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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Archives


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                I       GENERAL SUBJECT FILES   36 boxes

                II      CLOSED SUBJECT FILES    14 boxes

                III     SECURITIES EXHCHANGE COMMISSION  5 boxes

                IV      PORTFOLIOS      41 boxes

                V       RATE STRUCTURE   5 boxes

                VI      FIRST REORGANIZATION     8 boxes

                VII     SUBSIDIARY COMPANIES     4 boxes

                VIII    CLAIMS   4 boxes

                IX      BUDGET   4 boxes

                X       JOURNAL ENTRIES AND VOUCHERS     3 boxes


                                                   l23 linear feet


1                       Passengers carried      1955-56
                        Operating statistics

2                       Operating statistics    1956-57
                        Daily car listings

3                       Boston and Maine financial statements   1952-58
                        Weekly information letter: AAR
                        Transport Economics
                        History of Connecticut Co.
                        Boston RR Holding Co
                        Monthly Carloadings
                        Revenue  Expenses

4                       Freight received        1954-57
                        Income Accounts
                        Unrouted or incompletely routed shipments

5                       Income Accounts 1948-53
                        Traffic figures
                        Comparative statistics
                        Average miles of roads operated
                        Average number of employees
                        Information furnished

6                       Road and track miles    1946-52
                        Ownership of locomotives
                        Purchase of diesel electric locomotives
                        Revenue equipment purchases

7                       Revenue: tons and miles 1895-55
                        Passengers carried in and out of New York
                        Passengers carried in and out of Boston
                        Mid year reports to stockholders 
                          working papers

8                       Stockholders reports working papers     1944-53
                        Freight and commodity statistics
                        Percentage of tolls paid to NY  Harlem RR 
                        Connecticut Co. history (1952)
                        Board files: Connecticut Co., County 
                          Transportation Co., Berkshire Street Rwy, 
                          New England Transportation Co.

9                       Gross operating revenue 1950-55
                        Net income

9                       Financial statements
                        Dining department operations
                        Press releases
                        Ratio sheets
                        Freight Claims situation
                        Personal injuries

10                      Various operating statistics    1953-55

11                      Passengers in and out of Boston  New York       1939-55
                        Daily carloadings, ticket sales
                        Summaries of freight train performances

12                      Freight loaded weekly   1944-56
                        Freight cars undergoing repair
                        Statement of operating expense: Baltimore 
                           Ohio Railroad, 1954-56)
                        Passengers in and out of New York City
                        Separation of revenue and expenses

13                      Summary of locomotive mileage by class of       1945-55
                        Daily carloadings, 1954

14                      County Transportation Co. Reports       1921-57
                         Cash accounts
                         Payments made
                         Miscellaneous files
                         Reports to Public Service Commission
                        New York and Stamford RR Co. Reports
                         Board Votes
                         Profit and loss balance
                         Annual reports
                         Portfolio changes
                         Dividend income
                         Non-operating income
                         Funded debt
                         Unadjusted credits
                         Road and equipment
                         Fare increases
                         Intrastate Commutation Study

15                      New England Steamship Co. Records       1927-45
                         Closing out accounts
                         Annual report working papers
                         General agreement
                         Reorganization of company, 1940
                         Proposed sale of steamers to War Dept.

                        New York, Westchester  Boston Rwy Co.
                         Interests and dividends
                         Deferred assets
                         Inventory of records, 1936
                         Reports to State Commission on sale of bonds
                         Non-operating income
                         Accounts receivable
                         Tax liabilities
                         Rent for leased roads
                         Unpaid bills

16                      Ratios by general account       1959-62
                        Gross operating revenues
                        Pullman traffic
                        Unrouted or incompetely routed shipments

17                      Revenue freight loaded and received     1958-61
                        Financial statement Boston and Maine RR
                        Revenues and expenses Pennsylvania RR
                        Equipment balance sheets

18                      Miscellaneous operations        1942-59
                        Information furnished to others
                        Facts and figures
                        ICC annual reports preparation and revision

19                      Proofs of stockholders reports, 1959-61 1902-61
                        Information furnished to others
                        Income accounts, 1902-14
                        Balance sheet, 1961

