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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Archives


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93  002 to                      l944-5l
          002.4 National Association of Cost Accountants
                New Haven Chamber of Commerce
                Manufacturers Association of Connecticut
                Connecticut Chamber of Commerce
                Traffic and other associations
                Association of American Railroads: 

94-     002.4   Association of American Railroads:      l946-53
  95                      correspondence
                Association American Railroads: l922-53
                          Weekly information
                          Board of Directors Digest
                          Disbursements Committee
                          General Tax Committee
                          Passenger Committee
                          Accounting Research
                          Accounting rules and forms

97                        Meetings              l94l-52
                          Unadjusted claims

98                        Car Accounting        1947-51
                          Waybilling, freight claims
                          Ticket sales
                          Traffic and commodity statistics
                          Operating reports
                          Passenger accounting
                          Disbursements (investments and depreciation)
                          Payroll disbursements
                          Bills and vouchers
                          Accounting procedures, training personnel
                          Income and payroll taxes
                          Forms and records
                          Cash transactions

99      002.4                           l940-5l
                Association of American Railroads:
                          Labor, press and  railroads
                          Universal Station Code
                          Minutes and closed files of Eastern 
                            Accounting Conference

100     003 to                          1925-52
          004.l New York Connecting Railroad:  

101     004.1   New York Connecting Railroad:   l925-49
                          Operation and maintenance
                          passenger operation Penn Station
                          refinancing, electrification

102     004.1                           l927-49
                          Penn Station charges
                          Westbound NH passengers into Penn Station
                          Cash situation
                          Disbursements, accounting, taxes
                          Freight revenue
                          Passenger data
                          Rate formulas

103     004.1                           l92l-50
                          Income, profit-loss, balance
                          Service rates
                          Mail traffic
                          Real estate sales
                          Additions, betterments
                          Hellsgate Bridge Authority
                          Valuation of property
                          Bay Ridge contract
                          Long Island fare rate divisions

104     004.1                           1913-51
                          Freight and passenger service over 
                            NYCRR route
                          Map of Bay Ridge, l93l-32
                          Ownership agreement, proposals 

105     004.2    Connecticut Company:    l937-5l
                          Board meetings
                          Public Utilities Commission/ICC information
                          Class B stock
                          Abandonments, losses
                          Audits: inhouse and other

106     004.2             l9l8 fare docket      l948-49
                          Company split
                          Switching service
                          Board and Executive Committee

107     004.2             Correspondence                        l948-5l
        004.3     NY Westchester  Boston: correspondence
        004.4     NY  Stamford: correspondence

108     004.5     Harlem River& Port Chester RR l941-5l
        004.6     Hartford & NY Transportation Co.
        004.7     Boston Terminal Co.
        004.11    Berkshire Street Railway

109     004.ll    NY & Stamford correspondence: Narragansett Pier  l944-55
                  New England Transportation Co.:
                          Board meetings
                          Property and passenger accounts
                          Tax deficiencies
                          Bus rates investigation

110     004.11    New England Transportation Co.: l942-50
                          New England Greyhound Lines
                          Annual report to Rhode Island
                          Hearings in RI, CT, MA on passenger fares
                          Wage increases
                          Freight operations

111     004.11            Possible merger with New England Greyhound    l949-5l
        004.l5    Springfield St. Railway
        004.l6    Old Colony Railroad:    l944-48
                          Passenger service hearing
                          Hearings on abandonment of passenger service

112     004.16 to New York, Ontario & Western Railroad     l935-5l
          004.21  Providence, Warren & Bristol RR Co
                  New England Steamship Co (Ness Co): 
                          Vessels, Naushon  New Bedford
                          Docket l5780
                          Sale of Vinyard line
                          End of operations settlements
                  Hartford & Connecticut Western Railroad Co

113     004.22 to Boston & Providence Railroad     l944-5l
          0l0     Providence & Worcester RR
                  Telephone and telegraph services
                  Care and destruction of records
                  Comptroller publications

