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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Archives


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          Note:  See Appendix D for the titles of ICC Finance
          Dockets, Ex Parte Dockets, and Public Utilities Commission

          Studies and Reports

1         Abandonments                       1921-44
          Passenger car rentals
          Passenger revenue and passenger problems
          Freight and railway express revenue

2         Annual reports                     1936-45
          Summary of operation
          Surveys of systems
          Forecasts of revenue
          Severance studies
          Income accounts

3         Revenues and expenses              1937-39
          ICC docket 1261114
          Traffic studies
          Severance studies: Old Colony, Boston  New York
            Air Line
          Surveys of systems
          Estimated earnings

4         Passenger service                       1937-41
          Forecast of earnings
          Forecast of revenues
          Reorganization plan of Old Colony

5         Forecast of revenue                1937-45
          Severance studies
          Surveys of Old Colony
          Forecast of earnings
          Passenger problems

          Bound Volumes

6         Bill of complaint   1910-29,
          Affidavit of A.E. Clark in opposition to   1947-60
            appointment of limited receivership
          Statements on financial concerns
          ICC docket 33332: Increased Passenger Fares
          By-laws of the Board of Directors  1929, 1942,

7         A brief history of the reorganization with plan
            of reorganization of New York, New Haven and
            Hartford Railroad Co., by Edwin S.S. Sunderland  1935-47

          A case study of balloting regulations: the Boston
            and Maine recapitulation, 1948-53, by Robert L.
            Masson. (1956)

          Reorganization Proceedings in the US District
            Court, District of Connecticut
                    Volumes 1-12        1935-41

8                   Volumes 13-20       1941-48

9         Reorganization Proceedings: Trustees Reports
                    Volumes 1-2    1962-80

          Reorganization Proceedings in the US District
            Court, District of Connecticut
                    Volumes 1-9         Jul 1961-Apr 1968

10                  Volumes 10-17       Apr 1968-Sep 1980

11        Guaranty loan with Case Manhattan Bank  1961
          Supreme Court of the State of New York,
            Stockholders action    1960
          ICC plan to save NHRR    1960
          Loan agreement with Irving Trust Company     1961
          ICC Finance Docket 21669, Petition in support
            of Sullivan and Worcester for interim
            Compensation 1962
          ICC Finance Docket 21989 Brief for Intervenors ...1964

12        Stenographers' Minutes before the ICC:
            Finance Dockets No. 21989, 21990 In the Matter
            of the Pennsylvannia Railroad merger with the NY
            Central Railroad
               Volumes 1-18   Aug-Oct 1962

13             Volumes 19-40  Oct-Dec 1962

14             Volumes 41-57, 59, 60, 63          Dec 1962-Feb 1963

15             Volumes 64, 68-88                  Feb-Apr 1963

16             Volumes 89-98, 108-110             Apr-Aug 1963

17        Stenographers' Minutes before the ICC:
            Finance Dockets No. 21989 et al.,
            Pennsylvannia Railroad merger with NY
            Central Railroad
               Jan 1967-May 1967

18             May 1967-Nov 1968
          Minutes before the ICC

          Docket No. 26241; Penn Central Company
               reorganization  Aug 13-29 1973

19        Transcript of Hearings in the US District Court,
            District of Connecticut
               Petitions 4-233,    Jun 25 1961-Mar 2 1964

20             Petitions 230-482,  Mar 9 1964-Dec 19 1967

21             Petitions 486-626,  Dec 27 1967-Dec 28 1970

22             Petitions 630-867,  Jan 11 1971-Nov 2 1978

23             Petition 867        Nov 8 1978-May 10 1979

24             Petitions 867-968   May 11 1979-Jul 24 1980

25        Plans and amended plans of reorganization
               submittedto the ICC and the US District Court, District
               of Connecticut

               Numerical Files

26   1.1-201.01     Grand Central Terminal real estate 1968-69
                    correspondence, Pullman Co., insurance,

27   210.01-311     Bonds, stock certificates, contracts, 1968-69
                    real estate

28   311            Real estate, sales, proposals 1965-66

29   311-312        Real estate, sales, proposals 1965-66

30   315-411.02     Property: bridges, yards, culverts, 1966-68
                    railroad locomotive, sale of trucks
                    and bridges

31   348.1          Abandonments: Attleboro - Taunton  1954-68

32   348.1-349.1    Abandonments, Thompson - Willimantic 1954-68
                    sidetracks, snow removal

