guards (Civilian) 

1 49

Security Legislation 

1 50

SADCC (  Southern African Development Coordination Conference) 

1 51


1 52


1 53

States of Emergencies, 1986 June, 1990 

1 54

Students and Scholars (See: Education) 

1 55
Box Folder






Box Folder

Spy Networks/Rightwing Killings/Third Force/Harms Commission (See: Right Wing) 

1 56


1 57
Box Folder

United Front, Moves towards 

1 57a

Violence: Cape and OFS 

1 58

Violence: Natal, 1990-1991 

1 59
Box Folder

Violence, Transvaal (Subfile: Alexandra) 

1 59a

Violence, The Politics of 

1 60

Violence and Traditional Weapons 

1 61

Violence, ANC Ultimatum to De Klerk, 1991 April 

1 62

White Poverty 

1 63

White Women 

1 64

Workers/Trade Unions 

1 65
Box Folder

Farm Workers 

1 65a

Mine Workers 

1 65b
Box Folder







Box Folder

Africa:  Ethiopia;  Eritrea;  Zaire;  Congo;  Senegal;  Somalia 

2 1
Box Folder

Ghana;  Liberia;  Nigeria;  Sudan 

2 1a

Africa,  South Africa’s role in 

2 2


2 3


2 4

Eastern Block Countries 

2 6

Indian Ocean Area 

2 7


2 8

Middle East 

2 9


2 10


2 11


2 12

Nordic Countries 

2 13

South Africa 

2 14
Box Folder

Links with Latin America 

2 14a

Independent States 

2 14b

Soviet Union 

2 15


2 16

United Kingdom 

2 16a
Box Folder

War Graves - Natal 

2 16aa

British Labour Party 

2 16ab

Margaret Thatcher's visit to  South Africa 

2 16ac


2 17


2 18
Box Folder







Box Folder

Apartheid Presidents--Verwoerd, Vorster, Botha 

3 1

Buthelezi, Mangosuthu G. 

3 2

De Klerk, F. W. 

3 3

Hani, Chris 

3 4

Mandela, Nelson 

3 5

Mandela, Winnie 

3 6

Sisulu Family 

3 7

Slovo, Joe 

3 8
Box Folder

Tambo, Adelaide 

3 8a

Tambo, Oliver 

3 9
Box Folder


3 9.1

1971, 1980-1990 (General) 

3 9.2

Copies of Nhân Dân, Vietnam visit of  Oliver Tambo, 1978 October 

3 9.2a

USA Visit, 1987 

3 9b

Various press articles re Oliver Tambo 


Box Folder

African National Congress 

4 1
Box Folder

Askari Defectors 

4 1a


4 1b

Conference Preparation, 1991 

4 1c

Economic/Fiscal Policies 

4 1

Freedom Struggle 

4 1e

Fund Raising 

4 1

Future SA Constitution 

4 1g

Operation Vula 

4 1h

Organisation and Administration 

4 1i
Box Folder







Box Folder

ANC/  SACP/  NP Relations 

4 1j

Stay Away Protests 

4 1k

Umkonto we Sizwe 

4 1l

Women's League 

4 1m
Box Folder

Anti-Apartheid Movement 

4 2
Box Folder

United Kingdom 

4 2a

Anti-Apartheid Youth Front 

4 2b


4 3


4 4


4 5

Democratic Party 

4 6


4 7

Labour Party (SA) 

4 8

National Party 

4 9
Box Folder

Plans for a new Constitution 

4 9a


4 10

Pan Africanist Congress 

4 11

South African Communist Party (  SACP) 

4 12

South African Defence Force (  SADF) 

4 13

Socialist International 

4 14

United Democratic Front (  UDF) 

4 15

United Nations 

4 16

World Bank 

4 17


Miscellaneous Unsorted 

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Series D: Press Cuttings, undated 

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General note

This series was not microfilmed.

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