20                      Carload cars: tons and revenue  1950-58
                        Operating and traffice statistics
                        Freight commodity statistics

21                      Operating statistics    1954-58

22                      Ticket sales    1947-59
                        Proofs of stockholders reports, 1955-58

23                      Budget data     1958-60
                        Board data
                        Yearly forecasts

24                      Memoranda of investments and audits done        1913-39
                          by Price Waterhouse Accounting Co.
                        Reorganization proceedings before the 
                          US District Court
                        Evidence given before the ICC

25                      Income accounts 1960-62
                        Operating statistics
                        Mileage operated

26                      Income accounts and statistics  1954-63
                        Connecticut Co. worksheets

27                      Work train charges      1958-63
                        Journal entries various expenses

28                      Reports to the SEC      1955-59
                        Flood loan reports

29                      Stockholders' reports working papers    1952-60
                        Quarterly reports
                        Balance sheets
                        Electric zone reports
                        Statistics of electrical operations

30                      Conditional sales agreements with       1925-53
                            J.P. Morgan Co.
                            Bankers Trust Co.
                            American Locomotive Co.
                            Fairbanks Morse Co.
                            The Budd Co.
                        Equipment trusts, 1925-47

31                      Special deposits with   1959-62
                           Thomaston Dam Project
                           Irving Trust Co.
                           U.S. Trust Co.
                        Conditional sales agreement
                           General Rwy Signal Co.

32                      Train derailment at Bridgeport, Ct.     1955
                          with photographs

33                      New England Car Co. Reports             1954-56
                         Trailer car program
                         Equipment trusts

34                      ICC Investigation: density chart        1931-68
                        Passengers in and out of Boston and NY
                        History of Hartford and Conn. Western RR Co,
                         Central New England Rwy Co., Dutchess RR Co

35                      Financial statements to New York State  1945-60
                        Department of Labor
                        Additions and betterments
                        Annual working capital
                        Capital and reserve funds
                        Information furnished to others
                        Census reports
                        Trustees reports
                        Information furnished to State of MA:
                           Industrial accidents
                           Various statistics
                           Escheat laws (land reversion)
                        Information funished to the State of RI
                           Department of Labor: Workmens Comp.

36                      White statement 1954-68
                        Financial and statistical statements
37                      Agreements      c.1960-70
                        Automotive lease
                        Battery agreements

38                      Berkshire Street Railway        c.1960-70
                        Board meetings and votes
                        Boston  Providence RR Co
                        Cash and cash books: cash accounts
                        Capital stock
                        Capital and reserve funds

39                      Capital and reserve funds       c.1930-50
                        Collateral notes
                        Conditional sales
                        Discount on funded debt
                        Departmental clearing accounts
                        Deposits in lieu of mortgage
                        Destruction of records
                        Dividend income
                        Employee stock purchase plan
                        Employees in service
                        Employment rules
                        Empire City Subway Co
                        Equalization reserves
                        Escheats (land reversions)
                        Ex Parte l66
                        Expenditures acquiring stock of 
                          controlled companies
                        Estimated fixed, contingent, 
                          and other charges
                        European loan
                        Equipment placed under various trusts
                        Equipment obligations
                        Equipment Trust of l948

40                      Equipment Trust of l948 and l949        c.1940-60
                        Flood loans, quarterly
                        First and Ref. Series E bonds
                        Freight car insurance survey
                        Funded debt unmatured
                        Harlem River  Port Chester Division
                        Hell's Gate Bridge arbitraries
                        Insurance, strike

40                      Income from sinking and other reserve funds
                        Increment of pledged property
                        Interest and principal: Reconstruction 
                          Finance Corp
                        Interest accrual: bank loans
                        Fruit Growers Express Co
                        Fire drills
                        Glenn, Robert  requisitions for new 
                          office building

41                      Improvements on leased properties       c.1920-40
                        Interest and principal paid: statements
                        Interest payments
                        Investment in affiliated companies
                        Investment in highway motor vehicle 
                        Investments in accounts 706 and 707
                        Interstate Commerce Commission
                        Interstate Commerce Commission plan 
                          for consolidation of railroads, l92l 
                          (Ripley Plan)
                        ICC orders, classifications of accounts, 
                          correction of annual reports, 
                          correspondence, exceptions, 
                        Inventory of records

