1900- Present
Arranged and Described
Archives and Special Collections Staff
November, 1999

Name University of Connecticut.
Title University Photographs
Extent 850 linear feet
Historical Note  
Scope & Content The photographs in the collection provide a comprehensive portrait of the University of Connecticut from the late nineteenth century to present. The photographs are arranged within series and consist of over 100 linear feet of photographs.
Arrangement Collection consists of photographs from the Historical Manuscripts & Archives, Special Collections and the University of Connecticut (UCIMT) photo lab.
Provenance Owned by University departments prior to consolidation of collection.
Finding Aid Printed descriptive guide available in repository.
Preferred Citation Item, Folder#, University Photographs, Archives and Special Collections, Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.
Document Types Photographs - Print. Negatives - 1x1, 3x5, 4x7, Glass Plate.
History The University of Connecticut originally came into being as a farm school approved by the General Assembly of the State on April 21, 1881. It was to be called the Storrs Agricultural School, after Agustus and Charles Storrs, who donated 170 acres of land and five thousand dollars for its establishment. The school officially opened on October 7, 1881, with a class of twelve men. In 1891, the first women were officially admitted to the school, although it was not until 1920 that a Woman's Building, Holcomb Hall, was built on campus. The school went through a series of name changes, becoming Connecticut Agricultural College in 1899, Connecticut State College in 1933, and, finally, the University of Connecticut in 1939. The photographs in this collection provide a vivid visual history of the school from its earliest years.
Series Description I Connecticut Agricultural College
II Presidents
III Buildings
IV Schools and Colleges
V Athletics
VI Student Life
VII Departments
VIII Campus Scenes
IX Branches
X Subject Files
XI Awards and Ceremonies
XII Faculty
XIII Student Unrest
XIV Mounted Photographs
XV Classes / Alumni
XVI Private Collections
XVII Proofs, Negatives and Slides
XVIII Oversize

Series I, Connecticut Agricultural College, covers the earliest years of the school, c. 1900-1940. Photos of interest include campus buildings no longer standing, classrooms and laboratories, and student activities. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by subject .

Series II, Presidents, contains photographs of school presidents from Benjamin F. Koons to Harry Hartley arranged chronologically .

Series III, Buildings, contains interior and exterior views of buildings on the Storrs campus, as well as buildings on branch campuses. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by name of building.

Series IV, Schools and Colleges, contains photographs documenting the various divisions of the school, such as School of Allied Health, School of Education, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, etc. The photos may show classrooms, professors, staff and events. This series is arranged alphabetically.

Series V, Athletics, documents athletic sports played by both men and women. The earliest photograph is dated 1892, with the bulk from 1950-1980. The photos are arranged alphabetically by sport.

Series VI, Student Life, contains photographs of various aspects of student life, from campus activities to academics to campus events. The photos are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series VII, Departments, covers the non-teaching educational and service departments of the University. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series VIII, Campus Scenes, contains mostly unidentified outdoor scenes of the University campus. The photographs are arranged by season, date or place as the photograph provided.

Series IX, Branches, contains photographs of buildings, professors, and classes not on the main Storrs campus. The photographs are arranged alphabetically by location.

Series X, Subject Files, consists of photographs which did not fit neatly into other series. Photos of interest include two boxes of famous campus visitors. The series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series XI, Awards and Ceremonies, covers awards, presentations and commencement photos. The photos are arranged alphabetically by subject, except for commencement photos, which are arranged chronologically.

Series XII, Faculty, contains photographs of University faculty members. The series is arranged alphabetically by College and Faculty member name.

Series XIII, Student Unrest, contains photographs of student protests, takeovers, and meetings, mostly from the anti-Vietnam War Movement of 1968-1974. The series shows vividly one of the most diverse times in Twentieth-Century American history, and is arranged chronologically.

Series XIV, Mounted Photographs, contains photos mounted on fiberboard for an exhibit done by the University Archives. Most photos contain a description, also mounted. The photos cover a wide range of student and University life, and are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series XV, Classes / Alumni, contains photographs of prominent alumni, class reunions, and alumni activities. The alumni photographs are arranged alphabetically by subject. The class reunion photos are arranged chronologically by the graduating year.

Series XVI, Private Photographs, is a series of collections of photographs which have been donated to the archives. The series contains several small collections, as well as two large collections, donated by Gerry Manter and H. Reis. The small collections are arranged alphabetically by donor; the large collections are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series XVII, Proofs, Negatives, and Slides, contains photographic proofs, negatives and slides as well as small amount of postcards. The series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series XVIII, Oversize, contains photographs which are either too large to fit in standard size boxes or are rolled. The photographs in this series have been cross-referenced in the rest of the register. Because of the various sizes of photos in this series, the series is not arranged.
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Scope and Content
Container Listing

