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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Archives


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1       001 to 002-4    Appointments    l95l-62
                        Memberships, various associations 
						  Correspondence: Traffic Executive 
                          Association, Association of American Railroads (AAR)
                        Railway delivery of mail

2       002-4            Correspondence: AAR     l949-6l
                        Info. furnished to the public
                        Meetings and minutes of Committee Freight and Passenger Accounts
                        Boston Terminal Co
                        New England Transportation Co.

3       002-4 to         Association of American Railroads:     l955-6l
         004-l4             Meetings and minutes of Committee on Disbursements
                          Special Committees
                          Meetings and minutes of Eastern
                            Accounting Conference
                        Misc. correspondence: advertising
                        Board Meetings:
                                New York Connecting RR
                                Boston Terminal Corp.
                                New England Transportation Co.

 4      004-14 to       Accrual for injury, loss, and   l949-60
         002-6            damage reserve
                        Sale of passenger lines
                        Various studies
                        ICC examinations
                        Agreements with employees
                        Freight operations
                        Communications: correspondence
                        Subscriptions, membership 
                          campaigns, donations
                        United Fund campaigns
                        YMCA membership drives
                        Collection and payment of accounts, 
                          personal injuries
                        Statement of unpaid bills
                        Damage to property reserves
                        Injury settlements of $25,000 +
                        New England Transportation Co
                        New York Connecting RR

 5      l06-5-B to                              l948-62
         202-l5         Newspaper and milk shipments
                        Correspondence: Grand Central 
                        Income and Expenses
                        Revenue forecasts
                        Shortages on accounts
                        Avoidable cost studies
                        Estimated operating revenues
                        Budget Bureau
                        Gross operating revenue
                        Audit by Arthur Anderson Co.

 6      202-l5 to                               l949-65
         300            Information furnished to other companies
                        Board of Directors Meetings: NHRR
                        Executive Committee Meetings: NHRR
                                Pressprich Co.
                                Bowery Savings Co.
                                McGraw Hill Co.
                                A.W. Benkert and Co.
                                Standards and Poors

 7      300 to                                   l949-6l
         502            Board of Director's Meetings: NHRR
                        Executive Committee Meetings: NHRR
                        Massachusetts state taxes, real
                          estate taxes, etc.
                        New York State taxes, etc.
                        Correspondence: federal,
                          state, and local taxes
                        Correspondence and reports to 
                          the ICC
                        Rhode Island State taxes, etc
                        Sale and use taxes on locomotives
                        Federal excise taxes
                        Uncollectable items and bills

 8      502 to                          l949-60
         503            Correspondence: freight
                        Freight commodity statistics
                        Stamford derailment
                        Corrspondence: piggy-back service
                        Freight claims
                        Freight auctions
                        Correspondence: passenger service
                        Study of passenger service

 9      503 to                          1953-61
         507            Passenger service problems
                        Passenger statistics
                        Bad checks received for passenger 
                        Revenue accounts: dining service
                        Pullman mileage statistics
                        Pullman co. audits
                        Increased passenger fares

10      507 to                          l95l-60
         602            Increase in fares
                        ICC hearings: correspondence
                        Dining car inventories and summary
                          of operations
                        Elimination of grade crossings
                        Authorities for expenditures

11      602 to          Abandonments    l955-6l
         70l-l          Sale of scrap
                        Equipment purchase and sales
                        Real estate digest
                        Welded rail program
                        Rental and lease of buildings and 
                          office spaces
                        Wages, salaries, and pay increases
                        Increases in forces and rates

12      70l-8 to        Force and rates   l948-60
         705            Overtime
                        Payroll deductions
                        Delivery and cashing of checks
                        Employee travel accounts
                        Western Union franks
                        Use of personal vehicle on 
                          company business

l3      708 to          Vacations and sick time l942-6l
          002-4         Retirements, pensions, and 
                        Requisitions for stationery
                        Condition of work reports
                        Information furnished to other 
                        Accounting department staff meetings 
                          and minutes
                        Safety Program Committee meeting 
                          and minutes
                        Study of Auditor of Freight 
                          Receipts office
                        Committee on Statistics
                        Alexander Proudfoot Co

l4      002-4                                           l957-60
                        Correspondence: Committee of Stat-
                          istics, Association of American RR

l5      002-4 to                                        l956-60
         0l2            Uniform system of accounts, 
                          proposal for
                        ICC subjects
                        Correspondence: charities, 
                          associations, Chambers of Commerce