42                      Interstate motor classification:        c.1950-60
                           New England Trans. Co
                        ICC examinations
                        ICC exceptions
                        ICC accounting case interpretations
                        Joint facility rents
                        Lease of cars
                        Lease purchase agreement box cars
                        Lease: Connecticut Light  Power Co
                        Letter agreements: Alco Co
                        Loans: Chase Manhattan Bank
                        Loans and bills payable
                        Loan applications: ICC exhibits
                        ICC correspondence
                        Journal entries
                        ICC reports

43                      Loan applications: ICC exhibits c.1950-60
                        Loan agreements
                        Mechanical equipment inventory
                        Mail revenue
                        Mercer Storage Co
                        MA Dept. of Industrial Accidents
                        Merger study

44                      Mortgate notes  c.1920-60
                        Misc. rent income
                        Net income
                        Narragansett Pier RR Co
                        Naugatuck RR Co
                        New York  Harlem RR Co
                        New England Car Co
                        New York  New England mortgage bonds
                        New York, Ontario  Western Plan of 
                        New York, Westchester  Boston Railway Co: 
                          Lease of road
                        New York, New Haven  Hartford RR Co: 
                          Non-operating income
                        Other investments
                        NYNHH RR Co:
                          Investments in affiliated companies
                          Unadjusted debits
                        Other unadjusted credits
                        Old Colony:
                          ICC exceptions
                          Plan of Reorganization
                          leased lines
                        Other assets: NYNHHRR Co
                        Other current liabilities: NYNHHRR Co
                        Other deferred assets: NYNHHRR Co
                        Other unadjusted debits: NYNHHRR Co
                        Passenger commuter service, 
                          discontinuance of, East End MA
                        Per Diem charges unsettled
                        Proportion of monthly payroll charges
                        Petitions under Judge Hencks Order No. 933
                        Piggy back services notes
                        Passenger study, West End, NY
                        Pennsylvania RR Co

45                      Premium and funded debt c.1930-60
                        Premium on capital stock
                        Prior accounts assets collected, analysis 
                        Price Waterhouse investigation
                        Prior account liabilities
                        Produce terminal realty mortgage
                        Promissary note, l2/l/58
                        Promissary notes, various
                        Providence Produce Warehouse Co
                        Providence  Worcester RR Co
                        Providence Terminal Warehouse Co: bonds
                        Pullman Co: deferred liabilities
                        Purchase money mortgage of AGORA 
                          Development Corp
                        Rabson Realty Corp: mortgages

45                      Railroad Perishable Inspection Agency
                        Railway Express Agency
                        Railway tax accruals
                        Railroad Finance Corp
                          destruction of
                          inventory of
                          stored at Middletown, CT
                          protection of

46                        inventory valuation   c.1930-50
                          Remington Rand microfilming
                        Rent for leased roads and equipment
                          Papers concerning pro forma balance 
                          sheets, report of ICC examiner, 
                          bond issues ammendments

47                      Reorganization: c.1930-45
                          Harlem River  Port Chester bonds
                          Modification of lease
                          Computation of net income
                        Revenue accounting
                        Rhode Island Co
                        Statement of House of Representatives 
                        Road and equipment: investments in
                        Rutland RR Co
                        Reorganization Hearing, ll/l/43
                        RFC loans
                          ICC investigation, l0/l8/39
                          ICC report, 8/27/4l
                          ICC report, 2/l8/4l
                          ICC report, Boston  Providence
                          RR Corp, l0/l9/39
                          ICC report, NYNHHRR, l2/2l/39, l2/22/39
                          Exhibits before ICC Nos. 22-35 and ll6-l20

48                                      c.l930-60
                        Reorganization Exhibits before ICC: l22-l25, 
                                l37-l53, l64-l65, l73-l74, 244-274, 286,
                                290, 298, 68l, 684
                        Services and expenses of various attorneys
                        Sheetrock construction agreement
                        Statement of balance: European Loan of l907
                        Sinking funds
                        Securities issued or assumed
                        Securities pledged with Reconstruc-
                          tion Finance Corp

48                      Securities pledged and unpledged: 
                          verification by ICC
                        State of NY: Comm. of Motor Vehicles 
                          privilege of self-insurance
                        Status of common stock
                        Stanford derailment