Connecticut Agricultural College



Schools and Colleges


Student Life


Campus Scenes


Subject Files

Awards and Ceremonies


Student Unrest

Mounted Photos

Classes / Alumni

Private Collections

Proofs, Negatives and Slides


1962-1972 1892-79
Series I: Connecticut Agricultural College
1 Baseball Field Preparation
Campus Scene
Chemistry Lab 1911
Class Day 1925
Classroom: Journalism
Connecticut Day
Connecticut Day
2 Faculty
Groups: Identified
Groups : Unidentified
Hearse and Horse
Ice Cutters On Lake
Individuals Identified : Affiliation Known
Junior Week 1920
Lookout Board
Maple Sugaring
3 Music
3 Student Quarters
Summer School Picnic 1907
Trinity Game Parade
Washing Exhibition Birds c. 1900
WCAC: Radio Station
Women's Athletics
Wood Chopping (see also box 129,131)
Series II: Presidents
4 Gallery of Presidents - Captions Included - Arranged Chronologically 1973
Benjamin F. Koons 1881-1898
Flint, George Washington 1898-1901
Stimson, Rufus W. 1901-1908
Beach, Charles L. 1908-1928
Works, George A. 1929-1930
McCraken, Charles C. 1930-1935
Jorgensen, Albert 1935-1962
Babbidge, Homer D. 1962-1972
Gant, Edward V. 1972-1973
Ferguson, Glenn W. [See Also Box 130] 1973
5 Mead, Solomon
Koons, Benjamin Franklin 1883-1898
Flint, George Washington 1898-1901
Stimson, Rufus W. 1901-1908
Stimson, Mrs.
Beach, Charles Lewis 1908-1928
Beach, Charles Lewis 1908-1928
Beach, Mrs.
Gentry, Charles B. - Acting President 1928-1929
Works, George A. 1929-1930
McCraken, Charles 1930-1935
Jorgensen, Albert N. 1935-62
General (6 folders)
20th Anniversary
25th Anniversary
6 Babbidge, Homer D.
General ( 8 folders)
7 Appropriation Committee 1967
Babbidge Day (3 folders)
Fix-Up Projects - Unidentified
Football Team
Formal Ceremonies (Awards, Ground Breaking)
Fuller, Alfred (University Trustees)
General Assembly Education Committee
Babbidge, Mrs.
Portraits (2 folders)
8 Receptions
Speaking Engagements
Varsity Football Award
With Individuals (3 folders) [see also box 131]
9 Contact Proofs (13 folders)
10 Grant, Edward V. (2 folders) 1972-1973
Ferguson, Glenn W.
Candids (2 folders)
Development Conference
General (2 folders)
Press Conferences
Speeches, Meetings, Ceremonies
Ferguson, Patricia Mrs.
Dibiaggio, John A.
Candids (2 folders)
11 General (5 folders)
12 Casteen, John T.
Christmas, Open House
General (2 folders)
President's Office Picnic
Casteen, Mrs. Daffodil Days
Ferguson, Dibiaggio, Hartley
Hartley, Harry
Presidents of Uconn - General
Series III: Buildings
13 Admissions
Agriculture Buildings and Equipment [ see also box 131]
Alpha Phi House
Alumni Garden (Benton Art Museum)
Alumni House (New)
Alumni Quadrangle Residences
Animal Industries
Arjona (Humanities)
Art Building
Art Printshop / Art Design Center
Athletic Center - Plans and Drawings
Auerbach Farm
Babbidge Library [ see also box 131]
Beach Hall
Benton Art Museum (5 folders)
Biobehavioral Sciences
Buckley Hall Dormitory
Budds Building
Campus Garage
Center for Judaic Studies - 100th Anniversary Celebration
Central Warehouse
Charles B. Gentry Building
Child Development and Family Relations (HDFR)
B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation
St. Mark's Epsicopal
St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel
College Theater
Commercial Property
Commissary Warehouse
14 Connecticut Technology Park
Cottage on Gilbert Road (Fire)
Credit Union
Dairy Barn
Design and Resource Management Building (2 folders)
Dog Lane Complex - Plans and Drawings
E.O. Smith High School
Engineering (8 folders)
Faculty-Alumni Center (2 folders)
Faculty Homes (2 folders)
Faculty Row
Field House (3 folders)
Fine Arts Center
15 Fine Arts Center
Graduate Center
Graduate Residences (2 folders)
Grove Cottage
Gulley Hall ( 2 folders)
Hall Dormitory
Harry A. Gampel Pavilion
Dedication 1990
Opening 1990
[see also box 131]
Hartford Campus (2 folders)
Hawley Armory
Health Center (3 folders)
16 Health Center (2 folders)
Hicks hall
Hilltop Dormitory
Holcomb Hall
Human Development and Family Relations
Humanities and Social Sciences
Institute of Material Sciences (3 folders)
International House
Jorgensen Auditorium (3 folders)
Koons Hall
Life Science (Torrey) (3 folders)
Maintenance Buildings
17 Maintenance Building Fire
Manchester Hall
Mansfield and Northwood Apartments
Marine Research Lab
Mathematics Building
McMahon Hall (2 folders)
Memorial Stadium
Merlin D. Bishop Continuing Education Center
Museum of Natural History
Non-University Properties
North and Northwest Campus Residences
Observatory (New) [see also box 131]
Pathobiology Building (2 folders)
Physical Sciences (Charles E. Waring)
Pomology Building
Poultry Sciences Building (Roy E. Jones Building)
Psychology Building
Puerto Rican Cultural Center
Rental Properties
ROTC Building
Ryan Refectory
School of Agriculture (Ratcliffe Hicks)
School of Business Administration (2 folders)
School of Law
18 School of Law
School of Nursing
School of Pharmacy (2 folders)
Shippee Hall
Shopping Center
Skating Facilities
Social Sciences Data Center
South Campus Residence Hall (2 folders)
Speech Center
Sprague, Whitney, Holcomb Dormitories
Storrs College
Storrs Congregational Church
Storrs Hall (2 folders)
Student Employment Office
Student Union (4 folders)
19 Student Union
Technical Services Center
Temporary Structures
Towers Residence Hall
UConn Co-Op (3 folders) [see also box 131]
Unidentified [see also box 131]
Von Der Mehden Recital Hall
Waugh Mall
West Campus Residence Hall
Whitney Hall [see also box 131]
Whitney Home (Valentine House)
Wiessel House
Wilbur Cross Building
Wilfred B. Young Building
Willow House Day Care Center
Women's Center
Wood Hall
Series IV: Schools and Colleges
20 College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Animal Industries (2 folders)
General (6 folders)
Horticulture Show
Plant Science (2 folders)
Renewable Natural Resources (2 folders)
School of Allied Health
Physical Therapy
Professions (2 folders)
Walk for Wellness