114     0ll to    Vouchers, checks, drafts        l944-5l
          l02     Subscriptions, memberships
                          New Haven Railroad Club
                          New York RR Club
                          New England RR Club
                          Order of Fifty-One
                  Contracts and leases: 
                          Bootblacks, gum and weighing machines
                          Kane Labor Camps
                  Corporate histories
                  Payments of accounts

115     l02 to  Grand Central Terminal Buildings:       l943-5l
          l06.5           Hotel Barclay
                          Hotel Biltmore
                          Hotel Chatham
                          Hotel Commodore
                          Park Lane Hotel, Hotel Roosevelt
                          250 and 270 Park Avenue
                          280 and 290 Park Avenue
                          Hotel information (costs, income)

116     l06.5.B Hotel information, accounting   l934-5l

117     106.5.B Hotel                   l948-5l

118     l07 to  ICC rulings and methods l942-45
          201   Account shortages
                        Intercorporate billing
                        Subsidiaries billing
                        Balance sheets, profit and loss statements

119     20l to  Cash                    l944-53
          202   Income and expenses

120     202 to  Income and expenses     l932-5l
          205   System budgets
                          Baker, Weeks  Harden
                          A.W. Berkert & Co.
                          W.E. Burnet & Co.
                          Carreau & Co.
                          HH Copeland & Son
                          Marshal Dunn
                          Halsey, Stuart & Co., Inc.
                          Harriman, Ripley & Co.
                          Carter H. Harrison & Co.
                          Massachusetts Investors Trust
                          McGinnis, Bampton & Sellger
                          Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane
                          Charles W. Mulcahey
                          Numerex Co.
                          Jas. H. Oliphant& Co.
                          Chas. W. Scranton & Co.
                          Security Research Bureau
                          Dick & Merle-Smith
                          Trusts & Estates (journal)
                          Warren, Garfield, Whiteside & Lamson

121     205     Railway purchases and stores (article)  l945-49
                Railway Age (article)

                Information furnished to Pres. Dulmaine, 
                          to Mr. Carmichael
                Speeches, press releases

122     205 to  Press releases          l944-50
          208   Monthly finance report to employees
                Mortgage bonds and notes
                Equipment trusts #2 and #4

123     2l0 to  Various loans                   l934-5l
          2l5.2 Interest  dividends
                Investments and securities
                Fruit Growers Express Co.
                Property investment, rate of return

124     2l6 to  Working funds           l932-5l
          222   War bonds
                South Manchester RR: stock purchase, 
                          merger option
                New stock and bond issue
                Reconstruction Finance Corp.
                Reorganization: ICC docket l0992
                Reorganization Committee
                Old Colony Railroad, Boston  Providence

125     300 to  Executive assistant to the Trustees     l943-48
          304   Information to directors and stockholders
                Bylaws: all companies
                Directors and stockholders reports, New Haven
                Information furnished to Executive Committee 
                Information furnished to Erie Directors

126     304     Information furnished to Board of Directors     l946-49

127     400 to  Federal, state, municipal office holders        l92l-5l
          40l   ICC reports:
                          Monthly transportation statistics
                          Freight commodity classification
                          Accounts classification
                          Motor carriers, operations
                          Dockets 28300, 283l0, 29556, 29555
                          Small shipments
                          Pickup and delivery

128     40l     ICC reports and correspondence  l945-5l

129     40l to  Employees service and compensation report        l936-5l
          403   State utility commissions 
                Federal income tax returns

130     403 to  Taxes                   l93l-5l
          50l.l Information to CT tax commissioner

130             ICC investigations of accounts
                City of Fall River: special data
                City of Boston and Commonwealth of MA, tax and
                          payroll data
                ICC/Price Waterhouse examinations
                Operating and traffic statistics
                Union Inland Freight audit