16      0l2                                             l950-63
                        Correspondence: associations, clubs,
                          charities, and Chambers of Commerce

l7      0l2-000 to                                      l950-64
         002-4          Correspondence: charities, clubs,
                          associations, Chambers of Commerce
                        Correspondence: Clayton Anti-Trust Act
                        Correspondence: Executives of member
                          roads and members of the Board of 
                        Association of American Railroads

l8      002-4                                   l94l-64
                        Association of American Railroads:
                          Board of Director's meetings
                          Highway and waterway matters
                          Committee on Statistics
                          Cost research programs
                          Carload routing practices
                          Report on railroads in twenty-
                            five countries
                          Facts on featherbedding
                          Eastern Accounting Conference 

l9      004-l to                                        l950-65
         004-2          Annual computation of float rates
                        Witholding, retirement, and unemploy-
                          ment taxes
                        Statements of expected revenue
                        Annual reports to the ICC
                        Annual audit of accounts
                        Detail of injury, loss, and 
                          damage reserve
                        Benefit plans
                        Fare increase
                        Correspondence: subsidiary companies
                        Wage increases
                        Vacation payments
                                New York Connecting RR
                                Connecticut Co.
20      004-2 to                                        l943-64
          004-ll        Connecticut Company:
                          Correspondence, sale of 
                          Board votes
                          Board of Directors' meetings
                          History of the Connecticut Co.
                        Taxes, fuel, sales, etc.
                        Dissolution of New York and 
                          Stamford Transportation Co.
                        Cash forecasts
                        Payroll comparisions
                        Annual reports
                        Wage increases
                                Connecticut Co.
                                New York and Stamford County 
                                  Transportation Co.
                                Boston Terminal Co.
                                Berkshire Street Railway Co

2l      004-ll to                                       l944-62
         008            Correspondence: subsidiary companies
                        Rail savings operations
                        Massachusetts Option Plan
                        Telephone charges
                        Workmen's compensation
                        Excess automobile liability
                        Various insurance matters
                                Berkshire Street Railway Co
                                New England Transportation Co.
                                Springfield Street Railway Co
                                Old Colony RR
                                Worcester and Eastern Connecticut 
                                  Railway Co

22      009                                     l945-63
         013            Destruction of records
                        Various publications
                        Newspaper clippings
                        Donations to charities, clubs, 
                          and associations      

23      0l8 to                                  l944-64
         l06-5-l3       Correspondence: contracts and leases
                        Collections and payments of accounts
                        Accruals for personal injuries  
                        Statement of lost time due to injuries
                        Examination of treasurer's accounts
                        Correspondence: Grand Central Terminal
                        Correspondence: Biltmore Hotel and 
                          Hotel Commodore
                        Gross receipts for rentals for 
                          concessions: Grand Central Terminal

24      l06-5-B to                                      l947-65
         202-15         Port Morris power plant, disposal of
                        Correspondence: Grand Central Terminal
                        Cash forecasts
                        Purchase of U.S. Treasury Bills
                        Financial statements
                        Income accounts
                        Flood loan agreements

25      202-5 to        Responsibility reports: Acct. Dept.     l949-69
         2l9              responsibility for budget mgt.
                        Information furnished to the public
                        Eastern States Exhibition, 1960
                        Press releases
                        Investments, correspondence on
                        Annual reports to SEC
                        Correspondence: Fruit Growers Express
                          and Providence Produce Warehouse Co
                        Working funds
                        Stock purchase plans
                                Mercer Storage Co
                                Providence Produce Warehouse Co.
                                Fruit Growers Express

26      2l9 to          Proxy information       l945-6l
         305            Annual report to stockholders 
                          and working papers
                        Weekly reports to trustees
                        Various items of interest 
                          concerning the railroad

27      305 to          Correspondence: Federal, State, l954-6l
         402              and local matters
                        Correspondence: ICC dockets, hearings
                        Information furnished to the Public
                          Utilities Commission: 
                            Rhode Island
                            New York
                        Information about the Massachusetts
                                 Transportation Commission.

