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Series I: Administrative Records, undated, 1974-1979

Series II: William D'Antonio Files, undated, 1946-1976

Series III: Frank Stone Files, undated, 1971-1980

Series IV: Curriculum Guides, undated, 1975-1978

Series V: Research Materials of Bessie Bloom Wessel, 1924-1944

Series VI: Research Materials on Ethnic Groups, undated, 1897-1980

Series VII: Research Materials on Ethnicity and Immigration, undated, 1936-1979

Series VIII: Research Materials on Local History, undated, 1930-1979

Series IX: Administrative Records, undated

Series X: William D'Antonio Files, undated

Series XI: Research Materials on Ethnic Groups, undated, 1974-1976

Series XII: Photographs, undated

University of Connecticut

Peoples of Connecticut Project Records

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Overview of the Records

Repository: Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.
Creator: University of Connecticut.
Title: University of Connecticut, Peoples of Connecticut Project Records.
Dates: 1897-1980.
Extent: 24 linear feet.
Record Series: MSS19790014
Language English.
Abstract: The "Peoples of Connecticut" Project was begun in 1974 under a grant from the Ethnic Heritage program, Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare. The goal of this program was to increase awareness , within Connecticut secondary schools, of different ethnic groups. Using curriculum guides and other instructional materials, the project endeavored to provide teaching and learning tools for discovering the cultural diversity of Connecticut's residents.

History of the Peoples of Connecticut Project

The "Peoples of Connecticut" Project was begun in 1974 under a grant from the Ethnic Heritage Program, Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare (now Health and Human Services). The goal of this program was to increase awareness, within Connecticut secondary schools, of different ethnic groups. Using curriculum guides and other instructional materials, the project endeavored to provide teaching and learning tools for discovering the cultural diversity of Connecticut's residents.

The Project is divided into three distinct parts. Dr. Frank Stone, School of Education, is primarily responsible for the publication of the curriculum guides. Dr. Bruce Stave, History Department, is responsible for the oral histories, and Dr. William D'Antonio, Sociology Department, and Fred Grupp (Administrative Assistant for the project) have been in charge of collecting research materials and for some demographic mapping. By 1978, seven curriculum guides were published in pilot editions. These guides focuses on the Armenians, Irish, Italians, Jews, Puerto Ricans, Poles and Scots/Scots- Irish.

Responsibility for the papers that are now collectively labeled "The Peoples of Connecticut Project" comes from several sources. Because the project was actually split into three distinct parts, the papers themselves came from different places before they were combined to form this collection. Dr. Frank Stone was responsible for the publishing of the curriculum guides and his files. Dr. Bruce Stave was responsible for the oral histories, which are now available through the Center for Oral History Catalog of Interviews. The remaining materials were collected by Dr. William D'Antonio and Mr. Fred Grupp.

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Scope and Content

The collection contains a wide variety of materials more specifically detailed in the series descriptions. All aspects of the project are documented in the collection from the working papers of the grant to the published curriculum guides and bibliographies. Reference and resource materials pertinent to the ethnic groups represented by Connecticut's residents are included in Series IV-VII. The collection also includes some general reference materials pertaining to these ethnic groups in the United States, as well.

Series IX-XI include similar information to that found in Series I-III. The later series appears to be materials added at a later date and not integrated into the processed collection.

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SERIES I: ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS (undated, 1974-1979) contains the records of the administrative and financial aspects of the project. Included are progress reports and press releases, as well as personnel information and budget and grant proposals.

SERIES II: WILLIAM d' ANTONIO FILES (undated, 1946-1976) contain the papers and research materials of Professor William D'Antonio of the Sociology Department, one of the principle creators of the collection. Of significance within this series is a fairly large body of information pertaining to voluntary associations, as well as some ethnic and sociological newsletters and articles.

SERIES III: FRANK STOME FILES (undated, 1971-1980) are comprised of the papers of another creator of the collection, Professor Frank Stone of the School of Education. Works of Stone himself constitute a major part of this series, but also included are the works of students of Stone.