33   411.02-413.051 Locomotive repairs, purchase and sale of  1961-67
                    dining, tank and freight cars

34   411-517.1      Per diem, studies and reports, inspections    1955-61

35   521-630.2      Abandonments of passenger service,    1959-60,
                    coal matters, stations and property   1920
                    in Boston-Hartford, rate cases

36   521.42-620.02  ICC dockets, claims, passenger     1964-67
                    discontinuance, freight houses

37   638.82-646     Salvage, mail, facilities for auto  1961-68
                    traffic, Boston and Providence reorganiz-

     RJS-O #

38   000441-002671  Segregation studies, freight revenue,

39   002673-004773  Studies, reports, correspondence on

40   006168-006600  ICC merger, real estate valuation, Mass-  1965-66
                    achusetts Bay Transportation Authority
                    Tri-State Committee

41   006601-008949  ICC, Penn merger, real estate appraisal  1964-68

42   008950-010423  ICC testimony, merger    1962-70

43   011192-01259   Northeaster railroad investigation  1972-73
                    before the ICC (ex parte 293)

          General Reference Files

44             Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority,  1965-67
               West End Commuter Car Service, passenger train
               off service, ICC discontinuances

45a            ICC hearing and testimony on discontinuances  1965
               of passenger service trains

46             Commuter cars

47             New Haven Redevelopment Authority, NHRR case  1969-70
               before the US Supreme Court, US District court
               reorganization proceedings

48             Subsidiaries: New England Transportation,  1957-65
               Connecticut Company, County Transportation,
               Holyoke  Westfield, East Hartford Freight,
               New England Car, NHRR Communications Co.

49             Subsidiaries: New York Connecting Co., New  1954-64
               York  Stamford, Norwich  Worcester, Prov-
               idence Produce Warehouse, Realty Hotels,Inc.,
               South Manchester RR, Union Freight RR

50             Railroad stations: Maybrook-Westport    1953-63

51             Trustees progress reports, RJ Smith speeches, 1961-69
               reports of Presidential Commission on Urban
               Mass Transit and railroad labor problems,
               trustee biographies

52             President Kennedy's transportation address,  1961-67
               Dorigan's death, leased line studies,
               Naugatuck Industrial Council

          General Reference Files

53             Interstate Staff Committee, NY and CT demon-   1963-66
               stration project [commuter service], rail
               services CT, RI, MA, Connecticut  Transportation
               Authority (CTA) correspondence, United
               Research Inc.

54             Tri-State Commission (Roger Gillman), Mass  1963-67
               Transportation Commission, Sen. Pell's North-
               eastern Corridor project, high speed trains

55             Meetings re federal, state and local relief  1961-65
               newspaper articles, annual meetings of New
               England state's Public Utilities Commissions,
               tax relief sought, standards of service and
               maintenance and rehabilitation program

          Six Month Claims

56             Memoranda re: six month claims

57             Exhibits re: six month claims

58        Memorandum concerning reoganization, ICC     1962-70
          testimony,  freight potential exhibit,
          newspaper clippings

59        Advertising brochure, ICC exhibits, ICC      1962-66
          Finance dockets

60        ICC Finance dockets and exhibits, Penn  1962-66
          Central merger petitions, ICC reports, briefs
          and memoranda

61        US District Court proceedings, ICC Finance   1965-68
          dockets, equipment inventory

62        ICC testimony, exhibits and Finance dockets  1964-65
          freight only study

63        Freight only studies, exhibits and railroad  1965-68
          maps, ICC statements, petitions, testimony,
          and briefs, plan of reorganization and related

64        ICC testimony, reports and related corres-   1962-68
          pondence, freight potential studies, ex parte
          241 before to ICC, timetable of October 1962

65        Ex parte before the ICC: petitions and reports,  1966-69
          exhibits and related correspondence, arguments
          and statements, Ex parte 252: related corres-
          pondence concerning

66        Ex parte 241 before the ICC: supplements and  1964-66
          related correspondence, investigation of
          freight adequacy, files and appendices

67        Per diem case file: related material, ICC fin-  1965-68
          ancial docket 31358 and exhibits, statements

68        Penn Central Approval Committee files   1965-66
          (files 1-7)

69        Association of American Railroads Task Force  1967-68
          per diem study, staff meetings, flood loans,
          cash flow statements, district court proceedings
          correspondence on stocks and bonds,
          Penn Central Approval Committee files (files 8-9)