21 School of Business
General (4 folders)
Staff and Students
School of Education
Arsenal School EPDA Workshop 1971
British Primary Education Workshops
General (4folders)
"Integrated Day Worshop" - Greenwich, CT 1971
Reading Clinic 1971
Sports and Leisure
22 School of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Basic Engineering
Biological Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering (3 folders)
Classroom Scenes
Electrical Engineering (2 folders)
General (6 folders)
23 Mechanical Engineering (2 folders)
Proofs ( 2 folders)
Urban Vehicles (2 folders)
School of Extended and Continuing Education
Hairdressing 1977
IMP Conference
Staff Picture
Child Studies Lab (3 folders)
24 School of Family Studies
General (2 folders)
School of Fine Arts
Art (7 folders)
Dance (2 folders)
Dramatic Arts (10 folders)
25 Dramatic Arts ( 17 folders)
26 Events
Music ( 14 folders)
27 Proofs (2 folders)
Puppets (3 folders)
Speech and Drama People
Student Activities Drama (5 folders)
[see also box 131]
28 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Biological Sciences (3 folders)
Chemistry (6 folders)
Communication Sciences (3 folders)
English (2 folders)
Foreign Language Staff
General (2 folders)
Geology (2 folders)
29 History
Journalism (2 folders)
Language Labs
Physical Education
Physical Science
Physics (3 folders)
Political Science
Psychology (5 folders)
Social Sciences
School of Nursing
General (4 folders)
Simulation Lab
30 School of Pharmacy
General (3 folders)
General (3 folders)
Hewitt, Harold G. Dean
[see also box 129]
Series V: Athletics
31 Archery
Baseball - General (24 folders)1892-79
32 Baseball
Christian, Coach J. O.
General 1970s-80s
General (2 folders) 1980-81
General (5 folders) n.d.
33 Basketball, Men's
Action (5 folders) n.d.
Action - Alumni vs. "Jints" n.d.
Individual Unidentified (4 folders)
34 Team (9 folders) 1903-36
Team 1935-36
Freshman Team (2 folders) 1939-41
Team 1940-41
Freshman Team 1941-42
Team (4 folders) 1941-45
JV Team 1946-48
Team (2 folders) 1946-48
Co-Captains Maloney and Luchuch 1947-48
JV Team 1947-48
Team (4 folders) 1948-53
NE College Basketball Tournament 1953
Team (2 folders) 1953-55
Awards c. 1955
Team (7 folders) 1955-62
Savitt Award 1962
Team (4 folders) 1962-66
Connecticut Basketball Classic 1966
Team (2 folders) 1966-67
Holiday Classic Games 1967
Team (2 folders) 1967-68
Alumni Team 1967
Action Shots (2 folders) 1967-68
35 Proofs 1968
Team (4 folders) 1968-69
Vs. Syracuse 1969
Vs. Boston University 1969
Team (5 folders) 1969-71
Bayou Classic 1970
Team (2 folders) 1970
Proofs 1970
Team (4 folders) 1971-72
Proofs 1971
Team (5 folders) 1971-73
Chapman, Cal 1972
Proofs 1972
Team (4 folders) 1972-73
Proofs 1972
Hugh S. Greer Award 1973
James B. Zbell, Jr. Award to Dennis Cole 1973
Team (3 folders) 1973-74
36 Team 1973-74
National Invitational Tournament (vs. Boston College) 1974
WTIC Radio c. 1973
Team (3 folders) 1974-75
Game Pictures
General 1974-75
Vs. Holy Cross; vs. Vermont 1974-75
Vs. Maine; vs. Fairfield 1974-75
Vs. Rutgers; vs. Boston University 1974-75
Proofs (2 folders) 1974
Team (3 folders) 1974-75
Proofs (2 folders) 1975
Team (4 folders) 1975-76
Sold Out Sign 1975
Stamford Campus 1975
37 Team (4 folders) 1976-77
Awards 1978
Action ( 2 folders) 1976-77
Proofs (2 folders) 1976
Game Pictures (2 folders) 1976-77
Pencil Sketches of individual players. 1977-78
Team 1977-78
Group (2 folders) 1977-78
Team Players 1977
38 Game Pictures 1977-78
Action Shots (3 folders) 1977-78
Awards and Soviet National Team 1977-78
Proofs 1977
Action (2 folders) 1978-79
Team Players (2 folders) 1978-79
39 Proofs 1978-79
Game 1978-79
Group 1979
Team 1980
Action 1980
Group 1980
Game 1979-80
Team Players 1980
Action 1981
Group 1982
Mutual Classic (vs. Arizona State) 1982
Kelley, Earl 1983-84
Team (2 folders) 1986-88
Team Day 1988
Midnight Madness 1988
National Invitational Tournament 1988
[See also Boxes 129, 131]
Basketball Coaches, Men's
Unidentified Coaches
Coach and Assistant Coaches 1971
Coaches 1973-74
Assistant Coaches 1974-75
Coaches (5 folders) 1976-81
Perno, Dom
O'Brien, Jim
Ashford, Gregg
40 Basketball, Women's
General (10 folders) 1900-81
Weston, Marcia-Manager
[See Also box 131]
41 Cheerleaders
General n.d.
General (19 folders) 1958-80
42 Cross- Country
Men's General (3 folders)
Women's General
42 Field Hockey, Women's
General n.d.
General (7 folders) 1930-81
Figure Skating
43 Football
General n.d.
General (4 folders) 1892-1929
Hawkins, Corwin "Coe" - Captain 1929
General (18 folders) 1934-65
Vs. Temple 1964
General 1966-67
Training 1966
General (4 folders) 1968-72
Action 1973
44 Group 1973
General 1973
Action 1974
Group 1974
General 1974
Action (2 folders) 1975
General 1973-75
45 General 1975
General 1975
Action 1976
Group 1976
Individuals 1976
Players with Coach 1976
General 1976
Action (2 folders) 1977
46 Group 1977
Individuals (2 folders) 1977
Players with Coaches 1977
"On the Road with the Huskies" - vs. Lehigh 1977
General 1977
Action (3 folders) 1978
47 Action 1978
Group 1978
Individuals (2 folders) 1978
Players with Coaches 1978
General (2 folders) 1978
Action 1979
Group 1979
Individuals (3 folders) 1979
Players with Coaches 1979
General 1979
48 Individuals (5 folders) 1980
General 1980
Action 1981
General (3 folders) 1981-84
Group (2 folders) n.d.
49 Action (5 folders) n.d.
Individuals (2 folder) n.d.
General n.d.
All Time Centennial Team
Stadium Photos
50 Coaches n.d.
Other University Coaches
Tower, John
Coaching Staff (6 folders) 1973-79
Coaches Clinic n.d.
Coaches Clinic (13 folders) 1960-79
51 Yankee Conference Photos - Frank W. Keaney Trophy 1963
Yankee Conference Photos 1965
UConn Club n.d.
UConn Club Diner (3 folders) 1973-75
[See Also Boxes 129, 131]
52 General
Ice Hockey, Men's
General n.d.
General (11 folders) 1961-80
Ice Hockey, Women's
Jonathan Husky
General (2 folders)
Jonathan & Mascot 1973-84
53 Lacrosse
General n.d.
General (15 folders) 1966-81
