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University of Connecticut University Libraries Archives & Special Collections
at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center

Alternative Press Collection

Additional information about the Human Rights Collections

Additional information about the collections is available on the Library Guide for Alternative Press Collections

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Graham Stinnett
Curator for Human Rights Collections

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Storrs, CT 06269-1205

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A description of the Alternative Press Collections can be found at

Bogart (Larry) Papers    Finding Aid

undated, 1958-2001
53.3 linear feet
Books, Clippings, Correspondence, Ephemera, Fliers, Maps, Photographs, Postcards, Posters, Realia.
Collection Number: MSS 2012-0088

Papers of Larry Bogart, anti-nuclear power activist, are comprised of correspondence, administrative records, press releases, newsclippings, fliers, legal documents, scientific reports, government reports, newsletters, periodicals, typescripts, interviews, maps, books, audio recordings and photographs. The bulk of the collection dates from 1966 to 1986. The collection chronicles the extent of information available on nuclear energy as it was being published and circulated in local newspapers, government reports, books by American and European publishers, popular periodicals, the alternative press, and by individuals.

Campbell (Daniel R.) Papers    Finding Aid

1967-1968, 2008
.5 linear feet
memoirs, Photographs.
Collection Number: MSS20080137

Memoirs of Daniel Campbell, who attended the University of Connecticut from 1967-1968, and was one of the first openly gay students at the University.

Comix Collection    Finding Aid

undated, 1968-1984
70+ titles
Comic books.
Collection Number: MSS 2001-0084

Incomplete runs of over 70 underground comics titles.

Connecticut Citizens Action Group Records    Finding Aid

undated, 1964-2002
150.8 linear feet
Correspondence, reports, minutes, publications.
Collection Number: MSS 1987-0024

The Connecticut Citizens Action Group Records document the activities and concerns of the first state-formed consumer interest group. Their records contain significant information about most of the major consumer and pubic interest issues of the 1970’s and 1980’s, ranging from environmental and energy concerns to health, housing, political reform, insurance, and housing. There are other additional records that were received after this guide was produces. Please ask the Reference Desk for additional information.

Connecticut Civil Liberties Union Records    Finding Aid

26 linear feet
Administrative records, correspondence, publications.
Collection Number: MSS 1998-0291

The Connecticut Civil Liberties Union Records document the activities, history and administrative records of this organization. The collection contains the organizational documents of the New Haven Civil Liberties Council (1949-1958), administrative records of the CCLU (1958-1990) as well as the organization's materials pertaining to court cases.

Connecticut Countdown Records    Finding Aid

6.5 linear feet
Administrative records, Contracts, Correspondence, Financial Records, Fliers [printed matter], Histories, Minutes (administrative records), Newsletters, Newspapers, Notebooks, Notes, Press releases, Publications, Speeches
Collection Number: MSS 1995-0014

The collection contains the records of the organization established in 1983 to create a forum for a balanced discussion of the issues involved in preventing nuclear war.

Crisis at UConn Collection    Finding Aid

.1 linear foot
Collection Number: MSS 2004-0115

In the late 1960s, the University experienced significant changes, disruption and unrest among the faculty and student body. The white paper provides some documentation and background for this period.

Fanzine Collection    Finding Aid

undated, 1945-1985
16.25 linear feet
Collection Number: MSS 2001-0012

United States and Western European fanzines, primarily science fiction and fantasy.

Gunnison (Foster, Jr.) Papers    Finding Aid

undated, 1945-1994
55 linear feet
Correspondence, organizational records, conference proceedings, student organization records, periodicals, posters, fliers, buttons, newspaper clippings, and photographs.
Collection Number: MSS 1996-0009

From 1963 to 1975, Foster Gunnison, Jr. collected the records of the Eastern Conference of Homophile Organizations (ECHO), an early coalition of organizations seeking the creation of a national homophile organization, and the records of gay and lesbian organizations throughout the United States. He founded his own organization, the Institute for Social Ethics (ISE), "a libertarian-oriented research facility and think tank for controversial social issues", in the early 1960's. In 1967 Gunnison authored, and the ISE published, the pamphlet An Introduction to the Homophile Movement which outlined the history, aims and objectives of the movement and profiles of organizations active in the movement. The publication was subsequently presented to the Committee on Religion and Psychiatry of the American Psychiatric Association.

Haymarket People's Fund Records    Finding Aid

3 linear feet
Administrative records.
Collection Number: MSS 1995-0021

The Haymarket People's Fund is an activist-controlled foundation committed to radical social change. It gives grants to grassroots groups throughout New England, which fight violence, poverty, and injustice, in an effort to empower oppressed communities.