28      402 to                                  l933-66
         502-8          Information furnished to the Public 
                          Utilities Commissions
                        PUC investigations
                        Correspondence: tax relief
                        Correspondence: taxes
                        Carloading reports
                        Freight commodity statistics
                        War reparations cases

29      502 to                                  l954-65
         502-2-A        Freight commodity statistics
                        Correspondence: piggy back service
                        Freight: coal cars
                        Statements of loss and damage to freight

30      502-2-A to                                      l952-64
         503            Freight claims
                        Per diem: correspondence
                        Use of business cars
                        Passenger train earnings committee
                        Correspondence: passenger service
                        Passenger service circulars

31      503                                             l953-64
                        Passenger circulars
                        Special studies of passengers
                        Study of gross revenues and statistics:
                          passenger service
                        Discontinuance of passenger service 
                        Passenger service revenue: checking 
                          bags and trucks

32      503                                             l958-65
                        Passenger service studies
                        Summer train earnings
                        Correspondence: passenger service
                        Passenger department: circulars
                        Passenger service: statistics

33      503 to          Train service discontinuances   l952-67
         506            Passenger service revenue
                        Study of local passenger trains
                        Revenues of parlor cars
                        Correspondence: Railway Express Co
                        Handling of U.S. mail

34      503 to          Handling and storage of mail    l956-62
         506            Passenger fare increases

35      507 to                                  l954-64
         604            Increased passenger fares
                        Rates of pay for laborers
                        Sale of Van Nest shop
                        Reduction in forces
                        Cost of living adjustments
                        Salaries and expenses of officers
                        Decisions concerning labor
                        Labor agreements

36      604 to 701.9    Payments for time lost due to illness
                        Christmas baskets
                        Payroll statements and audits
                        Legislation concerning retirement and
                          unemployment benefits
                        Increased passenger fares
                        Dining cars: summary of operations
                        Purchase and sale of equipment

37      701.9 to        Puchase of equipment    l947-65 
         800            Additions and improvements
                        Real estate and roadways
                        Expenses paid to employees
                        Personal automobiles used on 
                          company business
                        Traveling expenses
                        Letters of congratulations for 
                          40 and 50 years service
                        Accounting department rosters
                        Accounting department staff vacations
                        Working conditions: hours, etc.
                        Material and supply inventory

38      800 to          Material and supply inventories 1944-65
          002           Survey of reports
                        Statement of industrial concerns
                        Correspondence: fuel oil
                        Condition of work reports
                        Inventory material control
                        New Haven College of Executive 
                        Scrap accounting procedures
                        Correspondence: stenographers,
                          clerks, Comptroller
                        Appointments (closed files)
                        Associations (closed files)

39      002-4                                   1952-57                        
                       Correspondence: AAR
40      002-4 to                                        1939-56
        004-1          New York City utility taxes
                       Correspondence: New York Connecting RR
41      004-l to                                        1933-56
        004-8          Board Meetings
                       Correspondence: subsidiary companies
                               New York Connecting RR
                               The Connecticut Co
42      004-2 to                                        1945-55
        004-8          Correspondence: subsidiary companies
                               County Transportation Co
                               New York and Stamford RWY Co
                               Harlem River and Port Chester RR
                               Boston Terminal
43      004 to                                  1942-56
        8              Corrspondence: subsidiary companies
                       Tax matters
                       ICC applications, deeds, etc.
                       Charters and by-laws
                               Boston Terminal Co
                               Union Freight RR Co
                               Berkshire Street RWY Co

44      004 to                                          1945-55
         l4             Correspondence: New England
                          Transportation Co

45      004-14 to                                       l9l6-56
         007            Correspondence: subsidiary companies
                        Insurance matters
                                N.E. Transportation Co
                                Holyoke and Westfield Co

46      008 to                                  l945-56
         0l3            Destruction of records
                        Weekly review by staff
                        Publications and newspaper clippings
                        Charity drives
                        Manufacturers Trust

47      013 to                                  l940-57
         106            Charity drives
                        Examination of accounts
                        Contracts and leases
                        Accounting department circulars
                        Information furnished to the 
                          Board of Directors concerning 
                          personal injuries

48      019 to                                  l934-56
         116            Status of outstanding bills
                        NY and Harlem tolls
                        Joint facilities and agreements
                        Balance of accounts
                                Boston and Maine RR Co

49      ll7 to                                  l949-56
         202.5          Statements of income
                        Income accounts
                        Income and expenses
                        Monthly financial statements

50      202-15 to                                       l945-56
         215            Flood areas
                        Information furnished to the public
                        Press releases
                        Accruals for sinking funds
                        Mortgage bonds and notes
                        Investments and securities
                        Custodians files