54 Marching Band
Baton Twirlers 1954-76
Field Formation n.d.
General n.d.
General (18 folders) 1936-80
Pep Band
White House
55 Nautilus
Physical Education / Recreation
Polo (2 folders)
Related Non- Athletics
Athletic Task Force
Awards and Retirement 1977
Covey Award 1980
Sports Writers
Ticket Sales 1961
Women's Athletic Reception 1980
Rifle Team
56 Soccer, Men's
General n.d.
Team (15 folders) 1938-59
NCAA Soccer Tournament 1959
NCAA Soccer Championship Award 1959
Team (21 folders) 1960-87
57 Action (4 folders) 1976-79
General 1980
Action (2 folders) 1980-81
General (6 folders)
58 Soccer, Women's
General n.d.
General (5 folders) 1974-83
Softball, Women's
Swimming Pool
Swim Team, Men's
General n.d.
General (17 folders) 1938-80
Swim Team, Women's
General n.d.
General (7 folders) 1975-81
Tennis, Men's (2 folders)
Tennis, Women's
General (2 folders)
59 Track, Men's
General n.d.
General 1977-79
Track, Women's
General (2 folders) n.d.
General 1977-79
Indoor 1983-84
Women's Volleyball (2 folders)
Women's Weightlifting
General n.d.
General 1978
Series VI : Student Life
60 Academic
Classrooms (4 folders) [See box 131]
Classroom Outdoors
GE College Bowl Team
Hartford Tutorial Mansfield Training
Honors Fellow
Honor Society
Inner College
Internship Program
Labs (2 folders)
Language Lab
Mansfield Training School
Mortar Board
Saturday School
Student Teaching (2 folders)
Studying (2 folders) [See box 131]
61 Studying
Tutorial Program
University Scholars (2 folders)
Appalachian Hike
Block and Bridle
[See boxes 129-131]
Ice Skating
International House
Junior Year Abroad
Music and Dance
Orientation (3 folders)
Pied Piper
Puerto Rican House
62 Religion
Sukkah Hut and Booth 1973
Ski Slope
Women's Center 1973-75
Beach Party
Black History Month 1970s
Bridal Fair
Campus Community Carnival
General (2 folders)
1952 1952
c. 1966 1966
1969 1969
1973 1973
Campus Picnic
Campus Queens
Corn Harvest Agriculture Students
Craft Fairs 1972
Day of Pride
Easter Egg Hunt 1988
4H Double Dutch Presentation
Governmental Career Conference 1961
Greek Week
62 Homecoming
63 General
Queens and Kings
1980-1988 (4 folders) 1980-88
Jousting Tournament
Junior Parade Week 1927-28
Keg Roll
May Festivals
May Queen
Mayor of Storrs
Metanoia Day and Whitney Young (3 folders) 1970 / 1987
One Ton Sundae
Parent's Day
1988 1988
Pep Rally
Rope Pull
Special Olympics Rally
Spring Weekend
SUBOG Pole Sitting
Talent Night
Twister Night
UConn Prom Night
Winter Carnival (2 folders) 1954-55
Winter Weekend
General (2 folders)
Kings and Queens
1953 1953
1988 1988
World's Largest Milkshake
Subject Files
Afro-American Center
Alba Video
Black History Month
64 Christmas
Connecticut Daily Campus
Dining (2 folders)
Disabled Students Progress
Dorm Life
1940s and 50s 1940-50
1970s (2 folders) 1970s
Freshmen (2 folders)
Grad Dorms
Graduate Students
Handicapped Students
School Newspaper
Students - Individuals / Faces
65 Students
Candids (4 folders)
Foreign Students
Individuals (2 folders)
66 1930s-50s 1930s-50s
1940s 1940s
Blue Bikes
General [see also box 131]
Shuttle Bus
132 Classroom Scenes and General (11 folders)
Series VII : Departments
67 Babbidge Library [see also box 131]
Contemporary Print Collection
Exterior (2 folders)
Groundbreaking and Models
Historical Manuscripts & Archives: Director Rand Jimmerson
Historical Manuscripts & Archives : Women in Politics
Interior (3 folders)
McDonald, John and Audrey Beck
McDonlad, John: Retirement Party
Moving In
Music Library
Naming Of 1984
Open House
People and Exhibits
Presentation 1983
Proof Sheets
Schimmelfeng, Richard & Raphael Caldera
Stevens, Norman
Volunteer Programs 1985
Benton Museum
Barnett Gifts
Danbury, CT Main Street
"Front Street Under the El" 1979
General (8 folders)
69 Hawthorne, Oscar
Landeck, Armin
Scholfielis, Everett A.
"The Sign of the Leopard: Beaded Art of Cameroon" 1975
University Planning (2 folders)
Vasilieff, Nicholas
General (2 folders)
Proof Sheets
Rovettit, Paul - Director
Sadik, Marvin - Director
70 General
American International Development Program
Audio Visual (2 folders)
Center for Instructional Media and Technology
Central Duplicating
Computer Center (2 folders)
Conn Pep
Continuing Education
Continuing Education, Labor Education
Credit Extension, Labor Education
Division of Public Safety
Experimental College
Campus UpKeep
Clawson, Robert
Physical Plant
Food Services (2 folders)
Honors Center
Institute of International and Intercultural Studies
Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMS)
71 Institute of Material Science
Institute of Water Resources
Junior Year Abroad - France
Minority Affairs, Office of
Organization for Tropical Studies
Parking and Transportation
Personnel Services
Public Health
Public Services Internship
Radio and TV (2 folders)
Rocket Missile Institute 1962
General (3 folders)
Social Science Data Center
Special Student Services
72 Student Affairs and Services
Student Health Services
Technical Services (2 folders)
University of Connecticut Foundation (2 folders)
University League
University Publications (2 folders)
Health Center
Dempsey Hospital
Dempsey Medical Health Center - Dedication
Farmington Proofs
Farmington Temporary Classrooms
General ( 2 folders)
73 General (2 folders)
Hartford Whalers Visiting Patients
Legislative Hearings
Photos of an Operation
Staff and Students
1/25/77 1977
2/17/77 1977
5/26/78 Candids 1978
74 Health Services
Allied Health Wellness Fair
Cluster Program
Cold Care Center
Fire Prevention Drill
General (2 folders)
UConn Health Fair (2 folders)
75 Hospital and Clinics
Berghof Clinic
McCook Hospital (3 folders)
Speech and Hearing Clinics
Nutmeg Theater
Professional Concert Series
Professional Dance and Mime
Professional Dance Companies
Theater and Puppets Professional Events
76 Wilbur Cross Library
Dedication of Addition
Exterior (2 folders)
Interior (9 folders)
McDonald, John - Director of Libraries
Millionth Book
Open House
Proofs (2 folders)
1958 1958
