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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Records


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Box Number Item Number and Description
1 1 Board of Directors Meetings 1917-20
2 1 Board of Directors Meetings 1920-23
3 1 Board of Directors Meetings 1923-26
4 1 Board of Directors Meetings 1926-30
5 1 Board of Directors Meetings 1930-33
6 1 Board of Directors Meetings 1933-34
7 4 Executive Committee of Board of Directors Meetings: deeds, financial statements, daily cash balances and operating revenues. 1916-33.
8 4-4.1 Board of Directors Meetings: financial statements, income and revenue, cash balance, memoranda of cash situation. 1917-1950.
9 4.1Trustees' Meetings, Board of Directors Meetings: financial statements, cash balance, income revenue, memoranda of cash situation. 1929-42.
10 4.1 Reorganized Company: and Trustees meeting, Board of Directors meetings financial and statistical statement, news releases, memoranda on cash situation. 1941-61.
11 4.2-4.6 Board of Directors Meetings , Trustees Meetings: memoranda of cash situation, financial statements, freight and passenger service. 1922-48.
12 4.6-.19 Trustees Meetings: memoranda to trustees, monthly reports to directors, monthly financial reports to employees, annual budget, estimated income and expenses, financial and statistical statements, newspaper articles. 1936-61.
13 4.19 Information furnished to Directors, Board of Directors Meeting memoranda, financial statements, real estate sales, stock purchase plans, by-laws, revenue of car loadings, facts and figures 1922-54, passenger equipment, proposed centralized traffic control. 1952-56.
14 4.19- .21 Board of Directors Meetings: deeds, financial and statistical statements; summary of revenues, expense and income; income accounts and selected statistics; digest of real estate sales; equipment summaries; photos: Stamford derailment; Seaboard Air Line RR statements; loan agreements. 1953-59.
15 5.111-.782 Memoranda for Board of Directors: authority for expenditures; contracts; Board of estimates and apportionment NY City; map: proposed pipe and conduit; Proceedings for reorganizing of RR; Boston Market Terminal Co.; appropriations; agreements. 1928-50.
16 5.783-5.840 Memoranda for Board of Directors: estimated expenditures, authority for expenditures; petition; contracts; agreements. 1947-52.
17 5.841-7.1 Memoranda for Board of Directors: real estate sales, authority for expenditures, Income Tax return 1928: Internal Revenue: necessity certificate; stock certificates; petition; report to Mass. Dept. of Public Utilities; maps, news clippings; South Bay Wharf and Terminal Co. 1905-67.
18 7.2-12 Meetings of committee on finance and operations: employee positions and wages, continuation of salaries and allowances for ill or deceased employees; real estate: proposed sales; statement of expenditures for road and equipment; Report to Finance Committee. 1918-46.
19 13-13.5 Board of Directors memoranda: income account and selected statistics; financial information; income and revenue; maps: RR lines; photos of coaches (exterior); newspaper articles; article: "McClellon Water-Tube Boiler Test". 1917-52.
20 13.6-13.16 Trustees Meetings: memoranda to and from Board of Directors, RR accidents and fatalities; passenger and freight service; revenue and statistics; Air Line travel: rates and routes; company's coal situation; Springfield Street RR Co.: revenue. 1920-52.
21 13.17-13.35 Trustees Meetings: memoranda from Trustees; timetable changes; equipment situation; fire damage on Cos Cob bridge (1939); overnight freight service (Speed Witch); probable effect of the war in Europe on railroad business (1939); operation of daily coach service between Washington D.C. and Maine (train named "East Wind"); flood and hurricane destruction (1938, 1944, 1950); freight traffic; ticket sales to travel groups; low and nonpaying passenger trains; limited train statistics; bus vs. train service; passenger service in various cities; maps: Old Colony RR lines. 1931-1951.
22 13.36-13.68 Memoranda from Trustees, Board of Directors, Stockholders, Special Committee on pensions; pensions; payroll; rail failures; revocable permit, authority for expenditure, operating and traffic statistics; proposed new train service, automobile travel, various railroad companies, information on Freedom train. 1902-49.
23-25 15.58-.600 Letters authorizing pensions and dollar amounts; statements of authorized pension payroll. 1907-55.
26 37-37.8 Memoranda to and from Board of Directors, Stockholders: Stockholder meeting ballots Federal decree: complaint; petitions, news releases; By-laws, charters; Boston and Maine, Boston Holding Co., Eastern Steamship Corp. 1907-35.
27 37.8-37.40 Memoranda from Board of Directors, Stockholders, Committees; Federal decree: US v. NYNH&H; Bill of complaints; petitions, bus and railway revenue; news releases; releases; Connecticut Company: sale; income account. 1905-33.
28 41-44 Memoranda from Trustees, Stockholders, Board of Directors Meetings: real estate transactions, maps, Public Utilities Commission (CT) docket; Meeting memoranda: Northern RR, Pemigewasset Valley RR, Wilton RR, CT and Passumipsic RR Co., Peterboro RR, Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railway, Springfield Railway Co., Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Co. 1914-51.