131     50l.8   Statements:                     l943-52
                          Monthly road operating ratios
                          Condensed income account
                          Passenger operating revenue, East district
                          Freight revenue
                          Freight, passenger operating income
                          Operating and traffic statistics
                          Freight and passenger statistics
                          Tonnage statistics
                          Commercial coal shipments
                          Daily carloadings
                          Revenue: Red cap checks
                          Freight moved revenue
                          Freight commodity statistics
                          Operating averages
                          Personal injuries
        502               Study on freight loss and damage      l943-52
                          Store pickup and delivery service
                          Freight yard statistics (monthly)
                          Bituminous coal study and map

132     502      Freight: Traffic                l948-50

133     502 to   Freight:                        l942-5l
          502.2           Traffic, claims, loss and damage,
                          salvage proceeds, suspense account

134     502.2    Freight claims          l948-53

135     502.2 to Freight:                        l944-52
          503             Overs and shorts
                          Claim settlements
                          Semi-annual earnings statement

136     504      New trains report       l939-50
                 Credit extension for passenger and 
                          pullman payment
                 Rate increase for trip ticket fares
                 Pullman cars:
                          Future plan report, parlor and sleeping car
                          operations, escalator clause

137     504 to  Purchase of Pullman cars        l944-5l
          505   Study of Railway Express Agency groups
                Car foot miles

138     505 to  Railway Express Agency: 1944-50
          506     Express operations agreement
                  Economy plan study
                  Settlement of LCL operations
                  Ex Parte l63 (single nationwide express scale)
                  Ex Parte l69 (railway mail transportation)

139     507       Rate increases:         l947-50
                          Public Servic Commission of NY case
                          ICC dockets 29678, 297ll
                          Department of Public Utilities MA 7994 
                          ICC docket 29827
                          Newspaper clippings

140     507       Rate increases:         l946-49
                          Boston, East End
                          MA one-way fares
                          Public Service Commission of NY

141     507       Rate increases: l949

142     507       Rate increases:         l935-49
                          Public Service Commission of NY
                          ICC docket 30256: Eastern railroad fares
                          Public Utilities Commission of CT 7l54, 
                            7928: intrastate fares

143     507       Rate increases:         1947-48
                          ICC docket 29678: VP Wall's testimony, 
                            NY commutation study
                          Public Service Commission of NY case l33l6:
                            hearing, exhibits
                          ICC docket 300l0:  Petition for section l3 order
                          ICC docket 29949: Eastern railroad fares

144     507 to    Rate increases          l944-5l
          602     Dining car: liquor purchased and inventories
                  Authorization for expenditures

145     603 to  Abandonment committee and reports       l945-5l
          604   Branch line passenger service
                Poughkeepsie branch
                Abandonment committee: CT, MA, RI

146     604 to  Equipment                       l944-52
          70l.l Rentals and leases of equipment
                Motor bus and truck
                Airplane service
                Gas rail car
                Wages, salary and payroll
                Forces, rates

147     70l.l   Forces, rates employment:       l947-5l
                          Increases, decreases
                          Payroll increases, backtime
                          Wage increases

148     70l.l to Forces, rates employment:       l944-50
          70l.2.9         Wage increases
                          Revised clerks agreement
                          Time cost accounting of illness
                          Payroll deductions
                          Pay drafts
                          Employees payroll
                          Decisions on labor, circulars

149     70l.2.9 to Passes                      l946-50
          702   Passes                  l944-53
          706   Employee fidelity bonds
                Personal and travel expenses
                Association of American Railroads committee 
                          minutes: general, disbursement, passenger, 
                Applications: employment, resignation, 
                          service records
                Clerks' grievances

151     708 to  Clerks' grievances      l935-5l
          800   Vacations, leaves of absence
                Payroll statistics
                Work conditions, office rules, hours
                Pensions and gratuities
                Materials and supplies

152     802 to  Fuel                    l943-5l
          905   Obsolete material, charging off
                Overhead charges including subsidiaries
                Creosoting Cedar Hill plant
                Occupancy of outside buildings
                "Condition of Work"
                Employees' suggestions

153     905     General Suggestion Committee    l945
                Office equipment and methods    l947-53

154     905 to  Office Equipment                l947-5l
         908    Association of American Railroads Committee     l948-53
                Official list of officers       l944-47
                New office building     l92l-49