Series VIII : Campus Scenes
77 Seasonally [see box 124,126-131]
General (2 folders)
General (2 folders)
General (4 folders)
General (2 folders)
78 General
1895-1967 (20 folders) 1895-1967
Pre-c. 1920
Post-c. 1920
79 Proofs
General (6 folders)
Mirror Lake
Duck Pond
General (4 folders)
Routes and Signs
Series IX : Branches
80 Avery Point
Branford House
General (2 folders)
Institute of Marine Sciences
Marine Biology
Marine Research
Marine Sciences
General (3 folders)
Oceanographic Photos
Fort Trumbull
80 Hartford Campus (3 folders)
81 School of Insurance (2 folders)
1280 Asylum Avenue
School of Law
Civil Disobedience Seminar
General (3 folders)
School of Social Work
General (4 folders)
Proofs (2 folders)
Stamford Campus
Classrooms and Administrative Building
General (2 folders)
82 Torrington Campus (3 folders)
Waterbury Campus
Benedict Miller Building
General (2 folders)
Series X : Subject Files
83 Aerial Views of campus
General ( 2 folders)
[see also box 131]
Board of Trustees
Babbidge, Homer D.
General (5 folders)
Hill, George - Student Trustee
MacDonald, John - Trustee
Trustees and Officers
84 Campus Visitors
Acheson, dean
Anderson, John
Anderson, Marion
Asimov, Isaac - Centennial Convocation
Auden, W. H.
Auerbach, Arnold "Red"
Bae, I. K. Huan
Bailey, William - Prsident of Aetna
Baker, Howard
Ball, George 1972
Ballet Hispanico of NY
Bankhead, James Major
Berge, Adolf A.
Berrigan, Philip
Betancourt, Romulo
Bjoerling, Jussi
Bolger, Ray
Bond, Julian
Borge, Victor
Buckley, William F.
Busch, George
Butterick, George
Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Caradon, Lord
Carney, Ann
Castro, Liuz deMoura
Chilingirian String Quartet
Cole, Natalie
Constitution Brass Quartet
Cuomo, Mario
Daillo, Ron - Uconn Alumni - "Horshach" on Welcome Back
Davis, David Brain - Phi Beta Kappa Lecturer
Dempsey, Govenor (3 folders)
DeWart, Leslie 1967
Dodd, Christopher
Dubrow, Evelyn
Dyson, William, State Representative
Eban, Abba
Ellington, Mercer "Duke"
Evans, Thurman, Dr.
Fairbank, John
Ford, Gerlad
Foreign Visitors
Fullbright, William [ see also Box 131]
Furtell, Mary Hatwood
Gibbs, Hyatt - Physics Speaker
Goldwater, Barry
Grasso, Ella
Gregory, Dick
Hagan, Jim
Hamilton, Charles V.
Hayashi, Yuko
Heard, Alexander - Vanderbilt University
Hechinger, Fred - President, New York Times Foundation
Heller, Walter
Hoffman, Hal
Hollywood Stars
Horne, Marilyn
85 Innis, Roy
Jackson, Jesse, Rev.
Jefferson, Ray and McKinnell, Chris - Investigations of Psychic Phenomena
Kaman, Charles
Keller, Suzanne
Kennedy, Edward, Sen,
Kid Thomas Band
Killy, Jean - Claude
Kinnell, Galaway
Kissinger, Henry
Koontz, Elizabeth Duncan
Kraus, Lili - Piano Soloist
Leavit, Arthur - President of AnEx
Lerner, Max
Levine, Philip (Wallace Stevens Poet)
Liang, Hubert
Lowell, Robert 1963
MacLeod, Rev.
Magnificent Mazowesze
Mair-Davis Duo
Marceau, Marcel
Marland, Sidney
Marmion, Henry 1971
Marsalis, Wynton
Maud, John Sir
Maxcy, Ellis C.
McKinley, John H.
McKissick, Flyod 1967
Meskill, Thomas Gov.
Moreland, Wallace
Morgenthau, Hans
Moyers, Bill
Newman, Edwin
Ormandy, Eugene
Parkening, Christopher - Guitarist
Pasquir Trio
Pike, James , Bishop 1967
Poliski, Joseph - President, Julliard School
Pran, Dith
Press, Frank
Price, Leontine
Richardson, Elliot
Robb, Charles "Chuck"
Robinson, Randall
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Rosazzu, Peter A. Bishop
Rostropovich, Matislav
Rubin, Jerry
Rubinstein, Arthur
Schlesinger, Arthur
Schram, Peninnah
Seaborg, Glen T.
Seebar, Leonard- Pianist
Sendak, Maurice
Simmons, William
Smith, E.O.
Smith, Wilbur - NAACP 1969
Snyder, Gary
Spender, Stephen - Poet
Spiegel, Roger ("Freddy Kruger")
Spock, Dr. 1969
Stolzman, Richard
Sturm, Jonathan - Violinist
Tarr, Curtis - Undersecretary of State
Taylor, Maxwell
Third World Officers
Thomas. Lewis
Thomson, Virgil
Truman, Harry S.
Unruh, Jesse
Vienna Choir Boys
Vineberg, James H.
VonRydinssvard, Ursula
Wagner, Robert
Warren, Robert Penn
Weiker, Lowell
Winfrey, Tom
Wolkstein, Diane - Story Teller
Zinn, Howard
86 Conferences / Events
Clergy Conference
Conference for School Lunch Program
Conferences - Unidentified (2 folders)
Outside Activities - Conferences
United Way
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Archeology Exhibits
Archives and Manuscripts
Archives Management Exhibit 1989
86 Babbidge Library Exhibits (2 folders)
Faculty Art Show 1972
Fine Arts
Bronxing Art
University Auction Items
Museum of Natural History Shark Exhibition
Sketches (2 folders)
Special Collections
General (2 folders)
Schimmelpfeng, Richard
Vinette Drawings at University Health Center
87 Institutes / Centers
African - American Cultural Center (3 folders)
Institute of Advanced Agency Management 1952
Institute of Gerontology
Institute of Material Sciences
Institute of Public Service
Institute of Water Resources
Adriolo, Frank - Dean of Students
Baldwin, Raymond Gov.
Brundage, A. J.
Cross, Wilbur
Davis, I. G.
Hale, J. H. - Responsible for Storrs School Bill, 1843
Jenkins, E. H.
Lampe, Dean
Lamson, G. H. - Dean Liberal Arts & Sciences
Manchester, Harry G - Pres. Board of Trustees
Manter, J. A.
Roper, Burns - Roper Center
Stemmons, Walter
Storrs, Agustus
Storrs, Charles
Waugh, Provost [see also box 131]
Whitney, Edwina
Wilson, Kenneth
88 Office of Public Information - Photographs for Nutmeg 1947-63
89 People
Individuals - Identified (13 folders)
90 People
Individuals - Unidentified (6folders) [see also box 129]
91 People
Identified (2 folders)
Unidentified (7 folders) [see also box 130,131]
92 Research
Electron Microscope Photos
Radiation Calibration Unit
Research (2 folders)
Research Graphs
Administrators (2 folders)
Admissions / Orientation
Agriculture Economics
Audio - Visual
Bishop Center
Employee Achievement Awards
Employee of the Month (3 folders)
Experiment Station 1945
Facilities Maintenance
Placement Office
School of Agriculture 1942
Simmons, Fred - Day of Pride
Student Affairs Services
Switchboard Staff