SERIES IV: CURRICULUM GUIDES (undated, 1975-1978) contains the pilot editions of the curriculum guides that were published between 1974 and 1978. Both the rough drafts and the published guides are included for each ethnic group.

SERIES V: RESEARCH MATERIALS OF BESSIE BLOOM WESSEL (1924-1944) are the papers of Mrs. B. B. Wessel, a woman who conducted extensive research on ethnicity in Connecticut, particularly the New London area, During the 1930s and 1940s. Also of interest in this series is a group of clippings from the New London Day (1933-1940), collected by Mrs. Wessel.

SERIES VI: RESARCH MATERIALS ON ETHNIC GROUPS (undated, 1897-1980) constitutes the major bulk of this collection. This series contains the research materials on each ethnic group within Connecticut. The material in this series is first arranged alphabetically by ethnic group (regardless of geographical location). Within each ethnic-group subseries the materials are then arranged by geographical location, from the most specific to the most general (i.e. first pertaining to city within Connecticut, then to the State of Connecticut, then regarding no specific location). Within each of these divisions, the organization is by the type of document. Included are biographies, oral histories, newspaper clippings, ethnic newspapers and newsletters as well as a small number of ethnic cookbooks.

SERIES VII: RESEARCH MATERIALS ON ETHNICITY AND IMMGRATION (undated, 1936-1979) contains the research materials relating to the general topics of ethnicity and immigration with special emphasis on Connecticut. Again the type of material within this series is varied, including reference works (such as bibliographies and directories) and research papers, as well as information on other ethnic heritage programs within the United States.

SERIES VIII: RESEARCH MATERIALS ON LOCAL HISTORY (undated, 1930-1979) includes a small amount of information on localities outside of Connecticut. This series contains church and religious community histories for some of the localities.

SERIES IX: ADDENDUM: ADMINISTRATIVE RECORDS (undated) contains office files from the Ethnic Heritage project, and includes correspondence, grant project data, minutes of Project meetings, and information on similar projects at other institutions.

SERIES X: ADDENDUM: WILLIAM D'ANTONIO FILES (undated) contains papers relevant to the Ethnic Heritage Project, and includes bibliographies, a course prospective, and studies and thesis relevant to the subject of ethnicity.

SERIES XI: ADDENDUM: RESEARCH MATERIALS ON ETHNIC GROUPS (undated, 1974-1976) contains printed materials such as association guides, newsletters, and ethnic newspapers.

SERIES XII: ADDENDUM: PHOTOGRAPHS (undated) contains mounted photographs of Italian-Americans, many from around the turn of the century.

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Restrictions on Access and Use

There are no access restrictions on this collection.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to publish from these Papers must be obtained in writing from both the University of Connecticut Libraries and the owner(s) of the copyright.

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Related Material

Archives and Special Collections has a substantial collection of materials pertaining to Connecticut's ethnic heritage. Specific collections include: the Center for Oral History Interviews, Italians of New London Oral History Collection, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian Alliance of Connecticut Records, Bisaillon Collection Of French Canadians in Connecticut Collection and the WPA Survey Records. See also the Frank Stone Papers. For detailed information on these collections please contact the curator or ask at the reference desk.

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Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms:

University of Connecticut-Faculty-Personal and professional papers.

University of Connecticut. School of Education.

University of Connecticut. Dept. of Sociology.

University of Connecticut. Dept. of History.

Ethnic groups-Connecticut.


Ethnology-Study and teaching-Connecticut.

Emigration and immigrations-Connecticut.

Cookery, International.

Universities and colleges-Connecticut.

Armenian Americans-Connecticut.

Irish Americans-Connecticut.

Italian Americans-Connecticut.

Scottish Americans-Connecticut.



Puerto Ricans-Connecticut.

Polish Americans-Connecticut.

Connecticut-Emigration and immigration.

New London (Conn.)-population elements-Ethnic groups.

Connecticut-History, Local.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Item, Folder #], University of Connecticut, Peoples of Connecticut Project Records. Archives and Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center, University of Connecticut Libraries.