49                                      c.l920-60
                        Special deposits
                        Tax department: information furnished
                        Temporary cash statements
                        Union inland freight station
                        Unadjusted credits
                        Union News Co
                        US Government withholding tax
                        United States savings bonds
                        Voucher requests
                        Valuation of property
                        Trustees votes
                        Van Nest Shop, sale of
                        Vermont Co
                        Wabash RR Co
                        RC William Co: unpaid rental
                        Worcester  Conn Eastern Railway Co
                        Year l964
                                Locomotive miles
                                Locomotive repairs
                                Passenger and freight
                        Year l965
                                Locomotive miles
                                Locomotive repairs
                                Passenger and freight
                        Year l966
                                Locomotive miles
                                Locomotive repairs
                                Passenger and freight
                        Year l967
                                Locomotive miles
                                Locomotive repairs
                                Passenger and freight
                        Year l968
                                Engine house expense report
                                Locomotive miles
                                Passenger and freight

50                      Abandonments: hearings and reports      c.l960-70
                          before the ICC


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

51                      Reports and working papers      l935-42

52                      Reports and working papers      l935-43

53                      Reports and working papers      l937-38

54                      Reports and working papers      l945-50

55                      Reports: New York State gross earning   1910-43


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

                New Haven Railroad
56                      Jan l904 - Jun l905
57                      Jul l905 - Jun l908
58                      Jul l908 - Dec l909
59                      Jan l9l0 - Aug l9ll
60                      Sep l9ll - Apr l9l3
61                      May l9l3 - Jun l9l5
62                      Jul l9l5 - Jun l9l7
63                      Jul l9l7 - Dec l9l8
64                      Jan l9l9 - Dec l9l9
65                      Jan l920 - Jan l92l
66                      Jan l92l - Apr l922
67                      May l922 - Aug l923
68                      Sep l923 - Jun l925
69                      Jul l925 - Jun l927
70                      Jul l927 - Dec l929
71                      Jan l930 - Dec l93l
72                      Jan l932 - Dec l933
73                      Jan l934 - Dec l934
74                      Jan l935 - Dec l936
75                      Jan l937 - Dec l938
76                      Jan l939 - Dec l940
77                      Jan l94l - Dec l942
78                      Jan l943 - Jun l945
79                      Jul l945 - Jun l947
80                      Jul l947 - Dec l950
81                      Jan l95l - Dec l952

                Alternate accounting format and material
82                      Jan l933 - Dec l936
83                      Jan l937 - Dec l940
84                      Jan l94l - Dec l943
85                      Jan l944 - Dec l947
86                      Jan l948 - Dec l948

                Subsidiary Companies 
87                      Jan l924 - Dec l935
88                      Jan l929 - Apr l930
89                      May l930 - Aug l93l
90                      Sep l93l - Aug l932
91                      Sep l932 - Aug l933
92                      Sep l933 - Dec l934
93                      Jan l935 - Apr l936
94                      May l936 - Apr l937
95                      May l937 - Dec l938
96                      Jan l937 - Dec l944


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

97                      ICC rate hearings, ICC report   l95l-53

98                      ICC rate hearings, supporting studies   l945-53

99                      ICC rate hearings, supporting studies   l936-53

100                     Manpower statistics     l940-5l

101                     Operating statistics on subsidiary
                          companies     1938-50


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

l02-103         Stenographer's minutes  l937-45

104             Working papers and exhibits     1937-45

105-106         Exhibits        1937-45

107-109         Financial records: subsidiary companies 1937-45


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

110                     Connecticut Co  l948-62

111                     New England Transportation      l938-67

112                     Providence Produce Warehouse    l908-6l

113                     County Transportation Co        l946-48
                        Soundview Transportation Co


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

114                     Index 
                        Claims l - l07

115                     l08 - 267

116                     268 - 43l

117                     432 - 579


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

118                     General working files   l946-56

119                     General working files   l951-54

120                     General working files   l957

121                     Director's income accounts      l958-60


Box          Contents                                     Dates         

122                     Microfilmed journal entries     l920-40

123                     Journal entries (sample)        l890-l957

124                     Vouchers (sample)       l927-67