Traffic Services
University of Connecticut Foundation
93 Subject Files
Animals at UConn
Architect's Models
Campus Community Carnival 1976
Capital Campaign
Founder's Day 1976
Freedom Tree
Governance Panel 1970
Hot Air Balloon Landing at UConn
Military Day 1963-66
National Defense
Perishing Rifles 1960
ROTC (3 folders)
Student Army Training Corps 1918
[see also box 128,130]
94 New England String Quartet (2 folders)
Office of Minority Affairs
Public Safety
Fire Department
School Name Change
Scientific Equipment
Solar Eclipse
Storm Damage
Hurricane Gloria
Hurricane, Storm, Fire
Storm Damage, Feb. 6 & 7
Wind-Blown Car on Duck Lake 1972
Telecommunications Installation
95 UConn Co-OP
University of Connecticut Items to Purchase
University Displays
University Plaques and Memorials
University Seal
Urban Semester
University Sing Book
Women's Land Army (2 folders)
Series XI : Awards and Ceremonies
96 Awards / Presentations
Academic Awards and Honors (2 folders)
Academic Science Awards
AGGS Awards
Institutional Relations
Labor Endowment Gift
Middlesex Mutual Recipient - Lauren Briner
Niederwerfer Award
Public Safety
SNET Best Article Award
Beach, Charles
Bodie Scholarship
Charles Waring Award
Fran T. Appan Scholarship Award
Government Relations
Home Econ
Jorgenson Awards 1989
Loeb Magazine Awards (2 folders) 1967
Loeb Memorial (2 folders)
Moreland Award
Nobik, Robert and McFadden, Peter - Provost
Olin Corp.
O'Neil, Gov. William
Personnel Suggestion Award
Political Science Grant
Red Cross Blood Donors
School of Business
Storrs Cup
Students - Awards (2 folders)
97 Suggestion Awards
UConn Program in Toxicology
University Scholars (3 folders)
98 Commencement Topics
Proofs (2 folders)
School of Business 1988
State Government and Political Leaders
Students (4 folders)
Twenty-Fifth Convocation 1960
99 Commencement
By Date (20 folders) 1922-84
100 Graduation Day (4 folders) 1980-84
School of Law Graduation 1984
Graduation Day 1985
Honorees Cocktail Party 1985
Graduation Guest Speakers 1986
Graduation Day 1986
Convocation at UConn 1988
Graduation (2 folders) 1988-89
Series XIII : Faculty
101 College of Agriculture and natural Sciences
Aldrich, Robert Dr. - Head of Agriculture Engineering
Cheese Sale- Spielman, Erica, Beattie, Mary Margaret and Cardoni, Alex
Davis, Irvin Gilman [see also box 131]
Eaton, Hamilton - Professor
Emmert, Fred Dr. - Planet Nutrition
Ferrill, Dr.
Fetterman, Elsie, Dr.
General (2 folders)
Hammes, Paul, Dr.
Johnson, Stewart - milk Marketing Economist
Kenyon, Alan. J. - Professor
Kersting, Edwin, Dr. - Dean, Agriculture & Natural Resources
Landauer, Walter, Professor
LeKachman, Robert - A and S Economics
Malkus, Louis
Mehlquist, Gustav - Professor of Plant Breeding
Murtaugh, Maureen - Nutritional Sciences
Niederworfer, Frank - Dairy Farmer
Norris, Robert - Dean, Extension
Nutritional Science Staff
Talmedge, Danial W. - Associate Professor
Unidentified Staff
VanHrvington, H. Dr. Pathobiology
Whitham, George - Professor
Whitworth, Walter R. Dr.
Allied Health
Allen, Dean - School of Physical Therapy
Cunningham, Julieanne - Physical Therapy
Davis, Susan - Dietetics
Fitz, Polly
McLaughlin, Dorothy - Emeritus Professor
Ackerman, Laurence L. , Dean
Boyer, Boyle, Dr. - Associate Professor
Dontje, Abraham - Business Administration Management
Harvey, Robert O., Dr. Dean of School of Business Administration
Jones, Mary Gardiner Jones - Keynote Speaker
Kinnard, William N. Jr. - Acting Dean
Maggy, Robert - School of Business Administration Lecturer
Malinowski, Zen
McDonough, Thomas - School of Business Administartion Visitor
Morrison, Tom - Professor of Accounting
101 Palmer, David - Professor
Patten, Ronald, Dean
Reynolds, Richard M. - Guest Speaker
Rodman, Barbara - School of Business Banquet
Tucker, Lewis, R. - Professor
Brownwell, Dr.
Cawley, John - Professor
Cooper, Carolyn - Educational Psychology
Drake, T. - Professor
Hartley, Harry - Dean
Hazelton, John
Kames, John - Professor
Laconte, Ronald
Malsbury, R. - Dean and Professor
Nason, Doris E. Dr.
Paulson, Dean
Proctor, Samuel
Roe, William - Dean of School of Education
Sellers, Deborah - Educational Sports and Leisure
Speakers at Education Conference - Franker, Henderson, Meyers, Roberts
Morkly Roberts 1972
Verdi, Rose, Dr. - Supervisor
Wylie, Richard, Dr. - Professor
Zig Zag Union Staff
Bachman, Frank - Electrical Engineering
Bennett, C. - Chemical Engineering
Boettiger, E. - Bioengineering
Bowley, Wallace -
Brand, Ronald - Mechanical Engineering
Bronwell, Arthur - Dean - Electrical Engineering
Brumbaugh, David - Engineering Electronics
Campbell, Professor
Carney, John F. - Civil Engineering
Chappell, W. - Bioengineering
Cheng-Diaz, Franklin
Coogan, Charles - Mechanical Engineering
Cutlip, Michael - Chemical Engineering
Davis, Wendell - Mechanical Engineering
101 Dombrowski, Professor
Engineering Student Projects
Gauss, Hugo E.
Glueck, Bernanrd C. Jr.
Gray, J. W. - Electrical Engineering
Green, Norbert D. Dr. - Metallurgy
Haas, Vinton - Eletrical Engineering
Helfgott, T. - Civile Engineering
Hilding, Dr. - Aerospace Engineering
Howard, G. Michael, Dr. - Chemical Engineering
Johnson, Claude Dr. - Civil Engineering
Johnson, E. Russell - Civil Engineering
Kaplan, Eric - Mechanical Engineering
Ketchum, M. - Civl Engineering
Kjellgrat, Dave
Klei, Herbert E. Dr. - Chemical Engineering
Koenig, Dr. - Mechanical Engineering
LaChance, Ralp E.
Langston, Dr. Lee - Mechanical Engineering
Liu, Y. King
Luf, Joseph L. C.
McFadden, Peter Dr. - Chemical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Student Projects
102 Melehy, M. - Electrical Engineering
Nicola, Renato - Electrical Engineering
Northrop, R. - Bioengineering
Nowodny, Hans - Metallurgy
O'Dwyer, John - Material Science
Posey, C. J. - Civil Engineering
Small, Norman - Professor
SPIS Computer System - Electrical Engineering
Stephenson, R.
Stevens, Jack - Civil Engineering
Stutzman, Leroy
Walker, Eric, Dr.
Family Studies
