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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections
at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Human Rights Collection

Additional information about the Human Rights Collections

Additional information about the collections is available on the Library Guide for Human Rights Archival Collections

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Graham Stinnett
Curator for Human Rights Collections

Archives & Special Collections
Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
University of Connecticut Libraries
405 Babbidge Road Unit 1205
Storrs, CT 06269-1205

Phone: 860-486-2384
Fax: 860-486-4521
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African National Congress Collection    Finding Aid

undated, 1993-1999
.75 linear feet
Collection Number: MSS 1999-0022

Materials collected by University staff in preparation for the UConn-ANC Partnership.

African National Congress Oral History Transcripts Collection    Finding Aid

3.5 linear feet
Collection Number: MSS 2007-0040

Established in 1912, the African National Congress was created to provide a political avenue for the struggle for equality of Blacks in South Africa. Working in exile from 1960 until 1990, members of the ANC established foreign offices to continue the political work necessary to end apartheid in South Africa. The governing party since 1994, the ANC has established its archives at the University of Fort Hare, an historically Black institution. In March 1999, the ANC and the University of Connecticut signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing a partnership to foster training, assistance and cooperation based on the principle of reciprocal learning and consultation. One of the projects resulting from the collaboration between the University of Connecticut and the ANC was the ANC Oral History Project, which conducted and transcribed 133 oral histories of ANC leaders in South Africa between 2000 and 2006.

Blanshard (Rufus A.) Papers (UConn)    Finding Aid

3.9 linear feet
Correspondence, Newsletters, Newspapers, Notebooks, Periodicals, Photographs, Publications, School Records.
Collection Number: MSS 2007-0069

Rufus A. Blanshard was an Emeritus Professor of English at the University of Connecticut. He was involved with combating racism at the university during the 1970s and 1980s, and was influential in introducing an alternative classroom curriculum to the University. Materials in the collection are comprised of his personal papers, and include documents related to his civil rights work.

Coalition for International Justice (CIJ) Records    Finding Aid

15 linear feet
Administrative records.
Collection Number: MSS 2006-0205

Records of the non-governmental organization, Coalition for International Justice (CIJ), which operated from 1995-2006 to support the work of international criminal tribunals and special courts investigating human rights violations in Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Sudan, East Timor, and Sierra Leone. The collection also contains documentation from a 2004 survey of over 1200 refugees from Darfur along the border of Chad and Sudan.

Connecticut Commission on Civil Rights Collection    Finding Aid

1.5 linear feet

Collection Number: MSS 2013-0096

Collection consist of pamphlets collected by the Connecticut Commission on Civil Rights, previously known as the Connecticut Inter-Racial Commission. Pamphlets were arranged and distributed to state offices as reference material regarding the Commission's approach, advancement and related issues toward Civil Rights. Material also includes bulletins and pamphlets issued by the Commission as statements on legislation and federal agendas relating to Civil Rights.

deTour (Irena Urdang) Collection of Holocaust Materials    Finding Aid

undated, 1981-2013
9.5 linear feet
Publications, Clippings, Photocopies.
Collection Number: MSS 2006-0172

The collection contains a few personal materials pertaining to her experiences as well as publications, newsletters, invitations and other documents from Holocaust survivor and support organizations in the United States collected by Mrs. DeTour.

Dodd (Thomas J.) Papers    Finding Aid

270 linear feet
Legal records, correspondence, photographs.
Collection Number: MSS 1994-0065

The collection illuminates the diverse public life of a self-styled crusader. The collection consists primarily of material from Dodd's Senate years (1959-71) and the Nuremberg war crimes trial before the International Military Tribunal from 1945-46. the latter materials are available online at

Farrow (Mia) Collection    Finding Aid

3.5 linear feet
Digital Photographs, Resarch files.
Collection Number: MSS 2010-0060

The collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, digital photographs, video footage, writings, and speeches pertaining to Ms. Farrow’s activism and advocacy in Africa, particularly regarding Darfur, Sudan.

Ho (Fred) Papers    Finding Aid

undated, 1892-2013
30 linear feet
Correspondence and publications.
Collection Number: MSS 1999-0036

Collection contains essays, articles, poetry, music, commentaries, critical reviews, speeches, video recordings and musical recordings written, performed and collected by Fred Ho [Asian American Musician, composer, writer and activist].

Human Rights Internet (Laurie S. Wiseberg and Harry Scoble) Collection    Finding Aid

343.5 linear feet
Reports, correspondence, notes, news and press releases, conference materials, contact lists, bibliographies, schedules, ephemera, photographs, microfilm, leaflets, drawings, and handwritten notes
Collection Number: MSS 2004-0112

The Human Rights Internet Collection includes materials relating to human rights organizations (including reports, correspondence, notes to subscribers, news and press releases), to conferences and colloquia relating to human rights (including conference materials, contact lists, bibliographies, schedules, and timelines), and ephemeral materials relating to human rights abuses (including photographs, microfilm, leaflets, drawings, handwritten notes and accounts, profiles of political prisoners, lists of political prisoners, torture and prison abuse records, and public statements), among other materials.

Impact Visuals Photograph Collection    Finding Aid

undated, 1964-2000 [bulk 1983-1999]
4.75 linear feet
Photographs, slides and negatives
Collection Number: MSS 2003-0047

Photographs, slides and negatives primarily of South Africa and the anti-apartheid movement. Some supporting material on photo cooperatives and the shooting death of Abdul Shariff, one of the photographers represented in the collection.