70        ICC Finance dockets and miscellaneous   1967-68
          related material, court proceedings, ICC pro-

71        Requests for approval of acquisition and/or  1965-68
          disposition of property

72        Requests for approval of acquisition and/or  1962-69
          disposition of property, ICC Finance dockets
          21989 and 21990, freight potential study

73        District Court proceedings against the Illinois  1970-72
          Central Railroad, Penn Central-Swiss financing,
          proposed settlement agreement

74        Proposed settlement and agreements, employee  1972-73
          protection conditions, ICC hearings concerning

75        Reorganization plan of New Haven trustees,   1972-75
          sale of abandoned right-of-ways, settlement of
          fraud actions against Penn Central, reorgan-
          ization plans for leased lines

76        Plan of reorganization, rail service reports 1971-74
          by Department of Transportation, sale of Park
          Avenue properties, trustees reports and state-
          ments, rail property valuation

77        Evaluation files, ICC Finance docket 21989,  1963-64
          Penn Central rebuttal testimony in NH case,
          ICC reports on merger

78        Intervention testimony in Penn Central merger  1962-63
          case: exhibits and statements, White House
          release on transport mergers

79        US District Court: ICC, US Manufacturers     1965-69
          Hanover Trust Co., Penn Central news releases,
          ICC order for inclusion of NHRR in the Penn
          Central, Penn Central merger: ICC testimony
          and reports, press conference, newspaper
          clippings, evaluations, examiner's report

80        Examiner's report and press release, mergers  1964-66
          of other railroads, merger correspondence and
          memos, ICC testimony concerning Penn Central

81        ICC Finance docket 21990, plan of reorgan-   1962-70
          ization, The Whitman Report (US Dept. of
          Commerce) concerning NHRR difficulties, freight
          potential (1965-70), ICC statements concerning
          Penn Merger

82        ICC testimony and exhibits, newspaper   1966-68
          releases, ICC petitions, briefs and replies

83        ICC briefs, replies, and petitions, statements  1968
          on Penn Central merger

84        ICC briefs, replies and petitions on Penn    1964-67
          Central merger, plans of reorganization

85        ICC briefs and findings on proposed Penn     1964
          Central merger


     Subject Files, 1961-77

86   A-B  Amtrak; Bankruptcy matters; Biltmore litigation;  1961-68
          Bondholders appeals; Boston litigation

87   C    Claims; Columbia Ave. Station; Compensation for  1965-77
          trustees and counsel

88   C-F  Compensation for trustees and counsel;  Condemnation   1961-64
          of railroad property reports; Hiring of counsel;
          Employee protection

89   G-H  Grand Central Terminal and hotel property; Oscar  1961-68
          Gruss  Son; Harlem River Division; Plan for High
          speed train

90  I-N   Insurance (employees); Loans-flood and ship;  1961-69
          Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority;
          Mortgage; New York City order 594 and appeal
          (assessment of property)

91   N-O  New Haven equitable lien and briefs on appeal;  1971-72
          New York set-offs

92   P    Passenger train discontinuance: statement to the  1961-71
          ICC (23831); Hearing on Northeast passenger
          train discontinuance; passenger fare increase;

93   P    Passenger train discontinuance; Penn Central  1961-71

94   P-R  Penn Central; Per diem (attorney fees); Real  1961-68
          estate; Reorganization proceeding and District
          Court orders

95   R-S  Reorganization plan of the Trustees and  amendments,    1962-69
          objections to the plans; 1935-47 Reorganization

96   S-T  Sullivan  Worcester Counsels; Stockholders'  1961-71
          inquiries; Taxes, torts, claims; Tri-State Trans-
          portation Committee; Trustees general

97   T-Z  Trustees-loan guarantees, petitions and appeals;  1961-67
          Urban mass tranportation bill; US Dept. of Trans-
          portation; Wage increases


98        Boston  Providence Railroad reorganization of and  1961-71
          acquisition by Penn Central: briefs and petitions,
          closing papers, hearings and correspondence,
          requests for compensation

99        Boston  Providence Railroad reorganization of and  1961-67
          acquisition by Penn Central: mortgages and inden-
          tures, requests for compensations, breifs and

100       Boston  Providence Railroad reorganization of and  1961-66
          acquisition by Penn Central: briefs and corres-
          pondence, transcripts of hearings, per diems