Gregorio, Lisa
Mazzocca, Gus
McCabe, Esther
Rolcahr, Mary - School of Home Economics
Staples, Robert - Family Studies
102 Fine Arts
Art Copy
Ballard, Frank - Dramatic Arts
Bobir, Mohammed Irahlin - Fine Arts, Art
Braun, Kazimer - Fine Arts
Cifolelli-Lamb, Alberta
Cookson, Dean
Edwards, Luel
France, Herbert 1980
Geidell, Linda - Music
Gillespie, Professor - Band
Gregoropoulus, Jogn - Art
Heilwell, David - Dramatic Arts
Heller, Jack - Music
Hinderas, Natalie - Music
Hinnert, Todd - Puppeteer
Hitchcock, Ray - Fine Arts
Keyes, William - Art
King, R. - Dramatic Arts
Klitz, Brain - Music
Lopez, Emmanuel - Music
Murhead, Deb - Art
Negoro, Minnie
Oppenheim, Dennis
Page , Timothy
Pelletier, Bob
Pickles, Charles
Poellein, John - Conductor
Rachleffe, Larry - Music
Silas, James
Smith, Hale - Music
Spencer, Harold - Art Histort
Tolokam, Toby - Music
VonRyotasuard, Ursula - Art
Whittenberg, Charles - Music
Wilson, Peri - Drama
Graduate School
Clark, Hugh - Assistant Dean
Grant, Professor
Malone, Thomas - Dean 1970
Identified - Affiliation Unknown
Barnett, James
School of Law
Hopkins, Dean Bert E. 1965
Lanza, Michael & Walsh, Tom
LaPlante, Joseph A. Professor
Leuhnnser, George, Dr.
Newman, Jon - US Attorney for CT
Noel, Don
Sachs, Dean Howard
Smith, Wilbur
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Achelse, Chinva
Allen, John
Arnold, Arnold
Bates, David - Institute of Material Sciences
Blaus, Robert - Geology
Bousfield, Prof. - Psychology
Buckley, Roger, Collier, Christopher, Ferraire, Lisa - History
Buerger, Martin
Butler, Francelia - Classroom Guests
Butler, Mrs.
Canihan, Glaucd - Romance Languages
Cartography Grads
Chapple,, Dr. William - Biology
Christensen, E. - Biology Grad Students
Cole, George - Political Science
Collier, Christopher - History
Croteau, Arsene - Language
D-Antonio, William - Sociology
Dean Leonard F. - English
DeBrunhoff, Laurent - English
DeVrus, Grace. Mrs.
Elden, Crawford- Philosophy
Frankel, Kilver
Friedman, D. - Physics
Gerson, Lou - Political Science
Gibson, Donald - English
Ginsburg, Benson, Dr. - Behavioral Sciences
Greeenblatt, Irwin
Grupp, Fred, Dr. - Political Science
Halvorsen, Peter - Geography
Henrich, Edith - English
Herman, Heinz, Dr.
Hill, Evan - Journalism
Holland, Robert - Journalism
Katz, Prof. - Chemistry
Kim, Ilypong - Asian Studies
Klein, Norman
Klemens, Dr. Paul - Physics
103 Kupperman, Karen - History
Ladd, Everrett Curll - Political Science
Lieberman, A. L. - Psychology
Lougee, Robert - History
Marks, Harry V. - History
Marselli, John - Biology
McCann , Gail
McCormick, Terry - German
McEarly, Arthur J. Jr - Institute for Material Sciences
Michener, Bryan
Moynihan, William T. Dr. - English
Parisi, Anthony
Paterson, Yom - History
Patricio, Rui, Dr. - Roman and Classic Languages
Peacher, Fon - Mid-East Studies
Plank, John - Political Science
Plumler, Arthur - Chemistry
Political Science
Powers, Gene - Speech
Reynolds, Charles - Physics
Scott, Norman - Biology
Seely, John - German
Selleck, Florence - Professor, Political Sceince
Shevtsova, maria - Classical Languages
Spender, Stephen
Steigert, F. E. - Physics
Stock, John Dr. - Chemistry
Stone, Ruth - Poetry
Stout, Henry - History
Subotile, Ljiljane - Foreign Language
Surkov, E.
Turner, Fred - Political Science
Unruh, Jesse - Political Science
Vaughan, Wyman - Chemistry
Walker, Mr. - English
Walker, M. J. - Physics
Waring, Charles - Chemistry
Wedberg, Rapl M. Dr. - Biology
Wetzel, Ralph M. Dr. - Biology
103 Wexler, Mr. - Social Science
Wilson, Professor Ken - English
Yphontis, David A., Dr.
Zeaman, David Dr. - Psychology
Unidentified Faculty
General (4 folders)
[see also boxes 129-131]
Series XIII : Student Unrest
104 No Date
Protests and Demonstrations (2 folders)
November 25, 1968 - Student Demonstration 1968
November 26, 1968 - Gilbert Road (6 folders) 1968
November 27, 1968 - Faculty - Alumni Center 1968
December, 1968 - SDS Demonstration 1968
105 December 10, 1968 1968
December 15, 1968 (8 folders) 1968
106 January 15, 1969 1969
January 25, 1969 (2 folders) 1969
March 19, 1969 (2 folders) 1969
October 15, 1969 1969
October, 1969 Moratorium (3 folders) 1969
107 December 15, 1970 - ROTC (2 folders) 1970
1970 - ROTC Paint-In 1970
February 19, 1971 Recruitment 1971
February 23, 1971 - Navy Recruitment - SUB 1971
April 23, 1974 (4 folders) 1974
April 24, 1974 1974
Vietnam / Nixon
Campus Dissent Panel
108 Alumni Quad
Areas of Study
Blue Bikes
Branches (2 folders)
109 Computer Center
Farmington Hospital (2 folders)
Fire Protection
Food Services
Graduate Center
110 Lab Science
Library : Book Presentation
Marching Band
Memorial Band
UConn - Avery Point
Wilbur Cross Building
Wilbur Cross Library - Interior
Wood, Koons Hall, Storrs Building
Series XV: Classes / Alumni
111 Alumni - Activities and Related
Activities (4 folders)
Distinguished Teaching Award
General (2 folders)
Day, Alumni (2 folders)
Director of Alumni Relations
Faculty-Alumni Center (2 folders)
Legislators (4 folders)
New York ( 2 folders)
No Date
Proof Sheets
Student Encounter
112 Alumni - General (3 folders)
113 Class Pictures and Reunions
Unidentified (3 folders)
1883-1961 (33 folders) 1883-1961
[see also box 126,129-131]
Founder's Day
1981 1981
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of UConn
University of Connecticut Items
Series XVI : Private Collections
114 Small Collections
Atkyns, Glenn C. - Vietnam Photos
Bishop, Mark - Class of 1906
Cox, Mrs. Roger (Nee Schiltze) (2 folders) 1910
Dahinsen, Albert G.
McKain, Walter - Trip to Soviet Union
Storrs Congregational Church (Janet Aronson)
Taft, Evelyn Smith c. 1930
Watrous, Charles F. for Katherine Chawick c. 1870
115 Manter, Gerry Collection
Athletic Coaches
Athletic Groups
Basketball - Men's
Basketball - Women's
Cross - Country
Field Hockey
Ice Hockey
Rifle Team
Tennis - Men's
Tennis - Women's
Alpha Phi House
Animal Disease Lab
Beach Hall
Community House
Dining Hall
Engineering Annex