International Rescue Committee, Central America Records    Finding Aid

40 linear feet

Collection Number: MSS 1999-0109

The collection is comprised of materials documenting the immigration of Latin Americans, in to the United States, during the 1980s and 1990s, and the International Rescue Committee's role in assiting that immigration. The collection consists of administrative records, financial records, legal documents, correspondence, notes, photographs, and transcripts.

King (Robert D.) Papers    Finding Aid

46 linear feet
Fliers [printed matter], Legal documents, Notes, Publications, Transcripts
Collection Number: MSS 1997-0115

The collection contains materials acquired by Mr. King during his involvement with the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg as a prosecutor in the justice case.

Krayeske (Ken) Papers    Finding Aid

39 linear feet
Administrative Records, Civil actions, Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence, Ephemera, Fliers. [printed matter], Legal Records, Manuscripts, Newsletters, Notes, Photographs, Publications, Realia.
Collection Number: MSS 2003-0090

The Ken Krayeske Papers consist of administrative records, publications, pamphlets, correspondence, clippings, financial records, fliers, legal documents, audio cassettes, photographs, and posters of Meriden, Connecticut based attorney and activist Ken Krayeske. The collection contains materials from 1969 to 2009, with the bulk of the collection comprised of materials from the 1990s and 2000s.

Krimerman (Leonard) Commune and Cooperative Collection    Finding Aid

undated, 1960-2004
1 linear feet
Newletters, magazines, pamphlets.
Collection Number: MSS 20150045

A collection of newsletters, magazines and pamphlets relating to communitarianism and cooperative economics. Correspondence between Krimerman and members of the cooperative movement are also included.

Laurie S. Wiseberg and Harry Scoble Human Rights Internet Collection    Finding Aid

undated, 1977-

Collection Number: MSS 2004-0112

The collection includes thousands of human rights publications from around the world collected from 1977 to the present by Human Rights Internet, a non-governmental organization based out of Ottawa, Canada, founded by Laurie S. Wiseberg and Harry Scoble. The collection includes materials not found in any other libraries in North America, and includes publications in a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Chinese and Japanese. Many publications are cataloged and searchable through HOMER, the library’s online public catalog.

Marriage Equality and LGBT Activism in Connecticut Oral History Collection    Finding Aid

.25 linear feet
Collection Number: MSS 2011-0076

The collection consists of 11 oral histories with leading activists in Connecticut who have been a part of the marriage equality movement as well as been engaged in other forms of LGBT activism in the state and beyond. The interviews were conducted by Valerie Love, Curator for Human Rights and Alternative Press Collections, between July 2010 and April 2011. Six of the eleven interviews have been transcribed and are available.

Migrant Farm Worker Clinic Records    Finding Aid

1.3 linear feet
Administrative records.
Collection Number: MSS 2013-0040

The Migrant Farm Worker Clinic Records consist of reproduced health information literature used for distribution at various farms throughout Connecticut which employ migrant laborers. The collection documents the advocacy of health awareness espoused by the clinic as an organization as well as the volunteers, staff and physicians who operate it.

Mikhailov (Georgi) Collection    Finding Aid

undated, 1982-1987
.5 linear feet
Correspondence, Clippings, Photographs, Negatives.
Collection Number: MSS 1991-0058

Correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings regarding Georgi Mikhailov?s life, in particular his time spent as a political prisoner in Soviet labor camps in Northeastern Siberia from 1980-1983. The collection also contains photographs and negatives of Mikhailov and the labor camps.

Nadel (Adam) Photography Collection    Finding Aid

2 linear feet
Collection Number: MSS 2011-0035

Large scale photography by Pulitzer Prize nominated photojournalist, Adam Nadel, from Vietnam and Cambodia, documenting the contemporary impact of the American war in Viet Nam and the Cambodian genocide.

Plowshares Institute Records    Finding Aid

20.8 linear feet
Administrative records.
Collection Number: MSS 2011-0034

The collection contains the administrative files of the Simsbury, Connecticut-based organization, Plowshares Institute, which focuses on peace building, education, and global conflict transformation.

Reeves (Eric) Papers    Finding Aid

8 linear feet
Digital Photographs, Research files.
Collection Number: MSS 2010-0061

The collection contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, writings, speeches, regarding Eric Reeves advocacy, research and analysis of the humanitarian crisis and genocide in Sudan and Darfur from 1999 onward. The collection also contains documents regarding the court case, Presbyterian Church of Sudan et al. vs. Talisman Energy Inc, Sudan.

Romano (U. Roberto [Robin]) Papers     Finding Aid

46 linear feet
Civil actions, Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence, Interviews, Notes, Optical discks, Photographs.
Collection Number: MSS 2008-0006

Research files and photography by noted photographer and documentary filmmaker U. Roberto (Robin) Romano, who has documented child labor in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, and Pakistan, migrant farm labor in the United States and Mexico, and the cocoa industry in the Ivory Coast.

Tambo (Oliver) Papers    Finding Aid

undated, 1960-1991
19 rolls of microfilm
Collection Number: MSS 2000-0144

Microfilm copies of manscript collection located at the University of Fort Hare (Alice, South Africa). Papers of anti-apartheid activist Oliver Tambo.

Xuma (A. B.) Papers    Finding Aid

7 rolls of microfilm
Collection Number: MSS 2000-0143

Microfilm copies of manuscript collection located at the University of Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa). Papers of anti-apartheid activist A. B. Xuma.