155     A1-B2   Passenger service studies:      l960-62
                          NY to Cape Cod and Boston to Cape Cod
                          NY to Providence

156     B3-E2   Passenger service studies:      l958-6l
                          NY to Pittsfield
                          Springfield line
                          New London to Worcester, Providence, 
                            New Haven, Boston
                          Bridgeport to Waterbury
                Public Utilities Commission docket 16964:
                          NY Commutation

157     E3-H1   RI commutation: exhibits        l954-62
                Hartford to Boston ticket sales, passenger 
                Waterbury to Winsted passenger discontinuance
                Falmouth to Woods Hole, proposed abandonment
                Dining, grill and bar cars
                Proposed special trains
                Proposed off-peak NY express service
                Closing Port Chester passenger yard
                Association of American Railroads questionnaires:
                          Railway electrification
                          Per diem
                Freight service: trailer on flat car traffic

158     H2-I1   Freight service:                l953-60
                          Rail carload cost scales by territory
                          Estimated cost of handling
                          Waybills and check sheet slips
                          ICC docket 20l53: Cedar Creek 
                            Railroad acquisition
                          New England industrial center maps
                Freight rates:
                          ICC IS docket 66l5: equalization rates at
                             North Atlantic ports
                          Pan Atlantic ship line costs vs. railroad

159     I3-9              ICC dockets 34038, 3ll0l, 3l729, 31400, 31428 l952-62
                          ICC MC-F-S647: McLean case
                          ICC IS 7636: Alcoholic liquors
                          ICC IS 7743: Magazines and periodicals

160     I10-L4            ICC IS M16063: NY  Worcester express  l939-62
                          Costs to traffic department
                          Boston import-export
                          New England Transportation Co.

161     M1      Daily interchange report of cars        l960-6l

162-M1-N1       Daily interchange report of cars        l959
  63            Car entrances: Penn Station     1959

164     N2-O6   Car entrances                   l960-6l
                Abandonments and relocation (CT):       l959-65
                          Botsford - Stepney
                          Branchville - Ridgefield
                          East Berlin - Middletown
                          Ellington - Westway
                          Valley Main track @ Hartford
                          Canaan - Lakeville

165     O7-P7             Pomfret - Putnam
                          Pomfret - Willimantic
                          Portland - Willimantic
                          Terryville - Waterbury
                          Torrington - Winsted
                Abandonments and relocations (MA):
                          Attleboro Junction - Mansfield
                          Dedham - West Roxbury
                          Greenbush - Hingham
                          Marlboro - Marlboro Junction
                          Mansfield - West Bridgewater
                          Neponset River Bridge
                          Northampton - Willamsburg

166     P8-S1             North Attleboro
                          Plainville/Wrentham, MA - Valley Falls, RI
                          Pratts Junction - Sterling
                          Rising - West Stockbridge
                          Stateline - West Stockbridge
                Abandonments and relocations Cape Cod area:
                          Dennis - Eastham
                          North Eastham - Yarmouth
                          Woods Hole
                Abandonments and relocations (NY):
                          Hopewell Jct
                Abandonments and relocations (RI):
                          Arkwright - River Point

167     S-Z               Olneyville - Pascoag
                          Wickford - Wickford Junction

168     002.4X  Association of American Railroads: accounting   l948-49
                          General committee meetings
                          Committee on statistics meetings

169     002.4X            Freight committee meetings    l949-50
                          General committee meeting
                          Annual meeting
                          Special committee: report on subway
        004.lX  New York Connecting Railroad:   l953-64
                          Reports on marine equipment handling
                          Bay Ridge branch car counts
                          Marine data

170     004.lX            Marine data and tonnage work sheets   l958-62

171     004.lX            Marine data                   l947-57
                          Management: fees, expenses, correspondence 
                          Finance Committee minutes
                          Board and committee votes
                          Office holders
                          ICC correspondence, waybill study, accounting 
                            modifications, expenditures for additions 
                            and betterments
                          State utility commissions:
                            Correspondence re passenger train discon-