Hoffman Family Papers    Finding Aid

n.d., 1933-1998
9 linear feet
Correspondence, photocopies, photographs, audio visual materials, publications.
Collection Number: MSS 1999-0106

The principal members of the Hoffman family present in the collection are John and Florence Hoffman; Abbie, Jack, and Phyllis, their children; Rose Shanberg, Florence’s sister; and Anita Hoffman, Abbie’s second wife. Other family members that appear in the collection include Joan Hoffman, Jack’s wife; Sheila, Andrew, and Ilya "Amy" Hoffman, Abbie’s first wife and children; america, Abbie and Anita’s son; and Johanna Lawrenson, Abbie’s common-law wife.

King (George, IV) Alternative Press Collection    Finding Aid

2.5 linear feet
Publications, posters, brochures, fliers.
Collection Number: MSS 2001-0100

The collection includes publications, newspapers and fliers concerning the anti-war activities, independent media, People's Summit (September 2001, Washington, D.C.) the Attack on America (September 2001), and World Economic Forum (February 2002).

Krayeske (Ken) Papers    Finding Aid

39 linear feet
Administrative Records, Civil actions, Clippings (information artifacts), Correspondence, Ephemera, Fliers. [printed matter], Legal Records, Manuscripts, Newsletters, Notes, Photographs, Publications, Realia.
Collection Number: MSS 2003-0090

The Ken Krayeske Papers consist of administrative records, publications, pamphlets, correspondence, clippings, financial records, fliers, legal documents, audio cassettes, photographs, and posters of Meriden, Connecticut based attorney and activist Ken Krayeske. The collection contains materials from 1969 to 2009, with the bulk of the collection comprised of materials from the 1990s and 2000s.

Mayer Collection of Fat Liberation    Finding Aid

.75 linear feet
Correspondence, publications.
Collection Number: MSS 1990-0057

Correspondence relating to fat Americans and strategies for their liberation and societal restraints, chiefly with persons associated with Fat Underground (Los Angeles), Fat Liberation Front (New Haven), Fat Liberator Publications (New Haven, Minneapolis), and National Association to Aid Fat Americans. Related books, comic books, pamphlets, periodicals and boxed game have been removed from the collection and cataloged as part of the Alternative Press Collection. Items with a ? symbol have not been retained in the collection.

National Conference on Organized Resistance Collection    Finding Aid

l.75 inear feet
Publications, posters, fliers, brochures.
Collection Number: MSS 2002-0013

The collection contains materials distributed at the Conference to attendees. Groups and organizations staff tables which contain fliers, publications, brochures and other materials describing the groups' interests and activities. Additional materials are also distributed at topic specific presentations and discussions.

New England Anarchist Bookfair Collection    Finding Aid

.15 linear feet
Publications, fliers, brochures.
Collection Number: MSS 2002-0012

The collection contains fliers, brochures and publications collected at the Third Annual Bookfair held at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Poras Collection of Vietnam War Memorabilia    Finding Aid

undated, 1931-2001
23 linear feet
Artifacts, Books, Comic Books, Clippings, Pamphlets, Photographs, Posters, Video Recordings.
Collection Number: MSS 2007-0124

Materials from the American Vietnam War era, including American and Vietnamese propaganda, posters from the pro-war and anti-war movements, as well as artifacts from American soldiers who served in the war.

Rios (Diana I.) Collection of Ethnic Press Newspapers    Finding Aid

11 linear feet
Collection Number: MSS 2009-0107

The collection contains ethnic newspapers from across the United States that are made available for teaching purposes.

Simmons (Louise B.) Papers    Finding Aid

undated, 1970-1992, 2006-2015
11.5 linear feet
Correspondence, programs, conference packets, publications, political and social movement buttons, posters
Collection Number: MSS 2015-0113

Snow (Joe) Punk Rock Collection    Finding Aid

15 linear feet
Fanzines, Fliers, Tickets.
Collection Number: MSS 2013-0052

This collection contains flyers, venue calendars, fanzines, posters, photographs, LPs, 45s, cassettes, buttons, tee-shirts and ephemera from Connecticut's hardcore punk and skateboarding scene.

Summit of Sweden Collection    Finding Aid

1 linear foot
Publications, flyers.
Collection Number: MSS 2001-0075

In June 2001, the World Trade Organization met in G?teborg, Sweden, amidst much protest. The collection contains publications and flyers relevant to the summit.

Summit of the Americas    Finding Aid

1 linear foot
Publications, flyers.
Collection Number: MSS 2001-0037

The Summit of the Americas was held in Montreal, Quebec, in April 2001. The collection contains materials pertaining to the protests surrounding the summit meeting.

Willimantic Food Co-Op Records    Finding Aid

7.75 linear feet
Administrative records, publications, photographs.
Collection Number: MSS 1991-0061

Formed in the early 1970s as the Willimantic Buyer’s Club in Willimantic, Connecticut, as a private pre-order food buying organization. Changed its name to Willimantic Food Co-op in 1980 and became available to all shoppers eager to purchase natural food. Collection consists of minutes and by-laws, administrative files, publications, newspaper clippings, photographs, and financial records. The Willimantic Food Co-op was founded as an extension of alternative movements that came out of a tradition of world peace, respect for the earth and all living beings, community involvement, and control of the essentials of our lives.