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Detailed Description

Series I: Administrative Records, undated, 1974-1979
1:1 Correspondence, 1974-1975
1:2 Correspondence, 1976-1979
1:3 Grant Applications, 1974-1976
1:4 Map of Ethnic groups in contemporary CT, undated
1:5 Personnel, job descriptions and allocations, undated
1:6 Press releases and publicity, undated
1:7 Progress reports, 1974-1975
1:8 Project evaluations, undated
1:9 Proposal for a CT Multi-cultural Center, undated
1:10 Proposals for implementation of project, undated
1:11 Reference materials collected by the project, undated
1:12 Reference materials on computer graphics, undated
1:13 State Advisory Council, undated
Series II: William D'Antonio Files, undated, 1946-1976
2:14 The Peoples of CT curriculum-rationale and format, undated
2:15 The Peoples of CT/Final report, undated
2:16 Title IX Ethnic Heritage Project Analysis, undated
2:17 Ethnic Heritage Studies Fiscal year 1974 program description, 1974
2:18 Ethnic Heritage Studies proposals, undated
2:19 American Sociological Review, 1975 February
2:20 Sociological Inquiry, 1965 September
2:21 Ehrlich, Howard J., "Voluntary Associations and Community Decision-Making", 1965
2:22 Bibliography on Voluntary Associations, 1965
2:23 New Conversations, 1975
2:24-25 Notes on Voluntary Associations, undated
2:26 Resumes and articles of Dashefsky, Newman, Abramson and Allen, undated
2:27 Bartlett, Robert S., "Ethnicity, Professionalism, and Black Paternalism", 1974
2:28 Dashefsky, Arnold, "And the Search Goes On: the Meaning of Religio-Ethnic Identity and Identification", 1972
2:29 "Anti-poverty Program is found to Aggravate Ethnic Tensions," N.Y. Times , 1972 December
2:30 McDonald, John S., "I1 Volto Sconosciuto Delle 'Little Italies'", 1969
2:31 Oral history guidelines, undated
2:32 Rank ordering of CT's ethnic groups: 1970, 1970
2:33 Articles by Robert Bartlett, undated
2:34 Antunes, George and Charles M. Gaitz, "Ethnicity and Participation: A Study of Mexican Americans, Blacks and Whites", undated
2:35 Greeley, Andrew M., "A Model for Ethnic Political Socialization, 1975
2:36 Stout, Harry S., "Ethnicity: The Vital Center of Religion in America", 1975
2:37 Pisani, Lawrence F., "The Italian-American Community", 1957
2:38 Review of Charles Anderson's Cutting Classes, 1976
2:39 Sennett, Richard, "Pure as the Driven Slush", 1976 May
2:40 Greenfield, Meg, "Ethnic and Son", 1975
2:41 Levine, Irving M., and Judith Herman, "The Life of White Ethnics", 1972
2:42 Thaden, J.F., "Ethnic Settlements in Rural Michigan", 1946
2:43 Ehrlich, Howard J., "Stereotyping and Negro-Jewish Stereotypes", undated
2:44 Ehrlich, Howard J., "The Study of Prejudice in American Social Science", 1962
2:45 Morsell, John A., "Ethnic Relations of the Future", 1973
2:46 "Blue Collar Work and Workers", undated
2:47 National Institute on Group Identity and Pluralism, research proposal, 1973
2:48 Anderson, James M., "Developing Criteria for Evaluating Ethnic Studies Materials", 1972
2:49 Perlmutter, Philip, "Ethnic Education: Can it be relevant?", 1974
2:50 Glazer, Nathan, "Ethnicity and the Schools", 1974
2:51 Glazer, Nathan, "Ethnicity and the Schools", 1974-1975
2:52 Charleston County School District, Ethnic Heritage Program, 1974-1975
2:53 Bakersfield College, Chicano Studies Program, undated
2:54 Japanese American Citizens League, Ethnic Heritage Project, undated
2:55 Newspaper clippings on ethnic groups, 1955
2:56 Roche, John, "Ethnicity and Assimilation Among Suburban Italian Americans", 1974