51      215 to                                  l942-56
         215-5          Correspondence: SEC
                        Cost Study
                                Columbia Packing Co
                                Fruit Growers Express Co
                                Providence Produce Warehouse Co

52      221 to                                  l953-57
         302            Correspondence: stockholders' 
                          annual report
                        Report to stockholders

53      302 to                                  l948-58
         304            Annual reports to the stockholders
                        Board meetings: NHRR

54      401 to                                  l944-58
         402            Correspondence and reports
                          concerning the ICC
                        Correspondence on taxes

55      403             Taxes, revenue agent    l936-58
                        Correspondence concerning taxes

56      403 to                                  l948-58
         502            Operating and traffic statistics
                        Freight correspondence

57      502 to                                  l942-57
         502-2-A        Freight
                        Statements on loss and damage
                        Pickup and delivery service

58      502-2 to                                l944-57
         503            Freight claims
                        Per diem charges/waybills
                        Correspondence: freight
                                Correspondence: passenger service
                                Boston Market Terminal Co

59      503 to                                  l944-57
         506            Passenger counts
                        Passenger statistics
                        Pullman Co: accruals
                        Pullman Co: audits

60      506 to                                  l943-57
         602            Correspondence: U.S. Mail
                        Mail freight increases
                        Dining cars
                        Sidetrack policy
                        Correspondence: AFE's 
                        Authorization For Expenditure 

61      602 to                                  l935-57
         604            Authorization For Expenditures
                        Abandonment of lines
                        Retirement of property
                        Equipment: purchase, sale, and repair
                        Handling trailers

62      604 to                                  l948-57
         701-2          Real estate and roadway
                        Sale of real estate
                        Real estate meetings
                        Wages, salaries, and payrolls
                        Cost of living increases
                        Increase and decrease in forces 
                          and rates
                        Decisions on labor

63      701-2 to                                        l924-56
         701-12         Decisions on labor      
                        Management and employee relations
                        Various agreements: labor
                        Vacations and holidays
                        Union shop agreements
                        Payroll changes
                        Payroll statements
                        Use of transportation orders

64      702 to                                  l94l-56
         711            Passes
                        Applications for employment
                        Service records
                        Accounting department rosters
                        Forty years of service
                        Vacations and leaves of absence
                        Working conditions

65      712 to                                  l946-57
         905            Retirements, gratuities, and pensions
                        American Management Assoc. educational
                          and training programs
                        Employees: courses, relations, 
                          and inoculations
                        Condition of work reports
                        Electronic processing machines
                        Junior committee
                        Increasing efficiency
                                Boston and Maine RR Co

66      905 to                                  l952-69
         915            Freight accounting
                        Correspondence: personnel matters
                        Accounting for material and supplies
                        Accounting department equipment
                        Moving offices and equipment
                        Staff meetings: Accounting Dept.
                                Western Maryland RR Co 

67      908-1 to                                        l932-56
         920-5          Correspondence: Providence Terminal
                        Employees suggestions
                        Correspondence with P.B. McGinnis
                        Management seminars

68      920-11 to                                       l932-58
         004-2          Intercorporate billing
                        Transit advertising
                                NY Connecting RR Co
                                The Connecticut Co
                                Berkshire Street and RWY Co

69      004-8 to                                        l942-62
         012            Correspondence: subsidiary companies
                        Destruction of records
                        Analysis of record keeping
                        Subscriptions, memberships, and 
                                Boston Terminal Co
                                Berkshire Street RWY Co
                                New England Transportation Co
                                Norwich and Worcester RR Co

70      0l9 to                                  l944-68
         202            Correspondence: Grand Central Station
                        Various audits
                        Cash forecasts
                        Intercorporate billing
                        Income and expenses

71      202 to                                  l944-68
         208            Checks and vouchers
                        Personal injury reports
                        Income and expenses
                        Budgets and income accounts
                        Information furnished to the public

72      208 to                                  l945-58
         502            Custodian's correspondence
                        Correspondence: taxes
                        Operating and traffic statistics
                        Piggy back service
                        Correspondence: Freight

73      502 to                                  l948-59
         604            Correspondence: freight
                        Freight claims
                        Damaged freight
                        Pickup and delivery
                        Passenger service
                        Passenger traffic
                        Dining cars
                        Mail handling
                        Authorization For Expenditures: 