Faculty Housing
Field House
Grove Cottage
Hall Dorm
Hawley Armory
Heating Plant
Holcomb Hall
Home Economics
116 Campus Scenes
Class Day 1925
Connecticut Day
Men (2 folders)
Men and Women
Military Groups
Music Groups
School of Agriculture
117 H. Reis Photographs of Milton
General (9 folders)
People (2 folders)
Animals and Yacht
118 Negatives from Manchester Herald of UConn
119 Postcards
By Date (4 folders) c.1905-c.1914
Connecticut Agriculture College (3 folders)
Connecticut State College (2 folders)
Jonathan Husky
Jorgensen Auditorium 1954-59
UConn (4 folders) 1940s-50s
1981 1981
120 Proofs
Alumni Career Day
Alumni Opera House
Antique Loom - School of Family Studies
Business Administration Candids
Career Resources Center
Career Services
Cheddar Cheese Wheel
Children and Ponnies at Horse Barn Hill
Chinese Student Protest
Chinese Visitors
Classrooms / Labs
Classroom Scenes
Computer Donation - Institutional Relations
Conference on Crisis in Black Family
Connecticut 350th Birthday
Convocation Centennial
Dedication of Robert Harvey Room - School of Business
Education Teleconference
Educational Psychology at Mansfield Training School
Electrical Engineering Computer Exhibit
Engineering Exhibit
Faculty - Trustees Dinner
Fine Arts Music Festival
General (3 folders)
German & Slavic Foreign Languages
Governor's Conference School of Law
Horse Show
Hot Air Balloon Liftoff
Hurricane Gloria Damage
Institutional Relations
Insurance Seminar
International Center
Legislative Interns with Presiding Dibaggio
Locksmith Services
Machine Shop - Engineering I
Manter Family Presenting Tree
Measles Shots
Mechanical Engineering Experiment on Swan Lake
Molecular and Cell Biology
Monster Piano Concert
Mr. and Mrs. Black UConn
Nlar Tha Equlano - Publications for Brochure
Open House Physics
Peace Corps
Personnel Retirement Reception and Photos
Pro-Choice March on Washington
School of Business Silver Celebration
School of Pharmacy Receives Computers from Fay's Drugs
75th Anniversary Agricultural Coop. Extension Service
Strawberry Shortcake Reception
Student Life
Students in Design - Human Development
Suzuki Piano Festival
Trustees Luncheon
Wheelchair Race
Wolff Entrepreneurship Program
Wolff Entrepreneurship Program - Nivenberg, Charles
Women's Day Seminars
121 Negatives
122 Slides
123 Slides c. 1953 c. 1953
Series XVIII : Oversize
124 Briggs, Roger Album - Campus Scenes 1908-09
125 Photo Albums
1890s 1890
c. 1900 c. 1900
c. 1940-41 c. 1940-41
c. 1930s c. 1930s
Drama 1930s
126 Class Photos
Panorama of Campus and Students (2 copies) 1917
Faculty and Students - Fall 1917 1917
127 Panorama [Looking East] 1914
Panorama [Looking West] (2 copies) 1914
128 Panorama of Faculty and Students
Young Men In Uniform 1914
129 Class of 1892 1892
Man With Horse and Carriage
Class of 1899 1899
Poultry Houses, Poultry Department (Office)
Agricultural Office
Dairy Bacteriology, Vetrinary Corner, Chemistry c. 1903
CAC Dairy School
Sheep, Cattle
c. 1900 c. 1900
SAC Class of 1898 (3 folders) 1898
SAC Class of 1900 1900
SAC Class of 1901 1901
SAC Class of c. 1897 c. 1897
Basketball Team 1908
Baseball Team 1907
Football Team 1906
Football Team n.d.
Basketball Team c. 1900
Faculty 1898
Dairy Building and Creamery
Campus Board, Winter 1917-18 1917-18
Student Body c. 1916
129 Eta Lambda Sigma Banquet 1917
Blanc, Felix, Dr. - Testimonial Dinner 1957
Shakespeare Club 1910
Class of 1900 1900
Connecticut College of Pharmacy Diploma
Photo negative of Unidentified Man
Basketball Team 1907
Class of 1888 1888
Class of 1885 1885
Class of 1891 (2 copies) 1891
130 Former University Presidents
Benjamin F. Koons
George W. Flint
Rufus W. Stimson
Charles L. Beach
George A. Works
Charles C. McCracken
Solomon Mead
Faculty c. 1897
Faculty 1900
Women c. 1900
Men c. 1900
Student Body 1898
Electic Society (Literature) c. 1900
CAC Lookout Editors c. 1902
Alethia Club c. 1898
Electic Club 1906
Shakespeare Club 1908
Lookout Club 1908
Sigma Alpha Pi c. 1920
Class Pictures
1887-c.1925 (18 photos) 1887-c.1925
Men in Uniforms
Faculty (4 photos) c.1897-c.1907
Campus Scenes
Animal Bonfire
CAC - Cooking Outside
Oxen with Haycart
Oxen with Cart
Children Playing Outside
131 Graduates - 1960s 1960s
Registration Day
131 Buildings
Babbidge Library Drawing
Gampel Pavilion
Whitney Hall
Basketball Action 1975
CAC Baseball Team
SAC Football Team
Women's Basketball Team
Football Team 1909
CAC Baseball Team 1907
Large House
Homer Babbidge Walking with Briefcase
Irving Gilman Davis - Professor of Agriculture Economics 1885-1939
Women in Wilderness
Women Dressed up in VW Bug Convertible
Commons Club 1916
Daily Campus Staff 1915-16
Campus Board 1914
Large Photo of Three People
Connecticut General Assembly - Committee on Appropriations 1949
Students Studying in Library
Aerial View of Campus c. 1959
Willard James - CAC
Babbidge Library Photos
Framed Presidential Photos
John DiBiaggio 1979-85
Glenn W. Ferguson 1973-78
Homer D. Babbidge, Jr. 1962-72
Albert N. Jorgensen 1935-62
Campus Composite Photo c. 1905
College of Agriculture Building 1965
William Fulbright
Press Conference with Reporters
Press Conference - Alone
Walking, Shaking Hands
Student Close Ups Composite
Student Silhouette
Photos Inside General Assembly
Student Drama Performances
General Plan for Connecticut Agriculture College
Man with Briefcase Walking Away
Students on Campus c. 1960s
Women With Bikes
Students Buying Books 1970
131 Emeritus Provost Waugh Walking on Campus
Students in Class
Curved Wall
Sigma Alpha Pi Members
Photo of Old Map
Photo Negative of Tree Branches
Detail of Golden Eagle from Francis Willughby's 1968
Stone Building Drawings
Class of 1900 1900
Lookout Editors 1907-08
Aerial View of Campus - Looking North
Men in Suits - Turn of the Century Inside
Class Picture - SAC 1897
Men in Suits - Turn of the Century - Outside
SAC Class of 1898 1898
Faculty c. 1900
SAC Class of 1895 1895
Class Picture Outside c. 1900
CAC Class Picture (Rolled Up) 1929