2:57 Italian Culture, undated
2:58 Consultation on ethnic succession in America, undated
2:59 Articles by Diane Barthel, undated
2:60 "The American Poles", undated
2:61 Levine, Irving M. and Judith Herman, "Search for Identity in Blue-Collar America", 1972
2:62 Levine, Irving M. and Judith Herman, "The Life of White Ethnics", 1972
2:63 Simoni, Joseph J., "Ethnicity in Appalachia", undated
2:64 Tec, Nechama, "Ethnicity as I remember", 1975
2:65 Szelenyi, Ivan, "Regional Management and Social Class", 1975
2:66 Dashefsky, Arnold, "Theoretical Frameworks in the Study of Ethnic Identity", 1972
2:67 Senior Centers Study Project, 1972
2:68 Levine, Irving M. and Judith Herman, "The Ethnic Factor in Blue-Collar Life", 1971
2:69 Ingman, Stan and Ian Lawson, Dave Carboni, Joe Holtzman,"Study of the Needs of the Hartford Elderly", 1973
2:70-71 Articles by Wilson Record, undated
2:72 Krase, Jerome, "Symbolic History" (of an ethnic neighborhood), 1973
2:73 Juliani, Richard N., and Mark Hutter, "Research Problems in the Study of Italian and Jewish interactions in Community Settings", 1974
2:74 Mosaic, 1974-1976
2:75 CIAO, 1973-1976
2:76 The Cross-Cultural Southwest Ethnic Study Bulletin, 1972-1973, 1976
2:77 Chrobot, Leonard F., "Reflections of a Young Polish American on the Search for Identity", 1971
2:78 Chrobot, Leonard F., " Ethnic Awareness and Self-Identity", 1971
3:79 New America, 1975
3:80 Pennsylvania Ethnic Studies Newsletter, 1975 November
3:81 INCAR Report, 1974 July
3:82 Spectrum, 1976 April
3:83 Intercultural Relations and Ethnic Studies Institute, undated
3:84 Task, 1976 March
3:85 Items, 1974 December
3:86 "Congregations and Racial Change", undated
3:87 Ethnic Affairs, 1973 May
3:88 "An Inter-Ethnic and Place of Residence Examination of the 'Culture of Poverty'", 1975
3:89 "Multi-cultural Education and Ethnic Studies in the US", 1976
3:90 Archaeotext, 1976
3:91 "The Schools and Group Identity", 1974
3:92 Inglehart, Babette F. and Anthony R. Mangione, "The Image of Pluralism in American Literature", 1974
3:93 "Who Do We Think We Are?" Harvard Magazine, 1974
3:94 Ethnicity, 1973
3:95 US-Mexico Borderlands Studies, 1974
3:96 "Conversations with Cesar Chavez, George Wiley and Ralph Abernathy," Journal , 1970
Series III: Frank Stone Files, undated, 1971-1980
4:97 "The Armenians of North America", undated
4:98 Minority Education in Global Perspective, 1971 December
4:99 "Multicultural and Transnational Education", undated
4:100 "The origins of Ethnic Education in Conn.", 1978
4:101 "The Role of Ethnic and Multicultural Museum Education in National Development", 1977
4:102 "The Scots and Scotch-Irish in Connecticut", 1977 April
4:103 Talks, lectures, 1976, 1979
4:104-105 Student papers, 1979-1980
4:106 Irish Studies papers, undated
4:107 Papers collected by Stone, 1971, 1975
4:108 Personal papers, undated
4:109 Cutting Edge, 1975
4:110-112 World Education Project, 1973-1976, 1979
Series IV: Curriculum Guides, undated, 1975-1978
5:113 "Armenian Studies for Secondary Students," Draft, 1975
5:114 The Irish: In their Homeland, In America, In CT, 1975
5:115 "The Irish of CT: A Curriculum Guide," Typescript, undated
5:116 "The Irish of CT: 1st Draft of Unit 2 , 1975 April
5:117-118 "The Irish of CT: A Curriculum Guide," Draft, undated
5:119 The Italians: In their Homeland, In America, In CT, 1976
5:120-121 The Italians: In their Homeland, In America, In CT, undated
5:122 The Jews: Their Origins, In America, In CT, 1976