74      604 to                                  l950-59
         705            Correspondence: equipment
                        New trains
                        Damage to property
                        Increase in payroll
                        Wages, salaries, etc.
                        Traveling and personal expenses
                        Cost of living expenses

75      705 to                                  l943-58
         905            Fifty years of service
                        Educational training
                        Retirements, pensions, and gratuities
                        Increasing efficiency
                        Correspondence: UNIVAC and IBM
                        Freight stations
                        Data processing machines

76      905-15 to                                       l950-59
         002-4          Correspondence: ICC
                        Taxes, regulations, etc.
                        General Committee meetings

77      002-4                                   l954-57
                        Heller Associates report
                        Freight and passenger bills 
                        Hoover Commission
                        Changes in ICC reports, etc.



78 004t-2 to l9l5-l966 004-l6 Balance sheets Expenditures Sales agreements Payrolls Depreciation Board meetings and votes ICC correspondence Statement of income Uncollected bills Accruals for cargo, personal injuries Progress Report Bankruptcies and reorganizations Mass Option Plan Companies Connecticut Co. N.E.T. Co. 79 004-22 to l95l-68 70l Agreements Reorganization plans Taxes, balance sheets Severance allowance for telephone Operations Health insurance plan for Traunman Insurance Workmen's Compensation Employee benefit plan Freight passenger revenue Hospitalization insurance Health and welfare plan Insurance correspondence Wages, salaries, and payrolls Companies Boston Providence RR Holyoke Westfield RR Providence Worcester RR N.E.T. Co. Berkshire Street RW Co. 80 701 1953-69 Wages, salaries, and payrolls Gross earnings Decisions on labor Labor agreements Equal Employment Opportunity Audits of payroll Full crew law Time reports Vacation allowances Sick leave, widows Snow removal: labor tax Freight traffic department reorganization Reorganization of Public Relations Dpt. Audit of Passenger Receipts Dpt. 81 70l to l945-68 002-4 Wage increase agreement Payroll information Association of American Railroads: Committee on Statistics Correspondence Information letter Bureau of Railway Economics Grading and tunnel bores National Railway Labor Conference Transportation displays Taxi concessions Federal income taxes Connecticut Company: Audit of Board votes 82 002-4 to 1955-68 004-2 Sale of Connecticut Company Board votes: County Transportation Co. Correspondence: NY State Assoc. of RR Correspondence: Traffic Executive Assoc. of NY Chief accounting officers Associatin of American Railroads: General tax committee Correspondence Gross revenues Government correspondence 83 002-4 to l95l-69 2l5-l Correspondence: Association of American Railroads, various equipment accounts and statistics Correspondence: Secretary and Executive Committee Correspondence: Fruit Grower's Express 84 2l5-5 to l905-69 90l Fruit Growers Express audits Providence Warehouse Co.: audits financial statements organizational charts board votes board meeting correspondence 85 2l5-5 to l949-69 704 Correspondence: Prov. Warehouse Co. Correspondence: savings bonds Passes Western Union charge cards Personal and traveling expenses Travel and entertainment expenses 86 704 to l9l8-69 705 Applications for employment 50 years of service 40 years of service Personnel histories Service discards Correspondence: employment Accounting Dept. rosters

87      706 to                                  l949-69
         7l2            Grievances and claims correspondence
                        Freight claims
                        Vacation  holiday agreements
                        Working conditions
                        Pension plans
                        Retirements, pensions, gratuities

88      7l2 to                                  l94l-69
         70l-l          Pensions committee
                        Increase in wages
                        Correspondence: general tax account-
                          ants, car service accountants,
                          freight and passenger accounting

89      70l-l to                                        l949-68
         7l3            Shop craft federations
                        Decisions on labor
                        Labor agreements
                        Payment for loss time
                        Payroll changes
                        Payroll reports
                        Cashing of paychecks
                        Personal income taxes
                        Accruals for vacation payments
                        Marine strike
                        Hurricane Donna and Long 
                          Island strike

90                                                      l950-69
                        Correspondence: dining car
                        Stevedores, lighterage, barges, cars
                        Marine operations
                        Sidetrack contracts
                        Authorization For Expenditures 
                          approvals of abandonments

91      603-l to                                        l956-57
         603            Abandonments: various lines

92      603-l to                                        l958-68
         604-2          Abandonments
                        Purchase and sale of equipment
                        Statistics on equipment
                        Correspondence: real estate and roadway