101       Boston  Providence Railroad reorganization of and  1960-65
          acquisition by Penn Central: Per diem, court cases
          concerning per diem

102       Penn Central merger: ICC hearings, reports and  1966-68

103       Penn Central merger: hearings before the US  1967-68
          District Court Southern District of NY; Decisions
          of and briefs before the Southern District Court
          of NY

104       Appeals to the US Supreme Court; ICC decisions;  1966-68
          US District Court West Virginia hearings; loan
          arrangements, agreements between Penn Central and

105       ICC hearings on trustees' plan of reorganization;  1965-66
          Penn Central merger: petitions for intervention,
          reconsideration, and postponement of,correspondence
          Erie-Lackawanna v. ICC

106       ICC recommendations concerning merger; Penn Central   1963-65
          and New Haven merger correspondence; Penn Central
          rebuttal of New Haven's case

107       Penn Central merger: New Haven testimony and general   1963

108       Mergers: of other railroads, general correspondence,     1955-67
          public interest in, Senator Kefauver's speech on,
          Association of American Railroads memo to Presi-
          dential agency on merger policies

109       US District Court Finance docket 21685 and 21686;  1961-65
          ICC proceedings and correspondence; Petition for
          order 25 (15 million loans); ICC dockets and appli-
          cations; certificates and agreements before the
          ICC and the District Court

110       Trustees' certificate and related correspondence;  1960-71
          sale of South Station (Boston, MA)

111       Penn Central: merger briefs, testimony before the  1971-73
          US Senate; ICC documents concerning the Penn
          Central reorganization; bankruptcy hearings before
          the District Court; exhibits and area maps

112       General matters about subsidiary companies in regard    1961-67
          to reorganization

113       Agreement and leases of equipment; Port of New York      1962-64
          Authority: multiple unit cars for New Haven

     J.W. Moore Counsel

114       Reorganization 1980; legal briefs and reports;  1962-80
          amendments; annual reports and statistical state-
          ments; cash situation

115       Compensation matters; hearings and affidavits;  1976-82
          ICC exhibit; petition on reorganization

116       Regional rail organization; Final plan of reorgani-  1972-74
          zation: proceedings, merger and testimony

117       Reorganization briefs and memoranda; Trustees report    1968-69
          to the Court (1962)

118-20    Order #1-1200, US District Court for Eastern  District
          for Pennsylvannia


121       General reorganization correspondence; Interim  1960-80
          reports to the U.S. District Court; Congressional
          subcommittee meetings on reorganization and status
          of railroads in general; Records of the meetings
          of the Treasury Division of the Association of
          American Railroads (Vols. 17-27, 1957-68)

122       US District Court Briefs; Memoranda from counsel;  1960-80
          Hearings and petitions before the US District Court;
          cash forecasts and payroll listings; US Court of
          Appeals brief; Management seminar brochure

123       Petitions and reports to the U.S. District Court;  1960-80
          Statements of petition concerning the reorganiza-
          tion; Legal documents concerning the bankruptcy;
          Appeals to the US Court of Appeals; Plan of

124       Petitions and reports pertaining to the reorganiza-  1960-80
          tion; Petitions to the US Supreme Court; US
          District Court proceedings; briefs and memoranda
          concerning reorganization; real estate appraisals;
          Claims presented by the Providence and Worcester

125       Regional Rail Organization Act of 1973; Cash study  1960-80
          of Boston trains; Plan of reorganization; Cash
          forecasts; Exhibits for ICC hearing; Briefs
          concerning reorganization before US District Court

126       Briefs concerning reorganization before US District  1960-80
          Court; Report to Senate Committee on Commerce
          (1972); Regional Rail Organization Plan of 1973;
          Regional Rail Organization Cases

127       Statements of position before the ICC and the US  1960-80
          District Court; Sale of Park Avenue property by
          Penn Central; Penn Central annual reports, 1968-
          1974; Newspaper clippings concerning
          reorganization (1973-78)

128       ICC dockets and material concerning reorganization  1960-80
          (Docket 26241 for 1973); Proceedings on
          reoganization before the US District Court of
          Eastern Pennsylvania

129       Providence and Worcester RR claims; Real estate  1960-80
          appraisals for Providence and Worcester RR;
          US District Court proceedings in Providence and
          Worcester RR settlement; Correspondence and
          affidavits from Gratz, Tate Spiegel, Ervin, and
          Ruthanoff Legal Firm