5:123-126 "The Jews: Their Origins, In America, In CT," Draft, 1976
5:127 The Puerto Ricans: On the Island, On the Mainland, In CT, 1976
5:128-132 "Puerto Ricans: On the Island, On the Mainland, In CT," Draft, 1976
5:133 The Poles: In their Homeland, In America, In CT, 1978
5:134-139 "The Irish: In their Homeland, In America, In CT," Draft, undated
5:140 Scots and Scotch-Irish in CT: A History, 1978
5:141-142 "Scots and Sotch-Irish in CT," Draft, undated
Series V: Research Materials of Bessie Bloom Wessel, 1924-1944
6:143 "Ethnic Factors in the Population of New London, CT", 1929
6:144 "The Ethnic Survey of New London, CT, 1938-44", 1944
6:145 "An Ethnic Survey of Woonsocket R.I.", 1931
6:146 "The Study of Ethnic Factors in Community Life", 1926
6:147 Comments on the researches of B.B. Wessel, 1924-1938
6:148 Carpenter, Niles, "The Cultural Adjustment of the Polish Group in the City of Buffalo", 1927
6:149-151 Clippings from the New London Day: Relief and charity Plans, 1933-?
6:152 Local and general, 1933-1934
6:153 Minority groups and social legislation, 1934-1935
6:154-155 General, 1939-1940
6:156 Map of the dominant groups in the total foreign-born population of each town in CT, 1940
6:157 Map of the dominant groups in the total foreign-born population of each town in CT, 1940
6:158 New London charity and relief plans, 1932-1933
6:159-161 Report of the CT Commission of Child Welfare, 1921
6:162-163 "A Study of the Social and Economic Conditions of the Negro Population of New London, CT," by the National Urban League, 1944
Series VI: Research Materials on Ethnic Groups, undated, 1897-1980
7:164 "Living as Moslems in Greater Hartford," N.Y.T., 1979 April 15
7:165 "Arabs Settle Near Detroit in Hopes of Better Life", 1979 March 27
7:166-167 Action: Arab-American Newsletter, 1977-1978
7:168 Aramco World Magazine, 1974-1975
7:169 Arabs in general, undated
7:170-173 Newsletter; St. Stephen's Armenian Apostolic Church, Hartford/New Britain, 1978-1979
7:174 Rustigian, Arsine, "Preserving Ethnic Identity," Hartford, 1972
7:175-176 Rustigian, Stella S., "The Armenians of Greater Hartford", 1976
7:177 Biography; Baronian, George Armenag, Waterbury, undated
7:178 "Rose," Oral history summary, undated
7:179 "Armenian Education", undated
7:180 Armenians in the U.S.; Armenian Assembly, Armenian Library, Armenian Studies , undated
7:181 Barsumian, Nazareth, Stowaway to Heaven, 1960
7:182 Barsumian, Garig, Armenian-American Poets: A Bilingual Anthology, 1976
7:183 Directory of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America, 1972 March
7:184 Directory of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America, 1971 Fall
7:185 Kulhanjian, Gary A., An Abstract of the Historical and Sociological Aspects of Armenian Immigration to the U.S., 1890-1930, 1975
7:186 Letters and Literature; Armenian periodical, 1978-1980
7:187 Mahakian, Charles, History of Armenians in California, 1935
7:188 Material on the Armenian Youth Federation, undated
7:189 Nargil, Jack and John Hanessian, Jr., Armenian Academic Personnel in the U.S. , 1973 June
7:190 The Armenian Assembly Newsletter, 1978-1979
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8:202-219 Armenian Weekly, 1977-1980
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8:221 Publications of the Armenian Sisters Academy, 1976-1977
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10:354 Guiel, Olga, Oral history transcript, 1978
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