29 44.35-83 Memoranda from meetings of Board of Directors, Trustees, Stockholders, Committee on NH Station; real estate transactions; insurance policies; blueprints, building licenses and permits; Public Utilities Commission dockets, annual reports of NH Police Dept., Cedar Hill Yard. 1911-47.
30 102-115 Memoranda from meetings of Stockholders, Board of Directors, Special Committee on Finance; expenditures for additions and improvements; report on maintenance of RR; contracts for construction of equipment; Public Utilities Commission (CT) docket; ICC Act and its Amendment; Thames River Bridge dedication and engineer's report; Boston Terminal Co.; agreement and settlement between Director General of Railroads and NYNH&H. 1903-67.
31 115-133 Memoranda from Board of Directors: summary of net corporate income; proposed Hydro-electric development; receipts and disbursement of Equitable Trust Co. of New York; Revenue Act collateral indentures; agreements. 1901-28.
32 133-147 Memoranda from meetings of Board of Directors, Stockholders; petitions, decree, Public Utilities Commission (CT) dockets; real estate appraisal; statement of balance sheets and income account; record showing stock; ballots; debentures; legal cases; merger agreement: Consolidated Railway Co.; agreements. 1901-48.
33 147 Memoranda of Board of Directors, Stockholders: bills of complaint, legal cases: Harold Norris, Edwin Adams, Bartlett. 1901-46.
33 181 Registered Gold Bond Specimens; Reports covering destruction of cancelled European loan Franc debentures.
34 181 European Loan; Memoranda from Board of Directors; Office of Treasurer: list of bondholders, Committee on Stocklist; ICC finance docket; agreements; collateral trust indentures; Grand Central Terminal: leases, agreements, drawings. 1900-47.
35 202 Grand Central Terminal: memoranda to Board of Trustees; lease; blueprints. 1930-36.
35 247 Clayton Act: anti-trust questionnaires, NYNH&HRR and subsidiaries lines index.1914-63.
36 247 Clayton Act: anti-trust questionnaires, NYNH&HRR and subsidiaries lines index. 1914-55.
36 279 Common and preferred stock; Annual Stockholders meeting.
36 289.1- .4 Memoranda from Board of Directors and Trustees; real estate appraisal and digests; ICC valuation dockets; Stockholders meeting, list of deeds of NYNHHRR (1840s-1900s); Norwich and Worcester RR; leases, contracts, agreements made by NYNH&H (c1940-1900).
36 290-292 Publication of London Stock Exchange yearbooks; memoranda from Board of Trustees; blueprints.
37 294-321 Memoranda from Board of Directors, Trustees, Special and Sub-Committees on Finance, Stockholders; income accounts; finance dockets; Transportation Act; Railway mail payment; Corporate rent and sales of real estate; mortgages; creamation affadavit. 1914-49.
38 321Memoranda from Board of Directors; petitions and court orders; By-laws of NYNH&H; Reorganization proceedings, ICC finance dockets mortgages; mortgage supplements and releases. 1920-51.
39 399.1-426 Memoranda from Stockholders and Board of Directors; repairs to cars; blueprints; New England Navigation Co. 1893-1945.
40 595.38-595.70 Memoranda from Board of Directors; trucking, agreements and contracts, ICC finance dockets; insurance; blueprints; reports on old freight equipment; condemnation of equipment; leases; mortgages. 1889-1950.
40 595.58 American Locomotive Co. conditional sale agreement; Lina-Hamilton conditional sale agreement; Fairbanks, Morse & Co agreement; retirement of box cars. 1943-50.
40 595.61- .70 Retirement of box cars and locomotives. 1943-44.
41 595 Memoranda from Trustees; condition and condemnation of equipment; report on freight equipment. 1942-47 .
42 643.1-.19 Memoranda from Trustees, Board of Directors; US Bankruptcy Act; ICC finance dockets; petitions: reorganization proceedings; maps. 1935-47.
43 643.20-.38 Memoranda from Trustees, Board of Directors; report to Trustees regarding contracts; study of contracts, agreements, leases; disbursement and purchasing contracts; real estate department revenue reports. 1935-49.
43 643.31 Intercorporate relations: report on costs of storing and serving motor vehicles, intercorporate billing, proposed billing against Springfield Street RR; material purchased for maintaining motor coaches; Berkshire St. Railway Co.
43 643.32 Reorganization lists of parties of records and interviews.
43 643.33 Treatment of securities under plan of reorganization.
43 643.34-.38 Memoranda from Trustees and Board of Directors; contracts; analysis of real estate; petitions: reorganization proceedings; list of road and equipment items retired. 1935-49.
44 643.39 Memoranda from Trustees meeting: severance study, estimated revenues and expenses, petition: reorganization proceedings; maps; analysis of LCL traffic; materials and supplies; passenger terminal for Boston; recapitulating studies; abandonment study of Boston group of the Old Colony RR. 1935-53.
44 643.44 Memoranda of meeting and appointment of Trustees; list of meetings for Board of Directors, stockholders, committee on preparing plan of reorganization; statements of fees and expenses; claims for compensation for services during reorganization proceedings; ICC finance dockets; income account.
45 644 Trustees meetings: memoranda, dockets, land deeds. 1936-37.
46-48 644 Trustees meetings: memoranda, dockets, land deeds. 1937-43.
49 644 Trustees meetings: memoranda, dockets, reports on new legal business. 1943-44.
50 644 Trustees meetings: memoranda, dockets. 1944-45.
51 644 Trustees meetings: memoranda, dockets, petitions. 1945-47.
52 645 Companies and Subsidiaries:

    Providence and Worcester RR Co.
    Norwich and Worcester RR
    Chatham RR Co.
    Holyoke and Westfield RR Co.
    Boston and Providence RR Co.
    Naugatuck RR
    Providence, Warren and Bristol RR
    Housatonic RR
    Dutchess County RR
    New Haven and Northampton RR
    Harlem River and Portchester RR
    Boston and New York Air Line
    Wood River Branch
    Narragansett Pier RR,

    memoranda; payment of income taxes and rentals under lease; analysis of earnings; reorganization proceedings; blueprints; ICC finance dockets; summary of accounts. 1905-47.

52 645.12 Yardmasters, Asst. Yardmasters, and Stationmasters: increase in wages
53 658 Companies and subsidiaries: memoranda from Trustees meetings; construction of sidetracks; blueprints; supplies; real estate transactions; equipment rental; authority for expenditures; Public Utilities Commission (CT) docket; Manufacturers Realty Co. 1938-47.
54 658 Memoranda from Trustees meetings: companies and subsidiaries; authority of expenditures; Public Utilities Commission (CT) docket; installation of sidetracks. 1947-60.
54 833 General RR situation: memoranda from Trustees meetings; President McGinnis' reports, gross operating revenue and other financial information; NHRR Management seminar. 1942-61.
54 966 Seminar material on President Eisenhower's Cabinet Committee report on Transportation.
54 1006 Eastern RR policies
55 Various histories:

    Hotel Barclay

    Berkshire Street Railway Co.

    Hotel Biltmore

    Hotel Commodore

    Hotel Parklane

    Providence Produce Warehouse Co.

    Hotel Roosevelt

    Hotel Waldorf Astoria

    New Haven Railroad

    New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad

    Origin and nature of NH certificates of interest

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